5:42 Democratic assemblyman in Wisconsin had to intervene to protect Republicans from the protestors in the state house.

5:45 Wisconsin State Rep. Gordon Hintz had to apologize to a Republican after threatening her following a contentious vote.

6:11 The General Accounting Office has found hundreds of overlapping government offices and programs that cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

6:15 Chris revisits yesterdays “exclusive” with a pizza shop ower from Upper Darby accused of planting mice in his competitors establishments.

6:40 Chris talks to Iowa Congressman Steve King about the federal budget.

rep steve king2 The Stigall Show Log 3.2.11

6:57 Mayor Nutter is worried that the city could lose more than $150 million due to congressional federal budget cuts.

7:14 A Philadelphia City Council panel has approved a plan to require an employers to give employees paid sick leave.

7:40 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker revealed his budget plan yesterday.

7:57 Former GE CEO Jack Welch says President Obama’s move to the center is just for show.

8:12 Chris speaks with Robert Stauffer, who had $1400 returned to him by homeless man, John Cavanaugh, in West Chester.

john cavanaugh2 The Stigall Show Log 3.2.11

8:41 Attorney General Eric Holder said continually having to address the Black Panther case demeans “his people.”

8:55 Chris ended the show by giving away our grand prize trip to Phillies Spring Training. Congratulations to Albert from Roxboro.

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