Bucks Co. Teacher Suspended Over Blog About Students

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – This is a clear case of what happens online, stays online.

The Central Bucks School District has suspended a high school English teacher after parents complained to administrators about her blog in which she railed on her students for more than a year.

Phrases on the blog include; “Frightfully dim,” “Rat-like,” “Am concerned your kid is going to open fire on the school,” “I hate your kid,” and “Seems smarter than she actually is.”

Those are the words of teacher Natalie Munroe, according to the Central Bucks School District.

School district spokeswoman Carol Counihan says Munroe admitted to writing the blog.

“I think she should be fired. Hopefully that is what will happen,” said parent Wendy Yazujian.

Munroe reportedly wrote the rant, and others like it, a year or more ago.

Watch the video…

Sources say a parent, who saw the blog and recently posted her words on their Facebook page, called school officials to complain. The district says Munroe, who started teaching at the high school in 2006, has been suspended pending an investigation.

“I thought she was smarter than that, to put that on the internet for everyone to see that and let her kids read that,” said student Shannon Carroll.

“It’s hard to know that you sat in her class for an hour and a half a day and for her to feel that way it is like, it is an awful feeling,” student Alli Woloshyn said.

In a post from January of last year, Munroe talks about some of the comments she would like to write about her students on their report cards in place of what she calls the “canned comments” which are provided by the school district.

The comments include “lazy,” “sneaky” and “rude.”

“For a teacher to be like that is just beyond me. Why would you be with children if you are feeling that negative about everything they do? Basically she was bashing all the kids,” said Kelly Woloshyn a parent.

When approached for comment, Munroe directed Eyewitness News to speak to her attorney. Munroe’s lawyer did not immediately return phone calls.

The blog has since been shut down.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. wfbwfb says:

    bleeding heart liberal parents breeding bleeding heart liberal kids that will end up living 40 years of their life in their parents house. idiot parents raising idiot kids. don’t forget to wear your helmet son…………………

  2. incicCinsLoky says:

    Buen comienzo

  3. Ledychiadiree says:

    Г€ divertente parere

  4. firemunroe says:

    Euthanizing puppies — good line!! She’s a narcissist and has NO buiness educating children. Flush her out of the system for good and revoke her certificate! She would have better served her frustrations by joining a gym, rather than entertain herself blogging.

  5. the pg says:

    @isweartheyrenotmine: Sounds like you need to move on and get over high school.

  6. Person says:

    I think teachers are entitled to complain. With all they put up with, however she seems like she hated her job and the kids there. Look what she wrote is probably what every teacher now and then wants to say, and blogs are sorta meant for this sort of thing. By that I mean writing your feelings and thoughts and what’s going on, so I don’t blame her at all for that. But like I said earlier if she hated her job that much why didn’t she quit? Really, why didn’t she just quit and look for a better job? Teachers put up with so much because they care. And I appreciate that, but if you hate a job that much just quit, really. I understand if it’s the only job you have paying the bills but if her dad is what ”isweartheyrenotmine” said he is, she could have at least gotten a better teaching job, at a alternative school with less students to put up with, or a nice private school.

  7. Parents Take Your School Back says:

    Parents Take Your School Back
    Pull Your Kids Out! Then The School Will Do The Right Thing!

    Just how ignorant is this teacher that she forgot that the Parents Pay Her Paycheck!

  8. Kathellen Madden says:

    what good is the freedom of speech if one is not free to speak what’s on their mind-regardless of the method. as a parent of 11, and long time parent involvement advocate(pta, school and district advisory organization member, and volunteer at pretty much all my children’s schools at one point or another including now, I strongly admonish those – especially the district’s administration – for caving in to community pressures and basically marking Ms. Munroe with a scarlett B. Just when is she to let off steam? When one ioif the youth she’s referring to does something or just the day to day pressures of teaching in today’s education system causes her to snap and someone is physically damaged, including her? Or should she call the parent(s) or caregiver in who then acts as though they’re unaware of the behavior their child exhibits. Going to a school for back-to school night, open house or other special events is not an accurate representation of the climate of the school. and there ARE NO REPERCUSSIONS, SUPPORT OR OTHER REAL STRUCTURES IN PLACE FOR THE KIDS WHO MOST DEFINITELY EXHIBIT THE ACTIONS TO WHICH MS NUNROE REFERS . Teachers are the extenston of the parent(s) and spend a substantial amount of time with our children on a weekly basis and in fact take our children home with the daily, wake up with our children on their minds and in some instances, are the only stability many children know. Ms. Nunroe and teachers throughout this country deserve-, no have earned the right to vent in any capacity they feel that will get the nation to really take a look the inadequacies and inequalities which make up our present day education system. Here in Oakland we have the hill schools and the flatland schools and there is a definite disparity in how each set of schools is viewed. and for those who haven’t had the pleasure of teaching working or being a parent or caregiver in a school similar to the one where Mz. Nunroe teaches, then spend some time in her world then criticize and banish her to the depths of society if u can. til then kudos to u Ms. Nunroe! I wish there were more teachers like you and more administrators with your mindset who actually care about their students and desire to see positive change even if it means exile.

    1. justateacher says:

      HALLELUJAH! Thank you for the intelligent response. The type of parents who are trying to get her fired are the root of many evils in education. Teachers are supposed to be saints who put up with anything and everything without complaint. We see the results of that in the mess that is public education. These parents should be shunned.

    2. Kristie says:

      My problem is not with her venting about her students at all…my problem is with her doing so, in a public forum. She could have just as easily taken out a journal and written her thoughts and frustrations down and kept them private. Everyone gets frustrated with their jobs, if you work in a public service capacity, you need to maintain a certain level of professionalism, if you work serving customers in a department store and begin to publicly bash the clientele you should expect to be reprimanded, because that is not a professional behavior. This woman chose her career path, and it is an extremely respectable profession that not everyone can handle, but you know going into it that not every student is going to perfect, and there will be children that are not going to meet your expectations, but belittling and insulting is not the way to change that.
      Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but there should also be some responsibility involved when taking advantage of it.

    3. Sarah says:

      I’m a teacher as well and feel like there is difference between her venting and normal teacher venting. True some of the things she wrote have come out of my mouth and the mouths of my colleagues, however, never have I, nor have I heard any of my fellow teachers make fun of disabled students who “take the short bus.” Nor have I ever heard a teacher complain about students who ask questions after the bell. The bell means kids CAN leave the classroom, not that they MUST leave the classroom. Our job as educators is to teach students at all costs… I think a few extra minutes is due a student who is being responsible for his or her own learning by actively seeking the advice, or direction, from a teacher. The tone of her “venting” was completely immature and disrespectful. Trust me, a teacher can tell the difference between a teacher who vents because they need to but continue to care, and one who has so little respect for her students that you wonder why in the world she is in this profession. She is the type I wouldn’t want to send my own kids to…

  9. Jean Harris says:

    She should never have been suspended with pay. She should have been FIRED. Immediately. She is the adult, and the professional. And a perfect example of what she complained about in the blog comments pertaining to the students.

  10. Kel says:

    The parents are to blame, not this poor teacher. Parents don’t want to be parents. They don’t want to be involved in their kids education. They don’t want their kids to learn responsibility or accountability. Instead, fire the teacher! Right?? I hope the school district doesn’t fire this teacher. She is probably a blessing. It’s a shame that all she wants to do is teach. but the parents and school district won’t allow it. No wonder our kids are behind in education globally.

    1. ashley says:

      Poor Teacher? You’re an idiot! Try starting a blog about your boss, coworkers, and customers in the REAL WORLD and see how long you have a job!

      1. wwwwe says:

        Yeah right ashley, yet sites like RateMyTeacher and RateMyProfessor are okay. Someone complains about those places and there’s uproars of bad teachers curtailing their “freedom of speech”. The tables gets turned and now it’s ‘bad old teachers’ who talk about me. Hypocrites.

  11. greg says:

    what i want to know is, who is battlecarrot? they started remarks at 8:18 on the ninth and continued nonstop untill 6$$ pm on the tenth. they ruined the comments with dozens of useless remarks. don’t they have a life? go away

  12. Steve says:

    I have read some of his teacher’s blog and I’m a little confused on what all the fuss is about. The only fault I can find the teacher is that she didn’t think people would find her blog, which she says may not be polite, but it’s basically true. I am in my mid-40s and can remember when I was in school and I went home and told my father the teacher hit me in school today, his first reaction was not to call the police and have them arrested, when I explained to him that I was talking to a friend during class he slapped me in the head and told me I shouldn’t be talking in class I should be listening to the teacher. If this occurred today the teacher would’ve been arrested for abuse and probably go to jail. The only mistake the teacher made was venting her frustrations publicly. If I were a parent of that school district I would be more worried about what my child is doing in class then what a teacher wrote on her blog. In the not-too-distant future the parents of some of these students are going to get a rude awakening when they are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for college to find out their children don’t even know basic English, I bet their comments will be a lot more harsh than this teachers.

    1. YO STEVE says:

      it’s a her………………………

  13. Been There says:

    Unfortunately, she is accurately describing many of today’s students in public schools. I taught math in a high school for awhile in a different city and saw the same thing. Teaching was a second career for me as a way of giving back after a long career in the private sector. After experiencing what she described, I decided that I was wasting my time and switched to other ways of helping society. We need more students, and parents, who value getting a good education…one where they learn to think rather than just memorize and regurgitate on a multiple guess test.

  14. Sheri P says:

    I agree whole heartedly with you Stewie, being an ex educator there is a reason why so many teachers are getting frustrated and wanting out of education. Kids are terrible and disrespectful. Being the mother of 2 teenagers, you want to knock some sense into them almost daily. If the parents would do more to control kids behavior at home, we wouldn’t have this situation. Freedom of speech was supposed to be an advantage of living in America. Yes I went there. Maybe the school board better wake up and realize that it’s not right to punish her if she didn’t mention any student names or actual situations. Teachers need to vent just like everyone else, they are only human. Keep up the good work Natalie. All kids are lazy, sneaky and rude, because they take after their parents. Just sayin!!!!!

    1. Kel says:

      I completely agree! I have worked with kids of all ages. Many are very disrespectful and the parents allow it. They don’t correct the child in any form or fashion. They are lazy and they feel entitled to everything. Many rule the household. I’ve never seen so many children boss their parents around as I do today. And the parents allow it because they don’t want to be parents. It’s too much work. It’s the “all about me” factor. It’s very, very sad.

  15. Jen says:

    I agree. Nothing is said about the fact that the kids in her class are disrespectful, talking about drugs.etc. The problem with our kids today is parents want to blame everyone else for there kids behavior and problems instead of owning up to the fact it is there fault. Kids today are just downright spoiled and not held accountable for the actions. Like you said it is always someone else to blame. It starts at home and I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a teacher in any school today where the kids and parents run the show instead of the teachers and principals

  16. Battlecarrot says:

    More things that amuse cops:

    A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags was ripped and every once in a while a $20 fell out onto the sidewalk.

    Noticing this, a policeman stopped her, and said, “Ma’am, there are $20 bills falling out of that bag.”

    “Oh, really? Darn it!” said the little old lady. “I’d better go back and see if I can find them. Thanks for telling me officer.”

    Well, now, not so fast,” said the cop. Where did you get all that money? You didn’t steal it, did you?”

    “Oh, no, no”, said the old lady. “You see, my back yard is right next to a Golf course A lot of Golfers come and pee through a knot hole in my fence, right into my flower garden. It used to really tick me off. Kills the flowers, you know. Then I thought, ‘why not make the best of it? So, now, I stand behind the fence by the knot hole, real quiet, with my hedge clippers. Every time some guy sticks his thing through my fence, I surprise him, grab hold of it and say, ‘O.K., buddy! Give me $20, or off it comes.’

    “Well, that seems only fair,” said the cop, laughing. “OK. Good luck! Oh, by the way, what’s in the other bag?”

    “Well, you know”, said the little old lady, “not everybody pays.”

    Except the way it is in reality is that it is the copper who has the other bag.Unequal relationships.Think about it.
    At least I admit to stereotyping and mockery but NEVER under my real name.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      ‘No sir, we don’t have quotas anymore. We used to, but now we’re allowed to write as many tickets as we can.’
      I think I coined that one.Thanks.You should have seen how red in the face the guy or gal who “paid my salary” got.Delivered quietly and deadpan but dripping with contempt.Cop vengeance.Why do you think we subject you to interminable annoying lectures on your child-like behavioral control system?Because we CAN.
      We are quite aware of how irritating and enraging they can be.We do it deliberately because we enjoy mocking you and underlining that we are the parent and you are the child.You are in effect helpless while we toy with you like a big lazy cat.We especially enjoy quietly humiliating idiot men in front of a wife,or girlfriend.It is called emasculation.We do it deliberately and with malice.Certainly you’ve noticed the secret smile that is playing at the corners of our mouth.We don’t bother with this me big-you little,torture with real criminals but it sure is fun to do it with John Q YOU,the potential and in our tribalist minds, simply unconvicted criminal.
      It is such fun-kind of getting on a blog and eviscerating the little pukes we may happen to teach.In our minds like this teacher’s we are sick of cleaning up after you and we mean you,the man or woman reading this post.Bitter much?Sure did,but I had the gnawing suspicion that what I was doing was not right but dang!, it felt good!Unlike this teacher most of us know how to do this quietly and with secret glee and we discuss you personally with other cops,laugh at you and come up with better and better ways to mentally torment you.In our heart of hearts we are hoping that you rage-out allowing us to cuff you and further humiliate you.Unequal relationships-yesss.We love to “innocently”,push buttons.BUT we do this surreptitiously and with wide-eyed innocence with extreme deniability. Cops unlike teachers apparently,KNOW that,anything put in writing can get one by the throat even decades afterwards.
      Think about what I just said the next time you are stopped by the nice police officer.Stereotyping kinda hurts doesn’t it?But we get our gotchas and that’s ALL that counts because we have unlimited Free Speech and you are not the boss of us.We’ll be seeing you soon.

  17. jon says:

    i know FERPA protects the confidentiality of a student’s educational records, but does that protection extend to a teacher’s opinion of her students as well? it seems that the uproar is over the fact that the teacher didn’t a good job of protecting the anonymity of the students she criticized heavily in her blog.

  18. thatsjarrod says:

    Parents, you really want to know the truth about your kids? Well there you go!

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      People continue to miss the point that we expect much more from teachers than we do students.Period.The True Villain in this piece is unfettered educational PC liberalism which is now claiming a third generation.No one is denying parental culpability and no one other than the lame are blaming all teachers.Quit being so danged defensive teachers.This woman is a fool for posting libel publicly.Whether it is true or not is completely irrelevant.THAT is the issue.Her idiocy.She did it.She and ONLY she is the author of her own misfortune.When I was a cop you would not have believed the contempt that I held for the average taxpaying,law abiding citizen.In the cop mind you all and I mean ALL were potential if not probable criminals but I would NEVER say so publicly as you would rightfully scream for my head.Privately I held you in utter and smoldering contempt.Contempt is an unaffordable luxury for those who toil with the public.It’s called “burn out”,and as we can see here fairly devastating to the practitioner.I learned to vent appropriately so that my ‘tude did not cause me additional unwanted grief.It is VERY tempting to act out like a three year old and tell the world exactly what one thinks but it is ultimately self-defeating and impinges upon one’s personal job security.It’s like smashing something when one is upset;it feels good for the moment but ultimately is very costly.This unfortunate teacher has twigged to that now.She cannot win.Any victory will be Pyrrhic.A groveling and abject apology is her ONLY hope,but she has given her more droog-like students a lifetime of of ammunition to be used in her personal torment.In this day of instant and permanent communication one must consider and evaluate one’s musings BEFORE hitting enter or at least publish under a pseudonym.
      Please no more Free Speech defense.Any civics teacher SHOULD be able to explain that it is situationally limited;or rather-yes we have Free Speech but that there are consequences to that speech,otherwise no lawyers would pursue libel cases.
      Also us versus you-ism is ugly,childish and indulged in by tribalists.Teacher hubris is no more attractive than cop hubris and tends to bite the practicioner in the butt.Ugly.Impractical.Fatal.

    2. Zebula says:


    3. t-r3x says:

      No kidding, I bet the last parent was the parent of the “rat like” student. The brunette interview “did appear smarter than she actually is” and I bet the blonde was the lazy one!

  19. Barb says:

    I think the parents who want this teacher fired are the ones who have the kids she was referring to … parents need to open their eyes to their kids and not have the “not my kid” attitude. I wish teachers could write what they want on report cards, give the parents an eye opener to what the kid is like when the parents aren’t near.
    Parents are suppose to be positive role models for kids yet this isn’t the case a lot of the time. Someone posted this teacher should reevaluate why they became a teacher. This is true with some teachers however this teacher didn’t slam any kids. How about parents reevaluate why they became parents! Come on parents take some ownership to your child’s poor behavior or attitude!!
    I have a 18 year old but for the most part don’t like kids and it’s because of what the parents have “accepted” as OK behavior from them.

  20. Roesler says:

    1st ammendment??? We don’t need no stinking 1st ammendment!

  21. nbforrest says:

    BRAVO!! it`s about time that someone has the guts to throw off the chains of political correctness and publicly announce ” Look, the emperor has no clothes!”

  22. What she did was not smart.

    I find it awful though how the media fuel the fire, and publicize her name and photo, making her a subject to lynching by the angry crowd.

    Shame on you.

  23. MichaelEdits says:

    A blog isn’t the right place to talk that way about students. That’s what the staff room is for.

  24. Barry Doucette says:

    Every parent thinks their little DNA experiment is an angel and a genius. Go to work and look around… their parents thought the same thing about them. Some kids are monsters, brats, spoiled little princesses and bullies. Parents hate to be told their kid is broken or a and example or reverse Darwinism. If this teacher decided to vent on a blog that you have to go to and read (your choice) instead of drop kicking a kid out a third floor window, good for her. The latter might be more appropriate. They used to expel or suspend kids for misbehavior, now the coddle and keep them in the general population and let the teacher have to put up with them.

  25. J.L.Lee says:

    The truth will set you free! …America is filling up with room temperature IQ’s.

    …All swimming at the shallow end of the gene pool.
    Support retroactive birth control?

  26. jj says:

    She’s supposed to teach English.not adore all the special snowflakes. Really, if parents don’t get their acts together and figure out their latest scapegoat may have a point, all their kids are going to stay stupid. personal blog, on personal time, with no names mentioned, can’t possibly be a fireable offense.

    What country is this?

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Snowflakes?Your Lester Maddox impression is showing,Bunker.

    2. Lorelei says:

      After reading all the “I’m smarter than you!” comments posted here, complete with glaringly obvious spelling and grammar errors, one can see that part of the problem with todays students probably starts at home. As for the laziness and rudeness the blogger wrote about, wait and see if the these same children get into college. Better yet, gauge their “luck” finding a well paying job in order to survive in this competitive world without an advanced education. Sooner or later, these same “bright but maligned” students will see they aren’t going to be paid just for gracing their workplace with their naturally awesome, iPod listening, Jersey Shore watching, thousand word a minute texting presence. They just may get fired for one too many personal texts they “just had to answer.” Good thing mommy and daddy will be there to pay their way well into their twenties and thirties. Teaching them subjects such as english, math and science is the teachers job. Teaching them to be mature, respectful, responsible adults is their parents responsibility. You can’t just pawn them off on their school system, and give them free reign in this selfish, materialistic society we live in and expect miracles in regards to how they turn out. .

  27. Jack Kennedy says:

    and liberals dont understand why the taxpayers dont hold the govt school teachers in high regard and we want to cut their pay and their jobs

    1. albert911emt says:

      What’s liberal or conservative got to with it?

    2. namvet527 says:

      This teacher, NATALIE MUNROE,is in the RIGHT here. We need more teachers like her. Kids today are SPOILED BRATS with NO RESPECT for anyone.

  28. Battlecarrot says:

    “What the hell do dinosaurs have to do with anything”

    I’m stealing that.Brilliant,funny,and sly.Someone has more than a few brain cells.Wit is the precocious indicator of a sharp mind,Sahib.Arigato,Dudemeister.

  29. meanjeep says:

    What a collection of idiotic trolls and troglodytes. The very reason for public schools failure is indoctrinating teachers under extremist religion like laws that create sheeple expected to toe the line. Keep quiet, don’t rock the boat by speaking your mind. The price is too high? Get your Stepford wife face on and be numb to the ever growing uncivil, ill mannered, disrespectful, and ungrateful generation than the last. Is it any wonder they look at this bassackward instead of an opportunity to address the teachers grief? Go ahead; treat the Lady to a dose of retaliation for putting up with a hostile work environment trying to reach children that have little interest in learning fundamentals. The more we create a coddled culture, the more we turn our primary educational institutions into daycares, babysitting unruly little beasts. Notice how often the sad little victim creeps did make the moral of story? Only the teachers somewhat arrogant sounding observations are placed under the micro-scope?

    Two wrongs are only made right by might. When unions protect the collective failures and parents are oblivious to present degraded reality. One teacher happens to make a public mockery out of them all, and gets smacked back into the organ grinders box for thinking out loud. Ah-ha, you’re HUMAN! That’s gonna be a problem, cluelessly they proclaim! Judgementalism is so conscience clearing in ones guilty self reflection without all those nasty moral implications.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Resident self-considered kinda anarchist troll heard from.Check.

      ” That’s gonna be a problem, cluelessly they proclaim!”…the colors,man…the colors…

      “Judgementalism is so conscience clearing in ones guilty self reflection without all those nasty moral implications.”….Lucy,you got some ‘splainin’ to do.Oh Ricky………..Waaaaah!

      1. Simpleton says:

        Thus hath the candle singd the moath?
        er….. ‘Go Away Kid, Ya Bother Me!’

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      More WIT.Finally.We must be getting to the end as witicism and wordplay are the only things worth anticipating here.

  30. SolidarityAmong? says:

    What’s that bible passage…something along the lines of, “let ye who have not sinned, cast the first stone”? Teachers complain about students. Students complain about teachers and post it on their facebook status updates…parents complain to other parents about their kids, kids complain to their friends about their parents. EVERYONE COMPLAINS ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE.

    Although it was not wise for that teacher to create a public blog to voice her complaints about her students (Big Brother’s always watching!), she should not be suspended for speaking her mind. I can understand, however, why she chose to blog: it’s a hell of a lot more affordable than paying for a therapist with her public peon wages.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Some of us are Caesar’s Wife-google it.The mechanic or architect does not have to be;police and teachers do.

    2. ann says:

      Thank you!!!

  31. TE says:

    Time for some folks to read Charles Murray’s “Real Education.” Face it, half your kids are stupider than average, and the majority of the rest are lazy and rude. That’s why half the new teachers quit within 5 years.

    But do I know, I just teach in the teacher ed. dept of a large university….

    1. sandra walker says:

      if you can’t say what you want then this isn’t America. I belive that the parents of the children need to asked there own children what they did to make her think bad about them. If you think your kids are great think again.

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Belive…need to asked there own children….make her think bad-Medic !
        Another victim of America’s secular education system over HEAR !
        Sandy,honey-please repeat after me-“Until I Can Spell and Learn Proper Grammar,I Promise Never to Post on a Thread That Includes the words Teacher,Teach and Education.Ever.”I know you’re not a teacher….right?

    2. Eric Jake says:

      I agree. I have taught in both public and private K-12 off and on since 1987. In 20 years, I have noticed a BIG shift in kid’s attitudes, study habits and we as a society have done a poor job as a society in educating our kids and placing an importance on going into math and science fields. State tests and poor statistics drives what teachers do in the classroom and schools are so afraid of getting into litigation. Plus, some teacher unions promote dead wood. After this year, I finally said enough is enough. I’m getting out not because I am a poor mathematics teacher, contrary to the fact. I’m getting out because the system is broke! Many parents shouldn’t be parents because they don’t know how to be involved in their kids education, much less teaching them citizenship and good manners. Kids are more interested in texting, what’s fashionable and what everyone else is doing While many kids may be more attune of world events than that of 20 years ago, many lack self-discipline, are lazy, and believe they are entitled to pass just for effort. There are many issues facing education but if American teachers are so bad, why are other countries sending their teachers to learn how we teach? As a society, we must place a greater importance on education versus NBA playoffs and Superbowls and more importantly have jobs for our graduates. But pay no mind to the person behind curtain number 2

    3. Ralph says:

      So you’re the one we have to blame, then, for the lousy new teachers unleashed into our schools?

      My son (now in 5th grade) has had two teachers fresh out of university. The first said some really dumb things, but she worked hard and cared about the kids. She listened to, and took, advice from others. She’ll be fine.

      The second was horrible, and had no business being in charge of kids. She was afraid of parents, and would not allow them into her classroom – or, rather, our classroom, since we pay the taxes out of which she was paid. She sent home papers each week with obvious, glaring, mistakes. These had to be signed and returned, and I signed them every week – with corrections. She did not understand, nor would she ever. Fortunately, she is no longer employed at my son’s school. Unfortunately, she’s probably at some other school harming other kids.

      I have known many teachers, and every one of them speaks about their charges as this woman. Most, however, are smart enough not to do so in public.

      For TE, the purpose of my response to you is, parents know. Parents know where, approximately, their children fall on the bell curve. The problem many of us have is that teachers tend to fall on the low end, then spend decades dragging the kids down to their level. Not in intelligence, of course, but knowledge. As an educator yourself, can you try to fix this?

      1. ann says:

        Big news for you Ralph; my daughter is a teacher in a middle school. The issues do not lie in elementary schools but beyond that. It seems as if once your children leave elementary, if there is no support or parent involvement, the students tend to become combative, lazy and disrespectful of not only the teachers but the other students as well.
        Students feel entitled to be promoted to the next grade level, not on merit but because the administration has a fear of complaining parents. They speak of teacher pay for performance but it is truly the parents who must instill particular expectations and enforce them in order for their children to move beyond being dim, sneaky and lazy. Parents themselves should be taxed to pay for public schools based on how well they perform as parents, not how well the teacher attempts to placate and entertain students to avoid the threat of violence that happens upon a regular basis. In addition, you are putting your children into the hands of overworked, poorly paid teachers. Why on Earth would you expect that the majority would not be straight out of University and questionable in the experience and knowledge that they possess? If you are paying for performance, shouldn’t you pay for the best? Taxpayers choose not to do so as they too, feel entitled. Wake up and see things as they truly are. Be more than a parent, be a responsible and well rounded person who will teach his children more than status quo politics and beliefs.
        Good luck.

  32. hans says:

    That teacher is frightfully dim. what a moron to post that stuff on the internet

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      So is the dude right above you.

      ” I just teach in the teacher ed. dept of a large university….”,and you’re doing a bang-up job.What do you teach?Contempt 101?

  33. SLVRFX says:

    Hey mom nd dad, your kid is stupid, now get over it!

  34. Prissilla says:

    We are ALL allowed to blog about whatever we want.
    would a student get in trouble for blogging about their teachers? NO.
    no names were mentioned, and blogging is about someones opinions. its a right that we have. I do not think that this teacher should be punished. every teacher needs to vent, I’d like to see these parents be teachers at a high school.
    Plus, i know parents talk about students in the same way. comments such as, “Look at what she is wearing, who raised her?”
    I honestly do not think this is a big deal because she did not use any names, and did not harm anyone personally.
    and I am a senior in high school.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Real Freedom of Speech when we are ALLOWED to say things.

      “and did not harm anyone personally.”.Thank you,Doctor…er…ever hear of the sin of presumption?I’m not referring here to the old chestnut of “once saved always saved”,either.

  35. Kimberly Ann McCoy says:

    Yes, suddenly ALL humans under the age of 21 became lazy, entitled jerks overnight. No other generation has ever been called that. Ever.

    Basically you’re lamenting the fact that you as a teacher chose a career for the WRONG reasons, on your own, under some delusion of lofty ideals, some self-made fantasy about saving kids and how great of a person that would make you, and when you find out (like most parents do) that these are FLAWED HUMAN BEINGS, and not movie props with a script, you want to blame the kids, the parents, and the administrators for your inability to accurately gauge the realities of a position you had FOUR YEARS for which to prepare!

    You were in college for this for FOUR YEARS. You’re telling me that not once during that whole time did you get a whiff of what real teaching might actually be like? Did you think you’d spot a child with a learning disorder, stay after school for an hour, pat him on the back and single-handedly create the next President of the United States??

    If you were such an obviously poor college student that you left your college with a degree certifying you to do a job for which you were so woefully prepared, then I dare say you were also probably a spoiled, vapid, clueless, entitled, sociopathic, lazy, stupid jerk. Hopefully your college professors had a little more class, and chose to keep themselves controlled.

    Let’s all cheer for the emotionally-stunted teacher who can’t control her feelings, doesn’t have the sense not to post her idiocy online for all to see, and pretty much HATES young humans. Better yet, let’s all cheer for the fact that she won’t be spreading her hatred any further. It takes a jerk to be a jerk, and my father always said you’re either part of the problem, or you’re part of the solution.

    1. smart asshley says:

      so it is ok when a student publicly posts their opinions about a teacher but when a teacher does the same we look bad at them? As long as she didn’t personally call out the students she was referring to then no harm was done. Maybe you took it personal bc your child could be one of them.

    2. Prissilla says:

      i guess your a jerk then huh?

    3. Battlecarrot says:

      Kudos for the insight.Note the comments of the mouthbreathers to your post.Gee,I wonder…a well written,insightful,comment that hits the 10 ring(oops gun analogy-call a liberal!!!)or their duelling banjo bon mots…..hmmmmm.

    4. ronl11 says:

      That is why I have home schooled 6 kids. To many who graduate from Govt education cant write a legible sentence, cant add, and cant read. when they go to college, over half have to take remedial courses their freshman year just to gt up to speed. When discipline , god, and actual effort was removed from the schools the kids became brain dead. You have too blame the political correctness, rewriting of history, perversion, and a progressive agenda that is destroying our kids.

      I refuse to be part of that. I owe my kids much more, and they have achieved far above what is expected in today’s school system

      Home Schooled kids far excel compared to those in govt education.

    5. larry says:

      I hope you taught your kids the difference between to/two/too, when to use apostrophes, starting sentences with capital letters, and humility.

    6. jackhammer says:

      Ah, I was waiting for the ‘holier-than-thou’ post, and you nailed it spot on, Kim! Good work!

      The realities of college prevent an education student from getting a “a whiff of what real teaching might actually be like” because we don’t student teach until our final year in school. When this occurs, we’re sheltered from the ‘realities’ of actually teaching, because we have no classroom of our own. My own experience found me greatly enjoying my first 8 years of teaching up until a couple of years ago, when administration stopped enforcing rules because of their fear of large mouth, lawyer-armed parents who feel their kids do no wrong.

      But none of this actually matters; you’ve clearly taught in a tough school district, been physically threatened on a regular basis, and have vast general knowledge of modern students with your vast, vast experience.

      Kudos to you for your completely wrong, moronic assumptions, lecturing know-it-all mentality and your screeching self-satisfaction. You have my sympathies, though: knowing it all must be a heavy burden

  36. Excuse me? says:

    As a student myself, I’m more offended my these comments than by this article. Are you honestly agreeing eith what she did? The comments she made about her students should never have been put online. Those types of things should be kept completely private. Seeing some of these comments slandering teenagers, saying how we are lazy, and we are not intelligent is no better than what was posted on that blog. You adults amaze me. You teach us to be kind to others, but, sadly, you chose not to follow your own advice. I hope one day you all will wise up a bit and realize that we aren’t all bad.

    I’m fed up with adults thinking they’re so much better than teenagers, and how they think teenagers are going to ruin the future. Get over yourselves!

    1. Anna says:

      You must be the kid who thinks they are smarter than they actually are…

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        You must be the adult who proves his/her point.Smarter than you,by several leagues.

        “You teach us to be kind to others, but, sadly, you chose not to follow your own advice”.Anna never was a child.She was born a sarcastic adult-chronologically at least.She thinks she zinged you,but all she did was let a little sunshine in and expose what really lurks behind her facade.Remember your words when you are an adult,Excuse Me?I’m confident that you will.Too bad about Anna.

      2. East_TN_Patriot says:


      3. Ralph says:

        Anna, that should read, “You must be the kid who thinks he is smarter than he actually is.”

        When gender is unknown, the English language defaults to the masculine pronoun. If trying to be PC, it defaults to the feminine. Never, however, does it default to a plural pronoun. Never, Anna.

        Now do you know how smart you actually are?

      4. Battlecarrot says:

        “Anna, that should read, “You must be the kid who thinks he is smarter than he actually is.”
        When gender is unknown, the English language defaults to the masculine pronoun. If trying to be PC, it defaults to the feminine. Never, however, does it default to a plural pronoun. Never, Anna.
        Now do you know how smart you actually are?”

        I pray that both Anna and the child she was “mocking”see this and that the kid laughs uproariously and Anna gets two very red dots on her cheeks.Understated sarcasm delivered in a concerned helpful manner is soooo effective.MUCH better than posting libel.

      5. Jazz says:

        Yes, because I absolutely think that, with fewer life experiences and less education, I am smarter than adults. At least I know proper grammar ;)

    2. ronl11 says:

      I think they elected Obama didn’t they…the start of ru9ning the future.

  37. Harry Anders says:

    How dare she! People shouldn’t have the right to have an opinion! It’s my right to not feel like someone doesn’t like me!

    Ummm… nope. Idiots. You have no right to be protected from someone disliking you. Lots of people dislike you. Even more do now. Get over it.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      I love me some rhetorical posts.It is SO easy to answer owns own questions.Effortless too. “Get over it.”Oh gosh…it’s…it’s….irrefutable.Kaythanksbye.

  38. USN says:

    Verno, do you even understand the words that you just posted…I think not.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Dang!I told you kids to keep that teacher out of the Bag O’ Pomposity.Look at this mess!He’ll have the runs for a week!

  39. Enony Mousse says:

    I remember how uninspiring and unhelpful most of my teachers were back in the 70s. They became “teachers” for all the wrong reasons. Teachers often think they are smarter and superiror than the rest of us — I see it all the time. If they were so smart, why don’t they know to inspire, teach and shape young minds to become successful adults. If they had the passion for teaching, they would enjoy what they are doing. Instead they are unhappy, whining creatures like Munroe and “VERNO” who sounds like a pompous ass.

  40. verno says:

    My warmest commendation to Natalie Munroe for her remarkably accurate description of that segment of her pupils who, like most of the supposedly educable youth of today, so richly deserve all that she gave them – and more. My own characterization would have been a good deal more colorful – and a lot more pungent.

    The meanest intelligence among understands that schools, teachers, and their unions have conspired to squander more money per student than any other country in the world in the Sisyphusian exercise of trying to educate young people who, in many instances, have neither hope of, nor interest in, rising even to mere mediocrity. In faint defense of these juvenile nonentities, their lamentable estate is not wholly their fault. Let me explain.

    The parents of the humming metropolis of Doylestown are no different from parents anyplace else in the United States; they possess few, if any, qualifications to be parents, and, as one would expect, they are sending congenitally faulty and hereditarily incapable children to schools to take up space that could be more profitably taken up by a potted plant. Collective refusal to recognize and admit this doleful situation suggests an upbringing in public schools.

    The solution to the aforementioned problems is much too draconian to contemplate – except by those who nervously hope for the survival of the country. So I’ll simply say, award Natalie the Purple Heart she doubtless deserves, increase her salary and give her a bonus, and recommend her to that jug-earred idiot in the White House as his new Secretary of Education.

    Do that last one soon – he won’t be around after 2012.

    1. max wedge says:

      Right on !

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Mini me Verno

    2. joe schmo says:

      u do like to use a lot of them edumacated words there buddy…do u got a small peepee too?

      1. Battlecarrot says:


    3. Battlecarrot says:

      I guess even the polysyllabic amongst us occasionally as they miss the point as they wallow in self indulgent fa rt sniffing.An excellent vocabulary or being able to spell THESAURUS does not disguise the ugliness of your blame the victim mentality.The students probably are droogs but we have the right to expect,much much more than libelous twaddle from a supposed educator.Your post proves the truism that you can make a dog walk on it’s hide legs but, why bother?Please google the true meaning of Sisyphusian.If that was the case then you also would be impaired.Oh,wait.Never mind.

      1. uninformedluddite says:

        What the hell do dinosaurs have to do with anything

      2. Battlecarrot says:

        “What the hell do dinosaurs have to do with anything”.
        Brilliant.Funny.Sly.WIT finally makes an appearance.I wish I had said that.Oh well.I’m stealing it and people will think I did.Man,you have more than a few brain cells.Me Likee.

    4. Atsid says:

      Verno it’s great to see that you have quite the vocabulary, sadly the logic driving it seems to be amiss. The children of this country are not inherently inept, nor is it because the parents aren’t “qualified.” In order for this to be true, the last generation would have had the same issues, as would all preceding it. Rather, it’s the Media industry that’s breeding stupidity- Listen to a pop song some time, I think you’ll get the idea. Idiocy, and ignorance is glamorized by today’s media. Of course there are other factors, but I believe this to be the most notable. Of course one might ask “why don’t the parents just stop their children from listening to Kesha, or watching Jersey Shore?” Sadly, it’s not that simple: It’s not the 50’s anymore, where everyone is a mirror image of one another- People strive to be individuals now, so when a child reaches the age in which they wish to “define themselves,” they will look at their parents and see only what they refuse to be. Also, turn the spell check on: It’s spelled “Sisyphean” if I remember correctly. As for your aforementioned vocabulary, get a brain so you can put it to good use- Lest you wish to be like these children which you clearly despise (albeit, on an individual level, those words are very impressive, have a golden star.)

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Verno embodies the word,”unctuous”.Reminds me of a movie I once saw,Pompous Ass without a Cause.Take away the affected syntax,diction and laughable vocab and one is left with a very hollow,mean,little post.The viciousness behind it is breathtaking.Intellectual hillbillyism at its finest.

  41. Annie says:

    We have the smartest group of students in the history of mankind but they lack character and backbone. God help us in the future. The teacher did the blog because she does care and she knows the system doesn’t work. It is her way of letting us all know the truth. She deserves a medal.

    1. Lee Yarbrough says:

      “We have the smartest group of students in the history”

      What world are you living in. We have have the laziest and most self centered group of humans in history. Once they over come that they they will have the ability to learn. The system has not failed, parents have failed their children by not advising them that knowledge and education is important in life.

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      God help us all right.How can you even say that with what I am assuming to be,a straight face?

  42. frany says:

    that is a showing how much bullying the teachers are doing to the young children not just there around the world, and let other kids pick on the ones that they dislike for racisism or color or just because they believe they are all that, it is terrible for the children and the parents that complain and nothing is done about it, no children should be afraid to go to school to be terrorize or sicologycally torture by anyone including the adults at school, why the people in charge never do anything about it, until they scar the child and the parents as well forever, I believe teachers should be analize before giving them certificates to teach our future generation globally. And give stronger support to the principals so they are not afraid of the teachers. some teachers just teach tirany and socialism and hate toward other children it is bad really bad how they still teach and got away with it, this is just one case there is many hidden behind close doors at schools just now.

    1. Gladys Williams says:

      Yes, this is just one case where you need to learn how to write!

    2. sicologycally_disturbed says:

      What planet do you come from out of curiosity? You sound like the type of student described in the article. You are barely literate, can’t even use spell check, and have no idea how a school works. Most of the time the teachers are afraid of the principals and administration not the other way around. It is apparent however that your teachers did suck and should absolutely “be analize”.

    3. Kevin P says:

      Wow! If I were teaching you, I’d be sorely tempted to author a blog post on how frightfully lousy your spelling and grammar is.
      Frankly, while I think the teacher showed really poor judgment in posting her thoughts about her students on a publically-accessible blog – it doesn’t rise to the level of torture, psychological or otherwise. Hyperbole much?

    4. Prissilla says:

      she was not bullying students. no one even knows what students she was talking about to this day!!!

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Okay…hand over the explanation points and come along quietly………….

        “………….what students she was talking about to this day!!!”Which students,brainiac-please,tell me you are not a teacher’

    5. Ralph says:

      I tried to read this post, but the lack of sentence structure hurt my eyes. Did you have an opinion you wanted to share with others, or was your keyboard stuck?

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Ouch.You are correct sir.Thanks for pointing that out.

  43. Cause I felt like it says:

    I agree with jj

  44. Terri Aaron says:

    Parents, you KNOW your kids suck That’s why you leave it to the schools to raise them and why you don’t like hanging around them or disciplining them.

  45. Cause I felt like it says:

    She sounds like a jerk, her kids are probably jerks, and she’s an idiot for posting that stuff online. Case closed.
    (by the way, there is a lot of “screaming” on these comments)

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Excellent synopsis

  46. Marie says:

    So, why in the world did you become a teacher? That’s kind of sad…

  47. jkale says:

    You know most students who struggle in school or in a subject actually feel pretty horrible about it. It’s her job to reach out to these students and try to help pull them up, not cut them down.

    1. Marie says:

      Agreed but, her efforts only go so far if the parents aren’t doing their half as well…

      1. Lindsey Wilson says:

        I whole heartedly agree with you. I’ve read articles about an area in Florida where they are trying to implement a grading system for teachers to do for parents…educating kids is a group effort and it includes the school, student AND parents. I’m confused by this teacher being suspended because the message on the other end of the spectrum is that it’s okay for students to bash their teachers and school online for the world to see without punishment because it happens all the time and they are often explicit as well in their rants and raves.

    2. SJ Rogers says:

      I am sorry jkale, but I have never seen a teacher who would reach down to “any” student…normally it was the kid whose father was on the school board, her mother was this or that….but never just a common everyday student. I am sure she did see some students who were lazy…etc. but life hasn’t changed, I graduated 40 yrs. ago.

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        My son has learning difficulties and I praise the school,principal,staff advisors and teachers who are helping him to overcome these difficulties.I told him that all you have to do is demonstrate sincerity and show effort and those professional educators who understand their mission will respond 100 per cent.Because of the values I have instilled in him since birth,his own effort and integrity and the efforts of these wonderful adults that I entrust him to,he is experiencing the joy of learning and his self confidence and poise is soaring.He attends a Catholic school and it is quite evident that his teachers live their faith or at the minimum respect it.Secularism sucks and is the great leveler of all to the lowest common denominator.I feel sorry and not a little contempt for the teachers who have posted here and have demonstrated how poorly suited they are for their wonderful calling.I don’t excuse pleasure seeking narcoticisized parents who abdicate their personal responsibilities regarding these people that God has entrusted to them.

  48. jkale says:

    Teachers are supposed to lead their students down positive paths, not negative ones. Maybe you should re-evaluate why you became a teacher. Teachers should be allies to their students, not enemies.

    1. Tawny says:

      I like it JKale : )

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      She obviously never read Pogo.

  49. jj says:

    The kids are lazy jerks, the teacher is an idiot, and there is freedom of speech but you get punished for it. Can we all just get along now?

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      DEEP thoughts by jj.Pithy or pis sy remarks do not an arguement,make.

    2. Lindsey Wilson says:

      The teacher is the one who is punished while students continue to do it on a regular basis against each other and teachers…

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        So there!

  50. Emma says:

    I used to substitute teach and this is nothing more than what’ s said in the teacher’s lounge put online. I used to be absolutely mortified what they used to say about the kids, some pretty raunchy stuff, too. Behind the smile during conferences are these ugly hearts.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Those ugly hearts were wise enough to keep their own counsel.Not like this nitwit who felt the need to vent in a public forum UNDER HER OWN NAME.I was a copper.I understand the impulse and you would NOT believe what is said about your average citizen,NOT the criminal.The Tribal Contempt for those we,”Serve and Protect” is what sickened me about the JOB.It is however sooooo tempting to indulge in this contempt but I always had a feeling I should shower afterward.Instilled sense of morality,restraint and consequences.Also the sense that I was sinning-old fashioned outre concept based upon Sacred Scripture,Eeek call the cops!!!………….er…………

    2. Marie says:

      This is slightly different…It didn’t just stay in the teachers lounge…It was pretty much viewable by anyone…I can see writing about your students in a way that you’re not pinpointing them out individually…I was a veterinary receptionist for a few years and I blog a lot so I would write about certain scenarios or frustrations related to clients but, never publicly or came out and said who they were…I have a feeling this teacher used names…OR made it quite obvious of who she was talking about…There are many who blog about their jobs…It’s an outlet…But, she took this too far and yeah I’m starting to wonder why she went into teaching cause doesn’t seem she had anything positive to say…She’s a hypocrite and I would fully support her losing her job…If she dislikes the kids THAT MUCH then she’s in the wrong field…

  51. jackd says:

    “This is a clear case of what happens online, stays online.”
    This is a clear case of you needing to hire competent reporters.
    The original phrase is “What happens in vegas stays in vegas” which means that if an event happens there, no one else finds out about it.

    In this case what happened online, did not stay online, it moved to real life. I’d do yourself, and your news organization a favor and fire the hack that wrote this.

    1. uniqhero says:

      agreed. worst opening line ever.

      1. Marie says:

        Get over yourselves…

    2. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      The truth often hurts. But it’s not PC so it’s a no no..

    3. Battlecarrot says:

      I KNEW there was something wrong with that throwaway line but you crystallized it.The reporter must have actually sprained something while attempting that semantically clumsy backflip.

    4. Battlecarrot says:

      Marie must be a journalism stoodent.

      1. Marie says:

        Nah…I’m actually quite the opposite. Apparently, many don’t give a hoot about my grammar since I own and operate quite a few mainstream blogs that generate enough revenue to allow a nice 4 hour workday for me… But, judging from the amount of time you’ve spent on this forum today and tonight you must not have much of a life to get back to…Unfortunately, a lot of your spewing has nothing to do with the topic at hand…So unfortunate…The potential is there…Keep trying! As for me I’m going to get back to my “work” so that more taxes can be taken out to fund your welfare, medicaid, foodstamps, and any future free public education that will be utilized for your uterus droppings…That is if you unfortunately end up breeding…Also, love the username…Googled it even (I work a short work day so I had time)…You’re all over the web…Open a blog…Atleast try to make some money from all those rants of yours since it seems you spend a lot of time on them…You have a lovely night.

      2. Battlecarrot says:

        Will do Marie and thanks for the heads up punkin.Do you think I am the only Battlecarrot,brainiac?At least I stick around and don’t cravenly post,hit and run.I’m a retired copper sweetcheeks and have several profitable patents to my credit.Run along dear.It’s so nice to be obsessed over to the point of having a complete and (hopefully forever)utter stranger google me.
        “uterus droppings”-is that like toaster leavin’s?Please,where did you attend Finishing School,Trollette?

      3. Ralph says:


        What is your problem? I looked, but didn’t find anything worthy of such venom from you. Were you having a hard day? Did somebody hurt your little feelings?

        BTW: if you had read the previous responses, you would have known that Battlecarrot had already procreated. Good luck with that blog, and thanks for no longer being any kind of teacher.

  52. JaMBow says:

    OMG!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!
    GET IT?!?!?!?!?!!

  53. albee says:

    Two quick points:
    Primero….ant teachers’ union will stand and die on the statement that “all our teachers are above average”
    Secundo…the press believes in free speech. Hahahahahahahah. And, of course, Hohohohoohoho!!

  54. BillinCa says:

    I am 37 years old, in the 20 years that I have been out of school things have changed dramatically. Back then if you even accidently said something simple as “oh damn” you would have been corrected right there. Now-a-days, it’s unbelievable what kids can say to their teachers. I have seen kids use the F-word in front of their teachers and it just bounces off like nothing, no punishment. In my days, you didn’t feared your teachers or anyone in the school system. What feared us the most was our parents finding out about it and chances are having our butts beat by them.

    A question comes to my mind and it has been asked few times above, did she used actual names? If so, that’s another matter. If not, no one specifically was hurt and it falls on freedom of speech. In this case, she shouldn’t even have been suspended.

    I don’t know the whole situation and this teacher could be one of those that are just filled with hatred and just want a paycheck, but what she has said is the truth if taken on general terms as a whole in today’s society. A phase comes to my mind, “truth hurts, doesn’t it?!?!”

    Do I think she should be fired? No, but depending on whether or not she used names. Do I think it was professional to do it? No. Do I think parents need to grow thicker skin and do something about their kids? Yes.

    1. Eric Shay says:

      Agreed. Well stated. We are falling behind in a global economy because the work ethic is not there. Though there are many kids that want an education, there are many that don’t care or don’t want to work for it.

    2. Eric Shay says:

      Also, the teacher should have enough common sense to voice her opinion publicly like that. It’s all about professionalism, and she probably should be in another field if she feels that strongly.

  55. rob says:

    2006 supreme ct case Garcetti vs. Cabellos answered the free speech argument by stating public employees do not speak as citizens when they are speaking about a responsibility of their job, ie teaching students.

    1. John says:

      Actually, that case involves “on the job” speech and not speech involved with off-duty actions. If it was a school based blog or something done on school time then it might apply – but it seems clear that at least that case is off point

      1. r says:

        Actually she admitted in her blog that she was posting (at least some of it) from the school.

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      Mine too.The irony is magnificent and quite laughable and illustrates my point about freedom of speech NOT being an Absolute.

      1. School Psychologist in Training says:

        I have a scenario on freedom of speech from the school I work at:

        We actually had to discipline a couple of students today over, “freedom of speech.” They misbehaved (putting it likely) when there was a substitute teacher. When the regular teacher returned, he announced the names of the students the substitute teacher took down and said these students owed him lunch detention. After, he went on to teach class. However, as he was trying to teach, the students continually badgered him, trying to defend there test. He told them several times it was not the time, however they would not listen, claiming they had freedom of speech.

        What do you think?

  56. john says:

    Suspended for telling the truth.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Suspended for egregious stupidity and immature malice.TRUTH has nothing to do with it.She probably is correct but SOMEOW,oh I don’t know…..we expect more from a TEACHER.

      1. iam#10 says:

        kind of like…we expect more from PARENTS. Maybe teachers wouldn’t feel this way if parents taught their children how to behave.

      2. Battlecarrot says:

        “kind of like…we expect more from PARENTS. Maybe teachers wouldn’t feel this way if parents taught their children how to behave.”
        Immature Tit-For-Tat-ism,that has NOTHING to do with the issue,but is a typical liberal knee jerk response.

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      Why is personal accountability such an appalling construct for so many of cooler IQ’d folk here?

    3. jkale says:

      The truth about how she felt, perhaps, but if that was the truth about how she felt, she really shouldn’t be teaching.

  57. Torrey Cozort says:

    Anyone who dislikes children as much as this woman has expressed in her blogs, should NOT be teaching children. It is no wonder why children are doing so poorly in schools these days. Between BAD teachers, No DISCIPLINE, and LOUSY parents. I feel sorry for the children of the future.

  58. David says:


    This is the best you can come up with. First let me explain to why you lack any the ability to properly use grammar. The difference between were and was. The were I used is a past subjunctive, learn the difference, the second between then and than, the then I used was in a form of an adverb meaning at the time. You know a little more learning would not hurt you. Wow, grammar is like a 6 grader, it would not be 6th it would be a 6 grader, you are stating that my level of grade is of a 6 grader, but yet you used it in a form of an adjective meaning. You clearly are the people I want educating my kids, I’m sure you are of the same elk that screamed for Hope and Change! So Curtis, tell us how that is working out. You Kafir!

    1. Wow says:

      The hopey-changey thing is working out just fine, thank you. Stock market at a 2 year high, treasuries also, GDP up 4% probably 4.5 this year, unemployment is at a 2 year low. Spending is up, credit is relaxing. All of those things were headed for the toilet under GWB, and now they are much better.

    2. WOW IS STUPID says:

      To WOW!

      Sheeple. Maybe you should stop listening to the media. Even CNN Money reports all your claims are false. Look them up. By the way no fan of GWB nor this moron in office.

  59. John Hill says:

    Sing it! Maybe the teacher has more insight to what the kids are really like because she does have them for and hour each day? How much time do the parents spend with the kids? Evening hours after they both get home. Reality at its finest.

  60. Siobhan says:

    Not the most professional behaviour, but…It’s funny, the students do it all the time, you wouldn’t believe the number of hate groups that students made about members of staff when I was teaching but they were never called on it. Surely it’s just a reverse of the principle websites like Rate My Teacher have been using for ages?

    I think the parents should feel glad. There are those who don’t get it off their chests through writing and end up battering the children instead as teachers in the UK have done recently.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      The problem is thus illustrated neatly as above:”If these immature little poopheads can do it,so should we !”.
      There has to be a major difference other than age and education level why one is in front of the class rather than within it.

  61. roadkill says:

    Interesting. I have a black principal and she tends to expect better of the black children. She is just as hard, if not harder on black students who have discipline problems than she is on other students. Yes, there are things that I see as a teacher that make me cringe, but not because of ethnic issues.

  62. Ornley Gumfudgen says:

    Unfortunately, in our society taday, nothin inflames people more than when thair suddenly confronted with th truth. Happens all th time. Th official term fer this, I believe, is denial.

    1. David says:

      Spoken like a true Idiot. It isn’t you sound like idiot, it is.. you sould like an idiot.

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      You ARE being a provocateur Ornley,aren’t you?Please let it be so.PLEASE tell us you are indulging in hyoumur and that your post is heavy with deliberate irony.If not-no further indictment is required.

  63. John says:

    Judging from the comments by the parents and students in the story, she’s right. They speak like a bunch of dimwits anyway.

    1. hey john.... says:

      “Bunch of dimwits”
      John, i was one of the kids interviewed and i am a junior at Central Bucks East. CBS interviewed me going into school in ten degree weather for about 5 minutes. I was wearing a light jacket which you could imagine after 5 minutes of standing in ten degree weather you would be freezing. The part they put in was my last question and I just wanted to get inside the school because I was so cold i was shivering. Also, as a 17 year old kid, being on the news can be very scary and trust me i was so nervous .I wanted to make sure I represented East the right way and not say anything inappropriate.
      So for you to say that i spoke like a “dimwit” and that she was right is totally ignorant. Not for one second did any of her students deserve to be called ANY of the things she said.I can assure you that neither I nor the other students are dimwits and you should know what you’re talking about before posting something like that. I am sorry for being nervous and shivering during my interview, let me know next time you go on the news because I bet you will perfect but what do I know I am just a “dimwit”

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Good reply,kid.I hope he has a red face to go with the case of redass you just gave him..

      2. DW says:

        Hey “Bunch of dimwits” – you just made John’s case. I believe that is what Ms Munroe was blogging about. And would you identify for me exactly who Ms Munroe identified and exactly what she “called” that student? The actual student and what she called that student, that should be easy enough for you to provide, right?. You may not believe she was proper with the words she used, but have you ever dropped an F bomb while in school? How proper is that? And please, don’t tell me that it’s justified because everyone does it.

  64. r says:

    Where in the “policy” does it state that they can, J? From your comment it’s clear you routinely post about the other orderlies at the enema factory, eh what?

  65. r says:

    Seems like my previous comments were deleted!!! So much for “free speech” here, eh?

    1. john nicholson says:

      what leads you to believe today’s media believes in free speech?

      1. r says:

        well said!

      2. mike says:

        I love how all these street lawyers think free speech means that you can say what you want when ever you want without consequences. Free speech law is set up to protect speech from governmental persecution, and not speech between individuals, about individuals, or in other private settings. Furthermore, even the proper use of free speech protection is not without limitations.

    2. Annoyed says:

      It is their website.

    3. Battlecarrot says:

      Mine too.The irony is magnificent and quite laughable and illustrates my point about freedom of speech NOT being an Absolute.What a wonderful illustration.

  66. Stephen Houmard says:

    i think she should get a raise. Good for her

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Self indulgent twaddle.Grow up.

  67. erv says:

    teacher certainly sounds frustrated and could possibly be the result of lack of disciplinary support by the administrative staff

  68. Sting says:

    Let’s not forget that parents have a responsibility in educating their kids as well. I’m not supporting what this teacher did but the biggest problem in our schools is that the teachers can’t touch the kids anymore and the kids know it. What’s worse is that the parents will side with the child & threaten to sue if their kid is touched. It’s very hard to discipline in this environement.

    1. David says:

      I’m so tired of hearing the excuse from the sheeple about what the parent’s role should be in the education system. (If the teacher’s can’t do it and they need the parent’s to help then cut our school taxes in half). I’m 48 years old and my parent’s did not educate me, The things we were taught was different then what my parent’s was taught. I agree the kids should have discipline both at the schools and at home but it is the primary role of our education system to educate our youth and they are no longer doing it.

    2. SwingCorey says:


      BTW, did they ever mention whether she called out specific students by name, or was she just ranting that these are the kinds of comments she’d like to put on a report card?

      Personally, I think most parents could use a little more honesty (even brutal honesty) about just how their “little angels” are behaving or performing in school.

    3. Curts says:

      David, your teachers obviously failed you! Your grammar stinks…it looks like it was written by a 6th grader! things..were vs was, than vs then, parents vs parent’s, parents were vs was (again)…have an educated person proofread your posts if you want to be taken seriously!

    4. Wow says:

      To David… “I’m 48 years old and my parent’s did not educate me, The things we were taught was different then what my parent’s was taught. ”

      Apparently none of you learned all that much. Please re-read what you wrote.

  69. VanPastorMan says:

    She is only saying out loud what many teachers say at home in privacy. I doubt she will lose her job. The teacher’s union will help her out.
    I sure wish parents would actually step back and ask the pertinent question, “is she right about my child?” Too many parents act like their kids are the innocent party and the other kids are the ones with the problem.
    I’m not in favor of this teacher being mean spirited publicly. If she had a problem with some students she should talk to the parents about the child.

    1. mark says:

      My thoughts exactly, I think as a parent of one of those children you would want to first ask, “Well, is there any truth to her statements.” If not, then people can start getting upset, but it seems like the objection is calling someone out on their behavior/intelligence regardless of that criticism’s validity. Obviously there are much more tactful ways to do then she did and what she did should not be condoned, but I would bet frustration about the lack of support and lack of discipline in the schools played an integral part.

      1. PJ says:

        Nobody’s kids ever do anything wrong. They’re all perfect little angels!

  70. Eric says:

    I imagine you’re cutting it off at 20 because that might be around where you graduated, eh? Try more like since the 60’s, so the past 50 years when the federal government got heavily involved in schooling.

  71. Candy says:

    Just beacuse she has the 1st Amendment right to doesn’t mean it was right to. Althought I do agree that todays students are lacking in moral, ethics, creativity and knowledge. It was mean spirited of this teacher. She could have found other avenues to vent her frustrations without hurting the studends.

  72. Pat says:

    Some of US actually CHOSE teaching as a PROFESSION, too bad society doesn’t treat US as PROFESSIONALS. It takes years to train for your profession … yet society pays untrained/uneducated workers more if the free market warrants it. Most countries treat teachers as the spearhead to the future, a key reason why they rank higher in education than “the greastest country in the world”. We’re so busy patting ourselves on our back that we haven’t yet realized how unprepared we are to compete in the future. By the time we wake up and discover how little our kids know, and more importantly, how little we have required of them … we as a nation will have no answers to our future (or present) problems.

    1. PAT PUMPS PETROL says:

      Teachers are lazy inept sociopaths who have failed at life and have CHOSEN teaching as an alternative to working at the gas station.

  73. FreeGuitars says:

    And we can all clearly see that these public servants/teachers were not able to get education to take with you. This is nothing more than a retort of the type that Tea Party shills spill because they weren’t educated enough. Get back with all of us when there is actually a comment worthy of our attention. Signed by one of those civil servants who is not the ‘over” anything that you think we might be. Your jealousy colors you green.

  74. Joshua says:

    “r”…I assume YOU are the frightfully dim one she mentioned?

  75. Joshua says:

    The guilty party is the kid that copied the blog to their facebook page…not the teacher who has the free speech priviledge of the Constitution.

    The kids look like arrogant trollops, and the parents are liberal a-holes too.

    They should homeschool their precious little dumplings.

    1. puddydawg says:

      She has freedom of speech. And the parents have the right to complain and get her fired. I personally believe teachers have a difficult job. But I personally wouldn’t want somebody this stupid teaching my kids. If you put something out in public remember everyone can see it.

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      You really have no clue about who the liberals are here do you?You are embarassing yourself.

  76. Conservative NYer says:

    Going to have to remember that one. Hope you don’t mind if I use it! Brilliant!

    1. r says:

      Very kind of you Conservative NYer!!

  77. Kains says:

    The teacher is probably right about her comments. Mean spirited, but right. Really, she just needs a more professional way to vent about her students that suck.

  78. Gene says:

    Unless the school specifically had a policy against blogging, I’m not sure how the school board could possibly find a legal reason to fire here without getting sued for it. I think they were wrong to even suspend her for it. From what I’ve heard, I think she should keep her job and reopen the blog. She should also be given the job of teaching other teachers how to deal with the frustrations of being a teacher in a public school. I would bet her students exchange messages about her and her fellow teachers online, in a public forum constantly. Probably some of the parents have done so too. I say, more power to her.

    1. J says:

      I completely agree with your post Gene.

  79. jb805038 says:

    Students have become lazy because society has convinced them that it’s ok to do only what is needded to “get by”
    They don’t want to step up and do more than is necessary.
    Parents and students alike don’t like hearing the truth…Because it hurts!

    This teacher may had done something inappropriate by posting it on facebook, but she exercised her 1st ammendment right!

    1. Sean Peters says:

      Yeah, damn lazy students. Like the ones who don’t know how to spell “amendment”.

  80. Reality says:

    Wonder if this statement was from a student, parent, or teacher. Testing at “very very high levels” means nothing. What is considered high level in education today would be low level 40-50 years ago. It’s part of the dumbing down of America.

  81. Norm Gertz says:

    This is so like you know UGGGGHHHH if that’s the way you spiellit.
    Diddy Mayes

  82. Conservative NYer says:

    Although I find it very unprofessional and perhaps she should have just kept a journal on her personal laptop instead of online so she could “vent. But as a parent I would WANT to know if my child was lazy, sneaky or just plain rude. Sometimes we as parents don’t want to see how our child “really acts outside of our presence” and insist, “No, not my daughter or son, etc. So I actually find this refreshing in a non P.C. kind of a way that a teacher can actually tell you what is ACTAULLY going on and if it’s going on a consistent basis.

    1. Sean Peters says:

      Yep, I’d want to know it too… in private, in the form of a parent-teacher conference. Not plastered in front of the world in a public blog.

      The teacher’s behavior was inappropriate and the school was right to suspend her.

  83. thrasher says:

    I’ll bet if the students or their parents wrote similar statements about the teacher on their Facebook pages, nobody would have a problem with it.

  84. Tom says:

    I would like for you to walk in her shoes and then discuss what it is like. I think she is free to say what she’d like. If the partents don’t like it then they should take a look at the kid they are sending to school and why would they cause an adult to have this view of them. She did not point out specific students so what is the point?

    1. r says:

      Why assume her opinions of the students are valid? Do you have some information about these students that would support such conclusions? I doubt it. As a teacher, shouldn’t she try to communicate her valid concerns through appropriate channels? Do other teachers of these same students feel the same as her? I doubt that too, given this particular schools performance, and that of its students.

  85. Canis Dirus says:

    Actually freedom of speech has everything to do with it.

    This isn’t Russia.

    1. r says:

      Good thing for her, eh?

    2. Alex says:

      Since when does Freedom of speech not exist in Russia?

  86. David says:

    If she is allowed to talk about her students that way on her blog, then in the name of fairness, there should be a bulletin board outside of her classroom where her students can post their opinions of her. All comments will be allowed, regardless of content or language and they must stay up for the duration of the semester. The teacher is not allowed to let the comments to affect the student’s grade in any way.

    1. Reality says:

      Don’t you think students already post their opinions about their teachers on their own blogs, regardless of language and hurt feelings. They don’t need a bulletin board, they use the school walls. As a retired teacher, I certainly agree with the teacher about many students being lazy, sneaky, rude… Most administrators probably agree, but they don’t want the public to know what really goes on in the schools. There is a code of silence among teachers and administrators. Schools have become a place of employment for high paid babysitters and are controlled by unions. Very sad. I agree with another comment to defund the Dept. of Education.

  87. anonymous says:


  88. anonymous says:

    I find it funny that all of these people commenting have no idea what the students of cb east are like, You are all stereotyping these students and have no idea what they’re really like. Parents may not care and students may not either but that doesn’t mean every student is the same. This teacher has her opinion but let’s be honest here, did she have to use such profane and rude language to do so. I DON”T THINK SO. None of you think that she is in the wrong, yet for 4 years, she taught high school students and continued to bash them for a year. If she doesn’t like them then she should have resigned a while back. This is ridiculous that people feel for her, she was rude and obnoxious with the way she described some of her students. Not to mention in other posts, she referred to comments made by previous students, and whether she used names or not, those students knew who she was talking about. That’s just plain wrong.

    1. Political Correctness is killing us says:

      I agree with you that none of us know the exact situation at that school. I posted a little while back, but spoke in generalities, regarding our society today. I think that it is disgusting what this teacher did. But I also think that it is disgusting how our current education system is, and how many (NOT ALL) but many of the younger generations act, due directly to the lack of importance that parents (not all, but many) put on teaching manners, courtesy, and respect. It is an issue on all sides, at all levels, with all types of people.

  89. Buffalo says:

    She probably had made these comments to the principal, who didn’t care. Her comments were undoubtedly honest and this was her outlet for her feelings (which she couldn’t express in class). The parents are at fault. Kids need to be taught what is appropriate behavior.

    1. Sean Peters says:

      Yes, kids do need to be taught appropriate behavior. Shaming and making fun of them in public is not, however, generally considered an effective means of doing so.

  90. J.R. says:

    My heart goes out to this teacher. I was a public school teacher for 35 years and I have concluded that most parents do not want to hear the truth about their children, no matter how “delicately put”. Most parents seem to view their child as an extension of themselves. Therefore, consider any negative comment about their child a personal affront. It can be cathartic for a teacher to “vent” frustrations that are inevitible when dealing day after day with unruly, rude and uncooperative students. However, she should have confined her comments to a private diary and stayed offline unless she prepared herself to deal with the “fallout”!


    Everything this teacher said about her students is most likely TRUE. The majority of today’s parents are completely obsessed with self-absorbed pursuit of material wealth, status, and just having a good time. Many parents just want to behave like teen-agers; they are obsessed with pop-culture, fashion, watching sports and reality shows on tv, and plotting to reject the mother/father of their own children so they can “date” someone new. In this environment the children degenerate, influenced by the self-centered, negative behavior of their parents.

    1. Sean Simmons says:

      wow I have never heard it so perfectly put. I’m saving that!

  92. shredder says:

    Did she name names? The only ones upset about it seem to be the those who do not respond to conference requests, ignore progress reports, don’t give a damn about their kids education. Their problem is that they are slapped with reality and don’t like the professional babysitters comments about their angels. Nobody likes to hear thier kid has a future as a burden on society. It’s a reflection upon themselves.


    Don’t you people realize that teachers are no longer needed? Parents are completely obsolete also! All one needs to do is provide children with unlimited access to television, internet, cell phones and ipods and kids will learn everything they need to know to have a prosperous, productive, fulfilling life. (wait a minute, YOU ARE ALREADY DOING THAT…nevermind)

    1. Musicmanix says:

      So sad, but so very, very true…

  94. chukker says:

    What’s the old adage? “The truth hurts.’ Now one gets fired for telling the truth.

  95. Political Correctness is killing us says:

    Political correctness is killing our society. The woman is an idiot, plain and simple. But the students may very will be just as idiotic. What else can we expect from this society that we have created for ourselves? We have removed the core values of respect, courtesy, and decency that once were the bedrock of our culture. Parents no longer teach their children to be responsible, let alone are responsible themselves. Our schools are becoming less and less effective at producing educated, well-rounded individuals, ready to become contributing members of society, and are becoming more and more like experiments in failure, giving children nothing but excuses for not achieving, but falling short in nearly every category. Our society shows now that if you fail, if you don’t have a job, if you don’t stive to improve your own existence, not to worry, it’s not your fault, and better yet, someone else will cover your needs, without your contribution. And the greatest part is when one of these “entitled” individuals does actually get a job in a position in which they can influence, they don’t know how to deal with the difficulties or unfortunate effects of such a society, and lash out in a childish, immature way such as this teacher.

    So, did this teacher do the right thing? NO! But am I surprised by her actions? I hate to admit it, but not anymore. What else should we expect? We have allowed this to happen, as we have stood by and let the “progressives” destroy our society, all in the name of “the greater good” or “compassion” or any other feel-good buzzword.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Bingo.In a nutshell.Common sense breaks the surface.What most don’t “get”here is that this teacher herself is a product of this horrid experiment in accountability denial.We do,however hold her to a different standard than her”dim-witted”,”rat-like”charges.

    2. Sean Peters says:

      Oh, this is rich. You admit that the teacher did wrong, and your response is to… blame society? Conservatives these days have apparently given up on the concept of personal responsibility for one’s failures.

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Seannnnnnnnnnnnnn Reread the comments.He’ s NOT blaming society;he’s rightfully blaming self indulgent, no restraint,consequence-less, liberalism for this mess in all aspects of society and especially within the educational system.For a second there I actually thought you were bright.
        ” Conservatives these days have apparently given up on the concept of personal responsibility for one’s failures.”No……..what you are saying is rich….. and quite typical liberal obfuscation and D-baggery.Is this an episode of the Liberal Twilight Zone?

    3. Battlecarrot says:

      Political Correctness is killing us
      “Political correctness is killing our society”

      PC is a deathwish-it really is.Please read The Tyrrany of Nice by Canadian author and conservative Kathy Shaidle.Her writings can be accessed at Five Feet of Fury.

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        “… or slandering an individual….”.Agreed but she sure as heck libeled an individual.The students,parents and other teachers knew exactly whom she was mocking PUBLICLY.She in effect verbally assaulted EVERY child she is teaching or ever taught.Is logic and consequential behavior not taught in schools?Is it such a reactionary concept?Do we have to teach folks that fire is hot and that one should not play with it? Especially,teachers?

  96. kbworkman says:

    Ah yes.

    Freedom of speach is dead.

    1. Ben says:

      She is free to post or say whatever she wants. It doesn’t mean she’s free from the repercussions of her words, especially as a public school teacher.

      1. Pat says:

        How can you be free to express your opinions if repercussions for that opinion include PUNISHMENT (why not just jail her too?). IT is purely HER OPINION, she isn’t advocating violence or falsely accussing someone of a crime, nor is she causing a riot or slandering an individual. THIS OPINION is the essence of what THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH is all about … expressing your benign thoughts WITHOUT FEAR of unjust reprisals.

    2. DocRambo says:

      So is freedom of spelling.

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        You’ve been consulting the PR firm of T.Hee,Titter,and Guffaw,I see.Somehow I think your post went SALEING over most heads here.

  97. J. Assange says:

    Children need to know what adults think of them, especially those that have to interact with them on a daily basis. More public evaluations of children would help them correct their deficiencies. Everything should be public.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      I believe the Red Guard had that self-same philosophy during the Cultural Revolution that resulted in benign and gentle public criticism and humiliation.Mao would be proud.
      Engaging brain before opening mouth is a wonderful bit of advise.

  98. ctabb says:

    No doubt her comments are accurate. Teachers I know say it’s the parents that usually make teaching so difficult. And we all know there are students who deserve a good kick in a$$. She must have been at the end of her rope to so publicly share her sentiments.

  99. Scott says:

    Good thing the internet wasn’t around when my stepfather was teaching. He let out his frustrations when correcting student tests. Airhead! Dope! Moron!

  100. Kat says:

    The best teacher I can ever remember was fired for getting into a scuffle with a boy in his class who just pushed him too far. I feel for teachers. It sure wasn’t this way when I went to school, although some pranks were played on teachers by some of the boys. My daughter-in-law is a teacher and she’s a quiet and shy person. God help her. I really worry about her. I’m sure these days a lot of teachers just plain lose it considering all they have to deal with. With teachers, as with every profession, there are bad apples. Sounds like this teacher just lost it and needs to go into another field.

    1. Paul says:

      Please . most of theses suburban teachers are overpaid and no accountability is required. Sounds good to have kindergarten teachers making 6 figures doesnt it, I can name 2, I dont live far from cb east. I went to back to school night where a teacher was more concerned about stanardized testing than explaining the class. These teachers should be monitored simply because they want a job where there are no standards and they really answer to no noe.

      1. School Psychologist in Training says:

        As government employees, teachers are paid a salary based years of experience. If you know two kindergarten teachers making 6 figures, then the fault probably lies with the county. In reality, most suburban teachers are under paid.

  101. Jeff Meador says:

    I thought it was interesting that not one parent that was interviewed took the time to ask themselves if there was ANY truth to what the teacher had written. The parents are as much to blame as the kids. Many of them are raising idiots.

    1. Kooz says:

      My thoughts exactly

    2. Mike Williams says:

      Even if the comments are true, these discussions are for the parents, students, and teacher to resolve. This is not for public consumption.

      Just because you have the freedom to do something does not make it right. I guess common sense is not that common.

      1. Bruce Loving says:

        It’s true that these discussions should be between the teacher, parent(s), and student. Unfortunately, most parents don’t attend parent/teacher night anymore. They are “too busy” with their own lives to care about their children’s. They expect “the state” to deal with them. Yet when they turn out to be idiots, the parents are the first to lay blame elsewhere. They need to look in the mirror when doing this.

      2. Gomalio Fung says:

        You either never DEALT with parents lately (their spawn can do no wrong, they’re only misunderstood) or you ARE one of the above mentioned parents, with your cranium inserted so far up your rectum, they have to pipe sunlight in to you with fiber optics.

        “Common sense is not that common?” Wow. That is HEAVY, Dude. Did you make that up yourself?

    3. Beneteau says:

      The most intelligent and astute observation/analysis of the situation I have read so far!

  102. Hey Hero says:

    Never heard about that one. Got a link?

  103. Windygirl says:

    Then you have college students, the product of this dysfunction (not on the part of the teacher, but the students’ bad habits) – those who balk at having to read texts, or God forgive, a book (!) and expect the professor to tell them only what information will be on the test!!!! There you go, No child Left Behind! University student, for instance, who bragged that he graduated with a degree in English without ever having to read a book and proud of that fact!

    1. School Psychologist in Training says:

      ^^^^ Excellent angle yet to be looked at

  104. Vision says:

    As a student, and a rare one that likes teachers if I d say so myself, I can tell you firsthand that students nowadays definitely do NOT respect teachers at ALL. The hardest thing in the world must be to get up in front of 40+ morons who cannot care one bit about you or the education they can receive, and are ready to take their shots at you. Again, I’ve seen it. And I’ll be blasted for bringing race into this, but black kids are the worst. Seemingly NONE of them give a damn, none. But there’s plenty of white kids and hispanic kids that don’t either. The Asians are the ones that seem to be the most respectful. Hey, cry all you want this is the truth I’ve seen in all my years of school from elementary through college.

    1. Jack P says:

      You are oh soooooooooooooooooooo right Vision. Like you I have been there and saw it first hand. The teacher should have just got the hell out of the public school system and found a job in a private school where conditions are significantly better.

      1. MorganGray says:

        I have to agree. As an amateur historian, with a concentration in medieval military history, I have the opportunity to go into one of our local Middle Schools one a year to teach a special class. In the course of one day, I have to stop a dozen times to wait out the kids who are acting like jerks. I have to chew out at least two or three who don’t understand the difference between video games and real life, where dead is dead, and not hit the reload saved game button.
        And this is for something beyond their normal class-room lectures. This is seeing, and on a limited basis, getting to handle the real McCoy as far as the artifacts I take with me. And this isn’t in a big-city school, it’s in middle-America “fly-over country”.
        I don’t have to imagine the hassles faced every day by teachers. Like Vision and Jack P, I’ve seen all first hand.
        The best thing that could happen is to eliminate the teachers unions, defund the Dept of Ed at both state and federal level, chase the government out of the schools, and let the teachers do their jobs instead of worrying that some parent is going to sue because someone hurt the feelings of their little precious darling.
        ‘course, that’s just my opinion.

  105. Windygirl says:

    Well… did she actually name names? Or did the kids have to figure out which description fit their ownselves? Seriously, folks, I’m certain she started out idealistically as most teachers do, and burned out. Why? Due to rude, lazy, uncooperative students (for the most part) who have little desire to improve their mental capacity. These children also lack parents with the desire to produce contributing members of society. They want their children to be given everything and the kids eat this up. They are learning nothing.

    1. Mike says:


    2. Anony Mous says:

      Do you have experinece teaching or working in a school or are you just blowing wind?

  106. Burt says:

    many kids are: ““lazy,” “sneaky” and “rude.””
    Firing for telling the truth, or at least fot saying what she thinks?
    American kids – highest self-esteem in the world!!!
    American kids – last in math in the world!! And probably last in “being nice to the teachers”

    1. Sean Peters says:

      Another hysterical one. Yeah, damn lazy students. Especially the ones who don’t understand the use of “quotation” “marks”.

      1. Battlecarrot says:


  107. Ginn says:

    The teacher needs to learn nuance. The parents, on the other hand, need to get off the booze and pills and get a clue.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Will you marry me Ginn?

  108. Kevin Stroup says:

    If I was this teacher, I would sue the school board for violating my civil rights. DId she write this during school hours? When she was “on the clock” so to speak? If she did, she could be fired. But if she did it after hours, then it is her right to express her opiinion. Sorry, but nobody gives up the right to freedom of speach for a full 24 hours a day. If she was a university professor, this would not even be discussed now. Why the differential treatment?

    1. David says:

      What civil rights were violated? That school has every right to fire a teacher if they don’t like what she wrote on her blog. You have the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press but actions have consequences.

      1. Mike Williams says:

        Thank you. Every time someone feels the need to “express” themselves and receives a response they dont like, here comes the freedom of speech quote.

        You have the freedom to say whatever is on your mind but remember every action will generate a reaction so think before you speak.

        Even if the comments are true, these discussions are for the parents, students, and teacher to resolve. This is not for public consumption.

        Just because you have the freedom to do something does not make it right. I guess common sense is not that common

    2. LaShawn says:

      Teachers sign a code of conduct and this definitely would violate that.

      Not that I agree that she should be fired, but she should have thought this through a bit more.

      So glad I homeschool.

    3. Red Joe says:

      This was obviously written by someone who was not properly taught the 1st Amendment. The teacher absolutely has the freedom to write whatever she wants. The fact that her employer has taken exception to her writings in no way abridges her freedom to express her thoughts. They can say, “take down the blog, apologize, and don’t do it again and you may keep your job.” She can either agree to do so or not. But they can’t throw her in jail for her writings and that’s the real protection the 1st Amendment grants (give the Dems a few more years because they’re trying real hard to change that). You have a common liberal view of the 1st Amendment… “I have the right to say anything I want but you don’t have the right to challenge me.”

      1. Sean Peters says:

        Dude, have you been paying attention to this thread? It’s not the Democrats who have the misguided view of the first amendment – the people who think you should be able to say anything you want with no consequences are the self-identified conservatives.

      2. Battlecarrot says:

        “Dude, have you been paying attention to this thread? It’s not the Democrats who have the misguided view of the first amendment – the people who think you should be able to say anything you want with no consequences are the self-identified conservatives.”
        Whoa Dude.I am to the right of Atilla the Hun and I say it is liberalism that has brought us to this sorry stage of Nyah,Nyah,discourse in this pathetic society.This self indulgent referencing to speech without personal consequences is a direct result of 40 years of liberal thought,influence and impact.It is a result of the Nannyfication of the state and abrogation of personal responsibility so emamoured of by liberals.
        By the way True Liberalism is extremely conservative and more akin to libertarianism.Google Classic Liberalism.The people here who trumpet simplistic ideation such as ‘I can say whatever I want”,are in effect saying, “You’re not the boss of me.”The antithesis of conservatism and the absolute nadir of liberalism replete with the typical immaturity and one dimensional thinking which are bywords of the”progressive’s” credo.Dude.

    4. Battlecarrot says:

      She admitted to doing that on the blog.So what now,genius?Read before commenting.

  109. brotherly_lover says:

    Just as long as it works both ways. The teach shouldn’t be sacrificed anymore than the youth who brings in a sack of guns for self-defense.

    1. Pussification of America says:

      You ever hear of sticks and stones dude? Why so sensitive?

  110. Matt says:

    Was she right about the kids, most likely. Should she be working in that field if she feels that way so much, no. Blame the parents and teachers for making the kids this way though. “No bad people, only bad leaders”.

    1. cactus says:

      There is nothing wrong with a teacher feeling that way. She was probably right. The thing to do, however, is to work to stop the “lazy” and “rude” behavior. Many students are terrific. In fact, the vast majority are. Some students, however, act as if disruptive behavior is acceptable — and it is not. Blogging won’t fix classroom misbehavior. Taking charge of one’s classroom and getting parental involvement would be a more effective response.

  111. BWoods says:

    I am confident this teacher got fired for speaking the truth. This is why our society is digressing. You can’t address the real cause of a problem when political correctness takes the front seat.

    1. Sean Peters says:

      I can’t stop laughing at this thread. Yeah, damn lazy students. Especially the ones who don’t know the definition of “digressing”.

      1. SolidarityAmong? says:

        maybe bwoods meant “REGRESSING”…

  112. RobG says:

    If she believes the statements are true then the 1st amendment allows her to say what every she wants. If’ she is fired she should sue big time. The parents are just mad because they know she is right.

    1. RJ says:

      The 1st amendment only applies to the government infringing on your speech rights. The 1st amendment does not protect you from losing your job because you said something your employer thought was not appropriate.

      Second, how do we know everything she said is true? Just becuse she made a blog doesn’t mean its true. Unfortunately today if anything is on the Internet it must be true. Maybe she is the lazy, stupid person that doesn’t know how to teach. There are bad students and there are bad teachers in this world.

      1. RJisANidiot says:

        The government IS her employer, idiot.

      2. Rhadagastt says:

        You’re half right. The 1st Amendment could theoretically come into play as the school is essentially the government. There are loads of 1st Amendment SCOTUS cases involving schools and students.

        That said teachers are held to a higher standard regardless of when they are working or not. Because of her job, she is not allowed to behave or act in certain ways. The same goes for cops.

      3. RJiIsAnIdiotiIsTheIdiot says:

        Government job or otherwise, free speech has nothing to do with employment

      4. marigolds says:

        The actions occurred off campus and outside of her workplace. If she had been posting from school or posting on the school website, that might be a different issue. Her actions though, took place separately from her employment. For those actions of speech, she was sanctioned by a government entity.
        This most certainly will be a first amendment case, and it will probably hinge on whether or not the school district had a policy in place barring the use of social media, and whether or not that policy was Constitutional in the first place.
        No policy, no chance the school district prevails.

    2. BO says:

      Sorry, you’re wrong. The 1st amendment DID allow her to say what she wants. The govt did not stop her. However, the 1st Amendment does not protect against the consequences of her speech. Those are totally different things.

    3. James says:

      Public or private, the school isn’t actually a public entity but more importantly, the 1st Amendment protects from prosecution because of your speech – not being fired for being unprofessional.

      Honestly, a lot of it is just common sense.

      Do we really think a public employee can go off the deep end yelling whatever they want without fear of repercussion?

    4. Battlecarrot says:

      CASE CLOSED.Thanks for straightening this mess out for us.Come on everyone,time to go,Zeus has spoken from Mount Olympus.

  113. floyd56 says:

    Too bad. I’d like to read the blog. Sure brought out lots of self-righteous comments,

  114. Battlecarrot says:

    I think that it is quite apparent that almost everything in this diluted,no personal responsibility,elastically “moral”,Gary Cooperless,sad,pathetic society has been dumbed down so drastically that people refuse ownership of their failings.When I became a cop in the years of yore,I was told by my sergeant that I was a hairbreadth away from going to jail.It was his way of telling me that as society had granted me extraordinary powers that it had a right to extraordinary expectations as to my deportment on and OFF the job.I knew there were elements who hated me and wished me ill simply because of their resentment of those powers and the uniform I wore.I conducted myself accordingly and tried to be as impeccable as possible.I refused to engage in the “them vs.us” mentality that probably infects the culture of most law enforcement departments to this day.It is atavistic tribalism wherein we felt that WE and not the profession were beyond reproach.I find it amusing that most but not all of the teachers who have posted here adhere to this specialness and its resultant tribalism.When one is attacked ALL are attacked.Been there,saw that.When you are deemed to be a professional in an area that is critical to the beast we live within,the beast has every right to demand extraordinary deportment.Police officers should assume that their every move is being recorded and that that is a GOOD not an evil.They will have the best witness possible to their deportment and that will protect them from malicious prosecution and complaint.For a TEACHER to not understand that ANYTHING posted on the net,including private emails let alone a BLOG is going to be seen by everyone on this planet is incomprehensible.The internet gun is always loaded and once the round is fired there is NOTHING that one can do.”Look both ways.Look before you leap.Out of the frying pan into the fire.”These aphorisms are ancient and have existed in one form or another for millenia.Do we really have to explain to a young middle-aged woman that fire is hot?Some personal accountability if you please and no simplistic ravings about freedom of speech;no one truly has that luxury in an absolute form and you know it.I’ll bet $500 on the outcome of the court case(stay tuned) and give you odds.

    1. zardoz says:

      But I don’t see her comments as being necessarily irresponsible. It could be that some of these kids would benefit greatly from some honest feedback. There are many people in this society that do fit the descriptions she used. High School might be a good age to get a reality check that you have some serious character deficits that need to be addressed. If I were to make an analogy to your former profession, it might be a blog where you talk about instances of corruption or injustice, giving a voice to issues that need to be heard but cannot be expressed openly among your colleagues. That would be a public service and I think these blog could be looked at the same way.

  115. Michael1 says:

    The real problem is that this teacher didn’t convey this directly to the students and their parents while she was their teacher–that was her job. She should have made it clear that these students were not performing well and she should have given the inadequate students a failing grade.

    1. Jujubar says:

      Mr. Unknown Ed, would you like to handle this one?

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        No rest for the weary.I’m convinced that no one reads beyond the first five posts except for those who want to consider all sides of the issue or our friend AP-aztec something who will do so simply to find a missing “E” in “repartee because he has been stung by the comments posted here and makes unsupported and silly allegations about smugness and intelligence.The former of which he possesses by the bucketful.I could make a comment about the sharpness of his posit being akin to a bag of wet mice but I won’t,that would be running up the score needlessly on a hopelessly outclassed opponent.Not sporting.Nope.

    2. Myron Zorger says:

      Unles you have taught the swine your self, keep your pie hole shut!

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Swine, Myron?Pie hole,Myron?Titter and Tee-Hee m’boy!Which subject do YOU teach,son?Your protractor is showing or would that be your thesaurus?With your grasp of the finer points of debate,could I be engaging a geography teacher?Nope.Social studies?Hmmm……..closer I think or are you the audio visual guy?More likely.I probably have arrested a few of them though.Would you like to borrow my tase,My?I have my nightstick at home but I wouldn’t want you to injure yourself.I can show you the old illegal choke hold so you can make them do the Funky Chicken……….oops…..now what was I saying about the internet being a loaded weapon?Dang,I knew I shouldn’t have used my real name.Too late now.I was never here,got that?

    3. ballerina1 says:

      My sister is a teacher and was recently made aware of a new policy regarding grading (she is in the Alexandria, VA, public school system.). They are now not allowed to give “failing” grades on report cards; rather, they are told to put “incomplete”. The only way failing grade can be used is if EVERY SINGLE attempt is made to improve that child’s grade. What a farce!!

  116. Mr. Unknown Ed says:

    It was not smart for this woman to risk her career by blogging what she did, but I do not doubt the accuracy of her comments as I am a public school educator myself.

    Unlike her, I post this comment anonymously because I realize that the concept of free speech and individual rights our founders envisioned actually died by presidential proclamation in 1861. Americans tend to forget that, or more likely, were never taught this truth by the politically correct public school systems that recreates “authorized” history through the Federal Ministry of Truth; A.K.A. “Mintrue” for those belonging to the Outer Party.

    1. Jujubar says:

      It is clear they are not taught this…intentionally.

      I recently had a chat about the “right to bear arms” with some good friends, liberal in nature unfortunately, but well educated and bright, who truly didn’t understand its meaning. They were totally unaware the reason our forefathers put this in the constitution was in case “we the people” had to take over a corrupt government (England, come to mind?) But I think I saw a few light bulbs appear over their heads when I told them the story.

      The left has done an excellent job of editing these out of history lessons. But one thing about history…it has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

  117. Pat says:

    Threatening bodily harm or yelling FIRE in a theatre,etc. is NOT FREE SPEECH, there are limits and parameters to the concept … BUT this is the exact type of FREEDOM protected by the CONSTITUTION. The RIGHT to express a personal OPINION without infringing upon another’s RIGHTS or DEFAMING an individual. OPINIONS are the cornerstone to our DEMOCRACY, it is one of the most basic FREEDOMS a FREE society is built upon.

  118. asdfname says:

    Did her blog have any identifying info, about her name, her photo, the school, students’ names, etc.?

    If so, she’s a moron.

    If not, free-speech trumps.

  119. Pat says:

    How do we claim a right to FREE SPEECH if exercising that RIGHT can cost you your job? If repercussions can be administered, then by definition the action may have a COST and CANNOT be considered FREE,

    1. Jujubar says:

      I see you are one of the sheep on the shady side of the hill.
      This is called common sense. You probably haven’t heard of that term.

      If the Secret Service hears that John Doe said he thinks the president should be killed, they can and will arrest him. But didn’t John Doe exercise “freedom of speech”?

      Huh? Doh! Dang! This is so confusing!

      Listen numbnuts, don’t overthink this. Use common sense. What did you think those parents were going to do when they heard a teacher make “public” remarks, derogatory in nature, against their children? (Even if those remarks were valid)

    2. Jujubar says:

      Good points.

      So you agree that democrats wanting to shut down conservative talk radio is a violation of free speech.


      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Free speech for ME but unfortunately none for THEE.

  120. Jujubar says:

    What is it with this generation that EVERYTHING that runs through your brain MUST be vented in a PUBLIC FORUM (blog, text message, social network, myspace, mybutt, mylife, somebodypleasepayattentiontome.com, blah blah blah). The comments made by this imbecile in said public forum whereby her anonymity was not protected, are reserved for trusted friends, family members, etc.
    Life is full of confusing concepts such as “Freedom of Speech”. Mainly because the LEFT (ironically, most teachers are leftists…but they mean well and have only the bestest of intentions for our social welfare) have used it to promote anything their side wants and shoot it down when it works against them. (Like the Democrats that want to shut down conservative talk radio?) So I can see how many sheep on that shady side of the hill are easily confused by the shadows of its parameters.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      “What is it with this generation that EVERYTHING that runs through your brain MUST be vented in a PUBLIC FORUM (blog, text message, social network, myspace, mybutt, mylife, somebodypleasepayattentiontome.com, blah blah blah).”
      Then the imbecile is surprised and outraged that someone has held her responsible for her stream of conscious ravings that basically libeled every child she has ever taught”….Oh,no….I didn’t mean YOUR kid….”In the old days teachers had to sign morality clauses;I would like to suggest common sense clauses or in this case,a gross stupidity clause.
      Teachers imply that they are a “special”class,as those who have posted here inadvertantly attest to.I suggest they act like it,ALL the time,not just when it suits them.They really are Caesar’s Wife.We simply expect more of them,as we do police,politicians,etc.

      1. Jujubar says:

        Magnifico! (unfortunately the old saying “you can’t legislate common sense” is truly coming in to form)

  121. Crackasan says:

    I’m sorry, she’s an ENGLISH teacher and never heard of using a PEN NAME? Kind of Darwinian.

  122. CHAZ says:


    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Yelling ain’t gonna impress nobody dude.Dial it back if you want to be taken seriously.Seriously.

      1. aztecPete says:

        Dear B-carrot, I love that you mix it up but I’ve been reading your stuff and I don’t know where the smugness comes from. You’re not that bright.

  123. aztecPete says:

    As a recently retired high school English teacher, I charge everyone reacting in high dudgeon with gross naivety. You cannot imagine what a teacher has put up with to erupt like that.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Brighter than thou,AP,by a couple of furlongs.Nice ad hominem attack completely lacking in substance though……you too,double lock,with a trampoline bounce so whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you,Nyah.Anybody got a rolling eye icon they can spare?

  124. AMathTeacher says:

    There is a lot of support on here. Go spend a day or two on a high school campus.
    You will discover that the nation is over. Too many of these kids are just dispicable, worthless, evil, drug damaged durning their gestation and just irredeamable.

    1. Ryan says:

      You really want to start judging who is irredeamable? Why are you so ready to pass judgement? I have three yrs classroom experience. Many kids are lost, but every human being has intrinsic value and the ability to surprise us with resilience. It’s true that it is tough to get through, but don’t let your hopeless attitude seal the future of someone who might change. It is your job to find the best possible way to challenge and support each child. It is their responsibility to respond to that challenge.

      1. StillAtMyMoms says:

        It’s “irredeemable,” teach.

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      Get out of teaching.Seriously.Evil.talk about hyperbole and demonization.Do yourself and the unfortunate diabolical imps a gigantic favor.Change your name to Habib and drive a cab,open a variety store,or pump gas.See how EVIL it is to indict ALL for the sins of some?
      If you can’t stand the heat,get out of the kitchen,Twink.

    3. Dave Harris says:

      Maybe because YOU can’t spell, teachur — irony alert, I purposely spelled teacher wrong. Even though you “teach” math, you’re a dim bulb. The teahcers are idiots, the kids are idiots, the parents, who knows what they’re doing — yes, we are doomed. Prepare for the apocalypse.

      1. dave harris says:

        Oh, no, I too am afflicted . . . how did that mangled teahchers get in there. Damn you fat fingers!

    4. Battlecarrot says:

      YIKES.No one make any sudden moves.

  125. David Heath says:

    “a parent, who saw the blog and recently posted her words on their Facebook page..” posted HER words? whose? onto THEIR page? Only one parent is mentioned yet refers to a page owned by more than one. Very confusing misuse of grammar,

    1. scott says:

      “their” simply implies ownership, it has nothing to do with more than one person. Somebody posted the teacher’s words onto their facebook (the facebook page of the aforementioned “somebody”).

      1. AnEngTeacher says:

        Yes “their” does have to do with more than one person. The English language uses the pronouns his or her when referring to a one person’s ownership. “Their” is the plural form of this pronoun.

        Although the sentence in question is poorly constructed, I believe the “their” in question actually refers back to “Sources” and thus should be the plural pronoun “their” and not the singular “his/her.” What makes this confusing is that people generally don’t post information to other people’s Facebook pages; they post it to their own page, which is then viewable on other people’s walls.

  126. DIA says:

    I did not see that she actually named the kids in her rantings.I see kids on FB ranting about the teachers all the time. What is the difference. Enough PC and I wish the teachers could write, Lazy, incompetent, dillatory on the tests and the parents of these kids should sign right below those notes. Maybe THAT will make them go talk to the teacher and see what they can do to improve the kids’ attitude in school

  127. MLJ says:

    I guess teachers don’t have the right to Free Speech.

    1. RJ says:

      Sure they do, but just like anyone else that “free speech” may come with consequences. Tell you what, when you go into work start using your free speech and cuss and curse at your coworkers and see what happens. Call your coworkers and managers lazy and stupid to their face and see what happens. I imagine you will be collecting unemployment by the end of the day.

      People need to learn that the 1st amendment only applies to the government in restricting speech rights. Did not people learn this in school? Okay here is the 1st amendment

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      Okay now someone point out where Congress denied this teacher her free speech. They didn’t, she can still post her blog if she wants to.

  128. CFL says:

    Wake up CBE parents, some of your children are lazy, sneaky and rude. After all they developed this feeling of entitlement from you. This teacher said nothing wrong and did not name your students individually. Pershaps you are feeling guilty because maybe your little cherrub is one of the rude ones. Get over yourselves and move on.

    1. RealEstGuy says:

      Big problem with our society today…..parents want to be friends, not parents- and discipline the teachers, not their children. YOUR CHILD IS NO ANGEL- WAKE UP!!

  129. RealEstGuy says:

    Because she is a Teacher she is not allowed to Speak out? Teachers are not paid enough as it is- give her a break..she is only human. The fact that Brad Segall wants to report a story and try to expose a teacher…go after a pro athlete that makes100 times the salary- there are plenty of stories to report – J.O…this made news? REALLY?

  130. elaine says:

    Well said LAH… and if every nurse got fired for venting, there wouldn’t be any at all. Same with every profession. You are absolutely right, it is a healthy outlet in dealing with stress.
    Where I work, we have an online blog that allows employees to raise questions, debates and vent their feelings which can be done annonymously… and while administration admits comments can get ugly, it has actually allowed employees to get things off their chest and allowed creative solutions to problems otherwise ignored.
    let this teachers work history speak for itself, not the blog.

  131. Wildcat says:

    U-G-L-Y. She ain’t got no alibi. She ugly, she ugly. Her mama say she ugly.

    1. cfl says:

      This was probably written by one of her perfect little students. My guess is the dim-witted one.

      1. wxkwi says:

        And probably one those jerks who thinks it’s okay to post about their teacher on a site like RateMyTeacher too.

  132. fredlave says:

    A little honest appraisal will go a long way to straighten out a dysfunctional educational system that’s more interested in being P.C. than educating children.

    1. kimh says:

      Good Luck on that one Fredlave. The dsyfunctional education system needs a major overhaul. Maybe if education was a privilege instead of a right things would change.

  133. LAH says:

    How many of you have voiced a negative opinion about your job. I’m sure in some aspects all of you have. Venting is a way for people (particularly teachers) to get things out of their system so that they can show up to work the next day. Venting doesn’t mean that you hate children or that you are “burnt out”. I look at kids everyday that don’t think the rules apply to them. They get this opinion from folks like those of you that are saying she needs to be fired. She wrote those words over a year ago.
    As a parent, I know my kids aren’t angels. There are far too many of you out there that want to pretend that your child is perfect – let me assure you that they are not. Venting is healthy. Did you post this on FB – no – a parent did. We are creating generations of kids that think they are invincible because they can manipulate the system with the help of parents. Please help your kids become productive citizens and not be the next statistic!

    1. Lisa says:

      As parent I totally agree with your point on kids not being angels and parents who can’t see past their own nose. As a professional who deals with all kinds of people on a daily basis, I don’t see the point in putting all of your thoughts out on the internet for all to see. Vent hell yes, put it in writing, not on my worst day

      1. kimh says:

        What’s the difference if you say it out loud for all to hear or if you write it down for all to read. Once said or written, it’s out there.

      2. Battlecarrot says:

        Bingo-the crux of the arguement.One can’t fix stupid.

      3. Battlecarrot says:


  134. elaine says:

    According to the news, she was expressing things she wished she could really write on report cards… Although she may not have thought out the potential consequences of her blog, she was, in my opinion, finding an outlet for what can be a frustration in her profession. ALL professions have frustrations in thier line of work that can lead us to inappropriate comments & humor vented outside of the work place. Doing so doesn’t necessarily make this teacher someone who dislikes children or what she does as a whole.
    Parents do have a right to voice their concern over this, however, I would as a parent take a look at my child and question him/her as to what exactly is going on in the classroom. Getting rid of the teacher might not necessarily get rid of the problem causing the statements in the blog.

    1. lukuj says:

      The teacher should have vented elsewhere – not on the internet. As a retired teacher of 30 years, if teachers don’t vent somewhere they will go crazy. It’s best to find a teacher friend or two and a spouse or significant other to listen,though, rather than letting the whole world see what you really think. My favorite line which I never actually used was for the period when we were forced to write something positive on every report card. i began wanting to write things like “For a fat kid he doesn’t sweat much” and “She breathes nicely with a little bit of motivation.”

  135. Bob says:

    Liberals suck.

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      People so brain dead as to believe that using the suck epithet and who believe it is witty reparte…………..well……………suck.

      1. Toodleooass says:

        Sip a D.

      2. aztecPete says:

        Right you are, Bobby. After all, 80% of the teachers are liberals, and look what they’ve done to our schools, our youth, our civilization. (two e’s for repartee?)

  136. Tiffany Monqiue Bernard says:

    I think she has the right to say whatever she want, and I don’t blame her!! some people know she is saying everything that most teachers are thinking. and she not wrong for saying it, cause there is kids like that sitting in someone’s class. it’s people that says these things to themselves or inside their friends circle, but i like that she was bold and said her’s out in the open!!

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Past your bedtime,Tif.

  137. CBSD Parent says:

    Oh Boohoo.. Some kids need to be told to their face that they are rude and rat-like. Kids (especially at East) are becoming a bunch of spineless crybabies and their parents’ are to blame.

    1. Realist says:

      I’m with you. These same parents would not have a problem with their children writing these types of comments about the teacher on Facebook,etc. They are just kids. Believe it or not high school students can be “lazy”, “rude”, etc. They are entitled to say what they want but the teacher can’t. She didn’t use names. Truths hurts!!

    2. SmarterThanLibs says:

      That is the complaint you flippin moron… SHE DIDN’T SAY IT TO THEIR FACE! She said it publicly on the internet like one of her immature students.

  138. LMD says:

    I do not believe this teacher should be fired. She did not name names,she was just stating something she wished she could do. It’s too bad that teachers really could not tell some parents just what there little darlings are like in school. The rudeness,the laziness,the outright lack of any type of respect for teachers other students. Wake up parents,what this teacher did was better than hauling off and smacking some of your little monsters!!

  139. Marvin says:

    The teacher is right about the lazziness of our students now days. Half can’t even write a full sentence. Blogs are meant to express opiniions so leave her alone. No one was named

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Tee-Hee,”lazziness” “now days””opiniions”.Please God,I pray your post is heavy with ironic sarcasm.If not,remedial english one oh one for you Doctor.
      “Half can’t even write a full sentence”.Stop!!!You’re killing me!!!
      I MEANT to say that!Yeah!That’s the ticket!

      1. TheTrollsAreBusyTonight says:

        carrot – you have dozens of spellung errirs on this page — why not reply to your own trolls with some dumb-ass-flavored-superiority, too?

      2. Battlecarrot says:

        How ’bout I start with you?Nah,in a mental gun battle of Wit,you’d only be able to bring a shiv.I do not shoot fish in a barrel.Not sporting,eh,wot?Run along now before I make you cry.

  140. Joe says:

    Well, the internet never ceases to embarrass people who were born before 1980. I guess it was worth it after all :D

    Thanks what you get for turning this world into garbage

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      Touche,dudeski !!

  141. Carolyn says:

    A teacher should be someone, who encourages children of all ages to look up to them for guidance!!! She should be ashamed of herself and should loose her teaching license and never be able to work with any children ever again!!!

    1. Kim H says:

      She should not be ashamed of herself for posting on her blog what she believes. No one should every be ashamed of what they believe. She is an English teacher and teaches English. She should not be teaching these children responsibility and respect. That is what we as parents should teach our children. If she has to vent on a blog about these children, I blame the parents who have not taught their children how to behave.

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        “If she HAS to vent on a blog……”Either the devil made her do it or she has no impulse control and completely lacks a common sense firewall.More Victimhood-spare me. I prefer that those who teach,CAN.

    2. kim h says:

      Children, really. They are in high school for goodness sakes.

    3. cfl says:

      wow! you must not spend any time in high school these days to observe just how rude, lazy and entitled some high school kids really are! As a parent of 2 high school girls I am not as dilussional as you are. High school students do not “look up” to their teachers, they battle them at every turn, not all students but a lot of them. You need a reality check, this teacher did nothing wrong. She didn’t name the students. She is permitted free speech just as you are.

  142. Stephan says:

    Many of us will hang from the Facebook noose one day….

  143. Wes says:

    If you claim your job is a “profession”, you also claim a higher standard. Inappropriate comments should never be made where they can damage your “professional” status. Sorry educators, you can’t have ir both ways.

  144. dmac says:

    she can talk about whatever she want on her blog,she didn’t name anyone,pay the lady

    1. Battlecarrot says:

      So there!Case closed.Dmac has spoke…er…spoken.Get the elephants,strike the main tent,we’re outa this burg!

  145. Darrel says:

    She is stupid for her actions, but she has a RIGHT to free speech. I support her right to voice opinons stupidly. Plus I am sure the “lovely” kids deserve her scorn.

    1. Maurice says:

      She has a right to free speech, nobody questions that. Did anyone say she didn’t? However, you should know that it doesn’t mean what you say doesn’t have consequences. A person with hostile, violent attitudes about her young students should not be a teacher. If you think you have a right to say whatever you want under “free speech” and get away with it, try walking into your job and start blabbing about how much you hate the people you are hired to serve.

      But you know this. You’re just being silly.

      1. StopWhiningAlready, Atlatna GA says:

        Where is the “violent attitude” you so casually refer to? While her choice of where and how to publish her comments was ignorant, she is entitled to voice her opinions so long as it doesn’t violate the rights of others or harm anyone else. The comments were a year old, so they have no impact on any of her current students and presumably had no impact on any of the students she was actually referring to at the time. If they had, we would have been reading about this nonsense a year ago.

    2. horn says:

      Then you, like virtually everyone here, don’t understand what first amendment rights are. They prevent the federal gov’t from arresting or punishing you for what you say. Your employer can certainly suspend or fire you for saying things they don’t agree with – go blog about how stupid and ugly your boss his and send him the website and see what happens..

    3. hey darrel says:

      “Plus I am sure the “lovely” kids deserve her scorn”
      The “lovely” kids you are talking about here did nothing to deserve what she said.I am a student at Central Bucks East and if you knew what you were talking about you would know the kids are actually great.Yes,there are some that are disrespectful but name a school that every single kid is perfect…you won’t find one.The students gave her the respect that she deserved.So before you go off making assumptions about the kids Darrel you should actually know them.

      1. kaboom says:

        …And those disrespectful students that are at every school were who she and the commenter was talking about. Calm down.

  146. rab325 says:

    The feds ruled in favor of an employee talking about working conditions of an employer, not the same as talking about juvenile students in which she is entrusted to teach. if the students aren’t performing to her standards she should press harder to teach them in stead of publicly slandering them as a whole on blogs. individually naming or not all students under her class fall subject tor blogs. dumb move for such a “smart” person

    1. Richard says:

      Its not public slander, if anything it would be libel. Which, it isn’t if what she said is true. Of course, railing against them isn’t making any untrue claims so that wouldn’t fall under libel either.

  147. N Waff says:

    My concern is – if she’s willing to post offensive material about her own students on the Internet for eveyrone to read – what is she teaching in the classroom when the door is closed?
    unfortunately “free speach” allows people express their moral depravity for all to read

    1. Luudes says:

      I am willing to bet that she was unable to teach her curriculum properly because she could barely find anyone willing to shut the hell up and learn. What’s sad is the good kids that DO care lose out because of the bad apples in class that just don’t let it happen. It doesn’t take much to disrupt a class, and nobody can touch them! I got the paddle at school, and that was a pretty good deterrent for any further bad behavior. Oh, and then I got that belt at home too – just to drive the point home.

      Today, I don’t think that happens so much. One ‘battered’ child can call saying ‘I am being abused’, which is soon followed up with a state inquiry. That pretty much ends any chance of decent punishment.

  148. dmac says:

    Natalie Munroe,at least we know that the school district lawyer aren’t smart,they need to fire their legal dept

  149. M says:

    I’m shocked by this news story, but I’m even more shocked by these comments. Where did all this teacher bashing come from? For those of you who are writing these horrible things, I have a couple of questions for you. Do you have kids? If no, then shut up. If yes, do you send your kids to school? If you do send your kids to school, then you are acknowledging that teachers are smarter and more qualified to prepare your child for life than you. So, please, stop saying all teachers are pathetic idiots unless you’re willing to educate them yourselves for eight hours a day.

    1. Pete says:

      You want me to shut up because I don’t have kids?? Fine, then i shouldn’t have to pay school taxes until I have kids in the school system!! Fair enough for ya??

      1. Maurice says:

        Well said. I love, love, love how these people have a million little ways to tell us all to shut up and that we’re not allowed to speak — the very free speech rights, by the way, they somehow twist to mean you should be able to denigrate the students you’re hired to teach without any consequences, much less an unkind word said about you!

    2. M Sucks says:

      M sucks.

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Thong too tight,sweetie?

    3. Maurice says:

      Teacher bashing? I’m sorry, let’s confine this to STUDENT bashing, is that it, hmmm? Bitter, miserable, abusive, rotten, nasty teachers like this deserve to be criticized. Teachers are not some kind of gods who are free from criticism.

    4. Jericho says:

      Wow, I think you’re a success since someone resorted to calling themselves “M Sucks.” I would only add that most of these comments miss your excellent point that if your kids are in school – despite your right to homeschool them – then they’ve already agreed that teachers know more than they do on the subject.

    5. TCSneak says:

      I have spent dozens and dozens of hours around teachers in training at Columbia’s Teacher’s College. I’d say about 50% of these future teachers are too immature and obviously ill-equipped emotionally to deal with children even when they graduate. That leaves 50% good eggs. If this is the % at an Ivy League school I can imagine what some of the other schools are turning out. The sad truth is a good percentage of teachers become teachers in the first place as a fall-back profession. It’s like Mr. Holland’s Opus the movie. Our society doesn’t respect the teaching profession hence we end up with subpar people going into it. Raise the requirements and the pay and this might change in time. Above all get rid of this crazy tenure system where idiots are kept on decades past their ability to teach.

  150. dmac says:

    Sara Begley, a Philadelphia-based employment lawyer, says image-conscious companies may be taken by surprise that the law protecting employees who want to discuss working conditions extends to social media sites, which can potentially be viewed by thousands or even millions of people.

  151. dmac says:

    The National Labor Relations Board sued the company last year, arguing the worker’s negative comments were protected speech under federal labor laws. The company claimed it fired the emergency medical technician because of complaints about her work.Under the settlement with the labor board, American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc. agreed to change its blogging and Internet policy that barred workers from disparaging the company or its supervisors. The company also will revise another policy that prohibited employees from depicting the company in any way over the Internet without permission.Both policies interfered with longstanding legal protections that allow workers to discuss wages, hours and working conditions with co-workers, the board said.

    1. Maurice says:

      That’s nice. It has nothing to do with this case. Kaythanksbye.

  152. dmac says:

    Employers should think twice before trying to restrict workers from talking about their jobs on Facebook or other social media.That’s the message the government sent on Monday as it settled a closely watched lawsuit against a Connecticut ambulance company that fired an employee after she went on Facebook to criticize her boss.And that was on Feb 7th 2011

  153. dmac says:

    Feds settle case of woman fired over Facebook site http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110208/ap_on_re_us/us_facebook_firing

  154. Farely Hardtke says:

    I hope she sues the school board into oblivion.

    1. Maurice says:

      For WHAT? Not firing her when they have every right to? Would you want your children taught by a hateful harpie like this? And you wonder why Johnny can’t read? Of course she should be fired! Just because you’re a teacher doesn’t make everything you do wonderful. Take your head out of your arse. This is how we end up with half the teachers raping the students.

  155. dmac says:

    they must have not read the law in Buck County,you can’t fire or suspend somebody for what they say on Facebook or a blog,the Court just ruled this week if I’m correct.I smell a lawsuit

    1. rab325 says:

      Yeah for what they say on facebook about they’re employer not the juvenile students she teaches. she wasn’t talking about the school district.

    2. Battlecarrot says:

      I smell SOMETHING.

  156. J says:

    Adults with a continuing, and evidently abiding, hatred of teachers are in desperate need of a therapist. Before reading these comments, I would have advocated for teachers being more honest to their students. Now I see just how irrational that can make a child for years to come – presumably this is the source of your otherwise unexplainable vitriol. I do apologize that some teacher put a “frowny” face on your social studies report in the eighth grade. I realize this is how you’ve been so soured on the field of education that you’ve resorted to posting anonymous internet comments. Conversely, a negative comment might have prevented you from graduating the eighth grade without being able to spell or use a period.
    I support this teacher’s right to free speech and I hope she continues to blog at her new job. She will have another job teaching, because the same kind of spineless administration that fired her here will be running the show in another district.

  157. No One Special says:

    Did she lie?

  158. Joe says:

    A life ago I sat in a car, one on one with 15,000 So Cal teens for 8 hours each while taking them on their very first 8 hours of driving a car o n the road. You could not imagine what I learned about 15,16,17 and some 18 year old’s after listening to these kids. You couldn’t ask for a better study on this age group than what I endured with all these kids from 33 high schools from three counties. I knew more about these kids than their parents, school counselor, teacher, priest, rabbi, hypnotist, uncle ,aunt, friend , lover, pet, scout master and on and on and believe me some of the kids she ranted about really exist. Many are pure evil.

    1. bob j says:

      Sorry to hear that because they will violently act out their evil as this country falls into further decay and amorality. That said, their self-absorbed parents are largely to blame for what they’ve spawned.

    2. bill t says:

      Those kids you mentioned will violently act out their evil as this country falls into further decay and amorality. That said, their self-absorbed parents are largely to blame for what they’ve spawned.

      1. Battlecarrot says:

        Dumb de Dumb Dumb ! Dumb de Dumb Dumb ! Dumb de Dumb Dumb,Dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmb !!!

    3. Battlecarrot says:

      Joe,they are immature,unformed people caught in the nether world between childhood and adulthood.They may appear to be perched on the edge of maturity but they are not.Their frontal lobes are still undergoing a pruning process so they intend to blurt out whatever inanity currently possesses them.They have poor impulse control and do not comprehend cause and effect in a meaningful way.
      One expects MUCH more from those who have chosen to be tasked with educating and desavaging them.Teaching is not a job it is a calling.Unfortunately in this case it seems that that call was answered by a person looking for a gig.
      I am not an apologist for the young as I cringe at of all the horrible contributions I personally made in giving a gentle teacher a nervous breakdown.No one however demonized me publicly and even in those olden days of unrelenting discipline,most adults realised they were dealing with incomplete,hormonally besotted people who really can complain of developmental temporary insanity.

      1. Joe says:

        Perhaps 8% I’d say were pure evil, another 10% were just evil and 75 % of the rest are clueless. The country is in grave danger.

  159. Battlecarrot says:

    I’ve noted the same thing.Save them before you submit as there appears to be a capture glitch.

  160. rotideqmr says:

    They should name her “teacher of the year” and Obama should give her a medal.

  161. Free America NOW! says:

    When legitimate means don’t work – persecute!
    Too bad we don’t get to see the ‘offending’ comments.
    Then this story could have some sense of reality.
    As it stands – I see some work for the ACLU and
    municipal court lawyers, resulting in millions for
    the English teacher and breaking the school system’s
    budget for a few years.

    1. Clarence says:

      Make sure you do a web scan to see who has added to her misery, loss, grief and what commercial interests/assets are held by those who slander her.

      1. Maurice says:

        hahahaha Oh, yes, let’s protect the teacher who slandered her students from all the people who…point out she was a hateful harpie slandering her students. She’s a stupid woman who hates kids. She has no business being in a classroom. Now she has her wish, hopefully, and never has to teach again — and in the Internet age, as you suggest, everyone will ALWAYS be able to Google her and see just what a rotten person she is.

    2. SmarterThanLibs says:

      It is NOT persecution to discipline a teacher for acting like one of her students. It is called ACCOUNTABILITY. BTW… it is WELL established that an employer has the right to discipline employees for things they do off duty if it effects their job. Writing things about her students certainly effects her job. Follow? I doubt it.

      1. Gibbs Bentley says:

        You can type in caps all you want and spout your diatribe but it changes nothing in respect as to whom the teacher’s lawyers could sue for slander and more. Your definition of anything means zero when it comes to litigation. But as you say .. follow?

      2. Ralphwaldo Emerson says:

        she was getting ready to write a fictional book , with no names, about what a teacher has to go through everyday, with ill prepared students, and parents who don’t care.

      3. Maurice says:

        I’m sorry, someone called this a “diatribe” which is all I need to hear. Yes, the label and the point that you overused the All Caps button totally wins the argument that this hateful harpie who is dumb to boot should not be teaching kids. Thanks.

  162. GT says:

    The last time I checked, teachers were suppose to behave like adults and set the example. There is no excuse for Munroe’s behavior. If she can’t handle the job as a professional (particularly since they demand to be paid like one), she needs to find another line of work.

    1. Agreed says:

      Finally, someone who doesn’t find the solution to “well children can bash teachers!” in allowing teachers to act like children also.

      1. Teachers have rights too says:

        In no way did this teacher act like a child. She never called out a specific student or parent. She simply wrote what she thought and that is her right as an American. Nothing in her contract took out her civil liberties. Pull your heads out of the PC lap and realize that she is an American Human Being! If some many of these kids today had parents that would parent rather than spend time bringing down a teacher who again, voiced her opinion in a NON SLANDEROUS way, she wouldn’t have written those comments in the first place.

    2. chuck says:

      figures, another idiot LIBERAL!

      Those kids need a good swift kick in the you know what!

      Getting too soft…..

      Time to regiment the kids, make them wear uniforms, and get them in line…
      Otherwise, you’ll have idiot adults just playing IPAD, IPOD, ITUNES, and games 24 hours a day that can’t make change… Let alone find a job, or work for a living….

      1. False says:

        If some many of these kids today had parents that would parent rather than spend time bringing down a teacher who again, voiced her opinion in a NON SLANDEROUS way, she wouldn’t have written those comments in the first place.

        You have no basis of that sentence. You’re just hoping so.
        Details weren’t even given. Presumptuous much?

  163. TellingItLikeItIs says:

    Science forbid that a teacher can be human and therefore be able to vent out their daily frustrations via a blog about kids who are either spoiled or outright disrespectful. Children are a cooperative endeavor. BOTH teachers and parents need to share responsibility. If you lay the sole burden of raising your child onto a teacher, you don’t deserve to have kids. Teachers put up with a lot. It’s bad enough they have administration running down their neck with teaching standards and protocol. They’re glorified babysitters nowadays. (Thanks NCLB!) When are they finally going to organize and say enough is enough? They need to take back their classroom. The world of education has become too standardized and PC.

  164. UnionsA1 says:

    Fact – teachers are the lower 1/3 of college graduates. What does that tell you?

    1. Gina says:

      Fact? I was the valedictorian of my college class and obtained my masters degree from an IVY league school with a 3.8 GPA. And I chose to work in a middle income private school. lower 1/3?

      1. JustSaying says:

        If you’re the same “effect” Gina, you’re the perfect example. Dismissed.

      2. LarrySpeier says:

        In what? Education? Not all teachers are pathetic but many are; I really think a significant portion are just teenagers who never wanted to grow up

      3. Blammo says:

        That makes you an idiot.

  165. BBub says:

    So, she hates students and knows they will be there. That obviously means she hates her job. She can wuit and try to make it in the private sector. Why doesn’t she get off the public trough and get a real job? Oh, I forgot, the union, benefits, works half a year. Doesn’t really do anything. Can;t really do anything.

  166. dirtydog1776 says:

    This teacher acted unprofessionally, but having been a school teacher for many years, I can understand her frustration at having to using the prepared comments provided by the school district. Too many parents and students behave in inappropriate ways but only the most innocuous statements can be made so people don’t feel “sad inside.” The truth is thrown aside in the name of political correctness.

  167. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    1. SmarterThanLibs says:

      “Free speach” DOES NOT mean free from consequences. It means free from government PROSECUTION for speech. She is not being put on criminal trial, she is feeling the CONSEQUENSES of acting like one of her students. I think you need to find a “government” teacher and talk with them a while…

      1. Boom says:

        Head of nail, meet hammer.

      2. Snake says:

        She shall win, because the 1st Adm is on her side. Thus, as long as she did not name students, she is well within her right to post any thing she desires. So you can attempt to say she was out of line but considered these points
        1. Her blog was not from the school – it was a private blog
        2. Her time is her time,
        3. Free Speech and the Constitution is still in effect.
        4. A very similar case occurred last week in another state and now the school board is attempting to back track because of the Constitution.
        5. She shall win and I only wish the parents who have their panties in a bunch, will realize maybe it is their children who are the cause of these things.

        Try to have a very pleasant day.

      3. marigolds says:

        Her employer is a government agency. First amendment protections do apply, because the personnel action against her is a government action.
        The real question here is whether or not the school district had a social media policy that was in place before her blog was posted a year ago.

  168. Horace says:

    It’s telling that the parents are upset and she never mentioned anyone’s name. That tells me that the parents themselves know what kids are a problem. They transfer the guilt of their lack of parenting onto the teacher, attack her and then demand action. Classic behavior of a guilty parent that knows their kid is a mess.

    I support the teacher 100%


    1. Lisa says:

      Amen! Classic behavior for parents.

    2. vivian darby says:

      You’re incompetent. I’m a student at CB East and I don’t even have her but I know how much of a witch this lady was.Take a walk a day in our shoes before you judge.

      1. Katie Hauber says:

        i did walk in ur shoes and i can tell u that 2/3’s of that school are nothing but overindulged spoiled brats w. too much time and not enough responsiblies in life the things that she wanted to say most likly ALL fit everyone of the kids that she was thinking them of walk a mile in her shoes before u judge. and really what did it hurt to say something about no name this and no name that like you have never said something behind someones back. Think before u speak too.

      2. vivian darby says:

        I will 150% disagree with you 2/3’s of my school is spoiled overindulged brats. You have no idea, do/did you go to east? do you know the students? no I don’t think you do. I would apologize that my parents work harder then you but that would just waste a breathe. good riddance Katie Hauber.

      3. tideandtime says:

        Katie – did u drob owt uv skool in the 3ird grayde? How about you learn English before you open your yap? What’s amazing is apparently how many unqualified and bitter teachers there are out there, apparently under the illusion that no one else has to deal with problem people at work or put in extra hours or be constrained by standards and accountability and watched over by a boss. Sounds to me like the spoiled brats are the teachers.

      4. Battlecarrot says:

        R u a teecher 2 Katie?Me 2!Hyuck!

    3. Yourepresumptious says:

      You got all that out of parents being upset about a teacher, who ALLOWS herself to be in a position that requires interaction with children, is cussing faceless children out on a public blog?
      I don’t even have children at that school and I think it was unprofessional and a problem. So there goes your point.
      But, playing it your way… if my kid’s a problem, I want him or her being taught by someone who is more willing to communicate that with me, the parent, and be more solution-oriented as opposed to rude and critical. But I guess that makes me a terrible parent. Sheesh.

      1. Teachers have rights too says:

        So the teacher needs to spend “special time” working with you, the parent, and “special time” with your special child, while spending “special time” with other special parents and students…. leaving just how much time working with non special kids and non special students, let alone finding time for them self. Yeah… It wasn’t so long ago when paddles were used for special students… Or just being simply left behind. But then again, those where the days when we had higher test scores and parents who took SOLE ownership of their children…

    4. mesohoney says:

      uuum did the parents write the unprofessional blog? Didn’t think so – talk about transferring guilt – get a grip you two…

  169. Rystofer says:

    What happened to this teachers first amendment rights. I cant believe this. Awww, did someone get their feelings hurt. I hate to tell you this, but its called freedom for a reason. I am so sick of not ambiguous but crystal clear violations from people, administrators, teachers and colleagues or what ever you want to call them, that need to go back to school themselves and learn a little Constitution. Teachers talk the talk but when a teacher expresses their opinion about the latch key, undisciplined kids people raise these days. And what they say goes against the tenured tyranny we call education, they want the axe to swing. The administrators, teachers, parents and the students need to remind themselves what makes this country great. Stop protecting their feelings and start protecting everyones rights.

    1. hohothemistletoe says:

      wow, entirely non cogent rant – good job c-extra credit if you can identify your supposed point.

    2. SmarterThanLibs says:

      Rystofer, the first Aamendment says NOTHING about getting disciplined by your employer for saying something stupid. The first Amendment talks about being free from GOVERNMENTAL PROSECUTION for saying something. It is about not CRIMINALIZING speech, not making people free from consequences. I think you need to go back to school yourslef….

      1. marigolds says:

        “The first Amendment says NOTHING about getting disciplined by your employer for saying something stupid.”
        It does when your employer is a government agency.

  170. Battlecarrot says:

    If SHE could be identified,ergo,so could her students.Not individually but collectively.Libel and calumny still apply.Say goodbye toots;your immature blogging has cost you your job and perhaps your profession.If I was the parent of one of her students I would demand that she not teach my child simply because of a lack of impulse control and an inability to consider personal repercussions to poor choice making.

  171. Areyulistening says:

    This is all a bunch of baloney. If students can trash teachers (by name) on “Ratemy teacher.com” or “Rate My Professor .com” The same should be allowed for teachers to rate their students via the same forum.. These teacher trashing tykes need to learn a lesson in civility. I have seen the best of educators totally humiliated online by worthless ignoramus students. If people don’t like it then ban the “ratemyteacher.com” web sites. They’re worthless and serve no good purpose whatsoever.

    1. Seriously says:

      My gosh, I hope you’re not a teacher.

      You just said it’s wrong, and kids should be taught a lesson for doing it…but the solution is to allow teachers to as well??

      Please, for the sake of our world, stay away from any profession regarding influential matters.

      1. Areyulistening says:

        “My gosh” Ohhhmy…ohhh my gosh….Seriously you sound like one of those namby-pamby coddling liberals. You’re part of the problem. What our educational system needs is more discipline and less the likes of you. “For the sake of our world” please stay in Disney World and don’t go near our kids.

  172. Observer says:

    She’s an English teacher and she never heard of a pseudonym? She should be fired on those grounds alone.

    1. HarryS says:


  173. San Diego Steve says:

    If she does not like kids and, especially, dislikes her students, it is hard to understand why she is a teacher. She should find a new occupation. Perhaps the school district will accomplish this for her.

  174. Perseus317 says:

    It probably wasn’t the brightest thing to do, but I do agree that, if the teacher didn’t identify particular students, she probably has the right to “vent”. Unfortunately, the students and parents know who she is, and probably think she is talking about t hem (which quite possibly could be true.) That becomes harmful to the teacher-student relationship, and ruins her effectiveness as a teacher. As a retired teacher with over 30 years experience, I can understand the frustrations of the job, but as much as you would like to say certain things to certain people, common sense dictates that you hold your tongue, and keep your thoughts to yourself.

  175. Patti says:

    One of the most cherished teachers I had knew to praise students in public and to criticize in private away from the ears of anyone else. She just set herself up to get in trouble, amazing how someone with a college degree can be so stupid.

    1. carla says:


  176. Dorothy Kuns says:

    I don’t think it was a constitutional matter, but more of a teacher’s role model responsibilities. It’s not like she was a hair dresser or a pipe layer; they are hard workers and to be commended for their work, but not role models. A teacher’s position requires common sense and an understanding of what is expected from them, in terms of their position. No-one expects a teacher, a shaper of young minds, to “go off” on her students. If she wants to vent, she should have picked up the phone and called a friend or relative. What she did was wrong and demonstrates how far down America has fallen in the scheme of the world’s education values and teacher’s behavior.

  177. Phil Chroniger says:

    If she does not name names, name the school, or do anything else to denote who she is speaking of, this may be more of a revealing look at how your kids are really doing in the eyes of teachers. She felt she needed to vent, and wanted to let people know that this is how teachers really feel…so long as she doesn’t throw anyone under the bus or name names, I think she is permitted to do so.

    Isn’t the use of psuedonyms, false names, aliases, and pronouns a common aspect of many books about topics like these, anyway?

  178. indie says:

    Another immature, unprofessional teacher who thinks she’s still in high school and can behave worse than the kids she teaches and get away with it. Sadly, there are tons of teachers out there today like this one.

    1. Lisa says:

      “there are tons of teachers out there today like this one”.. Really?? I have been a teacher for 28 years and don’t know any like this.

      1. fred says:

        Huh I have been a student in 4 colleges and have run into plenty of them. My father was a teacher for 34 years and I saw plenty – maybe being teacher has blinded you to the faults of your own kind.

      2. Battlecarrot says:

        Fred you’re giving something away in your post,dude.Careful.It is ill advised to attempt a driveby smearing of an entire group of people period let alone without any but your own very suspect annecdotal evidence(Four colleges-good Lord,why???) It generally indicates unfounded personal bigotry,and dismissal from serious consideration.Did you attend the Nyah Nyah College(s) of Bumph and Obfuscation?.

  179. Gina says:

    Also agree. As a teacher, I’m continually frustrated to find out that students can freely trash us (usually unjustly) on sites like ratemyteachers.com just because they got an 85 on a test instead of a 95. Their unthoughtful trashing effects not only my image, but the image of the private school I work for – THEREFORE effecting the quality of student looking to come to/stay at our school!

    1. Gloria says:

      Er, that would be “affects,” not “effects.”

      1. LarryS says:

        That’s what a masters degree in education from an IVY league school brings you….her thesis professor couldn’t spell either

    2. hihgpolar says:


    3. jd says:

      It’s “affects,” genius. No doubt you’re an English teacher.

    4. KM says:

      For the sake of free speech.. she shouldn’t be fired, but at this point it doesn’t matter since the parents are aware of it.
      Imagine what the school is dealing with now…parents will be calling requesting removal from her class. Her image is completely damaged. And you can’t really blame parents for not wanting their kid to be in a class where a teacher is foolish enough to openly spit vulgarities towards her students, name-drops or not. So yes, teachers are entitled to their opinions, but when you publicize them, you better be ready for consequences. Parents are also entitled to their opinions and if their opinion is “I don’t want my kid in her class” they will be going to the district….she represents the school she works for, and has compromised the image of that school.

      You’re frustrated the kids say mean things but this happens when a teacher retaliates? Should you be teaching? Did you not know that kids will be childish before you got into teaching? No fair, schools should allow you to stoop to their levels? Yikes, I wouldn’t look into your private school either.

    5. Battlecarrot says:

      I hope you are not an english teacher.What’s YOUR rating?Luckily you had sense enough not to publish your last name.

    6. JR says:

      Grow up. You’re supposed to have an adult attitude, not the same one as the children that you teach.

  180. Dorothy Kuns says:

    If you don’t want your unintelligent comments read, then don’t post them. Assume EVERYONE will read it before posting. Then, wait until the next day and see if you still want to post your comments. More people get into trouble and lose their jobs over ill thought out posts.

  181. Annabel says:

    I totally agree with Razzle. Teachers don’t give up their civil rights just because they teach. She didn’t name the students and has as much right as anyone else to have free speech.

    1. walter says:

      That’s baloney. If a boss said derogatory things about their employees in general, they’d be canned. This woman should be as well.

    2. Kazooskibum says:

      She wasn’t fired for her speech. She was fired because she hates children and has poor judgment. Her job is to help the kids, not belittle them.

    3. Josh says:

      The constitution says that congress should make no law baring free speech. It doesn’t say that the practice of free speech is without personal or professional consequence.

      1. marie says:

        ::What Josh said:: though I don’t really see what she did as something admirable but, makes sense…Many rights come with consequences if they are not carried out a certain way.

  182. Razzle says:

    If she didn’t name students, then isn’t it free speech. Students are allowed to express their opinions online, but teachers aren’t permitted. Perhaps she should have used common sense, but she is still entitled to her opinion.

    1. Maurice says:

      She’s entitled to speak. Nobody questions that. However, the right to free speech doesn’t mean there are no consequences to what you say. You do understand that, don’t you? For example, would you not expect that if you went online and published that you hate teaching all the black and Jewish and Hispanic kids in your class, that you’d be fired? Sure. That’d be free speech, too, but there’d be a racial component, so they’d run the teacher out on a rail. She was STUPID. She’s too dumb to teach kids, never mind too nasty. On the grounds of dumbness alone, she should be fired. Get a competent teacher in there who’s not a burned out husk.

Comments are closed.

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