Darby Township To Issue Fines Over ‘Saved Spots’

DARBY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Big snow storms and limited parking is a combination that can lead to a whole lot of neighborhood feuds.

Now, in Darby Township, if you feel you have the right to reserve your parking spot, you could face a fine for hundreds of dollars.

You can’t lay claim to a parking spot on a public street in Darby Township. If you do, you could hear from police.

“The law prohibits doing that,” said Darby Township Police Chief Robert Thompson.

Putting in the work to dig out your car after a snow storm and then reserving that spot is a long standing tradition throughout the Philadelphia area.

That’s how single mom Tiffany Ellison feels.

Watch the video…

She is frustrated and wants to fight the decision made by Darby Township commissioners Wednesday night to fine people like her $300 for saving their spot.

“It is going to be ugly. I was out between 12 and 1 a.m. digging,” said Ellison, who marked her ‘territory.’ “Yes, my trash can is out now so when I get home, I can park in front of my door.”

But for others, the new ordinance simply makes a whole lot of sense.

“A lady on Park had a rocking chair a week ago, still sitting there. I wouldn’t mind if she was handicapped or had a broken leg you know, but it’s ridiculous holding a parking space,” said resident Anthony Chiaverini. “You are going to get a lot of arguments over this.”

Thanks to two winters in a row where we’ve seen significant snow storms, arguments and frustrations over parking spots have been on the rise, according to Thompson.

“At some point, this can get serious or even tragic. I just felt we need to try and do things differently,” Thompson said.

The township also passed an ordinance to fine people $300 if they shovel snow back out on to the street.

Reported By Todd Quinones, CBS 3


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  1. Clyde Cady says:

    Seems like there are multiple issues being debated. There is a difference between clearing out a spot and digging your car out so as to get out of a spot. Clearing your car out means your also shovel a part of the street well beyond the space it takes to park as well as the parkway area between the street and sidewalks, plus the sidewalks, etc. Clearing a little rut to make an exit is a totally different exercise. It’s kind of a permanent improvement since the snows keep coming and the maintenance of the spot is an ongoing task….not just another rut clearing. The assumption that the city will plow the parking lanes ass well as the street if the junk gets removed is also a bit ridiculous. We are lucky if the street gets plowed within a day or two of a major snowfall. In any event, others face different challenges if they live in denser locations where there are many fewer parking places, which means that your city planners aren’t doing a very good job…so keep electing them and putting up with their unionized workers who can retire at 50 with a pension equal to 80% of their last year of income…obviously that will fix your problem. Talk about self dealing. I am flabbergasted that there are so many people out there who think it is perfectly legit to take advantage of another person’s effort without any consideration in return…some of the ideas about burying their cars and hosing them down with water are excellent. Thank you….will consider that approach if it ever happens again.

    1. Vandervecken says:

      Make sure you kee your eyes on YOUR car 24/7 if you pull any of that stuff in the last sentence above. No, you’d better SLEEP in your car, if you don’t want acid poured into the engine block.

  2. josephine reyes says:

    I agree with you how in the world can you get a fine for $300.00 for a work that suppose to be done by the city in the first place, we do all the work and someone else takes the space now that is rediculious.

  3. FJB says:

    The problem isn’t typical in Philly that you’ve experienced. Pretty much there’s too many cars here and everyone basically shovels out a spot and then loses it to a neighbor within 30 secs of leaving it.
    The accepted behavior is to shovel oneself out and then return and park in another shoveled spot even if its 3 blocks away. The disputes happen because people shovel out their spots and think they are entitled to park in it again after going for donuts and pepsi at the WaWa. Meanwhile the person who has shoveled out their spot and a neighbor has taken it can not park in that ‘reserved spot’ and instead has to park 3 blocks away. Snow or no snow, this happens all of the time..it’s just people feel entitled to something that isnt theirs and there’s not as many spots to find during a storm.

    Seriously people…be respectful to your neighbors and stop entitling yourselves to things that aren’t yours. Unless you are old or handicapped, you are only using the snow as an excuse to make your lives easier for a day or two while everyone else’s lives are a bit harder.

  4. JB says:

    So, since i should be allowed to park anywhere i want (saved or not) beceause it is a public street, I’ll just start towing other peoples vehicles so i can park in that spot. “You can’t do that!” “He was using his car (an object) to reserve his spot for future use.”

  5. Snow Bound says:

    sounds to me that if everyone left the junk off the streets, the plow would be able to come clear the snow away while you were at work. Probably get rid of some of the extra snow piled between “your spots” and free up room for a few extra cars.

    seems that the whole issue could be solved by working smarter and not harder. but then again changing things is hard. its far easier to sit and complain about who gets what spot than actually going out and doing something about it.

    be happy you have a street where you can park and deal with it. Go ahead and vandalize someone’s car if they park in “your” spot. with all of the camera based phones out there today I’m sure no one will ever track it back to you. With the typical escalation that occurs, pretty soon you’ll have burning bottles flying through your windows. but if that’s what you like far be it from me to tell you how to live your life. However, that’s the cost of highly crowded environments. they’re crowded.

    I lived in an area once that solved the “my spot” argument by installing meters. now everyone gets to park in their own spot – as long as they go out every 4 hours to feed the meter. The revenue from the meters gave the city enough extra cash to hire a private firm to patrol them and ticket/tow violators 24 hours a day.

    On the bright side though, the number of cars on the street dropped dramatically – no problem finding a space any time of the day now. Plows go through on a regular basis and the street’s cleaned pretty quickly. Just have lots of change handy and don’t take too long of a nap.

  6. Travellinman says:

    This is so funny to me! I remember the Germans and English with their reserved spots that had no kidding locked in place bars to hold the spot. They are so protective of their right to park it is almost insane. Ordinances were made and put in place to allow designated parking everywhere. There is less parking in Europe than anywhere else I have ever been and I think those reserved spots are why. Look there are only so many spots to put so many cars and when your car is moving the spot is open so reserving it now holds that spot even if you are in another spot at work or shopping etc. There is only so much parking if you double and triple your spaces you are wasting it. I Hope we never get as bad at city planning as the Europeans. They are so happy with their bus and train systems that they completely forget about their parking. That is until it comes time to put up the BMW for the night then they have a vault! Seriously they have these prepoured concrete one piece garages that get offloaded by a crane. I saw them everywhere in Germany it was amazing.

  7. C.J. says:

    If the city didn’t own and maintain the roads but the roads were instead, perhaps, owned by the property owners, this problem wouldn’t exist. Everyone would know the rules and abide by them, because they were each an owner of the street. They could shovel out their spot and expect it to remain vacant until they returned. If not, they could pay a tow truck to come move the offending car for parking on private property.

  8. matt says:

    a friend of mine in Norristown shoveled out his spot, he didn’t put any reserved marker in it. When he got home, his neighbor put their trash cans in his shoveled out spot. Here is an idea, don’t live in a home without parking and then complain when you have no parking.

    1. Charles says:

      So just throw his trash cans back onto his lawn and park there..

      1. Anthony says:

        I ran into this back in the early 90’s. After spending hours digging out after a blizzard that left most people locked at home for several days, I, and many others dug ourselves out in our condo complex. Then we placed chairs, or trashcans in the newly cleared spaces to protect them from visitors. I even left my building and door number. Some a-hole threw my chair over the snow mound I had created during the 4 hour dig, and parked his car there.

        Needless to say, after doing the shopping, I was pretty upset to find his car in the spot I labored on for hours, and more that he had no courtesy to go talk to my girlfriend.

        Thankfully, the nice plow operator, after my request, began to a snow mound behind this guys car, and he must have been watching from a window, because he came running to save his car from an icy burial.

        Needless to say, in the end, I got my space back, and he went and dealt with the a-hole that took his spot.

  9. Henry Thoreau says:

    The problem is they aren’t clearing off the sidewalks and public roads, yes? So why are they charging you twice for a job they aren’t doing?

  10. Willie says:

    How do the Chicago window smashers/key slashers know the car in the spot moved your marker? The spot could have been used by several people during your absense. But from what we have seen of obama and rahm, this truely sounds like the Chicago way!

    1. wordtypist says:

      Of course it’s Obama’s fault! Isn’t everything?

      1. Triple A says:

        No, usually the BHO is blaming Bush. :)

  11. Johnny Rico says:

    You folks are missing the point. Instead of addressing the problem yourselves, you have invited the government to do something society has been doing up until now. No good can come of increasing governmental power. If you continue down this slope, you will have no rights left. The sheeple of Philly sound like a stupid bunch to me.

  12. barry1817 says:

    Sounds like we have a “share the wealth” moment.

    You do the labor, the sweat and then you must share that with someone that didn’t do anything to earn that spot.

    And just by the luck of the draw, you have the shovel, so why should you benefit.

    1. Sam says:

      You do the labor so you can drive your car. The streets are not owned by you so why should you claim ownership. Additionally, at what point should you stop claiming a spot, why not just keep it year round, that way you will always have a spot ready to go.

      Better idea would be to buy a house with a driveway or a space in a garage. That is what having a personal spot should cost. The other option would be to walk or take public transportation until the snow melts and you don’t need to shovel anything.

  13. Blue Biker says:

    What most of you don’t realize is that you were going to shovel your car out anyway, no matter where it’s parked. If it’s on a public roadway, “tradition” aside, you cannot “save” a spot. If you don’t like it, then don’t shovel your car out. Leave it there until the police tow it away for being abandoned on a public roadway.

    1. J says:

      Exactly.. and if you are so proud to live on that street … consider your hard work appreciated by the community. and BTW… someone shoveled a spot for you on the next block. too far ?? chose the private option — a driveway or garage.

  14. J says:

    You folks really believe that you are entilted to reserve spots on the street?? I can’t believe this. All you have to do is think for a minute .. What if everyone did this? No.. you people just think of yourselves.. period.
    If you sweep the spot (in good weather) is it yours too? you probably justify this in your minds somehow. what about my baby.. you know what.. buy a reserved garage space if you need such luxury.
    The street is public. and you can’t reserve it. idiots.

    1. Dano says:

      What If Everyone Did This? Then I’d Be A Fool Not Too!

      1. J says:

        yep.. selfish thinking.
        you have reserved your space in nice weather haven’t you Dano?

    2. Dano says:

      Yes J it is selfish! And I don’t have a problem with that! You act like the person that does work for his own good OWES YOU something!

      Let me clue you in to how the world REALLY works. You park in a space I schvoled out, you are going to regret it deeply. I don’t care about the public street arguement or anything else. I care about my work and your trying to rip me off.

      So be advised little one, when you park there you’re inviting a war macihine into your life.

      1. J says:

        Here’s the guy you want in the neighborhood.
        Everyone is like you… there is no community.
        I hope you meet lots of people like yourself in life.

      2. J says:

        BTW Dano.. you might want to double your dosage.

      3. Charles says:

        No problem I will just take my snow blower and blow the snow back into your so called spot – :)

      4. SAM says:

        You shoveled your spot out so YOU CAN DRIVE YOUR CAR. NOT PARK IN IT AGAIN. Everyone who wants to drive their car must shovel out a spot so there will always be a spot for every car on the road. You might have to walk you lazy a$$ a few blocks.
        Also only the biggest a$$ would vandalize someone elses car over something so stupid. Shoveling out your car is the cost of driving and represents the money you didn’t spend on a house with a driveway or a parking garage (that would be a savings of several thousand a year for an hour or two of shoveling a year)

      5. big daddy says:

        hey dano shut your filthy f u cking d i cksucker you punk b itch. I will park in your spot and dare you to do something about it. Now go f;u ck your fat wh ore mother and shut the hell up

      6. Vandervecken says:

        Sheesh. And you called ME a nutjob. You’re the one threatening people’s homes and families over a parking spot. You really need to be put away, Dano.

        By the way Mr. Big Talk, if by some strange chance I ever DID park in the spot you shoveled out, you had better do some SERIOUS rethink about messing with my car, because I WOULD know it’s you, of course. You don’t want the legal nightmare your life would become if you did. I would take EVERYTHING you own, and I’d do it legally. Word to the wise.

    3. noone says:

      You’re trying to say that the people slaving away digging out their cars and then trying to utilize that space are the ones thinking only about themselves?? Not the people enjoying the fruits of others’ labor? You can’t possibly be serious. LOL this country is so fuct.

  15. Adam in VA says:

    Most people realize the effort to dig out from a major storm and I have not had anyone “steal” my spot. However, if they did I would go out and shovel snow around the tires and then wet it a little so it becomes a block of ice. My opinion….you want my spot then you can keep it……until the thaw.

  16. seemless says:

    What I haven’t read in all these posts is that it’s a tradition; it started for a reason, a valid reason–one should be rewarded for his/her labor. The fact that this tradition has been going on for-ever suggests the people agree with the rationale. That’s what counts. There will always be the “newbies” who feel they have the “right” to that spot, but that’s due to their little egos. These are the same twits who feel they have the “right” to crawl in the left (fast) lane holding up those behind them.

    1. digger1 says:

      So, you think that the thing that counts is that people agree with the rationale? Then I could start any “tradition” I want whether its legal or not and it would be OK if others agree. You have a very small mind.

    2. KAM says:

      Wow this is America we don’t reward people for thier labor anymore. The dude that did nothing all day but watch the worker should get the spot.

  17. Lou Gots says:

    That 48 hour rule in Boston is fair and reasonable. It should be a State law in Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, the practice of reserving spots is gross;ls abused by people who try to do for weeks at a time.

  18. dessertgirl says:

    Maybe you don’t own the road but what if you have one or two spaces in front of the property that you own and pay taxes for, shouldn’t you be entitled to park in front of your own home. Some communities solve the problem by issuing parking stickers for homeowners/renters and all others are ticketed.

    1. J says:

      nope. you are not entitled..

      1. D says:

        Yo J! Not Only Are We Entiltled but we take people like you and throw them in the Dumpster!

  19. Jeff says:

    You people are huge wusses. Shoveling out a car is not that hard. We got 22 inches in NYC last week and I was out in 20 minutes. If 20 minutes of shoveling is such an imposing endeavor, put down the cheeseburgers.

    1. seemless says:

      It’s the principle Jeff. It’s always the principle that trumps.

      1. Chris, Baltimore, MD says:

        That’s why I move the markers out of the street when I walk by.

  20. Andrea in Baltimore says:

    Last winter in Baltimore, my husband spent hours not just shoveling our car out, but doing a thorough job at it so that I could get my 6 month old in and out of the car more easily. Upon return to our spot, someone had moved our chair and parked in our spot, EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE OTHER SPOTS ON OUR STREET (which weren’t dug out as nicely). They just wanted the “clean” spot! Unfair! Mostly I agree that it is a public street, but I want to stay in the city, even though we have young children…how to manage this if not everyone is going to clear every spot nicely?

    1. Tom B. says:

      I would have shoveled snow around the car that took my spot. Just sayin…

      1. Tom B. says:

        Meaning, shoveled them in, instead of out.

    2. seemless says:

      I agree with you Andrea. My earlier post sums up my position.

    3. Chris, Baltimore, MD says:

      I’m from upstate NY, and now live in Baltimore. I’ve never made claim to a spot, and never will. If I walk by one of these markers, I always pull them out. No one has a claim to a spot and shouldn’t litter the streets I pay taxes for. I hope it was your chair I moved, Andrea.

    4. Robin says:

      Waah! My baby! Waah!

    5. Charles says:

      Then Either stay in the City and shut up or move to where you have a driveway.. or garage..
      I understand the complaint – but – it is a public road – and anyone can park there – I drive a big SUV – and just put it in 4 low and drive out – no shoveling is required..

      1. jack says:

        Jeep 4.0L made my life easy during my time in Colorado and Wyoming!

    6. Opie Briun says:

      Cool. If you clear out some snow from a public land (the road), it becomes yours for the winter. That’s a sweet deal. There’s a city park close to work, think I’ll go put the work into chopping down some trees and putting up a small shed to live in during the week. As long as I keep it free of snow… it should be mine! I put the effort into it, not the lazy public that want to go “walking” through the area I took for myself.

  21. Chris Matthews says:

    Sounds like we need more civility. This is exactly what led to the Carnage in Tucson.

    Wait, it doesn’t snow in Tuscon?

  22. Phil Bickel says:

    In Ohio when I shovel my driveway, no one eles trys to use it, I don’t understand?

    Sometimes if I’m in a charitable mood I shovel my neighbors driveway, he has bad knees.

    1. seemless says:

      Your driveway isn’t a public street.

  23. Pittman says:

    Lawn chairs and garbage cans are big in Pittsburgh. I used to come home, see that my space was taken, move one, and just park there. The most I ever got was a note on my car. It got tiresome quickly, so I moved to a place with a garage and driveway.

  24. Rotorhead says:

    So, someone wants to reap the benefits of someone elses hard work. Really? Then go sign up for welfare, I hear it works the same way.

  25. Korla Pundit says:

    Angry liberals have a sense of entitlement. This is a parking ponzi scheme. If you “reserve” your spot, then everybody else who leaves their spot should have the same right to “reserve” a spot, then how the hell are you going to park when you reach your destination? You have to live in the free market, and if you vandalize somebody’s car, they may retaliate on your house.

    Nobody would dare pull such a stunt in New York.

    If you can’t bear to lose your precious parking spot, then DON’T DRIVE!

    1. Dr Nemo says:

      Interestingly many comments below have attributed the opposite view to liberals. It seems that whatever viewpoint the person takes they assume those in the opposing party will disagree.

      Your comment on the “ponzi scheme” aspect of this topic are apt. This would seem to be the problem addressed by the ordinance.

  26. Dr Nemo says:

    Great! Do you want to shovel the rest of the street too? Because evidently republicans don’t believe in paying taxes to support public services… So no complaining when the plow hasn’t been down your street for a week.

    1. SteveO says:

      Evidently Dr Nemo is pretty clueless.

    2. dfsdfdsf says:

      Great, except that most of the people who don’t pay any taxes at all are democrats.

      1. Sharon says:

        You said it!

    3. Neuromancer says:

      Ha! The joke’s on you because most Republicans already moved out of that frozen wasteland you call home.

      Don’t worry, I’m sure global warming will save you…

      BTW, your rhetoric probably caused an unhinged nutcase to go on a shooting spree.

  27. Vandervecken says:

    So imagine if we ALL used spot placeholders. What do you think that would do? Where would visitors park? Workmen trucks?

    Extending this “logic,” it should be fine to use placeholders in the space in front of your house all the time, not just after snow storms, because acccording to you it’s “your” spot.

    Which is BS.

  28. Recher says:

    There would be no problem if there was an excellent public transport system so people need not own a car.

    1. jack says:

      It justs takes money! Feel free to overpay on your taxes this year!

  29. HEK says:

    Bostonians make this an art form even encouraged by “Mayah” Menino himself. You dig out the spot along the street; you essentially help the Boston Public Works department. You may hold your dig out spot for 48 hours with some random household object (i.e. lawnchair, grill, roadcone, etc) . After 48 hours remove the household object or else the Boston Public works will remove it for you. It gets ruthless in Boston is you take someone’s hard earned dug out within that 48 hour timeframe. I’ve heard of tires being slashed, cars being re-buried by the person that dug them out, and groups of teenagers forcibly pushing cars into the middle of a snowy street, just to wait for a tow truck to hual them off.

    1. Vandervecken says:

      And that’s disgusting–but it’s the kind of vandalism I’d expect from people so selfish as to expect the spot they dug out to remain unused for the whole day.

  30. Aries4 says:

    1) It would never occur to me to have the balls to park in a spot that I know someone else spent time and effort to clear. What kind of mindset does it take or allows you to think that that is OK to do that? 2) Why is someone who lives on your street taking your spot anyway? Their car didn’t just materialize out of thin air AFTER the storm. It had to be somewhere during the storm just like yours. A driveway, a garage or another street spot that also had to be cleared to get their car out in the first place! Why aren’t they parking the car back there? 3) I don’t see “place holders” as saving the spot to put their car back but rather to put their SNOW back after they’ve temporarily moved it. If some stupid slob is unfortunate enough to have parked his car in my snow space at the time I want to put my snow back there, it’s his problem!

    1. Vandervecken says:

      Someone is taking “your” spot (AND IT’S PUBLIC PARKING DAMNIT–YOU DON’T OWN IT) because they need somewhere to park! You and all the others here who use spot placeholders are the ones who have some damn nerve.The street does not belong to you!

      1. Dano says:

        You’re a NUT Job! Apparently all you are doing is mouthing off and not driving too much. If you were driving, or made enough to actually own a home OR a car you wouldn’t be spouting this baloney!

        You’re the kind of Progressive like Obama! Freeload off of everybody else. Freeload off of their labor! Distrubite the Wealth! In this case the wealth is my work plowing snow so you can park!

        I gaurentee you my friend that the first time you park in a space I sholved is the last time that car parks anywhere!

    2. Jennifer says:

      Um, because it’s a PUBLIC street…are you going to ban people from walking on the freaking sidewalk if you shovel a path to “your” precious spot too? I’m from the Northwest so maybe this is an Easterner thing, but I can’t believe how incredibly ludicrous this entitlement mentality is…I would NEVER consider a street spot “mine” whether I had cleaned up trash out of it, swept up broken glass so I could part there w/o worry about my tires, or moved some snow. Sheesh…

    3. fmc says:

      So if you shovel out a spot n a municipal lot it becomes yours, even when you aren’t there? C’mon! This is no different, as we’re talking about public streets, not private property, which the owner has the right to do with as he pleases.

      If you shovel out a spot for yourself, or shovel your car out of the snow, that’s one thing, because you benefit from that work by parking there immediately or getting your car freed up. But that doesn’t give you title to that spot.

      Liberals (i’m not saying you’re one) like in Boston amaze me. They want to take private property for public use until it inconveniences them. Then they want to use public property for a private privilege.

      1. Jared says:

        Sorry, but your view is the liberal one. You think you can bogart somebody’s spot after they busted their ass to clean it out. Sounds like sharing the wealth to me.

      2. fmc says:

        Like I said, its not your property no matter what you did to maintain it, which is definitely not a conservative viewpoint. Conservative would be benefiting from whatever you did for your own immediate benefit, like shoveling yourself out. But not claiming it for yourself for later, in fact I think that’s known in the legal trade as conversion of public property, which is illegal.

        Marking a spot as yours like a dog marks a fire hydrant just smacks too much of a liberal mindset.

    4. sheri2names says:

      I remember being pregnant and helping dig out the snow on our one-way, too-narrow-for-snowplows street (only too narrow because bozos at the cross-street parked deliberately to block plows, hence earning a snowday from work) A group of us not only dug out the street, but parking spaces. Some loser who claimed to be disabled (but wasn’t too disabled to hunt deer and hoist them onto his car, up the hill to the house, etc.) took the spaces we dug out. The only reason we didn’t render him REALLY disabled was because his poor wife was having pre-term labor. Of course, that’s ANOTHER reason HE should have been digging.

  31. Pittsburgher says:

    Just do what the old joke says – if someone takes “your” spot, just shovel the snow back onto their car then add some water. I doubt they will do it again. :-)

  32. Captain Al says:

    I never shovel. When the snow begins to fly, I break out my Jeep 4-wheel drive. In the morning I broom off the vehicle, kick her in 4-wheel and climb right out and over the huge snow curb I have created. When I return, unless the city has plowed the spot, it is waiting for me because few others could get into it without getting stuck. Last year I had a two foot mound built up in front of my house.

    1. Craig says:

      This is how it should be done! This is the most common sense idea I’ve read yet. Stupid green cars with no 4 wheel drive or torque/HP!

  33. L.Ranger says:

    What is this “snow” you speak of Kemosabe?

  34. Jamie says:

    I lived in South Philly for 16 years and I must say that now that I live in the country, it makes me sick to think of the anxiety I used to feel over this very issue! But the REALITY is that everyone does not dig out at the same time, and you could spend a lot of time digging out to come home to NO parking anywhere. I worked as a home care nurse in the city, the trick is to have good 4X4 that you can get in and out of ANY spot, cleared or not, then you almost always can find somewhere to park. I would clear my spot, but then I didn’t worry cause I knew my Subaru could handle getting in and out of almost any spot.
    Glad to not have to deal with it anymore though!

  35. Dano says:

    Well I don’t know how it works in your part of the world but in mine it works like this. If I dig my car out of a spot in front of my house then that spot is mine. What do you think, that I’m digging out a spot for you to park in??

    Only line cutters, free loaders and ill legal immigrants would disagree.

    1. fishercat says:

      You do not have a right to claim sole use of a specific piece of public property.

      1. Dano says:

        Oh no?? Well then let me introduce you to reality. It’s my house, it’s my labor digging that spot out and it’s my tax dollars going to waste as the township plows me in. You think you”re just going to come along and take that spot and start spouting some nonsense about public streets?

        Maybe I’ll introduce you to a public butt beating?

      2. McSorley says:

        Public property is used all the time for people to plant gardens on..in other words put in the work to produce food and flowers. The fact that its public property and according to your way of thinking anyone can go and just start picking the vegetables for their evening meal.

    2. Vandervecken says:

      So let me get this straight–you think you have the right to tie up a parking spot for an entire day, while you’re away, just because you dug it out? Because I also dig out my cars–often in front of my home–and I DON’T do that. And I’m not a line cutter, freeloader, or illegal alien.

      1. Dano says:

        I’m glad to hear that you are not a line cutter, free loader or illegal alien. Apparently you ARE educated beyond your intelligence. If you think you are going to park for free on my labor, I’m going to extract the price.

      2. Chris says:

        Dano, chances are your house is more valuable than a car. The price extracted on your house would be much more severe.

    3. Vandervecken says:

      As has been commented on below, you are profiting by your labor because it IS in front of your house. You’ll get more use out of that spot than anyone else (as do I).

      I’d toss aside your placeholders in a heartbeat here in NYC. I wrote below that I don’t, but that’s not strictly speaking true; I toss them aside, but I don’t use the spot, because as you’ve demonstrated in your posts, people like you are likely to be car vandals.

      1. Dano says:

        Well, you think I’m a car vandal because I dig out the spot in front of my house and you have some sort of right to profit from my labor? Well, let me say this, in that case since you want to vandalize my labor, I have no compunction in vandalizing your car, your house, your family!

        It’s my labor and I don’t work for the public welfare.

    4. fmc says:

      It’s your labor getting you out of an immediate predicament. That doesn’t give you any “right” to that spot after you’ve moved.

      Tell you what though. If all that work you did to help yourself is what this is all about, then simply don’t do it. Just leave your car where it is (if it’s snowed in), or park your car somewhere else that’s clear, if you can find one. That should resolve the problem of you complaining about doing something because it benefits yourself. Have a nice day!

    5. Justice says:

      Yes I do, and on behalf of line cutters, freeloaders, and illegal aliens, we thank you for your hard work. I wish I knew where you lived, I would park in front of your house every day (legal) and be sure to record every bit of your vandalism (illegal) and have you safely tucked away in a nice cell while I enjoy the product of your labor.

      1. Dano says:

        You do that every day and I’ll tel you what… I guarentee on the forth day you’ll be crying about the Injustice! You must be one of these Gen X’ers who thinks they are entitled to something. Well, you’re entitled to get a whoopin if you park in the spot I sholved.

      2. fmc says:

        Since Boston is a “sanctuary city” (don’t know about Darby PA) the illegal alien would be able to keep the spot he shoveled out, and deny a citizen the opportunity to park. Would be all right with you? I’m not sure where you’d come down on that.

    6. Charles says:

      Your as dumb as your parents

  36. wncchester says:

    “I’D like to use placeholders, too. But I don’t. What if everyone did this? ”

    I’m also a conservative. If everyone “did this” then everyone would be diggiging out their own parking place. I can’t see a problem with that. ??

    1. Vandervecken says:

      The problem is there are more cars in need of a place to park than parking spots–not just the home owners need to park on residential streets.

    2. suzie says:

      We can’t even count on people to raise their own children, let alone shovel a parking space!

  37. fishercat says:

    It’s a public street and people do not have a right to tie up space on a public road. Parking is limited and saving spaces makes finding a parking space much harder. It is not about protecting a persons precious work. They have shoveled out their personal property out of a snow bank. It’s selfish to tie up a parking space on a public road for hours on end when others could be using it. I think the city should throw away everything that is put in the street.

    1. Dano says:

      Spoken like a true Progressive Democrat! A persons work isn’t to be protected! You bore me. Be advised, the first time you do it I’ll burn your car down. The second time I’ll burn your car and your house down.

      Obama may be President buy Ayn Rand lives in this neighborhood!

      1. Chris says:

        Chances are, as a conservative, you probably marked a spot someone else dug out.

  38. ClearandSunny says:

    Be patient please, I live in a no-snow zone.

    Ok so you shovel the snow but you’re not suppose to put on the sidewalk or in the street.

    Where are you suppose to put it??

  39. Scott Martin says:

    HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad everyone is having fun, but what are the chances everyone dug out the spot IN FRONT of their home. They would have had to be there before the storm. The only way that could have happened was vandalizing offendors regardless of weather. Cones no longer needed, problem solved.

    1. Vandervecken says:

      I don’t follow you. Many people arrange to be parked in front of their homes just before the strom hits, at leats with one car. I know I do.

  40. Paul says:

    On a city street, one has, nor should have, any right to park in front of your house or apartment building.. Spots are open to anyone who has the good timing to find that spot. We all would always like to be able to park conveniently, but that’s just not the way it works.

    1. Vandervecken says:

      You are exactly right sir.

    2. faklhj says:

      You clearly have never lived in a dense neighborhood with on-street parking only that has been hit by a blizzard.

  41. CleanFun says:

    It’s not unreasonable for the spot in front of a person’s home be reserved for the person who lives there. Otherwise, you have people with several vehicles taking up all the parking. I actually use another car to claim the spot in front of my home.

    One thing I’m curious about though; If you can’t shovel the snow in to the street, do they want you to shovel it on to the sidewalk where people walk or on to the car next to yours?

    This all sounds like a racket to me.

    1. Vandervecken says:

      It IS unreasonable. I don’t do it.

  42. EastCoastResident says:

    Shoveling a clean spot out for 45 minutes and suffering lower back spasms for 2 days as a result… Return home to find another car in that spot. Grrr. It’s like walking into a cafeteria and clearing off a table for yourself, you come back from dumping everything in the trash can to find someone else sitting at the table you just cleared. Just because I don’t own the table, or the restaurant, doesn’t make it any less rude. Human nature, you’re gonna be angry. Too bad we don’t make laws that enforce consideration and politeness.

  43. alanwillingham says:

    Old chairs and miscellaneous items left in the street are obviously not possessions of any value, nor do they indicate anyone intends to retain ownership of them. This litter and debris should be collected by civic minded citizens immediately, and those guilty of this kind of roadside dumping on public streets steeply fined…..

    Do these people also leave hundreds of chairs and buckets in the parking lots of Drug stores, or the Drive-Through at he Burger Palace, since they intend to come back at some future time?

    1. wncchester says:

      alanwillingham: Do these people also leave hundreds of chairs and buckets in the parking lots of Drug stores, or the Drive-Through at he Burger Palace, since they intend to come back at some future time?

      No, youi mbecile, nor do they LABOR to clear piles of snow from those spots; can you grasp the difference? You sound like one of those who feels entitled to the benifits of the labor of others as a “right’.

  44. DaChicagoWay says:

    This doesn’t just happen in Philly.

    In Chicago it’s an unspoken rule. You dig your spot out and mark it with a chair or whatever. if someone takes your spot, then you bash in their windshield or key their car…that’s the Chicago Way (just like The Untouchables).

    You fools do realize they are doing this for the tax revenue only and not for “public good”. In Chicago they put up these Red Light Cameras to help deter blowing red lights. The cameras actually are for getting people for making turns on Red without stopping or making a turn at a “No Turn on Red”…these cameras are pulling in big bucks… It’s all lies to pick our pockets more.

    1. Dave says:

      So in other words the red light cameras are there to help deter blowing red lights? Turning on red without stopping and turning at a “No Turn on Red” sign sounds a lot like “blowing red lights” to me…

      1. Don says:

        I didn’t realize there were male and female red lights. How do you blow them?

  45. Philly Expat says:

    I can honestly say from experience, Philly is a good place to be from.

    The farther from, the better.

  46. JimmyDaGeek says:

    Digging out of a snowstorm definitely shows the DIFFERENCE between LIBERALS and CONSERVATIVES.

    CONSERVATIVES believe they should be rewarded for their efforts.

    LIBERALS also believe they should be rewarded for conservatives’ efforts.

    1. Dr Nemo says:

      You might have said

      REPUBLICANS don’t believe in paying taxes to support state and city services. In this case you should plow your own street in addition to shoveling out your car.

      DEMOCRATS believe we should all chip in and work together for the common good.

      I am neither but I am tired of every drudge linked article being politicized. Try to occasionally think out of your box…

      1. xasdfsad says:

        DEMOCRATS believe everyone else should chip in, so while everyone else is at work they can go steal the parking spots.

  47. Former Resident says:

    Most of these houses do have private parking in the alleys, but families have 3, 4, or 5 vehicles, so they have to park on the street.

  48. ITakeYourFreeStuff says:

    I usually drive around and collect anything left in the road, such as cones and chairs, I assume they are trash that people put in the street because they don’t want them. Right after a snowstorm, the streets are full of gold! Keep giving me your stuff, I will keep taking it!

  49. Adam says:

    Has it occured to anyone, that at some point during the snowstorm, EVERY CAR had to be dug out of its spot at least once? So, if every person has already dug out their car once, and then parked in another spot that someone else dug out, what is the problem?

    This has nothing to do with people ‘working hard’. It has to do with people using the storm as an excuse to save a spot directly IN FRONT of your house instead of parking at a space that may be halfway down the block and walking.

    1. Justin says:

      I totally agree! In Chicago you’re not supposed to occupy the same spot for more than 10 days and these people use it as an excuse to keep the cars they never even use anyways in front of their apt indefinitely

    2. adfjkhadf says:

      Inevitably, new cars are introduced to the area.

  50. Irish67 says:

    I wonder what the rate of gun violence is in the winter months versus summer. I’ll be waiting for the ‘person killed over winter parking spot’ story. It’s coming.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Since you asked, crime traditionally goes up in the summertime. Not that I would rule out someone getting killed over a parking spot, out certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

  51. tadchem says:

    In Japan parking places are leased. Tokyo Prices run from $US 70 to $1000 per month. If you pay for the right to park there, then you can block it from use by unauthorized users.

  52. Bruno says:

    Quit living stacked up on top of each other in cities like a bunch of rats. Problem solved.

    1. SarahMcP says:


  53. vbdoc says:

    Sounds normal to me. You do the work and someone else benefits.

    1. Goodgold says:

      Yep. Just spreading the wealth, like our president wants!

    2. Former Resident says:

      Dems wouldn’t have it any other way. So you’ll get fined for saving a spot, fined for throwing the snow back onto plowed streets, fined if you do not clear your sidewalk, and lose money if you just decide to stay home from work for the day. Seems to me the township is taking advantage of the opportunity. “Never let a crisis go to waste!” If y’all don’t vote them out, it’s your own fault.

  54. Greg Anderson says:

    I have to wonder who would even tolerate someone saving a spot.. lol put a cone in a public space, and you can bet I will toss the cone out and make a POINT of parking there.

    You save a spot, its an invitation for me to park in it..even if I dont need to :)

    1. Goodgold says:

      And you might find your car without wheels.

      1. Miran says:

        Well, that’s one way to save a space. LMAO

    2. Dave says:

      Gregg I bet you drive around looking for spots cleaned out by other people don’t you…don’t want to get a cramp in that fat arse actually doing any work right? This is ALL about making money for the city coffers on the backs of the few people left who are doing all the work on their own.

    3. Michelle says:

      ewwwwwww aren’t you a tough guy!!!! You would find your car under every drop of snow that was left on the street, then it would be wet with a hose. who would be laughing then tough guy??????

    4. Chris in Manyunk says:

      Clearly you must be one of the Drudge drones that made their way to this site. You try doing that – parking in someone’s space. Not only will your wheels be gone, but the entire car itself.

    5. Compassion says:

      Yes because there cant possibly be someone more worthy then you. The person who spent time and effort to unearth their car. Or someone like me, who has a debilitating disease that would make me hurt for HOURS from the pain and cold it took to get my car out to go to work. And no, I am not lazy or fat, just physical pain. Maybe the mother with a small child, or 2 children, who had to frantically dig out her car while trying to keep her children warm. Don’t forget, there could possibly be a HUMAN behind that “saved” space.

  55. Kurtiss says:

    Whoever is flattening the tires–I hope they’re slashing them and not just letting the air out. That way the money will come out of their bank account (after they get out of jail) to buy a new set of tires, instead of just making them reinflate the tires. There are proportional responses, and then there are criminals.

    1. Jack Kennedy says:

      so you are the jerk that parks in my driveway, cuz you are to lazy to clean yours

  56. suzie says:

    Say now! This is America!! You can’t be pushing your “personal accountability” stuff on everyone else! Just pay your taxes and shut up!

    1. john says:

      Suzie, you must be on welfare.

  57. Mattie says:


    1. KANYE says:


  58. Frederick says:

    Here in Michigan where we get lots of snow we instituted odd/even parking rules. During snow season you must park on even numbered sides of the street on even numbered days, and vice versa. Failure to do so gets you the $300 ticket or your snowbound car towed. That way the plows can completely remove the snow from one side of the street each day.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Now that’s a good idea. An organized idea. I like that.

  59. Bob says:

    I am from Montreal Canada, and nobody ever reserves a public street parking spot they dug out of during or after a snowstorm…. the fact is that there are always other spots that open up eventually, since people travel… come and go and at the end of the day there are mathematically about the same number of cars and “spots”, so everybody finds a place to park; maybe not exactly in the same spot in front of their house or apartment, but usually not too far a walking distance from home. Yes it is more a problem/nuisance in winter, but it’s part of life in snowy country, and people expect to dig their car out of a spot… but then where do they go and park at their destination ???… they don’t even think about it… but sometimes pray and usually park at another spot dug out by another person…. so we are all digging out and then exchanging spots during the day. That’s how we/to live together in a snowy environment…(from societies who have lifetime experiences of inevitable snowy months generation after generation)… and don’t reserve a spot, know that after a snowstorm there will be exactly as many empty spots dug out that there are cars out of those spots… and all should and do eventually find a free spot. The best thing in a snowy city ( if you can) is of course to buy a house with a garage or a private parking space, but one shares the public streets to park their car, then you have no right that I can see justified to reserve a public space just for yourself. So the city is doing the right thing in fining people in this matter. 2 cents.

  60. Kurtiss says:

    How about this. My wife and I go to a crowded supermarket. I stand in line while she shops. When she’s finished, she gives me the shopping cart. I check out ahead of everyone in line behind me.

    Yep, saving spots sure is considerate!

    1. Russ says:

      There would be nothing wrong with that. You waited your time in line.

  61. Mune Shadowe says:

    If you pay the land taxes for the house behind that spot as far as I am concerned its yours.

    1. Kurtiss says:

      Then your space should also extend into the street. So start charging people toll for passing by your house.

    2. john says:

      Mattie, i bet you are big and round. LOL

    3. KANYE says:


    4. Joey Bologna says:

      I think most people complaining that everyone should be free to park in any spot has never dug out a car from a heavy snowstorm. There’s a lot of effort that goes into digging your car out, and it’s no fun when you come home from work and there are no spots available, or the only parking spot available is the one that someone didn’t bother to dig out completely.

      If the city dug each car out, then yes I would agree that people are free to park wherever they want. When people have to dig their own car out, there’s nothing wrong with reserving the spot.

      1. NYer says:

        Not in New Yrok City. You shovel and then take your chances.

      2. Vandervecken says:

        Damn right. Although, unfortunately, we do have creeps who use placeholders in Queens.

      3. fmc says:

        There is no right to park conferred on you to reserve a public spot for your exclusive use You shoveled the snow to get yourself out of a jam, but that’s as far as it goes.

        Why should anyone but you shovel out your car? That’s your task, and all it should get you is a freed-up vehicle or the right to park there immediately. I could see you complaining about doing all that work and then someone coming along and grabbing the parking space right after you finished, but not 2 hours later).

        Your car mucks up the snow removal process. Get it out of there so the plows can do their work and then ANYONE can park there.

  62. Steve in TX says:

    This is why I am thankful that I live in Texas — don’t get me wrong, none of us enjoy 100-degree summers here, but like I always say, you don’t have to shovel heat!

  63. Atlas Shrugged says:

    The main reason to live in a place where it does not snow or get icy. Move to Texas, it’s beautiful down here. If it does snow, it is gone in a day. Nice!

    1. Ted says:

      DON’T DO IT!! Don’t move to Texas. It’s a horrible place full of terrible people. It’s super expensive and the weather is horrible. It’s tax, tax, tax on everything. Stay up north!

      1. Kurtiss says:

        Ted is clearly a Texan himself, who doesn’t want to be infiltrated by a bunch of northern lefties.

      2. Texan at Heart says:

        LOL Nice try, Ted.

  64. DonS says:

    The cuckoo lays its eggs in the nests of other birds and leaves the parenting to them. People who park in residential spaces cleared by others are CUCKOOS.

  65. Ender says:

    My neighbor has a tendency to park right in front of my house, right in the middle of the yard so I can’t fit a car in front or behind them. Even if/when there’s no car in front of their house. So, as I shovel my driveway (they for some reason refuse to park in theirs) I shovel it in front of their car :) Then, I can JUST squeeze my wife and my car in the driveway….

    1. Get Even says:

      My “neighbor” would be having a serious problem with flat tires.

  66. HardCase says:

    Just one more reason to NOT live in PA

  67. Revenge says:

    If you can’t save the space and someone takes it, just shovel the snow back in. For added measure shovel more in and lightly spray with water.

    1. Driveway man says:

      Ha ha Awesome. Good idea, make them work for that space.

  68. GJMaxwell says:

    This is a tough one. I can feel for those who take the time to clear a space. Then again they don’t own the road. Unfortunately, in this world. there are FAR too many people who will wait for others to dig out the space so they can do park in it. The entitlement mentality running rampant nowadays with lazy people just wanting a free ride (or cleaned space) whether it is from the city, state, federal government, or simply just the guy next-door.

    1. DixieDog says:

      Amen brother!

  69. Reason says:

    Why does this article site a single mom as the person being wronged, with the emphasis on “single”. Does that somehow give this story more credibility? I’m sure she wont be the only one getting a ticket. You broke the ordinance, guess you have to pay the fine. Just one of the many great things about living on top of each other in a city.

    1. suzie says:

      Single moms always garner more sympathy…
      So in addition to the Child and Earned Income Credits she gets for NOT having a husband, she believes a parking spot is an entitlement also.

      1. RayRay says:

        They left out “heroic”. Single moms are usually described as “heroic”. Us married parents are all lazy pathetic slobs who let their kids watch TV all day and turn into hobos. Children raised by heroic single moms do better in school, commit fewer crimes, do less drugs, get knocked up less often, and are generally all-around better human beings than the mediocre children of so-called traditional two married parent families…

      2. Russ says:

        Pay those parking tickets with WIC vouchers.

  70. Michael says:

    They save a spot for me at wal-mart by leaving one of those wheel chair stickers. I just park by one of those and then run into the store.

  71. jack byers says:

    I find this entire thread to be sad commentary on the me first culture that is currently the operating paradigm in the United States.

    If everyone spends half an hour shoveling after every snow, and the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD was is on the work, then there’s no need to save spaces because an entire block can be shoveled in very short order when neighbors work together.

    This is how it works in my neighborhood, and no one saves spots when we’re done. It’s a source of great pride, and it’s simple, easy, and it builds a sense of community.

    Take note, rest of the city….there’s a better way. Talk to your neighbors, buy a shovel, and take the responsibility on as a group. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish and how it makes you feel. Empower yourselves, take care of your handicapped and elderly neighbors, be CITIZENS!!!

    1. mark says:

      I like this solution the best

  72. Michelle says:

    How about shoveling the spot for the greater good? On my block in Clifton heights it’s a one way street with one sided parking. Parking is ridiculous here. Some are multicar families that park ALL of their cars on the street even though they could park at least one out back! Only a handful of people on the block put chairs out and it’s enraging.
    So you had to do a little extra work to get out. Get over yourself we all did.
    You wouldn’t put chairs out in the middle of July so just because you had to put a little time in getting out doesn’t make it yours for the next 2 days.
    That’s the problem with people it’s always
    ME, ME, ME!

    1. Michelle says:

      Michelle, these same people who put their chairs out in the snow would definetly try and put a chair out in July. They feel they are entitled to park in front of their own house. We had neighbors put trash cans out last week when we got a 1/4 in. I went up and down the street and moved them all. I, like you, live on a street where there are familes with several cars and they don’t park one in the driveway. People are just ignorant. I choose to ignore them, life is too short.

  73. common sense says:

    If it takes you two hours to dig out your car maybe you should spend a little time at the gym in between snow storms, it only takes me about 20 minutes. 20 minutes that I’d rather be doing something else, to be sure, but it’s the price I’m willing to pay to live in a thriving metropolitan area. Even if it snows four or five times this year, I’m still in for less than three hours of labor over the course of the year and for that I get restaurants, museums, music, and lots and lots of single women.

    If you’re not into shoveling snow in the winter maybe you should consider Florida.

    1. Robert Birdsall says:

      But, the question is, are you removing the snow from the street or merely taking the snow off your car and throwing it on elsewhere on the road. i agree with the ”The township also passed an ordinance to fine people $300 if they shovel snow back out on to the street.”. Given Bob from Montreal Canada’s comment. If everybody who did dig there cars out removed all of remainging snow off the street (their parking on the street preventing the plows from doing so), perhpas this wouldn’t be an issue. I hate the fact that I completely remove the snow from in front of my house to have those who merely dig out their cars by throwing the snow out onto the street then turn around and park in front of my house becuase it is actually cleared. In addition, I resent that same snow thrown out into the street being plowed back in front of my house during the next storm (I do infact prepare the front of my house for oncoming storms if there is residual snow and ice.

    2. Malarky says:

      Why should anyone care that you go to the gym and “get lots and lots of single women.” Fact is, you probably do neither.

  74. Havelock Vetinari says:

    The sad thing is that these guys will most likely get re-elected.

    1. Michelle says:

      what guys havelock????

  75. E. Vacenarvi says:

    I would like to know where people that reserve their spot park when they arrive at their destination? Do they shovel out two spots and keep a cone in their trunk to reserve their future spot too? If you move your car don’t you then have to move it to someplace where someone else did the work for you?

    So you do a little work to shovel out your car, big deal, I lived in Montrewal and did it daily, should I have reserved every spot I dug out and parked in? I would have had half the city blocked off as my personal parking space by the end of the winter. I would then like to fine people that move their snow into my spot as well.

  76. the Shoveler says:

    From now on I’ll put the snow BACK after I dig my car out. That’s only fair.

    1. Kurtiss says:

      Yes, I’m sure you are going to spend that extra time shoveling snow.

      1. the Shoveler says:

        You’re right. I’ll hire someone to do it. I’ll pay them 250 bucks.

  77. Jack Byers says:

    “There’s nothing fair about the government forcing someone to work for someone else’s benefit without pay. That’s Socialism, at best; arguably government-sanctioned larceny.”

    No one’s forcing anyone to do anything, these people are digging their cars out because they have to go to work in the morning. “Socialism, at best”? Turn off the TV news, man.

    I don’t know where you live, but this is a big and long running problem in Philly when it snows. People get shot over saved parking spaces on public streets, when neighbors should be working together to clear their neighborhoods.

    Your choices are pretty simple: complain about the lack of city services when the streets aren’t plowed and leave your car in the garage, dig out a spot and guard it with a gun, or start a revolution. A revolution being the concept that with an hour or so of collective work in the morning after a snow, the entire block can be dug out so that saving spots and complaining about lack of services is irrelevant.

    It’s what happens in my neighborhood in Mt Airy, and the group effort has also resulted in neighborhood that has a sense of community pride and cohesion. Our summer block parties are better for having had to dig out together in the winter.

    It’s the real american way, recognizing a shared need, mobilizing the community, and putting your back into it.

    1. Susan D. says:

      Thank you!!!!

    2. ra44 says:

      The problem is most people in large cities are incredibly selfish and lazy. They have NO Issue taking advantage of someone elses work ethic. In the city on a typical block you might get three or four people to get out and there and shovel the whole street, meanwhile the rest of the block will sit at the windows watching the good people work thinking what suckers they are for doing so.

    3. Detex says:

      Great point.

  78. lark says:

    Rather than fining people for reserving a parking space because it can cause an argument, a fight and possibly a gun incident it would be much more efficient if the police would fine people just for thinking of doing it. With a spy drone hovering about the city police officers could find out who is thinking of doing such a nuisance and snip it at the bud.

  79. ramblingman says:

    According to Mikey B, people should be able to bill the city for being constructively forced to dig out of their snow in order to get to work.

    Can I bill the city for filling up my car that I use in order to drive to work? If I (and others) don’t fill up, our city would shut down, hospitals would be understaffed, etc. So we can bill the city for that, right?

    1. MikeyB says:

      No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m not saying the city should pay for anything (besides, the taxpayers pay for everything anyway; the city has no money). I’m saying that people who work are entitled to benefit from their labor and not be forced to unjustly enrich others. Yes, this is how socialism works: the government takes from the labor of one and gives to another. Find your own parking spot.

  80. Rob says:

    How are they going to know who put the trash can/chair in the spot? Cop comes up to me to give me a ticket after I move a chair and park in the spot – “What’s this for?” I say. “Saving a parking spot is illegal” Cop says. “I didn’t put the chair there, I just moved it because I needed to park my car.” Are they going to have the police stake out parking spots and fine the offenders when they get their evidence? Are they going to dust the chair for fingerprints?

    1. Michelle says:

      you know what is really funny? The people who put their trash cans and recycling cans in their spot and they have their ADDRESS ON THEM!

      1. Alan says:

        Ok, so what’s to stop someone using their neighbors trash can?

      2. Driveway Man says:

        Put a Tent up ,Clean it up the space and make it your own.

    2. boR says:

      that sounds like a massive waste of police resources. wouldn’t be the first time though.

  81. Tracy says:

    you must be a democrat

  82. Robert Brown says:

    It seems like letting someone reserve a spot for a day or two shouldn’t be a problem. Also, I’m surprised no one moved the rocking chair that had been there for a week. Obviously, if you save your spot, you have to hope someone doesn’t come along and steal it anyway (moving a trash can is easier than shoveling snow).

    $300 fine (?), sounds like the government taking people’s money again. I don’t think a good case (protecting people / good of everyone) can be made for a $300 fine. I’m not sure if I should argue on principle or just the extreme size of the fine.

  83. wyrdless says:

    Darby can do this, but there will be unintended consequences. People won’t put as much effort in clearing a spot out. They will do half the job, pull out, and say to themselves “why should I do the rest? Someone else will take my work” and leave. For example the lady who claimed to be shoveling from 11pm-1am, she isn’t going to do anymore than what is absolutely required.

    So they may get a few $300 fines but they will have to spend more than that cleaning up snow which citizens would have removed on their own.

  84. MIkeyB says:

    That’s silly. People are constructively forced to dig out to get to work for any number of reasons; otherwise, e.g., the city would shut down (city workers couldn’t get to work), the hospitals would be understaffed, children couldn’t get to school, etc…..

    I’d agree with you if no one had to move his car; sure, everyone would just leave his car where it is until the thaw. No one is forced to obey the cones that people place to reserve their spot.

  85. Superpower says:

    More jackball city official ignorance…whoever came up with this little money grab scheme should be arrested for inciting a riot.

  86. Mike M says:

    Simple. Shovel out your car, get it out of the spot, then pile the snow back onto the spot. Presto – the spot will likely be there for you when you come back!

  87. John says:

    It’s not public work that removed the snow you get overit.

  88. Royd says:

    Here’s a money making solution, for the city….Lease the parking spot to the homeowner, for say, $200 a year, and then, if someone else parks in the space, the city can tow the car, and charge a fine and storage…Sounds like win win.

  89. Dahlia says:

    People who live in the city shouldn’t have cars. They should be supporting public transportation, shouldn’t they? They love living in the city because of the convenience, so why the need for a car? All of these zip car services are available when one needs to leave the city, so again, no excuse. All of that pollution in such tight living conditions. Shame on them. Think of how liberating it would be not to worry about shoveling and “saving” a parking space. Problem solved.

    1. Angelo says:

      what about the people who live in the city and work in the suburbs? how about you suburbanites not work in the city, so that us city folk don’t have to travel 50 miles to earn a check?

  90. John says:

    They don’t own the space they own the work they put into removing the snow but peoplelike you always look to find ways to live off other peoples hard work. Who is really the pathetic one? If I could I would wait till you shovel out a space (when hell freezes over most likely) and then move right in and takle that space. After all you don’t “own” it right? Try a little thinking.

  91. Happy Young Man says:

    Here is an excellent example why this law is needed!

  92. JJinCO says:

    Put in meters on residential streets. Residents park for free, all others have to pay. Residents can take out their frustration being duly deputized meter maids.

  93. Mike says:

    They should tear down some of the buildings and make parking lots.

  94. Jared says:

    Where are they supposed to move them? They have no driveways.

    1. john says:

      That’s there problem, they decided to live there. Now deal with it. Bunch of cry babies.

  95. Jared says:

    If there are no driveways, then the spots in front of a house should be solely for the residents of that house.

  96. butta says:

    its just not right, its shady!

  97. Terry says:

    Block the spot if you dig it out but remember that you have no right to the street itself. Someone else can move the chairs and park. These people getting into physical altercations over a spot are idiots. Case is point the idiot in Bensalem who put a gun to a snow removers head. Can you say multiple felony charges with a five year mandatory minumium. Yep, snow is so worth going to jail.

    1. ra44 says:

      OH no i think those that park in other peoples cleared off spots can simply bury the car and pour water over it so that its frozen shut. They can keep that spot till the spring thaw.

  98. Gray Ghost says:

    These people need to be compensated for cleaning the streets I am sure union wages would be fair. Each person who clears the street in front of their homes must be paid at union wage.

    1. Kurtiss says:

      I agree. And start paying me union wages for mowing my own lawn. I mean you personally, Gray Ghost, send me the check today.

  99. Adam says:

    Whoa! People are doing a whole lot of work here without the Feds getting their fair share! TAX THE PEOPLE DIGGING OUT THE SPOTS! FINE THEM EVEN IF THEY DON’T SAVE THEIR SPOT!

    1. Kurtiss says:

      That’s right, Adam. Otherwise, how is the government going to get the money that it so rightfully deserves?!

  100. Mark Matis says:

    Hey, enjoy your city life! You’re only getting what you elected. The stench is overwhelming.

    1. luvFlorida says:

      I agree!

  101. mike says:

    by all means lets reward the unproductive at the expense of the productive. if someone worked their butt off to clear a spot to pake their car then they should have the right to save that spot.

  102. RR says:

    wasnt it just last year, that Mayor Nutter said “I don’t have a problem with it” when asked about this very issue? So I guess this means Darby police would rather deal with violent disputes between neighbors, than dealing with a lawn chair in the road. . . What do they expect us to do? Are we to come home from work to dig out another spot before we can park our cars? What if we have kids? I’m quite sure the people who voted this in have driveways. . .

  103. sharyn says:

    i’m in phila and have the same problem. neither my husband nor myself are able
    to dig out due to physical problems. we pay someone to dig us out. why should
    i put out my money to have someone else take my spot? i’m for keeping what i
    take care of. i wouldn’t think of parking in a spot i did not dig out but then again
    philadelphians are not known for their courtesy.

  104. tyler says:

    Clean the streets and this wouldn’t be a problem.

  105. ZZBAR says:

    “you face a fine for hundreds of dollars”. Well did anyone get a fine yet? Or is it one of those laws that are not enforced? If you got fined, how much was the summons?

Comments are closed.

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