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I-Team Investigation: Woman Dies While Waiting For Medical Treatment

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An exclusive CBS 3 I-Team Investigation reveals that a 39-year-old mother, flying into Philadelphia for her son’s birthday, died after waiting nearly 40 minutes for medical treatment after she collapsed in a restroom inside Terminal “E”, early on the morning of January 17th.

Dispatch records obtained by CBS 3 show the lone medic unit assigned to the airport was busy on another assignment and unable to respond to “911” calls and police radio calls seeking help for Jennifer Moore.

The records show, as Mrs. Moore’s condition worsened, and she lost consciousness, three other units were dispatched, but all returned to their stations without entering terminal “E” and providing care to the dying woman.

The records, which don’t indicate why the units returned, show that medics were then dispatched a second time, finally reaching Mrs. Moore after nearly 40 minutes. She was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital.

An eyewitness, and Good Samaritan, who found Mrs. Moore inside the bathroom, Tracy Smith, says the victim was unable to breathe, asking again and again, ‘where is the ambulance?’

Watch the video…

As Smith tried to comfort and reassure Mrs. Moore, four police officers worked in “tag team,” providing CPR, and repeatedly calling on their radios for medics. At one point, Mrs. Moore gave her cell phone to the officers, asking that they call her husband Timothy.

Contacted at his job in Newark, Delaware, Timothy Moore told Eyewitness News, he jumped into his car, rushing to the airport, yet, when he arrived, medics had still not made it to the scene to help his wife.

Mr. Moore then rode in the medic unit with his wife to the hospital, holding her hand and praying, until they arrived, and doctors told him there was nothing more they could do.

Mrs. Moore, a mother of two, was studying for her Masters Degree, along with her husband.

Mr. Moore, and Ms. Smith, who comforted the victim in what would be the final moments of her life, both told Eyewitness News they want answers about why the advanced life support care they believe might have saved Jennifer Moore’s life didn’t arrive until it was too late.

Responding to Eyewitness News inquiries, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison issued a statement reading, in part:

“… After receiving information from the Fire and Police departments and the Philadelphia International Airport, the City’s Office of Public Safety has begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mrs. Moore. An examination of the communications between a civilian who was with Mrs. Moore and the first responders and how these transmissions were impacted by a simultaneous but unrelated incident at the airport are also under review.”

Reported by Walt Hunter, CBS 3

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  • Dave

    Philly in the news again? No way…….

  • Theresa

    This problem here wasn’t about ‘health care’, this was about first responders, which is budgeted under each state for SAFETY.

  • Reality

    Not even a single AED Difibralater in the airport that could have saved her? The airport can’t spend $300 bucks to save someones life?

    • Jen

      they probably have AEDs hidden in a backroom somewhere. It’s criminal that the AEDs can not be found when they are needed. The AEDs have instructions and are easy to use. It would not take 40 minutes for someone to understand how to use an AED.

    • Theresa

      I’m sure they have them, but there was no one available to use them.

      • Other Norm

        Airport Difibralaters are made for the average person to use, not the EMS when they get there.

  • healthcare DOA

    no one owes you healthcars Hank..get a freekin life
    no money!!obama just broke the bank on healthcare spending and it hasnt started yet..are you that dumb…

  • Jo Christiansen

    For those folk who chose to comment on her weight, etc – there but for the grace of God go you – best to hold your mouth – because you never know what is coming down the pipeline for you.
    Despicable miscreants!!

  • J C

    Prayers to this poor husband and her family. I know we can all be jaded about the government and healthcare but this is about a human being that did not get the care she should have. I, too, share many of the same feelings about Obama care, the TSA, unions etc, but this family just lost a loved one, and it is just awful to post such callous comments.

  • fbo

    even obamacare couldnt save her,,,sad really

    • 1984AnimalFarm

      Yes. The Messiah is never there when you need him.

      • Andrew

        Eurasia or Eastasia (Does it really make a difference?)

  • roger

    over dose?

  • Acerdude


    • TheTruth323

      That might be the most insane, delusional, off the mark comment that I have ever read!

      • Ryan

        Perhaps not. Tons of people abuse 911/ER services now for non emergencies just because they can (Medicaid). This delays the care of truly sick people. Imagine if everyone had “free” insurance! Scary. This is why EVERYONE needs to pay at least a little something (i.e. Taxes). Adds incentive not to abuse the system. BTW…I’m an ER doc so I know of what I speak.

  • Barry In NJ

    Scary. She (obviously) wasn’t in good health and likely her weight had much to do with that. THAT however is no excuse for multiple failures to respond to emergency 911 calls in a place as centrally located as Philadelphia International Airport! Her husband made it from Newark Deleware without (presumably) the advantage of flashing lights and sirens before EMT’s made it there!! On top of all this they were IN AN AIRPORT where there are (or are supposed to be) trained EMTs stationed in case of just such an emergency. (Who else is qualified to use the emergency difibulators you see mounted to the walls in an airport?) Very sad and the family should rightfully sue the AIrport and the City for such gross negligence that cost a woman her life. Maybe she would have been dead in two days at home and then again maybe the incident had nothing to do with her weight or maybe it would have scared her straight and through losing the lbs with her second chance lived to be 100. We’ll never know now.. Great job Philly…

    • Joe Natizon

      THERE ARE NOT PAID EMTS AT ALL AIRPORTS and if there are covering the thousands ( or at least hundreds ) of people going through an air port, 2 things happen to 2 people at once, they go investigate ( takes some time right?) finda situation under control, (not uncommon) people don’t only call for REAL problems, they call for ANYTHING. So they get there and go back, people don’t coordinate well, so 3 people call in for the same problem, dispatchers take in the information and send out the appropraiate parties needed, Cops, Fire, medics, and much much mroe. ( people call because they don’t get there Burgers at Mcdonalds on time)
      So a dispatcher gets come calls, dispatches, they get there, can’t find anyone having a problem and leave, Dispatcher thinks there getting the same call again, andd ignores.
      America wanted the best for Free. Well This is how it goes. 5cents doesn’t buy Veal no matter how many people you swear out or chatise on the internet.
      Sucks don’t it?

  • Creed

    Philidelphia has become what many other cities dominated by liberal politics have become – a cesspool of degradation and incompetence. But, hey, what about those union wages, eh?
    This woman likely would have been saved had priorities been where they should.

  • Henry

    If it could happen to her, it could happen to you. The solution is to decentralize the healthcare industry to permit competition. If the first company to arrive got paid while others do not, it will cause the time of arrival to be a business goal rather than a public relations goal.

    • Bringback Mayorrizzo

      I agree, if you could get EMS to act like the towing companies, Philly Parking Authority and others this would have never happened.

      • Mister CE

        Almost inviting a franchise – everyone cant race to the airport. Get real.

  • Henry Thoreau

    “Dispatch records obtained by CBS 3 show the lone medic unit assigned to the airport was busy on another assignment and unable to respond to “911″ calls”

    So the government/TSA assigned medic couldn’t get there in time. Why is the government/TSA treating people for medical emergencies? Why can’t any 911 dispatched ambulance go to the airport? This will happen again unless they introduce competition.

    • Mister CE

      Scene from True Grit

      Deiing kid to Rooster Cogburn – “Save me”

      “Cant do nothing for you son”.

      “You’re going to die”.

    • Testy

      It would take them two hours to get through security.

  • Samiam

    She has no responsibility for her own health. It is the government that has to be there immediantly to fix what has taken year to break.


    5…..4…..3……2……1……Here come the multiple lawsuits!

  • Matt S.

    Anyone who has flown through here should not be surprised. I don’t know if it is because it is a hub of the worst airline, USscareways, or if there are union hiring quotas(probably), or what, but the employees are always in 1st gear and won’t lift a finger to help anyone beyond their basic duties. 2 of 3 times I have lost my luggage through here and each time I have had significant delays from 30 to 90 minutes. Now I connect through anywhere but here, even backtracking and flying longer. Beautiful building, but horrible employees. This poor woman and her family. What a horrible way to leave this earth.

  • Deskboy

    But every Grandmother in line got her bloomers scanned for contraband. Our nations stands secure from another skyjacking.

  • Michael

    I worked with Jennifer Moore. Jennifer was a successful business woman who touched thousands of lives. Her funeral services were standing room only and some traveled hundreds of miles to attend. She was full of life and full of energy. She will surely be missed.

    • squee

      I am pained to hear this story, but glad to see this comment among the trash spewed. A nice ray of light over this dark story.

  • skeptic

    Airplane food can be pretty bad – what airline was she on?
    A student flying home for her son’s birthday? I guess it’s none of my business…

    • mike


    • Tracy A. Smith

      On Delta – with me.
      A MOTHER flying home for her son’s birthday. A mother going to school for her master’s degree. What exactly is the problem?

  • jon

    what a shame, Rest In peace.

  • MEC2

    Doesn’t matter if she was orca-sized, there is no excuse for not getting emergency staff to someone needing cardiac/pulmonary rescue. When the primary team was busy, an ambulance should have been called immediately. Someone needs to be fired for this, lord knows the coming lawsuit will rightly tear this facility a new financial sphincter.

  • drybackinpi

    C’mon, what do you expect…it’s Philadelphia.

    • idiotmitten

      Yep, City of Brotherly….. Oh, hell, nevermind.

  • Gibbs Bentley

    The bankers have been given trillions at the expense of the states, counties and cities. Expect more of this as the infrastructure decays in front of your eyes from lack of funds and ability to function on the little that is left.

    No one should die like this and it’s obvious the amalgam of greed, sloth and degeneration is to blame.


    I will be sure to skip visiting Phili on my next trip. I despised the cities politics, but the historical sights are what I was going to see, But nada, not now.

  • Carrie Summers


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