Abington Citizens Push For Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

ABINGTON, Pa. (CBS) – A newly formed group of citizens in Abington say they will continue to put pressure on the Board of Commissioners until they pass an anti-discrimination measure.

The board is expected to provide the community with an update on its efforts at tomorrow night’s meeting. The board shot down an ordinance last month and less than a week later, the group Abington Against Discrimination and Defamation of ADD was formed.

Co-founder Theresa Keenan-Flite says they remain optimistic that an ordinance will be passed.

“The citizens were shocked that something like this wouldn’t pass in our township,” she said. “We always consider our township to be really ahead of the curve in working against discrimination, so everyone was really surprised that this would have gotten voted down.”

Some of the commissioners were concerned about specific language in the ordinance and now there seems to be some disagreement over whether a human relations commission would be formed to handle any complaints particularly against gay, lesbian and transgendered persons.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio

  • Bill S.

    There are already federal and state laws that deal with any kind of discrimination. So whats the agenda behind this so called special discrimination?

    • Theresa Keenan-flite

      There is no federal or state laws protecting people are are LGBT.

  • Lynn Bennethum

    So when did it become okay to discriminate? Who decides who gets treated like a second class citizen? To me, discrimination = HATE. You hate us because of who we love! From what I understand about you haters, all you have to do is ask God for forgiveness everyday and then you’re free to discriminate again. Please somebody, explain to me when, and why it is okay to discriminate.
    When our lives are over, will God judge me for loving, or you for hating?

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