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Residents To Debate Future of Willow Grove Naval Air Station

HORSHAM, Pa (CBS) – Residents of Horsham Township will begin debating the future of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station Monday night at the first of several meetings planned for this year to consider what the base will ultimately look like.

The planned military pullout at the base beginning this year leaves nearly 900 acres of land in the middle of Horsham. A Virginia consulting firm will partner with some local firms to draw up the blueprint for how that land will be used in the future.

State Representative Todd Stephens says it’s important that the residents who will be impacted the most have a seat at the table. “This is strictly a local issue,” Stephens said. “When I say strictly a local issue, it’s up to the local community to determine the best fit for that land.”

Stephens said his office will work with state agencies down the road who will be responsible for infrastructure improvements like roads and transportation and water and sewer issues.There are five meetings scheduled throughout the year to get public input. The plan is expected to be submitted to the feds by mid-December. Monday night’s meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Horsham Community Center.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Eric says:

    How about using it for an airport.

  2. abc says:

    So just putting this out there, and most people do not think of this when they plan things for open property, but how about a public safety center. An area where the local fire dept can train and not have to go else where for a training facility. Also would allow for outside departments to use the center as well. The center would also be great for the police dept training as well as EMS training. It’s 900 acres, why not just use a little section for those who protects and saves your community.

  3. B says:

    Ck GREAT ANSWER….not that we need another golf course but what about using 150 acres to build a golf course with an events section to provide weddings,partys..etc ran by the towship to help subsidize real estate taxes…i do know that bensalem has had some luck with that…

  4. real says:

    yea ok and who gets to be first in line for the free home who decides that…..more malls and gas stations here we come

  5. e. t. s. says:

    you have 900 acres of land you take half of this and make low income housing for people who need it and the other half you put up more housing and give it to people who cannot afford a house FREE with the stipulation that they must keep up the property and help local officials with making sure crime does not enter the area

    1. ck says:

      That is a great idea (JK). With the loss of the naval base, the township will lose the tax revenue it generated from the base. You suggest to give the land away to people who will not pay much tax if any. That leaves the current tax paying residents to may more property tax to cover the loss. On top of that, you will have higher school taxes to pay for the additional teachers, etc. that will be needed to accomodate the influx of additional students. And by the way, who pays to build these ‘free’ houses? Giving things away for free rarely is the solution. There comes great satisfaction from saving your money and buying your own home – whatever you can afford.

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