Man Struck, Killed By Multiple Hit-And-Run Drivers In NE Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The sounds of Frankford Avenue rarely bother Brian Kabosius, but what he heard Monday morning was different.

“I heard a sound that woke me up,” said Kabosius, “I went downstairs to look outside and see what it was.”

A hit-and-run at 4 a.m. just outside his house brought him out to the intersection of Frankford Avenue and Benson Street.

“I saw that there were two women that had pulled over and were in the middle of the street, trying to flag people down,” remembered Kabosius.

Kabosius ran inside to call 911. Police say the victim was hit once when the two women stopped. As they tried to help him, police said a second car came by and hit him again.

“He wasn’t moving,” said Kabosius, “But I thought I heard him trying to communicate with people.”

Emergency crews rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late. He was pronounced dead at Aria Hospital Torresdale.

Neighbors say they are not surprised something like this could happen here.

“These days, I don’t know,” said Holmesburg resident Ann Hornbach. “I’ve lived here all my life and in the past, people did stop and try to help out. But today I think people are afraid.”

Police have yet to release any information about the victim in this case. They are still trying to gather information about the two cars involved in the crashes. They said the second car is silver in color and may be a Honda.

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  1. Marc C. says:

    Hey Man, I’ll always remember your good heart and light-hearted nature. When we were at Jeff’s funeral you were right there sitting next to me with your arm on my shoulder. We had some great times in high school especially at our class trip to Disney. You were a Bison one car could have never brought you down, man I hope these people are caught and punished for murder especially the 2nd car. I’m sick about this, but I know your at peace now because of the good person you really where. Bye Ant, Love ya Bro

  2. nick says:

    R.I.P. my brother. You will never be forgotten. i hope these people are found and brought to justice.

  3. Kara Callen says:

    That was my brother who was hit and will truly be missed. Who ever that was that hit him please bring your self forward he has been taken from a good family and will truly be rememberd RIP ANTHONY ALWAYS REMEMBER NEVER FORGOTTON.

    1. Kaitlyn says:

      can anyone provide the victims name?

  4. Big Daddy 225 says:

    My brother was hit by another hit and run driver last night at Frankford and Cottman aves. At least there was enough witnesses around to protect him from getting run over. What a great world we live in where people hit other people and run off into the distance. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims fmaily.

  5. Bridgette says:

    I am disgusted. What the heck is so wrong with so many people that one person let alone two, ran over the same innocent person and left the scene?I I at least hope I have raised my children to take responsibility for themselves.

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