Nearly 300 Guns Removed From Holmesburg Home

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — More than 250 weapons were removed from a home in Philadelphia’s Holmesburg section Tuesday after a burglary arrest led police to the residence.

Investigators removed over 200 rifles, assault weapons, machines guns and more than 50 hand guns from a row home on the 3600 block of Solly Avenue.

According to investigators, a burglary arrest prompted the trace of a stolen weapon, which led them to the Holmesburg residence.

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Police say all of the weapons seized at the home were legally registered to Joseph Kelly, a 78-year-old retired Philadelphia Police Officer and Korean War veteran, who recently passed away.

Investigators tell Eyewitness News they believe the home was burglarized at least once and that many weapons are still unaccounted for and were possibly stolen from the home.

All of the weapons have been taken to the Philadelphia Police Firearms Identification Unit to be examined more thoroughly.

This incident remains under investigation.

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One Comment

  1. Milo says:

    “Investigators removed over 200 rifles, assault weapons, machines guns and more than 50 hand guns from a row home on the 3600 block of Solly Avenue.”
    News media, do you know what an assault weapon is? I don’t think you do. A machinegun? News media, can you tell if it’s a machine gun just by looking at it? No you cannot. There are many semi-auto guns which resemble full auto firearms. News media, are machineguns illegal in PA? No, they are not. Why the word “Arsenal”? Why not the word collection? How does anybody already know if the guns are legally owned or not? I know how the process works and I know it takes a lot longer than 4 days to gather and sort through the info on 250 guns. Unless he had the sales receipt for every single gun right where his buddies could find them there is no possible way that every gun could be determined as legal at this time. I hope they are.

  2. Bill O. Rights says:

    Throwing them around like that is the equivalent of taking someone’s heirloom china and jewelry, and just stacking it in a 55-gallon drum. No big deal if some of it gets broken or lost; it’s only a citizen’s property…

    In the long run, people don’t need to fear the ‘street criminals’ getting hold of guns as much as they should fear acceptance of a police-state government; governments around the world consistently murder around 5,000 of their OWN citizens per day, and have done so for the past 100 years, so it’s not just a statistical ‘glitch’ – that makes them about 7 to 10 times more dangerous to their citizens than the criminals, and terrorists out there combined.

    Of course, such GENOCIDE only happens in nations who’ve paved the way for a disarmed citizenry, beginning with such “reasonable” things as “registering guns” or “banning military-style firearms”. Thankfully, the U.S. citizenry is armed to the teeth at the present, even if such ‘easy access’ to firearms on the part of criminals makes the hoplophobes and dictator-wannabes get their panties in a wad.

  3. Al Gator says:

    No, Philly PD just needed some extra “spending money.” All these pieces will magically “disappear” from evidence and never be heard from ever, ever again.

  4. DAN says:


  5. Adam says:

    I’m curious as to how seizing firearms from a deceased man’s home is a “Weapons Raid” as the title says at the beginning of the video.

    Things might be a little different in Phili, but please explain to me how it is better for humanity or “the children” for the police to confiscate these firearms and throw them in to the back of a pickup like it’s lumber from Home Depot, instead of making sure they go to this man’s family (if he has any). Hate to break any hearts, but this is still America for the time being and we have freedoms here. If they make you uncomfortable, you are free to not exercise them.

    1. lillianstar says:

      Agreed. Philly thinks they can make their own gun laws.

  6. Andre says:

    Looks to me that somebody found a new way to confiscate guns..
    Will the family/estate be reimburst for the value of these guns?
    Whats next.. Confication while someone is on vacation or in the hospital?

  7. anon says:

    If they were left to the children in his will there will be problems for the city. All that hardware can be bought on the streets anyway — the people buying (that we’re worried about) aren’t doing it legally anyway.

  8. theresa says:

    They were probably seized as a precaution as noted the police believe some guns have already been stolen from this address. There seems to be no family overseeing this home since the man passed away. Do you want all those guns out on the streets of Philadelphia, being used by untrained,maybe underage,possibly mentally deranged individuals, committing crimes! Come on people think alittle….stop thinking the worst and for once imagine your neighborhood with the possiblitiy of all those guns on your street..

    1. anon says:

      Doesn’t matter the City of Philadelphia just broke the law.

  9. francis says:

    He was a retired police officer…..probably was a hobby to collect weapons or else we would have been reading a “Much Different” headline.

  10. anon says:

    You don’t need a permit to have a gun in your home….

    1. JD says:

      True, and why were they seized by police if they were legally owned…crooked PPD.

      1. anon says:

        Yeah, Philly is really weird about guns, they even take them when they’re legally owned. Someone needs to take them to a higher court on this one.

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