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Former Philadelphia Cop Convicted Of Corruption

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A former Philadelphia police officer has been convicted of corruption and has begun paying what will certainly be a heavy price. Mark Williams has been convicted of conspiracy to steal and deal drugs and robbing a supposed mafia bagman.

Williams,convicted of every count against him, was immediately taken into custody. With his family members sobbing the courtroom Williams gave up his valuables, took off his suit coat, suspenders, even his dress shirt, and was cuffed and led away.

His partner testified they collected $6,000 in cash in a bag from a drug robbery.

Prosecutor Maureen McCartney says that emboldened Williams for the next job.

“I think it did. If you look at the second part of the case, which was the June conspiracy. You will see that is when Mark Williams decides he is taking property receipts when they take his uniform and his gun, he tries to recruit other officers, he steals a police car,” McCartney said. He’s pretty much doing whatever he needs to do to put himself in the position to do that robbery.”

Williams faces a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 10 years in prison.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Robert O'Neil says:

    These Philly cops are a bunch of lowlife crooks. I just heard a tape of Philly’s finest, namely one Sgt. Michael Dougherty, in a profanity laced encounter with a law abiding citizen, who he harassed, but who taped the whole encounter. They are a nasty bunch of corrupt cops & all would do well to avoid Philadelphia!

  2. Angelo says:

    He is probably related to Seth Williams. You know if one of them are corrupt then all of them are corrupt. The DA office and Philadelphia Police Department are ALL corrupt. They should investigate the entire DA’s office and Philadelphia Police department because of this corrupt police officer.

    1. Crystal D. Wallace says:

      no he is not

    2. Mike O says:

      Angelo you have just showed anyone reading this just how ignorant you are when you write “ALL corupt”. In any large company, union, etc… there is going to be all types which includes the negative types. The next time you want to leave a comment….don’t. You will just show everyone just how educated you are. In addition you probably have been arrested for doing what you do to get by and now you think you can get back.

  3. sgt jay mclain says:

    Gotta do what you gotta to get by these days!

  4. BC says:

    He isn’t exactly a brain surgeon. Here’s a man that should have never been given a gun and badge. I cannot understand how these guys get by the screening process. Seems to me that some changes are in order. Then again it’s Philadelphia where they hire people with criminal records. Even on the Police Dept. as long as the criminal sentence wasn’t over a year. What a joke! They get what they deserve and so does this idiot. He’s looking at 10 years in jail as a cop. Not an easy way to go…

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