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Pa. Mom Accused Of Duct Taping Toddler Held Without Bail

CHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – A Delaware County mother is being held without bail until a preliminary hearing for what police call a “disgusting and deplorable” picture led them to file criminal charges.

Authorities say multiple agencies are investigating the incident, including the Nether Providence Township police — where the picture was reportedly taken — and Chester Township police where Caira Ferguson, 21, currently lives.

The picture shows a toddler, wearing only a diaper, bound to a chair with her mouth, hands and feet duct taped. A woman, who police say is the-year-old’s mother, is also seen in the picture sitting next to the girl.

When questioned by police, sources say Ferguson admitted she is the woman in the picture, stating the picture was not taken as a joke, but failed to explain why or who took the picture.

“No, I did not duct tape my child,” Ferguson said as she was led away to jail in handcuffs Wednesday afternoon.

Ferguson was arrested Wednesday afternoon from her Toby Farms home on an unrelated outstanding warrant.

When Eyewitness News tried to get answers, a woman who declined to identify herself, answered behind closed doors, “This is getting blown out of proportion. This is not what people are thinking and we want it to stop.”

Minutes later, police arrived to execute a search warrant, they removed items from the home to be used as evidence before leading Ferguson away in handcuffs.

Watch the video…

When asked how the child was doing, Ferguson told reporters, “She’s great. She’s very well taken care of.”

The woman’s father Ira Ferguson says, “the allegations of abuse is absolutely ridiculous. It can’t be. My daughter is a very loving daughter, a very loving mother, a very loving friend.”

Yet later in the afternoon, Eyewitness News captured exclusive video of family members taking a child, covered by a blanket, out of the home with child welfare officials standing by.

Chester Township police alleged the whole ordeal began a few days ago when the 21-year-old mother came to them claiming someone pretended to be her and posted the picture online.

“She’s claiming her identity was stolen and using her picture as evidence of that,” Chester Township police chief Ken Coalson said.

Ferguson is facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment.

Her preliminary hearing is scheduled at the end of the month.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Chris W. says:

    Aimed at Brain Dead, Very smart remark how old are you? 11? I know this girl and grew up with her. She is kind and loving, her father has that statement correct. While I don’t know the truth in the matter I do know that according to what happend, she went to the police with the picture. If that is the case, why would she incriminate herself? Another thing for everyone blaming her, I have seent he picture of this incident in the papers and on television, how many of you saw the face of the woman in them? As far as I know the woman and child’s face are both blocked out, so there is no knowing for sure that she is in fact in them. Before you go believing all this garbage, think, she is innocent until proven guilty. It all seems very odd to me.

  2. J says:

    Sammi, there is something wrong in texas and with you as well. This is child abuse end of story. This is not a joke a 1yr olds life was duct taped. What is a joke there. Do you have children and if you do would you want your 1yr old tied up and posed with because that would be a joke right? I am a mother of two and would never think of doing such a thing and we are adopting our third to get one more child out of a home such as this. So please do not judge adoption there are people who are waiting to love a child in need. This child deserves a life and thank God she is alive. Now Mr.Witt your pretty sick man. You tied up your own child as a joke. I will say if I was part of the system I would pay a visit to you. What in the lords name is wrong with you people thats sick minded end of discussion. I agree wth Linda Bryant and tape her up and the one that took that pix during their interview and let them sit in their soiled pants thinking about their actions while posed with because that is worth a photo. My heart goes out for this child and I will pray.

  3. Russ says:

    Hopefully some idiot judge won’t be in a huge rush “to reunite this mother and child”!

  4. Very Disgusted says:

    I actually know Caira because of the neighborhood we grew up in is very small. It saddens me to say that I am not surprised by this story because this is a great example of what constant use of drugs can make you do. Its crazy how we live in a world where the people who really dont deserve children can have them, only for tax paying citizens to provide for them. Im glad they took the child out the house and I pray they find her a home where its not humorous to duct tape her to a chair.

  5. adrienne resnick says:

    There are so many people who want to have children. Some can’t get pregnant, some want to adope and it takes a long time. She doesn’t deserve to get her back

  6. rizzeria says:

    So I was afraid that someone was going to pull the “Black” card, only idiots do that and know which ones. SImply Google or search on YouTube. This behavior is common among whites. I posted a link earlier but maybe CBS took it down because of the link. Research it and you’ll see.

  7. Rizzeria says:

    This unfortunately happens alot:

  8. Anne Frankenstein says:

    What kind of Mother with outstanding warrants poses with a child in duct tape, stop making excuses for your friend. It’s about the child by the way!

  9. Friend of the mother says:

    I am a friend of the mother and unless any of you was there when it happened and know the truth. None of you should judge her.

    1. Jay says:

      Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!…there is nothing that can even justify duct taping a child like this. Many good people do dumb things in their life, but duct taping a child???? Even if it was done as a joke and not with an abusive intent, do you not understand how NOT funny this is??? I understand trying to stick up for a friend, but honestly there is nothing you can say to even try to smooth this over and make it look any different. PLAIN AND SIMPLE, THAT CHILD BELONGS ELSEWHERE AND SHE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT…Disgusting you could even try to stick up for this situation.

      1. Sammi says:

        Actually I live in Texas, and when I was in Elementary school if a child was unruly it was common for the Teacher to duct tape their hands to the desk and even put a piece over their mouth. I’m sad to say I feel people are overreacting here…. if the child shows no OTHER signs of abuse, I would call it an isolated incident and move on. Clearly since she was posing next to the child it looks like it was meant to be a joke (a really stupid one at that) but if there is no harm done, the child would be better off with its mother than in foster care!

      2. sammi says:

        Its sick and shocking, I agree because it turned my stomach to see it, but Ive heard of far worse abuse cases of children in foster care than being duct taped to a chair. The issue should be investigated FULLY and if there are ANY other signs of abuse then the child should immediately be removed from the situation and put into foster care. BUT if this is the only evidence of wrong doing…. I think it would be overreacting to take the child from its mother. I see kids getting treated worse than this in WalMart on a daily basis …. give her a chance to redeem herself remember she is only 21…. it was a stupid move, but not one that is beyond hope

    2. Marynancy says:

      But we do judge her, we have standards in our society and she has fallen painfully short. We do not know what happened? We know that a baby was duct taped and we know that the baby did not duct tape himself. POS.

      1. Peter Witt says:

        A minute ago I duct-taped my daughter’s leg to a chair, just to test the the effects of it. Turns out, she thought it was hilarious. She actually tried to get away when I said I was going to remove the duct tape because she thought it was so funny.

        Expiriment result: Fun, no abuse detected.

      2. Russ says:

        Hey Peter Witt, your daughter thougtht it was funny to be duct taped… may I ask, is she one year old like the one in the story? Somehow, I don’t think a one-year-old infant would ‘get’ the humor of the situation. I’m surprised you don’t get THAT.

    3. Peter Witt says:

      I agree. People are way too comfortable with seeing a 5 minute story on the news, or some 3 paragraph article, and then acting as though they know everything that happened. Us people who just read this tiny article don’t know anything, and should keep our judgements to ourselves until there’s more information. To do otherwise is egotistical ignorance.

    4. Kriss says:

      Is this sort of like the wife who walks in on her husband, naked in bed with another woman and says ‘this isn’t what it looks like.” Of course this duct-taped child with the mother admittedly beside her is EXACTLY what it look like…child abuse clear and simple. Unless she can prove the child did it herself, she’s in a lot of poo right now. She should not be allowed to be near that child because her parenting skills are pretty shaky.

    5. Michael says:

      I was duct tapped to the leg of a chair when I was 5 so my uncle and father could play pool without kids running around (and yes, I remember it pretty vividly). I’ll judge her however much I want.

    6. Russ says:

      If I had a child I would move Heaven and Earth to get it out of that situation of being duct-taped like that – which apparently the child’s mother did not do. As far as I’m concerned I can judge trash, and that is trash.

  10. Guess Who says:

    Duct tape has many uses.

    BTW, I last saw that hairdo on the British show “UFO”.

  11. Anne Frankenstein says:

    People wonder why these abused children grow up to murder there parents. Let me guess, duct taping children is part of God’s plan?

  12. Brain dead says:

    Just listen to the father he’s brain dead and so is the daughter.When asked how the child was doing, Ferguson told reporters, “She’s great. She’s very well taken care of with duct tape.Then she has the nerve to take a picture of the baby,as if it was a birthday party photo.

  13. Hugh Jassol says:

    It doesn’t matter what their race is. Anyone who could treat an innocent child in that manner should be incarcerated and then sterilized prior to their release. They don’t deserve to have children. Ever.

  14. keith murray says:

    It’s a shame when something horrible like this happens,some people try to make a race issue out of it.Lets just call it what it is;child a disturbed person.

  15. Josie says:

    And the white woman Julie Schenecker who shot her two kids to death because they were “mouthy”? You are an idiot..

  16. Linda D Bryant says:



  17. a mommy says:

    You really have the energy to joke about this photo? It doesn’t hurt your heart for this little baby? It seems even the “good” people are fairly monstrous these days. Makes me sad.

  18. CherylAnn Mabry McComsey says:

    It’s a shame that we just don’t change the system, however or whatever you have done to a victim the punishment should be the same! What the hell is wrong with these people if you don’t want your children give them to someone who can love them and give them a better life! As for the two comments made, maybe you should be sitting in that chair bound by duck tape!

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