Abortion Doc Says He’s ‘Close To Destitute’, Doesn’t Have Lawyer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A West Philadelphia doctor charged with running an abortion clinic, in which one patient and seven infants were allegedly murdered, was ordered by a judge on Friday to explain why he and his wife have yet to retain a lawyer.

Appearing in a rumpled green dress shirt and jeans, Dr. Kermit Gosnell told Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes that he was ‘close to destitute’ and neither he nor his wife, Pearl, could afford private lawyers.

Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore told the judge that the Gosnells, either individually or jointly, own at least seven or eight properties, including income producing apartments. “It’s clear that everything that we heard in court and all of the documents that were produced that he has excessive assets,” Pescatore said.

Prosecutor Christine Wechsler also points to a shore home, “The property in Brigantine alone is valued, on paper, at $984,000.”

Dr. Gosnell is being held without bail and his wife is being held, after failing to post $1 million bail. Gosnell told the judge his first priority was bailing his wife out. Judge Hughes cut him off and told Gosnell his first priority was hiring a lawyer capable of handling a potential capital murder case.

They also face a hearing next week on a motion by the District Attorney’s office to bypass a preliminary hearing, and go directly to trial.

Reported by Steve Tawa, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Dana Hoffman says:

    Would someone please remind Judge Hughes that when he chose to incarcerate these two people it was at that time they both were entitled to an attorney. How is the prosecutor going to do their job or the judge either for that matter if they can not get all the facts because the accused dont have legal representation. Set aside the crime for the time being because again remember they are innocent until proven guilty.give them representation that is a right of there’s and get on with it and stop wasting the taxpayers money and dragging these cases out for months and years, what is business so slow their afraid of becoming bored or what? People need to start learning their constitutional rights and then applying and enforcing them, if they dont this kind of madness is NEVER gong to end or change.

  2. carmen says:

    no they deserve jail how they going tu murder inocent baby like that they come from our god him dont bring to this world his children for other to kill them my god dont appriciated that so they deserve to be ponihed for life. life for life is that what they diserve

  3. Todd says:

    Let him use a public defender. That’s better than he deserves.

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