High Speed EZ-Pass Lanes Coming To AC Expressway

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s not exactly a harbinger of spring but by summer, EZ-Pass customers should be able to zip through the main toll booths on the Atlantic City Expressway at highway speed.

Work is underway at the Egg Harbor toll plaza that hopefully will lessen or eliminate those backups during the height of the summer season.  Sharon Gordon is Deputy Executive Director of the highway’s operator, the South Jersey Transportation Authority…

“This is part of the widening project.  We’re going to be installing express EZ Pass, very similar to what we have in Pleasantville, that will allow our EZ Pass customers to use the technology that they’ve grown to love so much, and just keep moving.”

The express lanes will be in the center, cash to the right, and Gordon is hopeful current cash customers will either get an EZ Pass transponder, or at least get out of the way, allowing the high speed lanes the most benefit.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Bret Walker says:

    I’ve used the high speed EZPass lanes in other states and they work GREAT. And it’s not like we’re endangering the cash customers in the process, the lanes are usually well off to the left.

  2. Sandra Voll Speno says:

    “cash customers” GET OUT OF THE WAY”!!!!!!..Most people in summer are day trippers and out of state and they have GREEN…. cash and should be respected and not told to get out of the way!!!!! Especially for people who pay another bill each month and feel a need to SPEED!!!

    1. RJ says:

      Stopping to pay tolls wastes time and fuel. Having EZPass does not make someone a speed demon by default. Having EZPass costs little or is free in most states, it is not “another bill” each month. And many tolls have discounts for EZPass customers. Saves fuel, saves time, saves money. So yeah, cash customers, get out of the way!

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