Thousands Rally In Philadelphia Against Wisconsin Governor’s Anti-Union Efforts

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Organized labor in Philadelphia officially entered the “Battle of Wisconsin” today with a boisterous rally across from City Hall.

It was a massive show of support for unionized workers in the Dairy State.

The overarching theme of the rally was “We Are One,” as thousands of people from virtually every union in the area got together to hear their leaders talk about what they see as a full-frontal assault on organized labor by Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

“Our message today is that they’re not trying to balance the budget — they’re trying to destroy collective bargaining,” AFL-CIO Philadelphia president Pat Eiding told the crowd, estimated in the thousands.  “They’re trying to destroy the only thing we have from being poor, to being able to be the middle class. It’s our working people they’re coming after!”

And if Walker succeeds, Eiding added, labor leaders fear the crush-the-unions movement will spread to all corners of America.

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Reported by Pat Kurtz, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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  1. jake jeeter says:

    I knew just by reading the decidedly biased headline which editorial position KYW would take regarding this issue. “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” (commonly attributed to Mark Twain, but un-sourced – a perfect line at any rate no matter who said it)

  2. Denise Kitzinger Middleton says:

    Just so you know that the majority of the union members there were retired, off shift, or out of work. Also, they won’t receive any pay if they left the job site to go to the rally. They don’t receive sick, personal, or vacation days. So, while you are taking your 30 minute paid lunch or parking your butt on the beach this summer, you are still getting $$$. Yes, it is their choice. But, you have those benefits because somewhere in our history a union made it happen.

    1. dave from philly says:

      First off, not many retirees in that picture. Second, the majority of union members do get sick, personal, and vacation days (seiu, afl-cio, teachers unions, auto workers etc.)

      Today’s unions are a far cry from the unions in the 20’s. Unions had their time but have become outdated in today’s economics with their demands for health care and pension benefits. Wake up and get your head out of the sand. States and municipalities are going broke. And please don’t get me started on unions and the damage they have done to our city’s convention trade. when I was helping a client set up for their trade show, He couldn’t unload his van – union guy had to do it and was charged $xxx.xx an hour. He couldn’t even plug electrical equipment into an outlet in the convention center with out having to pay a union electrician. Puuuhhhllleeeeaaassseee!

    2. tom k. says:

      Well put,Denise. I am a 3rd generation union Steamfitter and I was at the rally. Union or not, the working class is under siege in this country, and the biggest culprits are the bankers and greedy corporations,who have shipped almost all our manufacturing base overseas.

  3. Angel Santiago Jr says:

    Uh… Why are these people worrying about Wisconsin. If you are going to Protest in Philly, how about protesting the corruption in city hall and the school district? Who has a job for life and does nothing with it? Who gives out six-figure incomes to over 100 consultants, and for what? Who giving out inside deals and contracts to friends and family? Come on people, wake up!!!

  4. dave from philly says:

    Funny, I was at work today worried about doing a good job so that I can advance my career. Must be nice being unionized.

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