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Dallas Mayor Disavows ‘Key’ Presentation To Michael Vick

DALLAS (AP) — The Mayor of Dallas says he did not sanction giving Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick a “key to the city.”

Vick won The Associated Press Comeback Player of the Year award this past season, his second in the NFL since serving 18 months in prison for operating a dogfighting operation.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway presented the key at a ceremony in Dallas last week.

In a statement issued Monday, Mayor Tom Leppert distanced himself from the gift.

“The action taken was not sanctioned by my office and was not an official ceremonial honor on behalf of the city of Dallas,” he said.

He said “official keys to the city” are presented by the mayor or an elected official designated by the mayor and are reserved for “an elected official of international status.”

“Clearly, this was not the case in this situation and one without my knowledge or approval,” he said.

In his own statement, Caraway said the key was “ceremonial.”

“These ceremonial gifts are different from the official keys to the city presented by the mayor,” he said.

As for honoring a convicted felon, Caraway said, “I care deeply about animals” and “am deeply sorry to offend anyone who loves animals.”

He acknowledged Vick’s past but noted that “since making some bad choices, Michael Vick has devoted time to speaking to children about staying in school staying away from drugs, making positive choices about picking friends and the importance of education. That was the focus of the event.”

Leppert said he has asked the city manager to “propose guidelines to prevent this situation in the future. Caraway said he would “welcome a clarification of the guidelines.”

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  • Stine

    Dwaine Caraway only gave Vick the “keys” because they have something in common. They are both dirt bags.

    • Marla Jean

      Dallas government is full of them.

  • Gavrick

    I hear he was only interested in the key to the animal shelter.

  • mongo

    just think, if he never got caught he would still be killing dogs

    • mollymac

      He admitted that! He actually stated that he would still be doing it if he hadn’t been caught. He is a creep of the lowest variety. Thankfully, 90 % of the posters are compassionate people; there are a few who support MV. They can have him.

  • mike

    Does that key open up the city dog pound?

  • dave s

    Why not priase the act of speaking to children and not praise the person with all the baggage. Support positve behaviors and not fully endorsing the “man” would be more politically astute.

    • Marla Jean

      You can’t separate the two. Michael Vick is still the same sociopath he was before he got caught. People who torture dogs and laugh at their suffering do not change overnight. I don’t care about his positive actions. He should be out of the public eye and receiving psychiatric treatment. If he were truly sorry for what he did, he would be ashamed to show his face in public. He just wants to get back into football and make big money. And our narcissistic culture is only too willing to let him do that.

  • debbie hale

    Where’s your outrage about abortion and CPS giving kids back to parents that neglect and abuse them?

    • howie

      I’m sure people are upset about that also. What you are doing is trying to divert the focus onto something else. It is a sophmoric effort at best. This discussion is about Caraway and Vick, not abortion and CPS.

      • VulpesRex

        The problem many of us have is that the more rational members of society can clearly see the hypocrisy of wanting Michael Vick dead for killing a few dogs, but believing that abortion on demand is just fine and dandy. And lets face it… The stronger one’s opinions on animal rights, the further left on the political spectrum one’s political opinions tend to be.

        Logically, the stronger and more hateful the comment about Vick, the more likely one is to be a loony moonbat, and consequently, the more likely one is to believe in a woman’s right to murder her baby. The logic involved is really not all that difficult… Oh wait, that’s right, moonbats are logic-challenged, aren’t they?

      • herb

        Don’t let logic get in the way of stupidity, howie

  • thrasher

    Sigh…………They really, truly couldn’t find anybody more deserving than Vick?????

    I mean, he was punished and served time for his crime, but he was the best citizen they could find for this honor??????

    • Marla Jean

      Take my word for it that Dallas government is filled with people who care about little else than blaming everything that happens on race, and the rest of the time they are investigating one another for corruption. So you really cannot expect much from them.

  • mongo

    in return vick presented his key to his jail cell





  • m e brooks

    Michael Vick’s crimes were too heinous for him to be given this honor. I mean he killed and ate all those babies!!! You idiots in Dallas deserve him. I hope he opens a day care in Dallas and eats your babies too!! No justice!

  • Paul

    Insane, this POS needs be put in prison and the key thrown away.

    • Lara

      You are correct in that people that tiorture dogs graduate to torturing people.
      Somebody needs to be watching VIC. He needs psychiatric help. He displays
      sociopathic tendancies.

  • Darb

    It is Dallas what do you expect? A city where sport is more important than people.

    • Marla Jean

      Darb, there is a difference between Dallas as a whole, and the government of Dallas, and certain sections of Dallas. The govt. and specific sections of the city are completely dysfunctional. Dallas govt. is a joke, as is the Dallas ISD. Those dysfunctional sections of the city should be de-annexed and become their own town. Let them fight each other, while the true city of Dallas moves forward without their ignorance and violence. I think the time has come for a number of large cities to do just that.

  • JB

    If you’re convicted of a felony, you cannot vote nor purchase or carry a firearm. Any person convicted of a felony should be banned from professional sports for life! It is a privilege and an honor to be allowed to participate in, and be paid millions for, playing in pro sports. I kid might think twice about committing a felonious act if he knew that his chances for fame in sports were in jeopardy. Sending a message to the youth of America and cleaning up the human sludge in pro sports in one clean swoop.

    • Alan

      In this Day and age where the Leaders are Criminals and Money rules all, there is no place for Character…

  • Vance

    “I worship the quicksand he walks in.”
    – Art Buchwald

  • Brent Hartman

    People who go to prison should never be allowed to redeem themselves. Isn’t that right Christy? Vick did his time. Besides, PETA kills way more dogs than Vick could have ever hoped to kill. Just google PETA kills pets. How much time have those in PETA done, not to mention their accessories in crime that fund them in killing thousands of animals a year?

  • Chuck D.

    No matter what anyone says…Michael Vick is a disgustoing example of humanity for doing what he did. A key tp the city is a stupid move by a stupid man.

  • Ben

    This is just stupid.

  • texrus

    This is nothing more than one dude rewarding another dude. If Vick was white, Carraway would not have even attempted such shenanigans.

    • Marla Jean

      You got that right. That is a perfect description of politics in Dallas.

  • SteveO

    This man was given a KEY to Dallas…….Vick is a sick S O B and shouldn’t even be playing football. Well, I suppose whoever gave Vick the key thought it was ok since the POTUS called the team directly to give an “atta boy”.

    Maybe someone should pull all of Vick’s teeth out, then beat him continuously into submission. Ya think??

  • Leroy

    I was the very first one to cast the first stone at Vick. He’s been to prison, and publicly humiliated. But enough is enough. The man has paid his debt to society, and atoned for his actions.
    Punishing Vick should not be open ended for people to hound Vick for the rest of his life.
    Why not give Vick the key to the city? The man is working his backside off to make a comeback, and that is more than I can say for allot people out there.

    • cluelessinky

      I agree that Vick has payed his debt to society, but what about his debt to morality? If he were truly repentant he would decline the honor and state that he feels he is not worthy. But I suspect rather than feel the guilt of the horrible crime he committed, he feels entitled.

    • mike

      alot of people “out here” have not tortured/murdered dogs and done time in federal prison.

  • Christy Merrick

    Ugh! I’m so upset I misspelled happened!

  • aw

    i love my dogs and haven’t been convicted of a felony. Where’s my key?

  • John

    Caraway just lost re-election.

  • Bailey Kix

    “Has devoted time speaking to children…” WHEN???

  • Christy Merrick

    I think I am going to be sick. That man should not have been given anything but a stiffer sentence in prison. What he subjected those animals to was heartless, cruel, and just plain sick. I think he needs a lifetime of therapy to keep himself in check. If he can’t own dogs- he is going to move on to something else. I think he got a lot of pleasure from torturing animals that depended on him and I believe he still has that desire and might move on to women and children, if it hasn’t already hapenned. Shame on my hometown of Dallas for giving him the key to the city, cermonial or otherwise.

    • Chris Arena

      Chill the F out. When you are raised to think that a particular action isn’t wrong, you have no idea otherwise. How about throwing live lobsters in pots of hot water? All the man has done since is demostrated remorse. I love and own dogs. This man had paid his dues for his crimes. Let him live his life like the rest of us – trying to do the best we can.

      • Air Force Brat

        Cool! So I can now go out and slay dogs at will without worrying about what my kids will think? Thanks!

      • Travis

        “Let him live his life like the rest of us” Yeah, ’cause we all have a key to the city, right? The debate is about whether the convicted felon deserves to be honored by the City of Dallas, you moron.

      • lara

        A dog is not a lobster, it is a companion and a friend and that is something a lobster can do. Did you ever see a lobster help a person out of a burning building? iIhave and I am quit sure a lobster would not help a human get out of a burning building, the site would make you cry

      • mollymac

        You cannot be serious. Paid his dues? Oh OK. You mean, he got a tickle on the wrist and is still as sick as he was before he got caught. I don’t care if he lives out the rest of his life, but I wish the tortured and maimed dogs could have. He is seriously depraved.

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