FLORENCE, N.J. (CBS) – Problem neighbors are one thing, but four legged or winged variety in Florence, New Jersey are a nightmare.

Shequia Jones doesn’t know which sound is worse, an animal deterrent machine or the sound of squirrels and birds that she hears from her bed at night.

Jones lives in the left half of an attached home she says her elderly neighbor vacated in September. According to the township, it is in foreclosure and in disrepair. Birds, and squirrels now call it home.

“It is an animal party over there, and now they want to come over here and party,” said Jones.

Taps of the broom are used to scare them, but Jones says in January, squirrels tried to bite their way in to her bathroom while her 10-year-old daughter was using it.

“All of a sudden she started screaming ‘Mommy, mommy.’ There is plaster falling on her head. You can hear it,” said Jones.

When her lights started flickering township officials intervened.

“Our fear was for her safety, safety of the adjoining property owners if there would be a fire,” said Thomas Sahol, an assistant administrator for the township.

Last week they sent an exterminator into the empty home.

“They did he set some traps and captured some squirrels,” said Sahol.

Thursday morning a contractor who says he was sent by American Home Mortgage in Texas showed up and took pictures. He says he is preparing a bid for repairs to the vacant home and to Jones’ home as well. Jones said she had no success with the company last week, until she told them Tuesday that she was calling “Eyewitness News”.

“Thank you guys so much for coming out, and helping because I think just the mention of your name scared them into doing something,” said Jones.

A spokesperson for American Home Mortgage says they are waiting to hear from the contractor on damages before moving forward.

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Reported by Robin Rieger, CBS 3

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