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Bucks Co. Teacher Suspended Over Blog About Students

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – This is a clear case of what happens online, stays online.

The Central Bucks School District has suspended a high school English teacher after parents complained to administrators about her blog in which she railed on her students for more than a year.

Phrases on the blog include; “Frightfully dim,” “Rat-like,” “Am concerned your kid is going to open fire on the school,” “I hate your kid,” and “Seems smarter than she actually is.”

Those are the words of teacher Natalie Munroe, according to the Central Bucks School District.

School district spokeswoman Carol Counihan says Munroe admitted to writing the blog.

“I think she should be fired. Hopefully that is what will happen,” said parent Wendy Yazujian.

Munroe reportedly wrote the rant, and others like it, a year or more ago.

Watch the video…

Sources say a parent, who saw the blog and recently posted her words on their Facebook page, called school officials to complain. The district says Munroe, who started teaching at the high school in 2006, has been suspended pending an investigation.

“I thought she was smarter than that, to put that on the internet for everyone to see that and let her kids read that,” said student Shannon Carroll.

“It’s hard to know that you sat in her class for an hour and a half a day and for her to feel that way it is like, it is an awful feeling,” student Alli Woloshyn said.

In a post from January of last year, Munroe talks about some of the comments she would like to write about her students on their report cards in place of what she calls the “canned comments” which are provided by the school district.

The comments include “lazy,” “sneaky” and “rude.”

“For a teacher to be like that is just beyond me. Why would you be with children if you are feeling that negative about everything they do? Basically she was bashing all the kids,” said Kelly Woloshyn a parent.

When approached for comment, Munroe directed Eyewitness News to speak to her attorney. Munroe’s lawyer did not immediately return phone calls.

The blog has since been shut down.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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  • Battlecarrot

    I’ve noted the same thing.Save them before you submit as there appears to be a capture glitch.

  • rotideqmr

    They should name her “teacher of the year” and Obama should give her a medal.

  • Free America NOW!

    When legitimate means don’t work – persecute!
    Too bad we don’t get to see the ‘offending’ comments.
    Then this story could have some sense of reality.
    As it stands – I see some work for the ACLU and
    municipal court lawyers, resulting in millions for
    the English teacher and breaking the school system’s
    budget for a few years.

    • Clarence

      Make sure you do a web scan to see who has added to her misery, loss, grief and what commercial interests/assets are held by those who slander her.

      • Maurice

        hahahaha Oh, yes, let’s protect the teacher who slandered her students from all the people who…point out she was a hateful harpie slandering her students. She’s a stupid woman who hates kids. She has no business being in a classroom. Now she has her wish, hopefully, and never has to teach again — and in the Internet age, as you suggest, everyone will ALWAYS be able to Google her and see just what a rotten person she is.

    • SmarterThanLibs

      It is NOT persecution to discipline a teacher for acting like one of her students. It is called ACCOUNTABILITY. BTW… it is WELL established that an employer has the right to discipline employees for things they do off duty if it effects their job. Writing things about her students certainly effects her job. Follow? I doubt it.

      • Gibbs Bentley

        You can type in caps all you want and spout your diatribe but it changes nothing in respect as to whom the teacher’s lawyers could sue for slander and more. Your definition of anything means zero when it comes to litigation. But as you say .. follow?

      • Ralphwaldo Emerson

        she was getting ready to write a fictional book , with no names, about what a teacher has to go through everyday, with ill prepared students, and parents who don’t care.

      • Maurice

        I’m sorry, someone called this a “diatribe” which is all I need to hear. Yes, the label and the point that you overused the All Caps button totally wins the argument that this hateful harpie who is dumb to boot should not be teaching kids. Thanks.

  • GT

    The last time I checked, teachers were suppose to behave like adults and set the example. There is no excuse for Munroe’s behavior. If she can’t handle the job as a professional (particularly since they demand to be paid like one), she needs to find another line of work.

    • Agreed

      Finally, someone who doesn’t find the solution to “well children can bash teachers!” in allowing teachers to act like children also.

      • Teachers have rights too

        In no way did this teacher act like a child. She never called out a specific student or parent. She simply wrote what she thought and that is her right as an American. Nothing in her contract took out her civil liberties. Pull your heads out of the PC lap and realize that she is an American Human Being! If some many of these kids today had parents that would parent rather than spend time bringing down a teacher who again, voiced her opinion in a NON SLANDEROUS way, she wouldn’t have written those comments in the first place.

    • chuck

      figures, another idiot LIBERAL!

      Those kids need a good swift kick in the you know what!

      Getting too soft…..

      Time to regiment the kids, make them wear uniforms, and get them in line…
      Otherwise, you’ll have idiot adults just playing IPAD, IPOD, ITUNES, and games 24 hours a day that can’t make change… Let alone find a job, or work for a living….

      • False

        If some many of these kids today had parents that would parent rather than spend time bringing down a teacher who again, voiced her opinion in a NON SLANDEROUS way, she wouldn’t have written those comments in the first place.

        You have no basis of that sentence. You’re just hoping so.
        Details weren’t even given. Presumptuous much?

  • TellingItLikeItIs

    Science forbid that a teacher can be human and therefore be able to vent out their daily frustrations via a blog about kids who are either spoiled or outright disrespectful. Children are a cooperative endeavor. BOTH teachers and parents need to share responsibility. If you lay the sole burden of raising your child onto a teacher, you don’t deserve to have kids. Teachers put up with a lot. It’s bad enough they have administration running down their neck with teaching standards and protocol. They’re glorified babysitters nowadays. (Thanks NCLB!) When are they finally going to organize and say enough is enough? They need to take back their classroom. The world of education has become too standardized and PC.

  • UnionsA1

    Fact – teachers are the lower 1/3 of college graduates. What does that tell you?

    • Gina

      Fact? I was the valedictorian of my college class and obtained my masters degree from an IVY league school with a 3.8 GPA. And I chose to work in a middle income private school. lower 1/3?

      • JustSaying

        If you’re the same “effect” Gina, you’re the perfect example. Dismissed.

      • LarrySpeier

        In what? Education? Not all teachers are pathetic but many are; I really think a significant portion are just teenagers who never wanted to grow up

      • Blammo

        That makes you an idiot.

  • BBub

    So, she hates students and knows they will be there. That obviously means she hates her job. She can wuit and try to make it in the private sector. Why doesn’t she get off the public trough and get a real job? Oh, I forgot, the union, benefits, works half a year. Doesn’t really do anything. Can;t really do anything.

  • dirtydog1776

    This teacher acted unprofessionally, but having been a school teacher for many years, I can understand her frustration at having to using the prepared comments provided by the school district. Too many parents and students behave in inappropriate ways but only the most innocuous statements can be made so people don’t feel “sad inside.” The truth is thrown aside in the name of political correctness.

  • Hank Warren

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    • SmarterThanLibs

      “Free speach” DOES NOT mean free from consequences. It means free from government PROSECUTION for speech. She is not being put on criminal trial, she is feeling the CONSEQUENSES of acting like one of her students. I think you need to find a “government” teacher and talk with them a while…

      • Boom

        Head of nail, meet hammer.

      • Snake

        She shall win, because the 1st Adm is on her side. Thus, as long as she did not name students, she is well within her right to post any thing she desires. So you can attempt to say she was out of line but considered these points
        1. Her blog was not from the school – it was a private blog
        2. Her time is her time,
        3. Free Speech and the Constitution is still in effect.
        4. A very similar case occurred last week in another state and now the school board is attempting to back track because of the Constitution.
        5. She shall win and I only wish the parents who have their panties in a bunch, will realize maybe it is their children who are the cause of these things.

        Try to have a very pleasant day.

      • marigolds

        Her employer is a government agency. First amendment protections do apply, because the personnel action against her is a government action.
        The real question here is whether or not the school district had a social media policy that was in place before her blog was posted a year ago.

  • Horace

    It’s telling that the parents are upset and she never mentioned anyone’s name. That tells me that the parents themselves know what kids are a problem. They transfer the guilt of their lack of parenting onto the teacher, attack her and then demand action. Classic behavior of a guilty parent that knows their kid is a mess.

    I support the teacher 100%

    • Lisa

      Amen! Classic behavior for parents.

    • vivian darby

      You’re incompetent. I’m a student at CB East and I don’t even have her but I know how much of a witch this lady was.Take a walk a day in our shoes before you judge.

      • Katie Hauber

        i did walk in ur shoes and i can tell u that 2/3’s of that school are nothing but overindulged spoiled brats w. too much time and not enough responsiblies in life the things that she wanted to say most likly ALL fit everyone of the kids that she was thinking them of walk a mile in her shoes before u judge. and really what did it hurt to say something about no name this and no name that like you have never said something behind someones back. Think before u speak too.

      • vivian darby

        I will 150% disagree with you 2/3’s of my school is spoiled overindulged brats. You have no idea, do/did you go to east? do you know the students? no I don’t think you do. I would apologize that my parents work harder then you but that would just waste a breathe. good riddance Katie Hauber.

      • tideandtime

        Katie – did u drob owt uv skool in the 3ird grayde? How about you learn English before you open your yap? What’s amazing is apparently how many unqualified and bitter teachers there are out there, apparently under the illusion that no one else has to deal with problem people at work or put in extra hours or be constrained by standards and accountability and watched over by a boss. Sounds to me like the spoiled brats are the teachers.

      • Battlecarrot

        R u a teecher 2 Katie?Me 2!Hyuck!

    • Yourepresumptious

      You got all that out of parents being upset about a teacher, who ALLOWS herself to be in a position that requires interaction with children, is cussing faceless children out on a public blog?
      I don’t even have children at that school and I think it was unprofessional and a problem. So there goes your point.
      But, playing it your way… if my kid’s a problem, I want him or her being taught by someone who is more willing to communicate that with me, the parent, and be more solution-oriented as opposed to rude and critical. But I guess that makes me a terrible parent. Sheesh.

      • Teachers have rights too

        So the teacher needs to spend “special time” working with you, the parent, and “special time” with your special child, while spending “special time” with other special parents and students…. leaving just how much time working with non special kids and non special students, let alone finding time for them self. Yeah… It wasn’t so long ago when paddles were used for special students… Or just being simply left behind. But then again, those where the days when we had higher test scores and parents who took SOLE ownership of their children…

    • mesohoney

      uuum did the parents write the unprofessional blog? Didn’t think so – talk about transferring guilt – get a grip you two…

  • Rystofer

    What happened to this teachers first amendment rights. I cant believe this. Awww, did someone get their feelings hurt. I hate to tell you this, but its called freedom for a reason. I am so sick of not ambiguous but crystal clear violations from people, administrators, teachers and colleagues or what ever you want to call them, that need to go back to school themselves and learn a little Constitution. Teachers talk the talk but when a teacher expresses their opinion about the latch key, undisciplined kids people raise these days. And what they say goes against the tenured tyranny we call education, they want the axe to swing. The administrators, teachers, parents and the students need to remind themselves what makes this country great. Stop protecting their feelings and start protecting everyones rights.

    • hohothemistletoe

      wow, entirely non cogent rant – good job c-extra credit if you can identify your supposed point.

    • SmarterThanLibs

      Rystofer, the first Aamendment says NOTHING about getting disciplined by your employer for saying something stupid. The first Amendment talks about being free from GOVERNMENTAL PROSECUTION for saying something. It is about not CRIMINALIZING speech, not making people free from consequences. I think you need to go back to school yourslef….

      • marigolds

        “The first Amendment says NOTHING about getting disciplined by your employer for saying something stupid.”
        It does when your employer is a government agency.

  • Battlecarrot

    If SHE could be identified,ergo,so could her students.Not individually but collectively.Libel and calumny still apply.Say goodbye toots;your immature blogging has cost you your job and perhaps your profession.If I was the parent of one of her students I would demand that she not teach my child simply because of a lack of impulse control and an inability to consider personal repercussions to poor choice making.

  • Areyulistening

    This is all a bunch of baloney. If students can trash teachers (by name) on “Ratemy” or “Rate My Professor .com” The same should be allowed for teachers to rate their students via the same forum.. These teacher trashing tykes need to learn a lesson in civility. I have seen the best of educators totally humiliated online by worthless ignoramus students. If people don’t like it then ban the “” web sites. They’re worthless and serve no good purpose whatsoever.

    • Seriously

      My gosh, I hope you’re not a teacher.

      You just said it’s wrong, and kids should be taught a lesson for doing it…but the solution is to allow teachers to as well??

      Please, for the sake of our world, stay away from any profession regarding influential matters.

      • Areyulistening

        “My gosh” Ohhhmy…ohhh my gosh….Seriously you sound like one of those namby-pamby coddling liberals. You’re part of the problem. What our educational system needs is more discipline and less the likes of you. “For the sake of our world” please stay in Disney World and don’t go near our kids.

  • Observer

    She’s an English teacher and she never heard of a pseudonym? She should be fired on those grounds alone.

    • HarryS


  • San Diego Steve

    If she does not like kids and, especially, dislikes her students, it is hard to understand why she is a teacher. She should find a new occupation. Perhaps the school district will accomplish this for her.

  • Perseus317

    It probably wasn’t the brightest thing to do, but I do agree that, if the teacher didn’t identify particular students, she probably has the right to “vent”. Unfortunately, the students and parents know who she is, and probably think she is talking about t hem (which quite possibly could be true.) That becomes harmful to the teacher-student relationship, and ruins her effectiveness as a teacher. As a retired teacher with over 30 years experience, I can understand the frustrations of the job, but as much as you would like to say certain things to certain people, common sense dictates that you hold your tongue, and keep your thoughts to yourself.

  • Patti

    One of the most cherished teachers I had knew to praise students in public and to criticize in private away from the ears of anyone else. She just set herself up to get in trouble, amazing how someone with a college degree can be so stupid.

    • carla


  • Dorothy Kuns

    I don’t think it was a constitutional matter, but more of a teacher’s role model responsibilities. It’s not like she was a hair dresser or a pipe layer; they are hard workers and to be commended for their work, but not role models. A teacher’s position requires common sense and an understanding of what is expected from them, in terms of their position. No-one expects a teacher, a shaper of young minds, to “go off” on her students. If she wants to vent, she should have picked up the phone and called a friend or relative. What she did was wrong and demonstrates how far down America has fallen in the scheme of the world’s education values and teacher’s behavior.

  • Phil Chroniger

    If she does not name names, name the school, or do anything else to denote who she is speaking of, this may be more of a revealing look at how your kids are really doing in the eyes of teachers. She felt she needed to vent, and wanted to let people know that this is how teachers really feel…so long as she doesn’t throw anyone under the bus or name names, I think she is permitted to do so.

    Isn’t the use of psuedonyms, false names, aliases, and pronouns a common aspect of many books about topics like these, anyway?

  • Bucks Schoolteacher Suspended Over Blog About Students « CBS Philly « Doctoral Bliss

    […] Bucks Schoolteacher Suspended Over Blog About Students « CBS Philly. […]

  • indie

    Another immature, unprofessional teacher who thinks she’s still in high school and can behave worse than the kids she teaches and get away with it. Sadly, there are tons of teachers out there today like this one.

    • Lisa

      “there are tons of teachers out there today like this one”.. Really?? I have been a teacher for 28 years and don’t know any like this.

      • fred

        Huh I have been a student in 4 colleges and have run into plenty of them. My father was a teacher for 34 years and I saw plenty – maybe being teacher has blinded you to the faults of your own kind.

      • Battlecarrot

        Fred you’re giving something away in your post,dude.Careful.It is ill advised to attempt a driveby smearing of an entire group of people period let alone without any but your own very suspect annecdotal evidence(Four colleges-good Lord,why???) It generally indicates unfounded personal bigotry,and dismissal from serious consideration.Did you attend the Nyah Nyah College(s) of Bumph and Obfuscation?.

  • Gina

    Also agree. As a teacher, I’m continually frustrated to find out that students can freely trash us (usually unjustly) on sites like just because they got an 85 on a test instead of a 95. Their unthoughtful trashing effects not only my image, but the image of the private school I work for – THEREFORE effecting the quality of student looking to come to/stay at our school!

    • Gloria

      Er, that would be “affects,” not “effects.”

      • LarryS

        That’s what a masters degree in education from an IVY league school brings you….her thesis professor couldn’t spell either

    • hihgpolar


    • jd

      It’s “affects,” genius. No doubt you’re an English teacher.

    • KM

      For the sake of free speech.. she shouldn’t be fired, but at this point it doesn’t matter since the parents are aware of it.
      Imagine what the school is dealing with now…parents will be calling requesting removal from her class. Her image is completely damaged. And you can’t really blame parents for not wanting their kid to be in a class where a teacher is foolish enough to openly spit vulgarities towards her students, name-drops or not. So yes, teachers are entitled to their opinions, but when you publicize them, you better be ready for consequences. Parents are also entitled to their opinions and if their opinion is “I don’t want my kid in her class” they will be going to the district….she represents the school she works for, and has compromised the image of that school.

      You’re frustrated the kids say mean things but this happens when a teacher retaliates? Should you be teaching? Did you not know that kids will be childish before you got into teaching? No fair, schools should allow you to stoop to their levels? Yikes, I wouldn’t look into your private school either.

    • Battlecarrot

      I hope you are not an english teacher.What’s YOUR rating?Luckily you had sense enough not to publish your last name.

    • JR

      Grow up. You’re supposed to have an adult attitude, not the same one as the children that you teach.

  • Dorothy Kuns

    If you don’t want your unintelligent comments read, then don’t post them. Assume EVERYONE will read it before posting. Then, wait until the next day and see if you still want to post your comments. More people get into trouble and lose their jobs over ill thought out posts.

  • Annabel

    I totally agree with Razzle. Teachers don’t give up their civil rights just because they teach. She didn’t name the students and has as much right as anyone else to have free speech.

    • walter

      That’s baloney. If a boss said derogatory things about their employees in general, they’d be canned. This woman should be as well.

    • Kazooskibum

      She wasn’t fired for her speech. She was fired because she hates children and has poor judgment. Her job is to help the kids, not belittle them.

    • Josh

      The constitution says that congress should make no law baring free speech. It doesn’t say that the practice of free speech is without personal or professional consequence.

      • marie

        ::What Josh said:: though I don’t really see what she did as something admirable but, makes sense…Many rights come with consequences if they are not carried out a certain way.

  • Razzle

    If she didn’t name students, then isn’t it free speech. Students are allowed to express their opinions online, but teachers aren’t permitted. Perhaps she should have used common sense, but she is still entitled to her opinion.

    • Maurice

      She’s entitled to speak. Nobody questions that. However, the right to free speech doesn’t mean there are no consequences to what you say. You do understand that, don’t you? For example, would you not expect that if you went online and published that you hate teaching all the black and Jewish and Hispanic kids in your class, that you’d be fired? Sure. That’d be free speech, too, but there’d be a racial component, so they’d run the teacher out on a rail. She was STUPID. She’s too dumb to teach kids, never mind too nasty. On the grounds of dumbness alone, she should be fired. Get a competent teacher in there who’s not a burned out husk.

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