Stink Bugs Primed To Bug In Record Numbers

MANTUA, N.J. (CBS) – This could be a banner year – for Asian stink bugs.

Some experts say the bugs are primed to bug us in a big way this spring, perhaps in record numbers.

“It’s definitely an epidemic,” said Mike Jenzano with Hoffman’s Exterminating in Mantua, N.J.

Thanks to last week’s brief warm-up, Jenzano has already started getting some calls from homeowners who are seeing the shield-shaped stinkers.

Experts say the Asian stink bugs (known more technically as the Brown Marmorated variety) thrived during our long, hot summer last year. And our steadily cold winter might also have helped boost their numbers because the bugs were not fooled into coming out into the elements too early where they would have died.

“It could definitely lead to a larger population,” said Michelle Niedermeier, an entomologist with Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management in Philadelphia. “In the last, probably five years, there’s been an increasing number.”

That means thousands of them could be hibernating in homes across the Delaware Valley waiting for slightly warmer temperatures. They are most likely found in attics and crawl spaces near the roofs of homes. If you see one, there are likely hundreds more still in hibernation because they tend to swarm together.

The bugs are believed to have first arrived in our area in Allentown in 1996. They likely came in on an overseas cargo ship and have no natural predators here. They can be devastating to fruit crops, especially peaches and apples.

“Depending on the size of the farm, it can be a serious problem,” said Niedermeier, who works with farmers to help mitigate the pests. “There are some farmers, if they have one more bad year, they might not be in farming anymore.”

Which would mean 2011 might not be such a banner year for some farmers.

The good news for homeowners, though, they are generally harmless, except when they are squashed. That’s when they emit a strong, pungent odor.

Some experts recommend vacuuming up the bugs, then emptying the canister or bag outside. To prevent future infestations, make sure your doors and windows are well-caulked and sealed.

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Reported By Ben Simmoneau, CBS Philly


One Comment

  1. forex fap turbo says:

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  2. Jim Umhofer says:

    If you want a safe, green chemical to kill stink bugs, go to and order OutlaStink.

  3. Jackie says:

    You don’t have to kill a stink bug to smell it as reported on the news tonight…….. I’ve walked into a room not seeing them, but could smell them and eventually they appear, I spray them with window cleaner in a can, this sometimes kills them on contact, but always stuns them !

  4. Ted says:

    Electric flyswatters work very well. We’ve zapped hundreds of them. It stuns them which prevents them from releasing their odor.

  5. Greg says:

    Stink Bugs are in the walls of your house all winter long some are moving around and some are Hibernating because the heat in your house keep the walls warm. So they find there way through from heater pipes or wires coming out of your walls from the foundation of the house. They are often found dead in recess lighting covers in your kitchen or family room also. Houses with aluminum siding is worse than all brick homes.

  6. ZZBAR says:

    Why do all our pests come from Asia? Asian carp; Asian beattles, Asian kazu, Asian lead, Asian this and Asian that. I say keep Asian whatever out. USE USA ONLY.

    1. real says:

      what country was your computer made? tv? car? not all from here lets bet that

      1. Guess Who says:

        Exporting our manufacturing base was a good thing?

  7. Patti M. says:

    Sorry- can’t edit my prev. comment. To finish, it works when Raid and other things didn’t. Now, on a farm?? Prob. Take a load of Dawn!!

  8. Patti M. says:

    Nooooo!! I cannot stand these things! Last year I found a solution on-line that actually worked. I’ve tried varying ingredients w/o as much success, but if you are equally skeeved by these mini-monsters, put about 1/4 cup of Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle w/about 3 cups of water. Spray the nasty stinkers and they die. Better than the reg

    1. Amanda says:

      I usually just put a couple of tablespoons of dish liquid in a disposable plastic cup, then fill it the rest of the way with water. When I see them, I pick them up with a tissue, throw them in the cup. Then, when the cup gets full, I just dump the whole cup down the toilet and start over.

  9. Suzanne Turpin says:

    I don’t know exactly where you got your info, but, the stink bugs have never left western Chester County. Especially in Parkesburg, I have killed bugs daily all winter long !!!

    1. Amanda says:

      Amen to that. I live in Spring City, and while I haven’t been killing as many as over the summer, I’m still averaging one a day.

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