Pa. LCB Giving Wine Kiosks Another Chance

HARRISBURG (CBS) – After a shutdown of its 29 wine kiosks just before Christmas, the Liquor Control Board plans to put six of the kiosks back on line next week to see if problems have been worked out.

The wine kiosks were abruptly unplugged because of problems that included the failure to dispense the product customers had purchased. Now, Liquor Control Board spokeswoman Stacy Kriedeman says six of the 29 kiosks — the locations of which have not yet been finalized — will be switched back on next week.

“We will reopen the six kiosks early next week,” she said. “We will see how they perform for a week. If they perform well, we will start the process of reopening the additional 23 kiosks.”

Ultimately, the LCB plans to launch about 100 wine kiosks in supermarkets across the state. And notwithstanding pending legislation that could throw the future of the agency and the kiosks into doubt, Kriedeman says the plan is to move ahead with deploying the kiosks if the bugs have been worked out.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Ute says:

    In my opinion it’s time to change the whole process of selling alcoholic beverages. It should be possible to do it without machines in supermarkets.
    The whole thing is a moneymaking and controlling function, put the responsebility to the costumers, I think with 21 you should have enough commen sense to know what you are doing.

    1. michele m says:

      u mean to tell me at 21 you drank responsibly like you do now? I know I didn’t that’s what being 21 is all about. i think people forget sometimes that they were young too and I am sure you said OMG i will never drink again but the following weekend there you were drinking that same stuff.

  2. Mel K says:

    This is basically just a big vending machine. I’m surprised there are bugs with it. I can’t imagine that it’d be difficult to get it working correctly. Who designed and programmed this thing?

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