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Philadelphia Detective Bitten By Dog During Investigation

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) — A Philadelphia homicide detective investigating a fatal shooting was bitten by a pit bull owned by the slain victim.

Police say a 40-year-old man was shot and killed at a home in West Philadelphia late Thursday. When detectives entered the man’s home, one was bitten by a pit bull on his left hand. The officer then shot and killed the dog.

Officials say the detective was treated at a hospital for the bite and was released in good condition.

Officers with the Pennsylvania SPCA safely removed 13 other pit bull dogs, some of them puppies, that were found inside the victim’s home.

Police have no suspects in the fatal shooting. The shooting remains under investigation.

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One Comment

  1. avxnj says:

    I am sure that cop wouldn’t think twice about shooting a person, and equally sure that “Jules” and the like would support him no matter what.

  2. Jules says:

    Just about every night there are multple murders on the streets of Philly, usually black on black, no one evens comments or seems to even care, just another day in Philly.
    But a cop shot a dog and it’s front page news, a horrific crime, anarchy, a police state. Give me a break.

    1. Amy says:

      Sorry but can’t feel bad for the drug dealing, gun slingers of Philly. I will feel for the poor and innocent animals that keep getting killed. Maybe if we let them, they can take care of eachother and I won’t have to pay for them to be in prison. I am a devoted animal lover and work in rescue. People and especially police should learn about animals and then they wouldn’t have to kill innocent pets. If you hear it bark, take the right precautions, don’t just storm in and start shooting!

  3. Amy says:

    Obviously Terry you don’t know much about dogs. Dogs will defend their territory to their death. It doesn’t have to be a dog trained to fight, dogs defend their “pack” and their “territory”. Regardless of how it was trained, our “protect and serve” guys seem “gun-ho” when it comes to dogs. If there were 13 live dogs taken out of the home, you don’t think the police heard them barking? Maybe they should take precautions PRIOR TO entering the home of a DEAD person!

    Unfortunately, this attitude is common among the “boys in blue” one of our locals had the nerve to tell me he could have shot my Rottie “because she growled at him”…DUH, you entered her territory! Anytime an officer enters what a dog considers their’s you run the risk, instead of shoot first, maybe take the precaution first and avoid having to kill an innocent dog.

    I consider any dog innocent, even if it IS trained to fight, again, not the dogs fault, humans are the “higher” of the food chain, or at least have evolved enough to walk upright.

  4. Terry says:

    Stephanie in this case it would seem that the person that owned the dogs were more than likely breeding for fighting. The pit was probably trained to attack no matter who it was. This is much different than the police entering the wrong home.

  5. Stephanie Patterson says:

    So, that’s twice in a week when Philly’s “Phinest” shot and killed a dog – the first one because the cop entered the wrong house on a drug raid and shot a pet for defending his home! Has Philla legalized animal cruelty by cops? Glad I moved out.

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