Councilwoman Proposes Same-Sex Benefits Bill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Companies that get big contracts with the city of Philadelphia could soon have to offer health benefits to same-sex partners of their workers. 

The idea is contained in a measure being proposed in City Council today by council member Blondell Reynolds Brown (in photo below). She says the bill would require contractors with the city to extend health benefits to same-sex partners of employees.

reynolds brown blondell8 Councilwoman Proposes Same Sex Benefits Bill“The intent of the bill is to give employment benefits to life partners, just as we already do for spouses of married couples.”

The measure would apply to companies that have contracts with the city valued at a quarter million dollars or more.

Reynolds Brown says she modeled this plan on what’s already being done in other cities.

“This city is certainly moving to catch up with other cities that are already doing this,” she said. “So I do not anticipate a big fight, and quite frankly, anticipate a lot of support.”

The number of employees likely to be eligible is quite small, Reynolds Brown says, making the economic impact to the companies minimal.

Same-sex partners of city workers are already eligible for health benefits, under an executive order signed by then-Mayor Ed Rendell in 1996.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. bottomline says:

    These contractors, if they’re willing to overcome the existing hurtles, will pass the extra costs onto the city which is already robbing Peter to pay Paul. Next, benefits for surviving pets will be required. Is it any wonder the city is in such bad shape.

    1. Bizz says:

      How is being able to provide for your family comparable to “benefits for surviving pets”?

      1. bottomline says:

        Progression – inch to a foot, foot to a mile… Pets are family to many people, often treated better then humans. The boo-hoo crowd are perfectly capable of seeking benefits for pets. I remember when gays, in center city, were threatened with incarceration by the police for impersonating females, ordered to get off the streets. Now gays come on to perfect strangers, regardless of gender.

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