Pa. Hunter’s Widow Sues Lawyer Charged In Death

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — The wife of a suburban Philadelphia hunter killed in an apparent hunting accident has sued the lawyer accused of firing the fatal shot.

In a wrongful-death lawsuit filed Monday, the widow of Barry Groh claims lawyer David Manilla is trying to hide assets, including significant real estate holding transferred to his mother and sister in the days after the November 29 shooting.

Theresa Lynn Groh is seeking an injunction to nullify the land transactions, saying Manilla is trying to shield assets.

Fifty-two-year-old Barry Groh was fatally shot shortly after killing a deer near Quakertown. Police say Manilla told officers he mistook the man for a deer.

A message left for Manilla’s criminal lawyer was not immediately returned.

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  1. Joerilla says:

    All those who left the scean of the crime should be in jail (as any of us would be). Why haven’t the others even been charged? Is there anything being filed against them? Or are they ‘above’ the law? Are the laws just for us ‘regular ‘ people? There has to be charges brought against all of them, or are system is a joke. Is it possible to put your petition online? It would get a larger audiance.

  2. joseph says:

    barry’s death was the first hunter in Pennsylvania big game hunting season-s to be murdered not a accident,,every person in this state should be outraged,,someone going out in a recreational activity would be at risk of death with the thoughtless act that happened here,where were the guys that should have sat there having a vigil across the road from the farm’s entrance,,it near happened,,barry actually died on the adjacent township owned land in a deep stream bed,,barry was just a bluecollar ,the three killers were suits,white collar,lawyers,,lawyer,district attorney,and judge,,your pennsylvia legal system,guys NO professional ethics,they all lied,,and plotted how to blame someone else the property’s retired caretaker,,they didn’t call cops,,until they were SNEAKING off the property telling the cop,,the caretaker did it,,they all went home,,LAWYERS ET AL,,not detained,,the cops were told by SUITS,,retired bluecllar did it,,this is a sick reality,,,then the cops harassed the suspect,,,while the suits went home to HOT showers and WINE to celebrate thier kill,,after all they successfully left a CRIME SCENE,,,then spent days working at selling the properties of the lead killler,,aiding and abed ding,,what 2nd degree murder for his helpers et al,,,people of this state,,,yes we were there,,,and saw things,,,before and after the CRIME,,,he baited the deer hunt,,4 bags of corn ILLEGAL,,a gun that was illegal too,,felon with weapon illegal too,,his hunting partners co-conspired his this event,,they all lied to the killing downfield that day,,only to play monopoly selling the property off,,,dave manilla Evan was removing rocks lumber building materials boxes of old stuff from the house furniture too,,,,and still hadn’t confessed,,,AMERICA your judicial system is dis functional,,,,where’s the professional code of ethic-s,,,this GROUP is PITIFUL examples of justice,,,off site owners no re guard for the adjacent homeowners safety as well ,,and they think this just a MISTAKE,,,NO RECKLESS MURDER with AIDS to the crime,,,WHOOPS,,,david manilla et al family and friends you all ,celebrated,,,and the GROH family MOURNED

    1. VPIG says:

      You are correct, if it was you or me who were involved in this cover up we would be locked up.
      There are many of us who want the Attorney General of Pa. to get involved. We have a petition going around to help get this ball rolling ( call 267-718-2336 )
      Many of us plan on attending Hearing on Jan. 31, 2011 to protest special treatment of all 3 men.

  3. Claude says:

    I hope the Grohs have a decent lawyer as they’re suing a family of former “public servants” with connections.

    CBS should make sure to expose Manilla’s criminal record, specifically his “accidental” shooting of another hunter back in the mid 90s and his ability to procure a law license years after that. I wonder if uncle Michael D. Marino (former prosecutor) had a hand in it.

  4. Chris says:

    a. Janet Wood go away.
    b Former Montgomery County District Attorney Michael D. Marino needs to be charged also.

  5. Cynthia R. says:

    I agree.

  6. Nostromo says:

    I would hope the Family’s efforts to sue for this grievous foul are successful.

    Godspeed, Groh Family.

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