Dallas Mayor Disavows ‘Key’ Presentation To Michael Vick

DALLAS (AP) — The Mayor of Dallas says he did not sanction giving Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick a “key to the city.”

Vick won The Associated Press Comeback Player of the Year award this past season, his second in the NFL since serving 18 months in prison for operating a dogfighting operation.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway presented the key at a ceremony in Dallas last week.

In a statement issued Monday, Mayor Tom Leppert distanced himself from the gift.

“The action taken was not sanctioned by my office and was not an official ceremonial honor on behalf of the city of Dallas,” he said.

He said “official keys to the city” are presented by the mayor or an elected official designated by the mayor and are reserved for “an elected official of international status.”

“Clearly, this was not the case in this situation and one without my knowledge or approval,” he said.

In his own statement, Caraway said the key was “ceremonial.”

“These ceremonial gifts are different from the official keys to the city presented by the mayor,” he said.

As for honoring a convicted felon, Caraway said, “I care deeply about animals” and “am deeply sorry to offend anyone who loves animals.”

He acknowledged Vick’s past but noted that “since making some bad choices, Michael Vick has devoted time to speaking to children about staying in school staying away from drugs, making positive choices about picking friends and the importance of education. That was the focus of the event.”

Leppert said he has asked the city manager to “propose guidelines to prevent this situation in the future. Caraway said he would “welcome a clarification of the guidelines.”

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One Comment

  1. bob says:

    better to throw him in the slammer and throw away the key.

  2. Avo says:

    It’s truly amazing to read the comments of indignation and outrage at Vick for what he did to dogs. He’s a stinking football player. He plays a game most BOYS played when they were children. The fact that so many Americans idolize football players speaks volumes about our society. They play games for a living! Grow up America. How many supposed “adults” spent hours upon hours watching a bunch of grown men run around a field chasing a little leather ball.

    Just like we get the government we deserve, so goes it for role models also. This guy gets a ceremonial key to the city because some politician wants to cozy up to one of America’s heros. No one would have a problem if Romo or Favre or some other “hero” got the key to the city. Just goes to show how warped the people have become in this country. The outrage isn’t over a football player getting the key to the city, it’s only because they gave it to a “bad” football player.

    How about they give the keys to the city to a firefighter, police officer, teacher, business owner, or any other person out there that actually has a job that is critical to our society. No, instead we give it to a “man” that plays a meaningless game that has absolutely no REAL impact on any of our lives. Maybe in the future we’ll see keys to the city being awarded to World of Warcraft players or Farmville players.

    It’s called Bread and Circuses folks. As Rome declined, more mindless entertainment was provided to the people to keep their minds off of real issues. Sound familiar?

    Wake up people.

    1. Mike says:

      Your comment is brain numbing. I’m not sure what’s worse, adults worshipping football stars or pseudo intellegence and a keyboard?

  3. Troyster says:

    Judging from the comments about this article, it sounds like America is definitely going to the dogs.

  4. Rob says:

    MichaelEdits: Take it from an Atlanta fan, Vick is an amazing QB for about 8 games a year. Good Luck winning the Lombardi with that fumble machine.

    (Do Philly fans remember that McNabb beat Vick to go to the Superbowl.)

  5. DogWithoutSlippers says:

    May he die from a thousand Dog bites!

  6. Tasha says:

    Many of his dogs are still cared for in a shelter, some have been deemed unadoptable. How soon some of us forget but many of us never will. He only stopped his horror with the dogs because he got caught. If he hadn’t been stopped by the law, he’d still be fighting and killing his dogs.

  7. Sage says:

    The fact that Caraway doesn’t “get it” is a very sad statement. Citizens of Dallas, give this guy the boot when the next election comes around. Remember, you get the leadership you deserve, and Dallas deserves better than Caraway.

  8. MichaelEdits says:

    Y’all are just jealous because Vick is so much better than Romo.

    1. J Dawg says:

      that’s why he did so well in the post season huh?

  9. Biff Steelchin says:

    Ok first of all what the hell does this story have to do with “the Blacks in Dallas”?
    This is one idiot in public office trying to make himself look good and failing miserably. Secondly, how does that make the entire city a “bunch of losers”?
    Does that mean the entire city of Philadelphia is a bunch of animal killers because you gave this guy a high-profile job, representing your city to the NFL and being the “Face of Philly”? Not so easy to say when the shoe is in your own mouth, is it?

  10. RITA says:


    1. starrlady says:

      THanks, Rita. He made a dirty deal so that he wouldn’t have to do time for the torture and death of the lost dogs.

  11. rita says:

    Had channel 3 news on, Sports came on with Beasley prasing Vick for doing what he said by going to the schools. Maybe HE should listen to the tape from Dallas,Tx When one of HIS FRIENDS turns to the man who saved one of Vicks dogs and said WHO GIVES A F K ABOUT THE DOGS. Vick was right there with him and DID NOT say a word.

    1. J Dawg says:

      Can we get a link for the video?

  12. luvmydogbuthesnotaperson says:

    I am all for giving this guy a second chance. I only wish we would apply the same standard to people from all walks of life, not just the rich and famous. For example: Edward Kennedy drives drunk off a bridge and kills his mistress, then leaves the scene of the crime (never mind trying to save his girlfriend in 5 feet of water). Future Senator and presidential candidate, but the average joe wouldn’t qualify for janitor.

  13. Chaz says:

    Dumb ass…

  14. Chaz says:


  15. BRAIN says:

    @ Susan S
    I wish the dogs had the keys.

    1. ken says:

      vick did his time, let it be. sarah palin kills moose, that make you mad?

      1. frisksf says:

        yes it does as a matter of fact.

      2. mongo says:

        moose is wild game you idiot

      3. Real Rick says:

        I’d be thrilled to go on a moose hunt with Sarah!

      4. James says:

        Sorry, it’s not the same thing. Dogs are a special class of domesticated animals and they deserve better treatment. But even so, it would be wrong to torture moose; they should be shot cleanly and not made to suffer. And to my knowledge Palin hasn’t tortured any moose, she’s hunted them cleanly.

  16. Annie H says:

    Well, when he gets in your bedroom, please lock the door and never let him out again. My opinion of Dallas has fallen to zero and I used to like that city. I’m totally disgusted.

  17. Paula says:

    Vick never will live down what he did to those innocent animals. He’s marked for life. Everything he’s doing now to make up for it is just what he should have been doing all along.
    It’s called “The right thing”.

    1. rita says:

      .I guess you need to look at the tape from Dallas also.

  18. Naggernater says:

    T N B

  19. Animalaura says:

    DO NOT FORGET the “bait animals” that were thrown into the pit of hell to be torn apart. These were smaller defenseless animals. Many were stolen pets from people’s back yards or cars. Many were pets that were offered “free to good home” in the local papers. And they ended up bloody, tortured and dead –while Vick laughed and grinned. Why give a key to the city to a sick demented thug abuser. If he had abused children –would he STILL have been so sainted??

  20. Rich B says:

    Amen brother … the people who want his sin / crime to hang with him for life are just as cruel to him as he was to his dogs -> because it’s not as tangible, they don’t see how it’s the same. Ignorant.

    Animals have little value outside of the value we place on them; The value on a human is incalculable. He abused, even tortured some dogs -> big deal I say. They want him to suffer for life over it, live in shame as some kind of second class citizen, forfeit his ability to make a living using his talents and over what? The life of an animal.

    Forget Mr. Vick, they’re the people you have to stay away from I say…

    1. mollymac says:

      It is what it is. Get over it.

  21. Daniel says:

    Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway must be removed from all appointments and all offices immediately! The Key to the city to a felon? This thug culture acceptance and illogical worship of a sports “star” (felon) is beyond stupid. The idiot Carraway must never serve in ANY political office again! He is TOO STUPID to trust!

  22. itz says:

    So many comments generated about Michael Vick, keys to a city- who cares- and dogs.- awww. He didnt kill anyone. A basketball player from Roxborough High school is gunned down going to a grocery store and barely a comment.
    Your priorities are a bit confusing.

    1. BigL says:

      i see your point and it really is sad but when this guy makes the money that he does playing football, why is he doing this?? For more money the easiest way possible and thinking he won’t get caught, that’s why . Now i know people don’t believe in the death penalty but i do believe the punishment should fit the crime. People who do this to animals only do it because they’re cowardly and if it came fist to fist, they couldn’t protect themselves. My brother works at the OKC Fed prison where he was held and he didn’t say a word to anyone while he was there….coward

    2. frisksf says:

      why can’t someone be upset by both cases? why do you make it either or? your logic is confusing.

  23. bluecollarbytes says:

    What’s the difference between a ‘ceremonial key to the city’, and the ‘real key’? Does the ‘real key’ even work?

  24. sean patriot says:

    I wouldn’t give that POS a key to anything

  25. Gary says:

    Michael Vick has been a punk all his life. He did not make a mistake. He knowingly participated in the cruel activity of dog fights. Then when his dogs lost and were suffering from being torn apart in the pit, he slammed them against walls to kill them, he tortured them by dowsing them in water and electricuting them. He is a monster that should never been given another high paying job and he certainly should never be allowed around dogs or children. His so called redemption if earned should take years of repenting and rehabilitaton.

  26. Taxpayer550 says:

    It is this kind of thing that stifles public opinion and encourages many to distance themselves from contraversial issues and people. On the one hand, Michael Vick has served his time in prison and should be able to return to work if his employer will have him. On the other hand, there are those who attempt to publicly glorify Vick in some pathetic effort to sanitize his image. First, it was the press. Now, it’s politicians. Michael Vick is a convicted felon and is not deserving of a key to any city. The only way that his image will be restored beyond that which it was before the crimes is for Vick to go far beyond making restitution for his crimes by being an animals advocate, namely canines.

  27. Tim Naylor says:

    Sports stars exhorting kids to stay in school is like Einstein giving tips on my hook shot.

    1. Ken says:

      They should give vick the keys to the lion’s den at the zoo.

  28. dean says:

    Vick is a peccerhed

  29. Crosscut says:

    Gives Dallas a preview of what they can look forward to with their new Mayor.

  30. Mike says:

    Trash like Vick should still be in Jail

  31. Ellen says:

    “since making some bad choices, Michael Vick has devoted time to speaking to children about staying in school staying away from drugs, making positive choices about picking friends and the importance of education.”

    BS, hes only doing that because he got caught

    1. Lesley says:

      You are so right Ellen!!

  32. lara says:

    I am right there with you on that, my three dogs agree with you as well.

  33. Walter Burns says:

    I’m fine with giving Vick the key to the city, as long as it doesn’t fit the locks at the zoo.

  34. Ben Dover says:

    Dallas – Can we damage our brand any more this week? The year has just begun.

  35. Travis says:

    I am absolutely dumbfounded that a person in his position would show such incredibly poor judgment. It appears that Mr. Caraway thought it was a good idea to present a convicted felon with a key to the city for his accomplishments on the football field. And he defends this action by pointing out that Mike Vick speaks to kids about making good choices. But anyone with a shred of common sense knows those appearances are intended to repair his badly damaged brand, and are thus selfish in nature. People will draw their own conclusions regarding Mr. Caraway’s motivations, but there is no getting around the appearance that race may have played into this incredibly misguided decision.

  36. Bill says:

    Just when we in Dallas thought the week could not get any worse. When other Cities are competing against Dallas for corporate moves they show video of Caraway. He is a political hack and unprofessional at best

  37. Herr Direktor says:

    “Michael Vick has devoted time to speaking to children about staying in school staying away from drugs, making positive choices about picking friends and the importance of education.”

    Who hasn’t? Where’s our ceremonial keys to Dallas?

  38. chirs duncan says:

    that dont kill dog for sport and are not felons!

  39. Rebecca C says:

    He paid for his sins “big time”? That was a joke, right? He got a slap on the wrist and was allowed to go back to being famous and making millions of dollars for playing a game.

  40. Jason B says:

    What? You make no sense.

  41. Jason B says:

    Hey, big dummy. Think about it…why would you give any professional athlete a key to a city?? They would have to be a pretty big deal. This cat gave a key to a player with a shady past who plays for another NFC East team. That is like Philly giving Troy Aikman a key (would never happen). This is wrong on so many levels. Nice try with your meaningless rhetoric, but you make no point. Get a life.

  42. Sarge says:

    To be forgiven, you have to repent and accept responsibility. This great “humanitarian” didn’t until he was sent to the slammer.

    1. GransPaMark says:

      Last I recall, the good book puts no limits or timetables (related to other events in a persons life) when one can repent of past sins and seek forgiveness and try to follow the lord’s path for their lives (no matter how long or short that may be).

      …or have I not comprehhended the message of Christ properly lin the light of our criminal justice, modern-day big-business althletics systems in today’s America?
      (I could have sworn one of those was supposed to trump the others, but perhaps I have it backwards…)

  43. Sarge says:

    Could your response have been any more stupid? Oh that’s rright; you’re a cheesehead.

  44. The-Warrior says:

    Here’s the good old canine lift of the leg award for the Dallas City Council for their non-humanitarian award to the dog killer. Dumber that a West Texas meadow flower.

  45. Vigilant says:

    This is not a question of open-mindedness, but one of policy and appropriateness. Call us when the mayor of Philly gives a key to the city to Sam Smadi.

    1. be_reasonable says:

      You’ve gotta be kidding. I don’t care how far out you are, you can’t compare killing a dog to killing a human.

  46. John P says:

    The cretins who comprise the Philadelphia sports fandom and their corrupt corporate heads love Vick becaue of his criminal record
    After all the Eagles fans and their corporate masters know a thing or two about felony convictions. This is another proof of the absolute corruption of the American Corporate Sports complex. Vick is an odious personality but the neo Americans and their new god president idolize him.

  47. Jimmy Jones says:

    Another guilty hand wringing white liberal.

  48. Jack says:

    What are you going to do when your soul is on the doorstep of God? Plead? Come up with comments that YOU think are clever about “Perdition?” Your soul is dark.

  49. GS says:

    How many NFL players take their girlfriends in for abortions every year and nobody has a problem with that?

    What Vick did was reprehensible, however I wonder if our priorities aren’t a little skewed?

    1. lara says:

      well, the survey says that if you kill dogs, people are next.

  50. Fizzler says:

    Relax Dallas. It was not the key to the city just the one for the animal shelter. Here doggy doggy.

  51. Air Force Brat says:

    Michael Vick needs a key to the city like those dogs he killed need more kibble.

  52. Confused says:

    I don’t understand why a city in another part of the country would give the quarterback of on opposing team (white, black, or any other color) the keys to their city? What has Michael Vick ever done for the city of Dallas?


    1. Jason B says:

      Thank you.

  53. Kelly in florida says:

    Would you feel the same way if he was not winning games?

  54. LateAgain says:

    Running a dogfighting ring? That’s kind of soft-landing what he actually did. I’d be more concerned about the abuse and torture of the animals that he personally comitted. What kind of thought process could make those actions seem OK? Although he may be genuinely remorseful now, I wonder how sorry he would be if he hadn’t served jail time and lost $$$millions during his time off the field.

    1. Sniffbandit says:

      Exactly! LateAgain you have the best comment on here! Everytime the media talkas about what Vick did it is done in soft terms. Why not say what he really did, and paint the true picture of who people are praising or excusing? As for MV getting a “second chance”, MV had thousands of chances everyday he woke up and continued doing what he was doing, every time a dog yelped out and struggled in terror as he was torturing it to death.

  55. 1630 says:

    So Vick has atoned for his crimes. Good. I can accept that his remorse may be real, and that he is genuinely trying to turn his life around. Fine. Give him a key after 10 years or 20 years or 30 years of redemptive acts. Let’s not make him out to be a hero or a martyr or a modern Jean Valjean so quickly just because we admire his athletic skills.

  56. ITC says:

    Well deserved!

  57. Crazyhorse says:


  58. JT says:

    Rich B.

    There is a hell of a lot of difference between euthanizing an animal then what your buddy Vick did. The way he put those dogs down WAS being cruel just for the sake of cruelty.

    If you don’t care about the abuse of animals(your own words ” I’m just saying I don’t care if they are and we shouldn’t criminalize those who do”), then you are just as despicable as Vick.

    1. B says:

      Fortunately, most people in the world have a conscience and self-control. You may consider yourself as morally depraved as Vick, so be it. But you don’t speak for me or my actions, or, frankly, anyone I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a lot of fine military folks over the years). If you consider yourself capable of committing these sorts of heinous crimes unless supervised, perhaps you should check yourself into the nearest mental facility.

    2. Sarge says:

      And what does any of that (a lot of which is fiction) have to Vick’s reprehensible actions?

    3. mahone dunbar says:

      What was your point? People have engaged in cruel activity, therefore Vick is excused? People who torture animals are merely lower rung psychopaths. Vick embodies the thug life and all that is wrong with black American society.

  59. Elmer Smith says:

    I live in Dallas. What a lot of people writing on the board don’t understand is that Carraway in his own right is a loser. As the Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas, he was recently involved in making a false police report, then later admitting that he did, in fact, report DIRECTLY to the Police Chief erroneous facts involving a domestic altercation in his own house.

    Now the funny thing is that the Police Chief is black. And Michael Vick is black. And Carraway is black so this entire episode, at least to me, smacks of racism. Racism in the sense that being black and in a position of power entitles you to ask for special favors and to nominally “award” the key to what I consider a thug. Carrawy would not have walked across the street for a white felon or called a white police chief.

    And this guy Carraway was actually thinking of running for Mayor of Dallas if you can believe this. Now, Ron Kirk the former mayor of Dallas a few years back, was a class act. And it showed. But Carraway is playing a sort of misguided racial politics. And it stinks.

    1. Lizzy says:

      Boy we sure know how that feels up here in Detroit

  60. Admiral Kirk says:

    They should be giving the key to the city to their own team’s quarterback…not to another city’s quarterback and certainly not to the QB of the Sheagles, Girly-Men, or Deadskins!!!!


  61. Kolb says:

    And Vick used the key to let himself into the local animal shelter and proceeded to drown all the dogs there!!

  62. Dave says:

    Go ahead saint, forgive all you want.
    I have forgiven before, and loaned money because I felt sorry for blacks. Burned again and again. You can’t fix stupid.
    I won’t ever do it again.

    1. Kim says:

      I never said I was a saint. You don’t need to be insulting to me because YOU got taken. That’s YOUR issue and you’d best deal with it or it’s going to eat you up inside.

      BTW, this really is not a black/white issue – it’s a human redemption issue.

  63. Jac says:

    Anyone who could intentionally cause the pain and suffering of these dogs and do so over a period of years with no regret or sense of guilt is lacking in a basic characteristic that defines us a human beings. How anyone could watch him play or cheer him on is a mystery to me. Once he is out of football and the public eye he will revert to his subhuman self.

    1. dogonethem otherpeopole says:

      Jac your degree in behavior science must be real heavy for ya.

  64. Juswondering says:

    Lets see, participating in dog fighting for the purpose of gambling, raising dogs for use in an interstate gambling operation, associating with organized criminals involved in an interstate gambling operation. betting on the outcome of fights in an interstate gambling operation. Pete Rose you need to hire Vick’s lawyer, you got shafted

    1. Kim says:

      Actually, Pete Rose needs to hire Donte Stallworth’s attorney. Come to think of it, Plaxico Burress should have hired Donte’s attorney too…

    2. mollymac says:

      plus giving women herpes. A real piece of work.

  65. Kim says:

    Amazing. No wonder convicted felons never stand a chance to redeem themselves. No matter how hard they work to change their life around for the better, there’s people who will denegrate them every chance they get. It’s called forgiveness, folks. Michael Vick paid his debt to society and we should all be proud of who he has become! He made a mistake. We ALL do. No one is perfect and you who are judging him should really take a long, hard look at yourself to see what is wrong with YOU for not being able to forgive this human being as God wants.

    And by the way, I’m an animal lover. I have 5 dogs and 4 cats and they’re all happy, healthy and well taken care of. As much as I love my babies, I can still forgive Michael Vick.

    1. robert gabriel says:

      …so, single I’m guessing right?

      1. Kim says:

        No I’m not single – we both happen to be animal lovers and we have the room to have them. I’ve rescued 3 of the 5 dogs and 2 of the 4 cats. What I AM is a forgiving human being. Grow up and learn from it.

    2. Hal Sanders says:

      People cannot redeem themselves; only God can do that after the individual repents and asks for forgiveness.

    3. Mark Williams says:

      Forgiving is for the self, Kim. And sadly, we Americans like to hang onto our hatred of others, our biased views, our dehumanizing ways while proclaiming ourselves holier than thou. Such is the way in American values and traditions.

      Why do you think we are fading? We have no culture, we have no love, we have nothing…but our own self! That is the American dream come true. Epic failure of the United States of America is imminent!

      Peace onto you all whether you want peace or not. Cause I’m so holy! h0h0h0

    4. Rich B says:

      Good post!

  66. Jac says:

    He made a “bad choice” to give helpless, loving animals a life of horror and torture ending with a death filled with pain and agony.

  67. TRE says:

    Apparently anyone, even convicted felons, can have the key to the City of Dallas. What does that say about Dallas?

    Why not give the key to individuals who are actually honor-able? How about real role models that inspire morality, dignity, sacrifice, courage, service, and other virtues that benefit society and individuals?

  68. Lisa Downey Merriam says:

    The Michael Vick redemption continues…first the Nissan endorsement, then the MPV award, now this. Vick can take brand lessons from Martha Stewart and Tiger Woods: http://bit.ly/frEn3P

  69. Vicki K says:

    Great. Now we all have to get our locks changed. This’ll cost us a fortune!

  70. ken klose says:

    Give him key to mad dog cage for taste of life as he sees it; his day will come!

  71. 4Runner says:

    Ha! Was anyone calling for Rapliesberger to be thrown in jail before the Super bowl? Rape human women – A – OK, Kill a dog, you are ostracised for life. Way to have your priorities straight folks.

    1. Dawn says:

      It’s not an ‘either/or’. Both are clearly reprehensible to compassionate humans.

    2. Gunny says:

      Other than your comment being completely irrelevant….one thing you should note is that 1. Vick was convicted, 2. Rothlesbergher was not…weird how those darn facts get in the way of your liberal minds.

    3. Toyotasuck says:

      you idiot. Ben was ‘accused’. Vick was guilty. Big differench schmuck.

    4. Steelers suck says:

      So what….one was convicted the other accused. He still did it. Both girls each got payoffs. Both girls and women in general know how hard it is to prove rape. Ben admitted following the girl into the bathroom and having sex. Why pay them off if your innocent. People had plenty to say about OJ. He too was never “convicted” only accused. Why the grief for him? Cause everybody with an ounce of common sense knew he killed her just like everyone should know Ben raped those girls.

      1. Sarge says:

        And how do you have all this “inside” information? Maybe you’re the real culprit.

    5. Sarge says:

      He was never arraigned nor convicted, so your analogy is bogus. The way Philly has opened up its arms to this abominable individual tells me all I need to know about Philadelphia. Shower him with glory because he can throw and run with a football, not because he has made any change in his life.

    6. mollymac says:

      He as I see it, has a stain that will last for the duration of his lifetime. But all those sycophants that will cut him slack because he’s a great ballplayer are the biggest laugh of them all. Proud of him? Are you serious? He is pathetic. Did you listen to his “bodyguards” saying they didn’t give a “f99k” about the dog? He didn’t say a single word. That speaks volumes.

  72. trey m says:

    Mike Vick is moving to DAllas…go Vick!

  73. charmaine1329 says:


    1. larry davis says:

      Why would this punk get the key to the city??

  74. artemis133 says:

    Vick should be given the keys to the city JAIL. Then, someone needs to shove him into a cell and THROW THE KEY AWAY!

    1. RicoC says:

      I’d rather he be thrown naked into a room of rabid Pitbulls.

      Vick is an exceedingly cruel and violent person. He will take a life again some day, and it may not be the four-legged variety.

      1. lara says:

        I think you may be right about that, after all, he did get away with a light sentance.

  75. dan says:

    So Vick is lecturing kids about the importance of choosing friends? This suggests Vick blames the friends he chose for the fact that he personally tortured and killed about a dozen of his own dogs. He still understand that he did anything wrong because he seems to blame these crimes on the friends he chose. What an idiot. He shouldn’t be allowed near kids or dogs, and I’ll never pay to see him play football or watch any game he’s in on tv, even if it’s the Superbowl.

  76. Christy Merrick says:

    Brent- I did struggle with that before I posted my comment. I thought to myself “does that mean ex cons should not be given a second chance?” I feel yes- in most instances, yes they deserve a second chance. DEPENDING on what the crime was. For instance, did you sell drugs 10 years ago, got caught, served your time, and now you are trying to support yourself and your family. Sure, I will pay you to come and paint my house. Convicted of molesting your daughter and her friends, got caught, did your time- then no, I would not hire you to paint my house. I don’t think he served enough time and I don’t think he is receiving the mental help that I think he needs.

    1. Rich B says:

      What about those who sold drugs, didn’t get caught, changed their ways and now live a normal life? Are they any less criminally minded than those who got caught?

      How many people out there have smoked and sold grass or still do and haven’t been caught? Drank while under 21? Popped ecstasy or did some coke? How many people 30 years ago had sex with a 15 year old? Are those people wicked and evil?

      I had a GF who’s missionary grandfather married a 14yr old Indian girl when he was her teacher @ age 24. They stayed married till his death 50 years later -> is he a child molester?

      I recall a few years ago they finally nabbed a 70+ year old black man for the murder of a white cop back in the 30’s down south. Had he been caught then, he woulda been executed. Instead they gave him time served for the few weeks he spent in jail while waiting trial. Why? Cause he redeemed himself for living a good life even though he had murdered a police officer -> is he an evil man?

      What the comman man doesn’t want to accept is most laws are subjective to the time and the culture. What’s right today could easily be wrong tomorrow.

      1. Marla Jean says:

        You have serious holes in your argument.

        Inhumane treatment of animals, and enjoying watching them suffer, is a far cry from any of the things you named. You need to think more deeply about the nature of what Vick did. He was unbelievably cruel to those dogs in disgusting ways, and he enjoyed their suffering. He laughed at it. There is something mentally wrong with someone like that. Such a severe lack of empathy is an indication that he is a sociopath. It isn’t a matter of giving him a second chance. Sociopaths do not get better by themselves.

      2. Gunny says:

        To your first paragraph-Yes
        To your second paragraph-Yes
        To your third paragraph-Yes
        To your fourth paragrpah-Yes
        To your last paragraph-This is the dillusional world that you attempt to paint with your “what if” and “rainbow” fairytales. Get real dude; first, give me 10 REAL LIFE examples outside of the ones that you portrayed in your comment. I would think that of the more than 300 million people living in this country (legal and illegal), you could surely provide exact examples that mirror the ones you gave above. For instance, please find me 10 people that fit the bill of both paragraph’s 2 and 3…stop looking around and spinning in circles man, you wont. How about this… The guy committed a horrific crime, he spent some time in jail, was it enough? I don’t know, and I am not ready to re-try his crime here in the blog. He did some disgusting things to defenseless animals. However, did he serve “his time”, and now out and trying to get his life back on track? Sure! And good for him that he is taking the steps that he has to do better and try to give back what he took. BUT…..that is NOT the issue here. Let’s examine what is really at issue. You are rewarding a convicted man with a token/ceremony that is typically reserved for those that are HEROES…there are cities that give keys to families of fallen soldiers, Marines, airmen, or sailors. There are cities that give keys to individuals, citizens who save the lives of others, typically those of high importance, or even their fellow citizens. This is not a token or ceremony that should be handed to an individual who killed and maimed dogs while making millions of dollars entertaining. Particularly, this is not a token that should be given to someone who many young blacks look up to as a role model. RESPONSIBLE black parents when this happened with Vick were probably trying to re-program their kids to understand that he was a loser for what he did, and told their kids that this is NOT the guy I want you to emulate. However, we know that there are plenty of irresponsible parents on all spectrums of the race chart that are probably blaming everyone BUT Vick in this situation, and now they give him a token typically reserved for what I mentioned earlier sends the exact message to idiots all over the nation that “see, it’s just the evil man that tried to keep Vick down”. News flash…people do stupid shiza and should be punished. After their punishment they should be treated as FORMER shiza heads, that doesn’t mean to re-try their case daily, but it also means not rewarding them because they spent this year doing well in the NFL and go around talking to kids about animal rights (as laid out in his probation restrictions BY THE WAY….) And a final thought; this is completely calculated, political, and racial all in the same. Fact: Obama called Vick to congratulate him on a great season and to tell him how proud of him he is on turning his life around. Question: Did Obama call any white quarterbacks in the league that overcame struggles this year or in the past years and have turned around and made it to the superbowl? Rothlesbergher comes to mind…oh yeah he wasn’t convicted. Fact: 1 Meeeeeeeeeeeeeelion dollars says that I bet you could prove that this temp Mayor heard about Obama calling Vick and saw his opportunity to shine once the current mayor was on vacation and left this degenerate in charge. Question: Think he’ll ever admit that? FACT: HELLS NO HOMEY.

      3. mollymac says:

        The man is a sociopath. They don’t change; they have no conscience; they do not repent. They just get better at covering it up.

  77. Fred says:

    Great, now we’ll have to change all the locks!

  78. Rich B says:

    Why not Michael Vick? He made a mistake (getting caught) and has since paid for his crime. I thought in this country, a person who comes out of prison is one who has paid the debt they owed society? 50 years ago what he did wouldn’t even be a crime.

    With respect to dogs … they’re animals to do with as we like. Some animals get eaten, some get to be pets, some go to zoos, etc. Frankly him breeding fighting dogs doesn’t bother me – would much rather an animal getting used and abused than a human.

    And football is not some divine institution that only the noblest and purest of men can play. Go find something else to call Camelot babes … is a sport that is played for money because it is also a business. If the fans will tolerate Vick throwing footballs, then he’s gonna have a contract cause he’s excellent. I now like watching the Eagles play because he makes it exciting and frankly is at the peak of his QB playing ability.

    So I say good for you Mr. Vick … way to turn your life around and perhaps a message of redemption is one that all people EVENTUALLY will be able to take away from your story.

    1. never again says:

      What is wrong with you? 150 years ago it would not haver been illegal to own Michael Vick and do to him what was done to those poor animals. What’s your point about 50 years. It IS illegal now!

      Yes animals are for us to use but it is our responsibilty to treat them humanely. Forcing dogs to fight to the death or brutality executing the losers, the injured, and the weak, is as cruel and low as one can get. The fact that you state you would rather see an animal abused shows how sick some people are. How about we end abuse for all animals and people. Dogs are forced to fight, people are not. People are rewarded for fighting. Dogs are not rewarded, their owners are.

      Yes the NFL truely is the national felon league and that is unfortunate, but we do not have to reward convicted felons with keys to a major US city.

      I hope Vick has turned his life around. Too bad the dogs he tortured and killed are not here to see it.

      1. Fred says:

        Caraway is an “official” idiot and should be rempremanded by the enitre city council.

      2. RicoC says:

        Vick did FAR more than just that. He personally slammed dogs to the ground, crushing their skulls. He personally electrocuted dogs. He personally removed the lower jaws of the ‘bait dogs’ for training purposes.

        He’s a bad, dangerous man. God may forgive him. I don’t. I want only bad things for him. And the act he’s putting on (as part of his sentence) will not prevent the ill will he so rightly deserves.

      3. Rich B says:

        Spoken like a true human hater … the new, modern mindset where you place the value of an animal on par or greater than a human. Where’s your bible my friend?

        Now, if you starve a human then place it in a room with a baby and say “eat it”, the human will use (hopefully) it’s free will not to eat the baby and subsequently starve to death. Put an animal in those same conditions and the animal will eat the baby because its instincts kick in; it doesn’t have a soul. OR, how bout starve a dog an put your baby in the same room and see how much that dog loves you and your family …

        With respect to culling pets that aren’t desireable, who cares? There’s millions of unclaimed pets and strays that are either roaming free or backlogging our shelters. What’s another couple of euthanized dogs to that number? And breeders are just as guilty.

        And please don’t misquote me … I said “I’d much rather see an animal getting used and abused than a human”. If you disagree then maybe human society isn’t for you… But you partially quoted me so it seems I want animals to be abused, which I don’t. I’m just saying I don’t care if they are and we shouldn’t criminalize those who do. However those who abuse animals just for the sake of being cruel to something living need help -> I do not consider Mr. Vick to be part of that group.

    2. joe says:

      A thug is a thug is a thug!

  79. Stine says:

    Dwaine Caraway only gave Vick the “keys” because they have something in common. They are both dirt bags.

    1. Marla Jean says:

      Dallas government is full of them.

  80. Gavrick says:

    I hear he was only interested in the key to the animal shelter.

  81. mongo says:

    just think, if he never got caught he would still be killing dogs

    1. mollymac says:

      He admitted that! He actually stated that he would still be doing it if he hadn’t been caught. He is a creep of the lowest variety. Thankfully, 90 % of the posters are compassionate people; there are a few who support MV. They can have him.

  82. mike says:

    Does that key open up the city dog pound?

  83. dave s says:

    Why not priase the act of speaking to children and not praise the person with all the baggage. Support positve behaviors and not fully endorsing the “man” would be more politically astute.

    1. Marla Jean says:

      You can’t separate the two. Michael Vick is still the same sociopath he was before he got caught. People who torture dogs and laugh at their suffering do not change overnight. I don’t care about his positive actions. He should be out of the public eye and receiving psychiatric treatment. If he were truly sorry for what he did, he would be ashamed to show his face in public. He just wants to get back into football and make big money. And our narcissistic culture is only too willing to let him do that.

  84. debbie hale says:

    Where’s your outrage about abortion and CPS giving kids back to parents that neglect and abuse them?

    1. howie says:

      I’m sure people are upset about that also. What you are doing is trying to divert the focus onto something else. It is a sophmoric effort at best. This discussion is about Caraway and Vick, not abortion and CPS.

      1. VulpesRex says:

        The problem many of us have is that the more rational members of society can clearly see the hypocrisy of wanting Michael Vick dead for killing a few dogs, but believing that abortion on demand is just fine and dandy. And lets face it… The stronger one’s opinions on animal rights, the further left on the political spectrum one’s political opinions tend to be.

        Logically, the stronger and more hateful the comment about Vick, the more likely one is to be a loony moonbat, and consequently, the more likely one is to believe in a woman’s right to murder her baby. The logic involved is really not all that difficult… Oh wait, that’s right, moonbats are logic-challenged, aren’t they?

      2. herb says:

        Don’t let logic get in the way of stupidity, howie

  85. thrasher says:

    Sigh…………They really, truly couldn’t find anybody more deserving than Vick?????

    I mean, he was punished and served time for his crime, but he was the best citizen they could find for this honor??????

    1. Marla Jean says:

      Take my word for it that Dallas government is filled with people who care about little else than blaming everything that happens on race, and the rest of the time they are investigating one another for corruption. So you really cannot expect much from them.

  86. mongo says:

    in return vick presented his key to his jail cell

  87. TILIYEAH says:


    1. TILIYEAH says:


  88. m e brooks says:

    Michael Vick’s crimes were too heinous for him to be given this honor. I mean he killed and ate all those babies!!! You idiots in Dallas deserve him. I hope he opens a day care in Dallas and eats your babies too!! No justice!

  89. Paul says:

    Insane, this POS needs be put in prison and the key thrown away.

    1. Lara says:

      You are correct in that people that tiorture dogs graduate to torturing people.
      Somebody needs to be watching VIC. He needs psychiatric help. He displays
      sociopathic tendancies.

  90. Darb says:

    It is Dallas what do you expect? A city where sport is more important than people.

    1. Marla Jean says:

      Darb, there is a difference between Dallas as a whole, and the government of Dallas, and certain sections of Dallas. The govt. and specific sections of the city are completely dysfunctional. Dallas govt. is a joke, as is the Dallas ISD. Those dysfunctional sections of the city should be de-annexed and become their own town. Let them fight each other, while the true city of Dallas moves forward without their ignorance and violence. I think the time has come for a number of large cities to do just that.

  91. JB says:

    If you’re convicted of a felony, you cannot vote nor purchase or carry a firearm. Any person convicted of a felony should be banned from professional sports for life! It is a privilege and an honor to be allowed to participate in, and be paid millions for, playing in pro sports. I kid might think twice about committing a felonious act if he knew that his chances for fame in sports were in jeopardy. Sending a message to the youth of America and cleaning up the human sludge in pro sports in one clean swoop.

    1. Alan says:

      In this Day and age where the Leaders are Criminals and Money rules all, there is no place for Character…

  92. Vance says:

    “I worship the quicksand he walks in.”
    – Art Buchwald


  93. Brent Hartman says:

    People who go to prison should never be allowed to redeem themselves. Isn’t that right Christy? Vick did his time. Besides, PETA kills way more dogs than Vick could have ever hoped to kill. Just google PETA kills pets. How much time have those in PETA done, not to mention their accessories in crime that fund them in killing thousands of animals a year?

  94. Chuck D. says:

    No matter what anyone says…Michael Vick is a disgustoing example of humanity for doing what he did. A key tp the city is a stupid move by a stupid man.

  95. Ben says:

    This is just stupid.

  96. texrus says:

    This is nothing more than one dude rewarding another dude. If Vick was white, Carraway would not have even attempted such shenanigans.

    1. Marla Jean says:

      You got that right. That is a perfect description of politics in Dallas.

  97. SteveO says:

    This man was given a KEY to Dallas…….Vick is a sick S O B and shouldn’t even be playing football. Well, I suppose whoever gave Vick the key thought it was ok since the POTUS called the team directly to give an “atta boy”.

    Maybe someone should pull all of Vick’s teeth out, then beat him continuously into submission. Ya think??

  98. Leroy says:

    I was the very first one to cast the first stone at Vick. He’s been to prison, and publicly humiliated. But enough is enough. The man has paid his debt to society, and atoned for his actions.
    Punishing Vick should not be open ended for people to hound Vick for the rest of his life.
    Why not give Vick the key to the city? The man is working his backside off to make a comeback, and that is more than I can say for allot people out there.

    1. cluelessinky says:

      I agree that Vick has payed his debt to society, but what about his debt to morality? If he were truly repentant he would decline the honor and state that he feels he is not worthy. But I suspect rather than feel the guilt of the horrible crime he committed, he feels entitled.

    2. mike says:

      alot of people “out here” have not tortured/murdered dogs and done time in federal prison.

  99. Christy Merrick says:

    Ugh! I’m so upset I misspelled happened!

  100. aw says:

    i love my dogs and haven’t been convicted of a felony. Where’s my key?

  101. John says:

    Caraway just lost re-election.

  102. Bailey Kix says:

    “Has devoted time speaking to children…” WHEN???

  103. Christy Merrick says:

    I think I am going to be sick. That man should not have been given anything but a stiffer sentence in prison. What he subjected those animals to was heartless, cruel, and just plain sick. I think he needs a lifetime of therapy to keep himself in check. If he can’t own dogs- he is going to move on to something else. I think he got a lot of pleasure from torturing animals that depended on him and I believe he still has that desire and might move on to women and children, if it hasn’t already hapenned. Shame on my hometown of Dallas for giving him the key to the city, cermonial or otherwise.

    1. Chris Arena says:

      Chill the F out. When you are raised to think that a particular action isn’t wrong, you have no idea otherwise. How about throwing live lobsters in pots of hot water? All the man has done since is demostrated remorse. I love and own dogs. This man had paid his dues for his crimes. Let him live his life like the rest of us – trying to do the best we can.

      1. Air Force Brat says:

        Cool! So I can now go out and slay dogs at will without worrying about what my kids will think? Thanks!

      2. Travis says:

        “Let him live his life like the rest of us” Yeah, ’cause we all have a key to the city, right? The debate is about whether the convicted felon deserves to be honored by the City of Dallas, you moron.

      3. lara says:

        A dog is not a lobster, it is a companion and a friend and that is something a lobster can do. Did you ever see a lobster help a person out of a burning building? iIhave and I am quit sure a lobster would not help a human get out of a burning building, the site would make you cry

      4. mollymac says:

        You cannot be serious. Paid his dues? Oh OK. You mean, he got a tickle on the wrist and is still as sick as he was before he got caught. I don’t care if he lives out the rest of his life, but I wish the tortured and maimed dogs could have. He is seriously depraved.

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