Police: Man Assaulted Del. Trooper After Being Issued Ticket

BEAR, Del. (CBS) – Delaware State Police have arrested a man after he allegedly assaulted a trooper late last week.

Derrick Brock, of New Castle, is facing numerous after the incident that occurred Friday morning in the parking lot of a Kmart in Bear, Delaware.

According to investigators, the incident began when the 26-year-old trooper issued Brock a ticket for parking in the fire lane. After being issued the ticket, police say Brock exited his vehicle and then began using profanity towards the trooper.

Brock then got back into his car and drove away in an erratic manner. The trooper then noticed that there was an infant in Brock’s vehicle that was seated in the lap of a front seat passenger, later identified as Christina Johnson, 21.

The trooper followed Brock as he sped through the parking lot of the shopping center. Brock then pulled into a parking space at which time both Brock and Johnson exited the vehicle and began yelling at the trooper.

The trooper then tried to take Brock into custody, but police say he resisted arrest and began punching the trooper in his face.

The trooper called for back-up and the responding officers took both Brock and Johnson into custody.

Brock, 22, has been charged with Offensive Touching of a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest.

Johnson, 21, has been charged with Disorderly Conduct.

The trooper was not injured.


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  1. JustMe says:

    In addition to anon513’s message to “this smells”: On second thought, go on and keep your head buried in the sand. That way, your @$$ is sticking up and we can all hit you with boards with nails sticking out of them. There, I feel better already.

  2. anon513 says:

    @ THIS SMELLS: “FLASH!!” Come up fron under that rock you’ve been living under. THEY have been living south in delaware for many, many years. As for Oxford Circle, that’s not the ‘best ever’ place to live either.

  3. anon513 says:

    You are exactly correct, Amy. “ALL” children are supposed to be in a child restraining device. If you look at the laws, EVERYONE is supposed to be restrained, children use car seats/booster car seats, and older children and adults use seat belts. I also hope Children’s Services get and stay involved with this child.

  4. Amy McCorkle says:

    I hope Children’s Services does a throrough investigation on this couple. Having an infant sitting on the lap of the passenger sounds like child endangerment and neglect to me.

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