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I-Team Investigation: Woman Dies While Waiting For Medical Treatment

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An exclusive CBS 3 I-Team Investigation reveals that a 39-year-old mother, flying into Philadelphia for her son’s birthday, died after waiting nearly 40 minutes for medical treatment after she collapsed in a restroom inside Terminal “E”, early on the morning of January 17th.

Dispatch records obtained by CBS 3 show the lone medic unit assigned to the airport was busy on another assignment and unable to respond to “911” calls and police radio calls seeking help for Jennifer Moore.

The records show, as Mrs. Moore’s condition worsened, and she lost consciousness, three other units were dispatched, but all returned to their stations without entering terminal “E” and providing care to the dying woman.

The records, which don’t indicate why the units returned, show that medics were then dispatched a second time, finally reaching Mrs. Moore after nearly 40 minutes. She was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital.

An eyewitness, and Good Samaritan, who found Mrs. Moore inside the bathroom, Tracy Smith, says the victim was unable to breathe, asking again and again, ‘where is the ambulance?’

Watch the video…

As Smith tried to comfort and reassure Mrs. Moore, four police officers worked in “tag team,” providing CPR, and repeatedly calling on their radios for medics. At one point, Mrs. Moore gave her cell phone to the officers, asking that they call her husband Timothy.

Contacted at his job in Newark, Delaware, Timothy Moore told Eyewitness News, he jumped into his car, rushing to the airport, yet, when he arrived, medics had still not made it to the scene to help his wife.

Mr. Moore then rode in the medic unit with his wife to the hospital, holding her hand and praying, until they arrived, and doctors told him there was nothing more they could do.

Mrs. Moore, a mother of two, was studying for her Masters Degree, along with her husband.

Mr. Moore, and Ms. Smith, who comforted the victim in what would be the final moments of her life, both told Eyewitness News they want answers about why the advanced life support care they believe might have saved Jennifer Moore’s life didn’t arrive until it was too late.

Responding to Eyewitness News inquiries, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison issued a statement reading, in part:

“… After receiving information from the Fire and Police departments and the Philadelphia International Airport, the City’s Office of Public Safety has begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mrs. Moore. An examination of the communications between a civilian who was with Mrs. Moore and the first responders and how these transmissions were impacted by a simultaneous but unrelated incident at the airport are also under review.”

Reported by Walt Hunter, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. New Orleans Dana says:

    Ok, I seriously have a question for all of you making hateful comments about this woman’s weight.

    What the hell is wrong with you people?? How can you be so mean? This poor woman died in a filthy airport bathroom and instead of feeling sadness you feel contempt?

    Guess what? I’m FAT. I’m also educated, NOT lazy, a professional who works 60 hours a week, love gardening, love reading, love my dogs, love my husband, love my friends ( who by the way, love me, fat or skinny, have Multiple Sclerosis, am survivor of thyroid cancer, love my football team — Goooo New Orleans Saints!!, tore my ACL playing tennis ( yes, I am fat and playing tennis. Who would have guessed it)….. Are you getting the picture????? FAT does NOT make me anything other than fat. Do I wish I was not fat? YES, you better believe it. I hate being fat. And cruel people like you are one of the reasons. Where are your souls? Lose weight you say…. trust me, I have lost and gained weight my entire life. It is a constant battle, both in the actual process and the internal self loathing ( which is generated by people like you). I hope you people rot in freaking hell.

    1. Dwayne says:

      I have to question the education that you claim to have as I would expect an educated woman, fat or not, to have better sense than to use the forum concerning the tragic death of this woman to jump up on your soap box. How do you miss the irony that you rant about other people’s hateful comments and yet you present the most angry, ignorant, hateful post in the thread?

      I’m sorry that you’re so angry with your weight and the effect it causes in your life, but airing your dirty laundry in this thread is a really terrible way to get even with the world.

  2. Terry says:

    I’m curious as to how a person who is having CPR done on them is able to hand her phone to the police That sounds like bad journalism.
    I noticed that Don Jordan had made mention of the word EMC. Was he meaning to say EMS (emergency medical service)???
    sad incident.

    1. Tracy A. Smith says:

      Sorry about the bad journalism…Jennifer Moore could not speak but with shaking hands, tried to communicate by pointing to a name, the name of her son, for us to call. She was flying in for his birthday.

      1. Dwayne says:

        I think that what the previous poster is commenting on is that she should not have been receiving CPR if she was able communicate in any fashion. I noticed this also in the article and via the posts of those claiming to be there. It would appear that the information provided in the article and by many in their comments here are meant simply to rush to judgment, not seek the truth. It’s a terrible thing that this has happened. What would be even more terrible still is to try and pervert the facts and allow them to go to waste instead of using them to create positive change for the future.

  3. Monique says:

    Kate, you are crazy! Jennifer Moore was my boss, a high level executive and she was an amazing person. I know the family and I know the facts surrounding her death… the bottom line is that there was negligence! Three units were dispatched and arrived at the scene only to be waived off! Don’t tell me I should understand that. Furthermore, I know more than one person who has survived a PE and each time they survived because of quick action on the part of emergency personnel. You are heartless! You shouldn’t be in the medical field! You refer to people posting comments as desk jockies… what are you? You didn’t know Jennifer but yet you judge her. She was NOT 300 pounds. How can you make that assumption? I hope to God neither I nor any of my family members ever encounters you when we’re in need of medical care!

  4. Monique says:

    You are crazy! Jennifer Moore was my boss, a high level executive and she was an amazing person. I know the family and I know the facts surrounding her death… the bottom line is that there was negligence! Three units were dispatched and arrived at the scene only to be waived off! Don’t tell me I should understand that. Furthermore, I know more than one person who has survived a PE and each time they survived because of quick action on the part of emergency personnel. You are heartless! You shouldn’t be in the medical field! You refer to people posting comments as desk jockies… what are you? You didn’t know Jennifer but yet you judge her. She was NOT 300 pounds. How can you make that assumption? I hope to God neither I nor any of my family members ever encounters you when we’re in need of medical care!

  5. ducinal says:

    Sorry but this poor soul even if she was overweight didn’t deserve to die in a public restroom and the lack of coverage for emergency response teams for a major airport is disgraceful. This is an airport and there is only one response team available. Does that make sense? God bless the Police and response team at the Air Port.

    Rest in Peace, Mrs. Moore. You deserved better.

    1. Marsha says:

      I agree. God Bless you Mrs. Moore. And your husband Timothy too. They were negligent in not getting there sooner, it could have made a difference, I don’t care if you are a nurse, you can’t predict the future!

      1. Kate says:

        I didn’t say I could predict the future. I gave you a “probability” based in fact, logic, and experience. I also didn’t say she deserved to die. You are the one presuming negligence. How do you know that the team wasn’t busy saving another life and that right now there isn’t a family praising them for their quick thinking and strong actions in saving say an 80-year-old who got off the plane with weakness and slurred speech. Maybe that’s who they were helping and they managed to get to her, work her up, and get her to the hospital in time. You haven’t heard anything regarding the other call they were one. you are just assuming they didn’t do their job.

    2. Tracy A. Smith says:

      God Bless me and Garmeh Brown who held her and comforted her for an hour while everyone stood around and watched us, until she ceased to breathe, and then there was some assistance

      1. Karen Barnard says:

        thanks for the good work and may God bless you both. How come we just hearing about Garmeh Brown? wasn’t she the one that call 911? wasn’t Garmeh Brown the one that call mrs.. Moore son Chris? The truth will come to light. Karen Barnard/

      2. M Barnard says:

        why are we now hearing about Garmeh Brown? wasn’t she the one that call 911? Remember Tracy? Wasn’t Garmeh Brown the one that call Mrs. Moore son Chris? The truth will come to light very soon Tracy.

  6. Sanjose MIke says:

    THE issue will always be TAXES. And who and how are we going to pay for public healthcare services, like ambulances and paramedics. Nobody seemed to venture the idea to call a private ambulance service. If that were a member of my family, that’s what I would have done. Private ambulance services are very, very expensive. They probably would have demanded to be paid up front, which you could do with your credit card. But they also would have come immediately. Sometimes common sense is missing during an emergency. Emergencies require “concentrated” thinking. Not everyone can do this.

    And when it fails, like this time…a needless death can occur. In the mean time, we have to balance what taxes we are willing and able…or unable to afford.

  7. freddy says:

    I got 10 bucks the TSA wouldn’t let her leave without scanning her.

  8. PoochieGirl says:

    I’m a morbidly obese woman (380 pounds, NOT a life-style “choice”) and I fear such a scenario, but Kate is absolutely correct. People die, even relatively young ones, and as sad as it may be, we shouldn’t go looking for someone to blame for it.

    1. Kate says:

      Good luck to you in losing the weight. I know how hard it is. My mom is a big women and we all try and help her lose weight. I encourage my overweight patients to get a dog from the pound. They make you go for walks. Soon you lose a few pounds, feel better, walk farther, lose a few more. Now you feel well enough to do more and in 12-18 months you have lost a lot of weight. You saved the dog’s life, he saved your and it’s a win-win for all. Sincere wishes for success.

      1. Tracy A. Smith says:

        Would you have been one of the many people who came in and saw a woman in distress but simply washed your hands and walked back out again – not wanting to get involved…obviously because she did not qualify as a person worth saving in your eyes?

  9. Bankroller says:

    Ah, the city of Brotherly Love.

  10. Off Duty says:

    What? This happened in Philly? The marvel is that this kind of thing doesn’t happen with even more regularity.

  11. Archy Cary says:

    You ever request a wheelchair be brought to a gate at a major uS airport? Clearly not.

  12. Archy Cary says:

    While a herd of TSA “officers” stood around full of their officious self-importance.

    Phily, another dead American city.

  13. MichaelEdits says:

    A sad story and a bunch of weird irrelevant insensitive comments

  14. jaom651946 says:

    GOD will likely punish “ALL” internet users!! The bible says? “Keep your selves seperate from the world!” How did WE do? WWW (world wide web)

    1. AJW1138 says:

      HAHA I love this. I suppose you left this comment without the aid of the internet, then. Do people not think before they hit ‘submit?’ Or at least read over what you just wrote? To make sure that, i don’t know, you don’t sound like an idiot.

  15. CHRIS says:

    I have been in the Terminal E mens room before and trust me that after 40 minutes lying on that floor would kill you from a secondary infection. Can you say pee puddle?

    1. Ann says:

      The bathroom was disgusting. No one even offered a pillow, blanket, or tried to get her to a more private and cleaner area. Believe me – I was there.

  16. Dan Fisher says:

    This is what happens to a city when the demorat mayor cuts the fire dept if I can get to a car I’ll get to the hospital my self people have died before waiting in this city for help.

    1. Brent says:

      Today must be “no punctuation day”, eh Dan?

  17. dmac6419 says:

    bet you all the available medic were sitting at the hospital BS,the closest medic was most likely in the NE

  18. plaasjaapie says:

    In Philly? They’d have got to her the next week.

  19. AJ says:

    I don’t understand how so many people can go off of the main topic of this story. This story is not abouth this woman’s size. This is about the fact that several people failed to do their job. One comment questions if her family may have been reading some of these comments and th answer to that is yes. I happen to know her brother-in-law who was very upset about the things that some people had the nerve to say. I’m glad to see that those negative comments have been removed. Bottom line is this woman could have and should have been saved. Nothing else matters but the fact that a woman died because several people failed her. How would you feel had this been your mother, sister, etc.

    1. Kristiane says:

      AJ , the emergency room nurse made some intelligent comments based on 7 years experience……and yes, weight is a contributing factor in mortality and other illnesses as a result of the weight. Rather, than say this woman could have and should have been saved is something that will not be known until after a P.M. My sister has PE – significant in both lungs – and her symptoms were similar except my sister is alive – only by the grace of God, who gives life and takes it away at His appointed time. May He comfort her family and friends and may they know that “precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints” Psalm 116:15. I too am saddened by the loss of such a beautiful and vital woman who had a lot to offer to her family and to society.

      1. Tracy A. Smith says:

        She suffered and called out in fear, pain, and desperation. Don’t make it out to sound as though it was a dramatic scene in a movie.

    2. Monique says:

      AJ, Jennifer was my boss so I know the facts of what happened. You are absolutely right, she could have and should have been saved! People on here talking about her weight are disgusting. I’m sickened by these comments…since when did we become a society that essentially discounts someone’s death because of their weight? That’s absolutely disgusting!

      1. Ann says:

        She was a person, just like you and me. She had no idea when she woke up that morning what lay in store for her by the end of the day. Have some compassion. Have some respect. Do any of us know what we will encounter by the day’s end? Please hope that if you were in distress, someone would care enough about you and your life. They wouldn’t just walk by you or stand around while you suffered.

      2. Dwayne says:

        Of course she deserved help. But if she died of a PE, which I see stated in the comments but not in the article, there was very, very little chance that she could have survived regardless of the treatment that she received. I’m a paramedic with experience on the streets, in Afghanistan, and have no bone to pick with anyone. I”m simply trying to add perspective. The lady that claims that she knows ‘several people that have survived PEs’ is simply not being truthful. I’ve had, that I know of, 7 in my career that were alive when I arrived and none of them survived to be discharged to the hospital. Zero. Despite early arrival and top of the line ALS care. Every medic gets these calls, and I don’t know a single one that has managed to save one of these patients. God bless this lady, and prayers for peace and healing for those that loved her from an ol’ medic in Colorado.

    3. Dee Dee says:

      Saving fat people IS harded than saving light people. Try picking up a 300 pound woman, 80 pound stretcher, with one other person, and that perosn will be 4 foot nothing.
      Try it just try it. IT ain’t easy.

      1. Dwayne says:

        But this isn’t about weight. It’s about a pulmonary embolism. Managing heavy people is obviously more difficult, but it would more than likely have made no difference here. There is no good field treatment for a PE, in fact no good ER treatment. These patients just simply very rarely survive. Does that make the horror of trying to help her while you wait for help any less? Of course not. Does that make the heartbreak of reading the posts of those that want to make this a weight issue more bearable? No. Do I think that those chiming in with, “She could have been saved!” are less disgusting than the rest? I don’t. Again, I’m just trying to add perspective.

  20. Ms_Rand says:

    Oh please, do you suppose her race was asked? Really?? It’s a tragedy regardless if black, white or purple. News flash – not everything is race based. Get over it.

  21. Steve Blais says:

    In that city if she were white they would have robbed her while she was dieing :)

  22. Rodrigo says:

    The government will step in and help us all. We can trust them. They will not fail us again.

  23. k says:

    OMG – You are a moron for that comment.

    #1 she likely was in the low 200’s and a working mother and master’s student and only 39. How the heck did noone get a defib or medic to her?
    God bless the woman who stayed with her (Tracy Smith)

  24. Ashe says:

    My hear breaks for this family. How incredibly sad.

  25. Shan B says:

    I hope and pray that something is done about this. 40 minutes is just ridiculous.

  26. Allison says:

    Jennifer was a devoted mother, wife, sister,daughter and friend. Who worked for a prestigious college with a prestigious title. Who did not deserve to die this way. The question is why did the ambulance turn away. She had insurance. Sorry no public assistance this way and if she did, does that mean she deserves no help. Ignorant Comments from Common People.

    1. Dwayne says:

      As a career paramedic I can assure you that this was not related to her financial or insurance status. There is not a service in the world that is allowed to make the decision to respond and/or transport based on a patients apparent ability to pay. This just simply is not the issue here. As being poor does not give you a reduced right to receive timely compassionate care, I’m equally offended that you seem to believe that being a “…devoted mother, wife, sister,daughter and friend. Who worked for a prestigious college with a prestigious title.” gave her an increased right to that same care. I am curious though. EMS rarely has the budget that it needs because the fire deb[t take so much of it, where was the fire dept during all of this? They were present at the airport and you pay tens of millions per year to run medical calls. Where were they? As I’m not local, perhaps EMS and Fire are one and the same?

      1. Dwayne says:

        My apologies, I missed the linked article before. It’s unfortunate that the fire dept handles EMS for your city. If there ever is follow up on this story you will almost certainly find that nothing was done, nor will it be done. Fire depts are uniformly given a ‘pass’ for poor EMS performance.

  27. Don says:

    JP, If the police attempted to get her to the hospital, and she died in their car, we’d string them up. I think that 40 minutes is unbelievable, but that is the state of EMS in Philly. I work in a lot of areas, and I’ve never seen any EMS as bad as Philly’s.

  28. NotSurprised says:

    I am not surprised. The people who work at that airport are rude, fat and lazy. I had an issue with a “supervisor” who wouldnt give me her name and no one else knew who she was (I bet!). Rudest people I have ever encountered at this airport. When you ask one person for help, it’s “I cant leave my post.” Oh, so that means you cant call for help? “I can but Im not sure how to contact.” Oh ok, then get another job.

    1. Buckwheat says:

      When you run into people like that these days, i.e. people with a little power trip, remind them there IS the internet, snap there photo and post it all over hell and begone saying how incompetent they are and tell them you are posting them…..also when you talk to people like this, record them on video if possible.
      ‘Let me get this right, you say X…..’

  29. Don Jordan says:

    This story reminds me of another lost life from EMC incompetance in Phila.
    In mid 1990s The Philadelphia Whitemarsh rugby old boys rugby side was playing in Fairmount Park. – spring day – clear weather.
    Our scrum half collapsed during our match – and we called 911 immediately for emergency medical response.
    However, It took the Philadelphia EMC over 1 hour to “find” Fairmount Park.
    In the interim our scrumhalf died of a grand mal seizure.
    He would have had a fighting chance to live if EMC had responded in time.

  30. LadyTexan22 says:

    how sad, how very very sad

  31. Michael P Coleman says:


  32. Michael P Coleman says:


  33. tnmccoy says:

    I’m sure if a TSA employee scratched a pinky, the medical staff would be all over the case. This situation was horrific. The entire medical staff of the airport—as small as it is—should be indicted for manslaughter. The airport should be indicted as well. This is intolerable!

  34. Svelte says:

    Ha, ha. Oh, the irony. I’ve got a couple typos in my last post. Well, I’m not perfect but at least I’m not fat or stupid!

    1. Drew says:

      Don’t believe everything your mommy tells you.

  35. Randall Lape says:

    Atlas Srugged.

  36. Pat says:

    I’m curious what the other incident was that kept drawing medical attention away from this woman. I’m also curious why medical teams were dispatched and returned without ever seeing her. It’s possible there are really good answers to these questions, but I really want to know what they are. Don’t you?

  37. Svelte says:

    Yes, I am an a$$hole and heartless…but only on Thursdays while surfing the interwebs. I thank baby Jesus I’m not fat…ever!

  38. unkleclete says:


  39. Lotus says:

    Svelte, Unkle, what pleasure do you find in saying such things about a person who has died? What will your family hear when you are gone (besides “Thank God”?

  40. PK says:

    AT LEAST fat people can just diet to cure their problem.
    There IS no cure for heartless people like you.

  41. T Jackson says:

    That’s fine. So if you’re ever hit by a car or something it’s cool if responders wait around for awhile, say 40 minutes?

  42. LATime says:

    I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here when I say you’re an a$$hole

  43. Mathman says:

    Regarding the man in the hospital parking lot: Do your research. The man was surrounded by Police and hospital personnel. He was getting treatment. He was in trouble when he crashed his car. If he had been in the ER, he would probably have died there. Lawsuit is not likely to result because the hospitals operate under strict laws dictating how to do things. Who do you sue when the law says you must call 911?

  44. Mister CE says:

    Before assigning blame and jumping to conclusions lets wait for investigation to be completed..

    Incompetence or mistake?

    Lawyers to decide.

    Did some one say that CPR was being administered?

    1. Ann says:

      Nothing was done until she flatlined – then they sprang into action. Up to that point, no one helped the two ladies trying to hold her off of the floor and care for her…NO ONE!

  45. John says:

    One paramedic for that large an airport? Are they insane? She can’t be brought back but certainly, whoever made the decision to have one medic at the airport should be held criminally liable. This is disgusting.

    1. Mister CE says:

      how about when the plane is in the air?

      there is no zero risk scenerio.

  46. Jennifer says:

    Please stop using the phrase “first responders.” It is stupid, like all corporate-speak invented during the past 10 years. They are police, firemen and paramedics. And more and more we are reading stories like this where they rarely respond first.

    1. Mister CE says:

      Is there a Doctor here?

      Not when there are lawyers around!

    2. Bill says:

      Just because you don’t understand the terminology don’t hate it.

      I was trained as a Law Enforcement officer. I had EMT training as well. It was normal for me to be ‘first’ on scene. As such, I would often be referred to as a “First Responder.” However because I had trained as an EMT, I actually had skills that were somewhat advanced beyond the First Responder training.

      Yes, there is a level of medical training called First Responder. Basic medical assistance for CPR, treating shock, handling major wounds, etc.

      That is likely what is referred to here. The level of training of those who responded. Or the fact that they were first on scene, hence First Responders.

      Don’t know, wasn’t there. But maybe you could take the time to learn the terms before hating it.

  47. Sam Perry says:

    I find many of your posts to be extremely appalling and of poor taste. I cannot belive that many of you would post such unrelated issues such as politics and governement.

    In todays technological world and at a major airport no less where millions of people travel through annually, this is extremely saddening to know that it would take almost an hour for EMERGENCY assistance to arrive.

    Tim lost his WIFE, the kids lost their MOTHER and the hundreds of her extended family, friends and co-workers we lost a TRUE FRIEND and INSPIRATION. I have served my country honorably in both Iraq and Afghanistan, for me or anyother AMERICAN to lose their life in such a manner….is TRAGIC AT BEST.

    I leave you with this question…if that had been your spouse, mother, father, loved one or family member, would you expect 40 minutes before help arrives to save their life? What if that were you there waiting? 40minutes? I think not.

    That is the only issue here.

    1. Tkay says:

      Don’t be so quick to dismiss politics and government as part of the cause of this womans death. I just read a story about a man who died 40 yards away from a hospital ER because hospital policy was to call 911 and use an ambulance even though they could have walked over there and brought him in immediately.

      1. Don says:

        Tkay, who do you think would be available to go out and get that man? Every person in the ED has an assignment. And just about all EDs are understaffed. Going out to get him leaves someone uncovered in the department. Also, who do you send? The doctor? Yet his malpractice doesn’t cover him or her for patients not signed in to the ER. And what if it’s a single doc coverage ER? A nurse? And how many staff are needed to safely get the patient into the department? That doesn’t even begin to cover the situation that you are referring to, as that was an auto accident, and ER staff are not trained firemen or vehicle rescue techs. Having them do amateur hour at a crash scene puts both them and the patient at risk. I know. I am an Emergency Physician AND a Rescue Tech. The staff could be out there for 30 minutes to an hour. And even if EMS/fire then arrive, the staff have made patient contact and couldn’t leave to go back to the ER – that would be abandonment. Oh, yeah, speaking of which, if they’re in the parking lot, what about the MI patient in the ED? It is very typical that a lack of information makes something appear obvious and easy, when in fact the situation is neither.

      2. Kristiane says:

        Tkay, I worked for a hospital years ago and when an accountant had a medical issues a few buildings from the ER, we were told to call an ambulance. Thankfully, his condition was not life threatening. That said, think about what you just said. ER medical professionals are on hand in the ER to respond to all coming through the doors. If you remove them from the premises to help other, you prevent others from getting treatment within the ER. They do not make house calls for a reason.

    2. Steve Blais says:

      Forget the posts. Instead focus on those that were supposed to respond and why they didn’t there has been so much taken fron us in this country and this woman’s life was taken from her. It is not racial but it is polical. The politices is this. The Democrats are supported by the unions and the unions are supported by the democrats. The people who work for unions are trolls for money that they do not fulfill their obligations to earn. Get rid of the unions ans we will be fine!

  48. patrick says:

    unions are terrific for union officials, just do not work for union employees. think massive pension fund fraud, over and over again.

    1. george spacely says:

      what do unions have to do with this woman dying?

  49. Maria McBean says:

    Same here…the worst airport in the country; will never go through there again.

    1. John says:

      Totally agree. Laziest, rudest staff ever.

  50. Matt H says:

    This is truly tragic and the non-responders should pay in every possible way

  51. Re Re says:

    Amazing how so many comments have degenerated into a hate-fest for Philly. But, I will say, I wouldn’t be surprised if the thug unions were involved. They are very strong here. (Yes, I am a Philly girl). Stop the hate-fest for Philly. This could have happened in any other city. Did you all have disparaging remarks about NYC when Lennon was killed? Stupid people with stupid comments.

  52. Susan says:

    Somehow, union rules were involved in this tragedyl Just wait, that is what will be revealed before it is over. That’s what unions do… create beaucracies that undereducate, promote mediocracy, and eventually kill people.

    1. Mister says:

      What union rules?

      Unions are not responsible for on the job performance – only for protection of union jobs and membership.

    2. george spacely says:

      Hey Neo-con troll, if you do your research you will find that of the three other responding units one could not respond because they could not get through the checkpoint into the sterile side of the airport and the other two units were waved off airport staff who thought the call was already being handled. I know that you just repeat what Glen tells you but try using some critical thought once in a while.

  53. Stephen says:

    First of all it is very sad she died. And I feel for fer family and friends. Am I surprised at all by this? Not at all.

    I have traveled quite a bit and I am from Philadelphia. I have always considered the Philadelphia airport without question to be the very worst airport I have to deal with. I am surely not alone in feeling this way.

  54. Janice says:

    How very sad and tragic. She looks like such a beautiful and joyful person in her photograph. I know her family must be devastated by such a sudden loss.

  55. Jake Davidson says:

    Search: Joe Natizon on this page (Command F). His comment is right on point. It is time to cultivate a sense of moral logic. This is a women who died, but we don’ t know how. We know she was severely obese.

    Absolutely ZERO sympathy should be displayed. Stop making decisions based purely off of emotions. Let’s reach a higher consciousness and develop supportive practices through logic, not fantasy (aka religion).

    As Americans, we need a wake up call. We need to educate ourselves and diffuse emotion. A good place to start is Susan Sontag’s “Illness as metaphor” or Alanu Badiou’s “Century”. Your choice of reading may vary. Please use your will-power BEFORE you call 911 to complain about nonsense. It very well has the capacity to stop incidences like this from happening in the future.

    1. zombierocket says:

      jerri – YOU are pathetic.

    2. Jo says:

      Jake – get off your high horse & look beyond the surface mate – at Jennifer Moore, but more importantly – at yourself.
      This has nothing to do with religion, or emotion & you are assuming that this problem was a result of someone calling 911 to complain about nonsense.
      If you developed this attitude after reading books by Sontag & Alain Badiou – then I think you need to change your reading material.
      I feel quite sorry for you, sorrier for your wife, or child, if you have one.

    3. Fred Jackson says:

      @Jake Davidson – First, I cannot frame my response without saying I find your viewpoint not just out of step with humanity, but abhorrent in the extreme.

      Had you framed your thought with a little more balance and humanity, I would agree with the idea that whatever this incident shows is wrong with the system needs to be addressed analytically and in a balanced manner. But that is not the spirit displayed in your post.

      Whether or not you categorize yourself as a conservative, your post is an example of what gives conservatives a bad name, because you SOUND like a right wing extremist who has gone over the edge. You fall over yourself telling us not to feel human compassion. A conservative who is a real, functioning member of society is repelled by that.

      1. what says:

        I think most people would be repelled by that. where did it even hint that this davidson person is a conservative??? What on earth did his comment have to do with the right wing? if you had to guess it sounds more left wing, as he was keen to leave religion out of it, more likely not from the “right” in such a case. The zero compassion comment was just bizarre. That post didn’t seem political though.

      2. Pearl says:

        Back when I read Sontag, I was a liberal, not a conservative.

    4. barry says:

      ‘incidences’? is that like ‘incidents’ except a little different?

    5. Monique says:

      Jake, you are a disgusting person not worthy to be called a human being. Sadly, if you were in need of medical attention you deserve to be left waiting for 40 minutes but I wouldn’t be able to do that because I care about people. I would help and hope you live long enough to be healed of your disgusting apathy towards humanity.

  56. Andrew says:

    Unions protect a ‘status quo’ that had plenty of other patrons before organized labor. When unions close up shop or are dismantled, surprise, surprise, problematic human behavior does not end. Find an enemy worth defeating, will you?

  57. KK says:

    Pulmonary embolism. No doubt. Kills fast. So sad.

    1. skyhi says:

      I agree with KK. Exactly what I thought while reading the article. I had one myself and nearly died, only remember losing breathing & consciousness. It would have taken a Dr. longer than 40 minutes to diagnose her symptoms and provide proper care.

      1. Monique says:

        Skyhi, I’m gladd you survived but it doesn’t take longer than 40 minutes to diagnose a PE. My former pastor had one and they diagnosed her in well under 40 minutes.

    2. Tracy A. Smith says:

      She suffered and called out in fear, pain, and desperation. Don’t make it out to sound as though it was a dramatic scene in a movie.

      She did not die quickly…let’s get that straight. I was there. I held her in my arms. I tried to comfort her…for an hour!

  58. Andrew says:

    You did not spell ‘personnel’ correctly.

  59. Bradley Green says:

    This is ridiculous. I have the unique perspective of being an EMS worker who is often stationed near a major airport (RDU). If there is ever a medical problem, no matter how minor, police will be on scene within a minute or two, airport firefighters (who are all EMTs) will be there a few minutes after that, and the closest available EMS unit will be on scene within ten minutes in most cases. By the time the EMS unit makes it to the airport, there should be security or operations personnel waiting to take them to the patient. There are no excuses whatsoever for an emergent patient to be without a paramedic for 40 minutes in any metro area, ever…

    1. Bill Finegan says:

      Bradley I have the unique experience of being a retired Philly paramedic.

      Urban EMS is the best example of what happens when the government takes over healthcare.

    2. Peter says:

      Well said. Seems like absolutely no incident training at PHL. I can’t imagine a multiple victim scenario or, God forbid, some terrorism event.

      1. Bill says:

        Peter, you sound like someone who might be a first responder and who understands how the situation described in the article should have been addressed. I was reminded of the fact that the government provides free training for this sort of thing in Anniston, Alabama, at the Center for Domestic Preparedness. It’s free for all first responders like law enforcement officers, fire fighters, HAZMAT personnel and EMTs. All training, transportation and housing are provided free of charge. Look up “Center for Domestic Preparedness” if interested.

  60. Anna Morisseau says:

    What is a matter with you people ? Put yourself in the families shoes before making such ugly, cold comments.

    1. Thomas Mangum says:

      I would like to say I am discusted by you all. This was my Sister in law. I pray you never have to go through what my family has gone through. She was a beautiful person she saved my life and helped all that she came into contact with. I can believe you all would be so ignorant!

      1. george spacely says:

        Im so very sorry for your loss and the fact that you had to be exposed to the evil, uneducated morons that post on these boards. Keep your chin up and remember that fate will handle these losers someday.

      2. Monique says:

        Thomas, Jennifer was my boss… she was one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. Her legacy lives on through the lives she has impacted including yours and mine. The ignorance in these posts is disgusting but as Jennifer would say “it is what it is”. She’d probably try to get these crazy people to go to school and change their lives. That’s just who she was. I am consistently praying for your family because I have been impacted greatly so I can only imagine the pain you all endure every day. God be with you all.

      3. Tracy A. Smith says:

        Thomas Mangum,
        I am Tracy Smith, the person who stayed with her.
        Is there anyway to get in contact with her husband?

  61. Kerry Early says:

    to Emma and all you other idiots like her – you have no idea what this woman died from – it is quite possibly not related in any way to her weight – and as for your comment “she ate like a damn pig” – how do you know that? Were you with her when she ate. You know not all weight problems are caused from over eating. You are probably one of those twiggy girls who when you eat 1 olive you are full and perpetually making statements such as ” you know I just forget to eat sometimes” – I am sorry but if you “forget” to eat – then you are a special kind of stupid.

    1. Frank King says:

      Kerry, you are right on with your comments about people who are overweight. My mother had a thyroid gland problem which caused her to be overweight.. She did not over eat to get that way. Some people are self-rightious idiots who think they know it all and actually know nothing.

      1. robert says:

        Sorry, can’t buy that. If one doesn’t adjust calorie-intake or exercise-level to compensate for one’s thyroid condition, and then one allows one’s weight to baloon out of control, then one is, by deinition, ‘overeating’.

        Regardless, performance of rescue personnel was ridiculous. Thoughts and prayers go out to Mrs. Moore’s survivors.

      2. Janice says:

        Kerry and Frank – you are right on the mark. A person’s weight and longevity are much more the product of their genes than of anything they eat (except for plain starvation). There is that old saying “do not judge a book by its cover”. To make any assumptions about a person based upon any outward appearance, well, I thought that was what we call prejudice. When I look at her picture, I see a beautiful soul. If there is anyone who doesn’t see that, then I am sorry for you.

  62. Gregg says:

    What is sad in this, is that no one is allowed to think outside the box anymore. In days gone by, people would have taken the initiative and placed the women in a wheelchair or stretcher and taken her to the hospital. 4 police must have had a squad car at the airport with lights and sirens. But in the back of everyone’s mind must be the thought, ” If I move her, and something happens to her, then I will be sued, and they will say it’s my fault. So we are made to sit, and wait. Thanks to all the Lawyers that have gone before us!

    1. Kerry Early says:

      exactly right! When medics didnt get there within the first 15 mins – then I would have said lets take her to hospital ourselves.

      1. Andrew says:

        You’ve got that 20/20 hindsight. Have you considered a career in governmental politics?

      2. Skychief says:

        A good example is the four Walmart employees fired for disarming a thief with a gun.

    2. Paul says:

      Exactly correct! Best comment made.

    3. David Arbogast says:

      Amen Greg…. this is also the real reason healthcare will continue to raise in COST, with or without ObamaCare. They are not addressing the real cause, so the real cost will still shoot up. Its the same reason your Doctor better order 8 tests on you rather than the one that confirms his clinical diagnosis – because if the outcome is bad, he will be in court explaining why he did not order the other 7 test, and in the end the Jury will award MILLIONS against the Doctor, the hospital, the ambulance driver, etc and the rest of us pay for it all. Sad state of affairs.

    4. Dee Dee says:

      I think your right, people will not take care of themselves…

  63. Dee Dee says:

    I never thought of it that way, that is a good point

  64. Babba Gi says:

    Let’s wait for the autopsy. I may have been a pulmonary embolism. Birth Control Pills and obesity along with prolonged sitting can be deadly. I always tale an aspirin before I fly and try to get up and walk the isle every hour.

    1. 2-late-2-matter says:

      @Babba Gi:

      Am quite familiar (personally ahd professionally) with the post-flight Pulmonary Emboli scenario, which is the greatest post-mortem likelihood for her death. A quicker medical response would have saved her life however.

      1. Still-2-late-2-matter says:

        Initial diagnosis of a PE stands, but if she had a diabetic, hypo or hyperglycemic reaction in the airport’s lavatory then she would still be alive today – if there had been a timely medical response.

  65. K. Schoenecke says:

    It’s sad that the on-site medical personal and or local emergency medical professionals were not able to respond sooner. My prayers and sympathy goes out to her husband and family.

    Oh but with the New Obama Care Plan, I’m sure our once best in the world medical facilities, services, and availability will be fixed for all and we will never again hear of such gross neglect in receiving the best care possible. Or perhaps our Government run news agency will simply not report such events? But either way we will never again have to worry about getting the medical coverage and care that we as Americans are entitled to.

    Just this week I spent 45 minutes in the United States Post Office during my lunch hour trying to send a package. And just last August I requested coverage through the local VA hospital for a service related issue. I’m still waiting for an official response from the VA granting or denying my coverage. They send me a letter monthly stating they are still processing my claim, but have yet to address my actual claim.

    I guess the US Post Office and there record losses or the Social Security’s projected failure in the next 10 years are no insight into what we can expect from a Government run health care program. The VA is sure doing a bang up job caring for the Vets, just ask one. And the impact that Government mandated lending practices have had on the now Government owned Freddie Mac and Freddie Mae. This is no indication of what to expect once the Government begins meddling in the Medical profession.

    Interestingly for years the World has bashed the US for meddling in there countries affairs and thus we are hated by many. The US Government tries to make it better by supporting the current dictator financially. While the majority of the people still see the great US as the problem and ultimately hate us for it.

    How is it that we have come to expect the Government to provide and support us as individuals? Where in the Declaration of Independence does it grant these rights? Guaranteed US Retirement program, Medical coverage and a Home of your very own for all citizens legal or otherwise living in the once great USA. Where exactly does the United States Constitution grant the Government such power over us as individuals?

    I thought that was part of what the United States of America was founded upon, Limited Government and ultimately Personal Freedom from Government control and unfair or burdensome Taxes.

    1. G. Weiss says:

      The US Post Office is not a government agency. It is not funded by tax money.
      The US Constitution provides the Congress the right to pass laws regarding commerce of states and individuals. That’s why federal taxes are legal and why you’re really wasting everyone’s time with your ignorance. Please–you’re allowed to have your own opinion, but you don’t get your own facts. Try to take account of the facts in your opinions.

      1. Skal says:

        The U S Postal Service IS a self-supporting GOVT. agency of the Executive Branch (Obama & Co.) but they still have to “borrow” money from the Treasury to stay in “business.”

      2. Mister CE says:

        Postal workwers cant strike – but they can naturally “slow down”.

      3. Mister CE says:

        The postal service is identified as a federal responsibility in the constitution.

  66. Mary Hardie says:

    Paul, Mrs. Moore is exactly the kind of person airport emergency aid should be there for. Emergency aid is not there for *healthy* people. If you’re healthy you’re de facto not going to need emergency aid. Absolutely nothing to do with size.

  67. Dan says:

    Hank …Are you kidding me? NO MONEY for HEALTHCARE?????????????????

    Do we really have to list the billions and billions spent on Medicaid and Medicare A,B, D in the last decade????

    As far as Israel being protected by the USA….you may not like our policy towards them…but it is the right thing to do.

    The other M.E. nations would still be our enemy even if Israel failed to exist any longer [God forbid].

  68. Norm says:

    This is isane, what does it matter how obese this woman was, she is a human bweing that was in crisis, have we become so insensatrive that allwe see is a shape or a gender or a race? How do some of these people judge this woman not knowing her or how she became ill? God help us all if these people vote.

    1. Norm says:

      Over wieght means health problems. Crisis is more likely. Its like saying People ky diving are dieing from 2 parachutes failing, We should all wear 3 parachutes to make up for it. The entire EMS system is being blamed, and she will bear no responcibility for a poor medical condition is all I took from the previous comments. and We all have equal suffrage. Don’t be a Socialist Norm.

      1. Ms_Rand says:

        You are showing your ignorance, Norm. Overweight does not necessarily equate to health issues. My 46 year old THIN friend underwent open heart surgery yesterday for two clogged arteries. He was unknowingly diabetic. Learn something of biology before you post something so completely inane.

    2. Dee Dee says:

      It’s amazing that people can jusge and not see the real issue. A woman lost her life. A family lost a Mother, Wife, Sister or Friend. This is so ridiculous! Have the people who left comments even thought that maybe the grieving family is reading this!?!?!

      1. Not Dee Dee says:

        Sorry Dee Dee :(

  69. Richard James says:

    My comment was a facetious reply to another comment speculating that she died because she was over 400 pound. The editors then saw fit to remove the offensive comment and leave my reply.

    Left as it is without the original reply, I can see how you thought my comment was inappropriate. I actually share your sentiments completely.

  70. Derek says:

    I usually don’t post comments on stories however I felt I needed to contribute here.

    In 2004 I worked on the ramp for an airline at PHL One day a provisioning agent was resupplying an aircraft and of course the scissor truck was fully extended while this was going on so it was up fairly high off the ground. Anyway the agent tripped and fell off the back of the truck landing on the ramp below and cracking his head. The blood was everywhere. We immediately called the PHL emergency line and reported the incident. We had to wait over 30 minutes for any police or ambulance to arrive. The guy died at the hospital a short time later.

    It was appalling how long it took them to respond and it probably cost a good man his life.

    Just wanted to tell my story and let everyone know this isn’t a first at PHL.

  71. Dave says:

    Philly in the news again? No way…….

  72. Theresa says:

    This problem here wasn’t about ‘health care’, this was about first responders, which is budgeted under each state for SAFETY.

  73. Reality says:

    Not even a single AED Difibralater in the airport that could have saved her? The airport can’t spend $300 bucks to save someones life?

    1. Theresa says:

      I’m sure they have them, but there was no one available to use them.

      1. Other Norm says:

        Airport Difibralaters are made for the average person to use, not the EMS when they get there.

    2. Jen says:

      they probably have AEDs hidden in a backroom somewhere. It’s criminal that the AEDs can not be found when they are needed. The AEDs have instructions and are easy to use. It would not take 40 minutes for someone to understand how to use an AED.

  74. healthcare DOA says:

    no one owes you healthcars Hank..get a freekin life
    no money!!obama just broke the bank on healthcare spending and it hasnt started yet..are you that dumb…

  75. Jo Christiansen says:

    For those folk who chose to comment on her weight, etc – there but for the grace of God go you – best to hold your mouth – because you never know what is coming down the pipeline for you.
    Despicable miscreants!!

  76. J C says:

    Prayers to this poor husband and her family. I know we can all be jaded about the government and healthcare but this is about a human being that did not get the care she should have. I, too, share many of the same feelings about Obama care, the TSA, unions etc, but this family just lost a loved one, and it is just awful to post such callous comments.

  77. fbo says:

    even obamacare couldnt save her,,,sad really

    1. 1984AnimalFarm says:

      Yes. The Messiah is never there when you need him.

      1. Andrew says:

        Eurasia or Eastasia (Does it really make a difference?)

  78. roger says:

    over dose?

  79. Acerdude says:


    1. TheTruth323 says:

      That might be the most insane, delusional, off the mark comment that I have ever read!

      1. Ryan says:

        Perhaps not. Tons of people abuse 911/ER services now for non emergencies just because they can (Medicaid). This delays the care of truly sick people. Imagine if everyone had “free” insurance! Scary. This is why EVERYONE needs to pay at least a little something (i.e. Taxes). Adds incentive not to abuse the system. BTW…I’m an ER doc so I know of what I speak.

  80. Barry In NJ says:

    Scary. She (obviously) wasn’t in good health and likely her weight had much to do with that. THAT however is no excuse for multiple failures to respond to emergency 911 calls in a place as centrally located as Philadelphia International Airport! Her husband made it from Newark Deleware without (presumably) the advantage of flashing lights and sirens before EMT’s made it there!! On top of all this they were IN AN AIRPORT where there are (or are supposed to be) trained EMTs stationed in case of just such an emergency. (Who else is qualified to use the emergency difibulators you see mounted to the walls in an airport?) Very sad and the family should rightfully sue the AIrport and the City for such gross negligence that cost a woman her life. Maybe she would have been dead in two days at home and then again maybe the incident had nothing to do with her weight or maybe it would have scared her straight and through losing the lbs with her second chance lived to be 100. We’ll never know now.. Great job Philly…

    1. Joe Natizon says:

      THERE ARE NOT PAID EMTS AT ALL AIRPORTS and if there are covering the thousands ( or at least hundreds ) of people going through an air port, 2 things happen to 2 people at once, they go investigate ( takes some time right?) finda situation under control, (not uncommon) people don’t only call for REAL problems, they call for ANYTHING. So they get there and go back, people don’t coordinate well, so 3 people call in for the same problem, dispatchers take in the information and send out the appropraiate parties needed, Cops, Fire, medics, and much much mroe. ( people call because they don’t get there Burgers at Mcdonalds on time)
      So a dispatcher gets come calls, dispatches, they get there, can’t find anyone having a problem and leave, Dispatcher thinks there getting the same call again, andd ignores.
      America wanted the best for Free. Well This is how it goes. 5cents doesn’t buy Veal no matter how many people you swear out or chatise on the internet.
      Sucks don’t it?

  81. Creed says:

    Philidelphia has become what many other cities dominated by liberal politics have become – a cesspool of degradation and incompetence. But, hey, what about those union wages, eh?
    This woman likely would have been saved had priorities been where they should.

  82. Henry says:

    If it could happen to her, it could happen to you. The solution is to decentralize the healthcare industry to permit competition. If the first company to arrive got paid while others do not, it will cause the time of arrival to be a business goal rather than a public relations goal.

    1. Bringback Mayorrizzo says:

      I agree, if you could get EMS to act like the towing companies, Philly Parking Authority and others this would have never happened.

      1. Mister CE says:

        Almost inviting a franchise – everyone cant race to the airport. Get real.

  83. Henry Thoreau says:

    “Dispatch records obtained by CBS 3 show the lone medic unit assigned to the airport was busy on another assignment and unable to respond to “911″ calls”

    So the government/TSA assigned medic couldn’t get there in time. Why is the government/TSA treating people for medical emergencies? Why can’t any 911 dispatched ambulance go to the airport? This will happen again unless they introduce competition.

    1. Testy says:

      It would take them two hours to get through security.

    2. Mister CE says:

      Scene from True Grit

      Deiing kid to Rooster Cogburn – “Save me”

      “Cant do nothing for you son”.

      “You’re going to die”.

  84. Samiam says:

    She has no responsibility for her own health. It is the government that has to be there immediantly to fix what has taken year to break.

  85. AFSGTSAM says:

    5…..4…..3……2……1……Here come the multiple lawsuits!

  86. Matt S. says:

    Anyone who has flown through here should not be surprised. I don’t know if it is because it is a hub of the worst airline, USscareways, or if there are union hiring quotas(probably), or what, but the employees are always in 1st gear and won’t lift a finger to help anyone beyond their basic duties. 2 of 3 times I have lost my luggage through here and each time I have had significant delays from 30 to 90 minutes. Now I connect through anywhere but here, even backtracking and flying longer. Beautiful building, but horrible employees. This poor woman and her family. What a horrible way to leave this earth.

  87. Deskboy says:

    But every Grandmother in line got her bloomers scanned for contraband. Our nations stands secure from another skyjacking.

  88. Michael says:

    I worked with Jennifer Moore. Jennifer was a successful business woman who touched thousands of lives. Her funeral services were standing room only and some traveled hundreds of miles to attend. She was full of life and full of energy. She will surely be missed.

    1. squee says:

      I am pained to hear this story, but glad to see this comment among the trash spewed. A nice ray of light over this dark story.

  89. skeptic says:

    Airplane food can be pretty bad – what airline was she on?
    A student flying home for her son’s birthday? I guess it’s none of my business…

    1. Tracy A. Smith says:

      On Delta – with me.
      A MOTHER flying home for her son’s birthday. A mother going to school for her master’s degree. What exactly is the problem?

  90. jon says:

    what a shame, Rest In peace.

  91. MEC2 says:

    Doesn’t matter if she was orca-sized, there is no excuse for not getting emergency staff to someone needing cardiac/pulmonary rescue. When the primary team was busy, an ambulance should have been called immediately. Someone needs to be fired for this, lord knows the coming lawsuit will rightly tear this facility a new financial sphincter.

  92. drybackinpi says:

    C’mon, what do you expect…it’s Philadelphia.

    1. idiotmitten says:

      Yep, City of Brotherly….. Oh, hell, nevermind.

  93. Gibbs Bentley says:

    The bankers have been given trillions at the expense of the states, counties and cities. Expect more of this as the infrastructure decays in front of your eyes from lack of funds and ability to function on the little that is left.

    No one should die like this and it’s obvious the amalgam of greed, sloth and degeneration is to blame.

  94. JAQUEBAUER says:

    I will be sure to skip visiting Phili on my next trip. I despised the cities politics, but the historical sights are what I was going to see, But nada, not now.

  95. Carrie Summers says:


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