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Pooch Rescued After Several Close Calls On I-95

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The dog that spent the better part of the Monday evening and Tuesday morning rush hours darting through Interstate 95 traffic is now safely in Philadelphia’s Animal Control Shelter.

The female German Shepherd was first spotted on traffic cameras Monday night, as cars slowed down and swerved to avoid hitting her. One man got out of his car to try and catch the dog, but the dog ran off only to reappear Tuesday morning.

Around six o’clock Tuesday morning, on the same stretch of highway, police again started getting reports of a dog on the highway. Chopper 3’s HD camera followed the dog as it zigzagged back and forth across four lanes of traffic, nearly getting hit more than once.

Finally, around 9 a.m., the dog wandered off the highway and into Philadelphia’s Tacony neighborhood. She ran right by some construction workers on State Road.

“Wasn’t anybody’s pet. No tags or anything,” said worker Brian Czapracki. She “definitely was tired. She’d been running.”

Only Eyewitness News cameras were there as police chased the dog block by block through Tacony, eventually cornering her in a fenced in lot near Bleigh Avenue and Wissinoming Street.

A police officer used a Taser on the dog to get her under control.

“The dog was about to attack one of the officers,” said Captain Francis Bachmayer. “We did not want any injuries.”

Police took the dog to the city’s animal control shelter in Feltonville, where she is undergoing several tests.

“The early word is that she appears she will be all right medically,” said Wendy Marano, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania SPCA, which runs the shelter. “She is an older animal, and she looks like she’s been fending for herself on the streets for a while, so she’s a little skittish.”

Marano says several people have called asking to adopt the dog, but she’s not available just yet.

Shelter workers, however, did give the dog a new name: Northbound. That’s for her fondness for the northbound lanes of I-95.

For more information on Northbound or on animal adoptions in general, see

Reported by Mark Abrams, KYW Newsradio 1060; Ben Simmoneau, CBS3

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  • TigerPaw

    People…people…relax…. Northbound is safe for now and am sure will wind up in good forever home well looked after. All’s well that ends well. Now let’s move on to the next story.

  • Johnny Darkwolf

    Thanks for rescuing Northbound.

    If she has nowhere else to go, Johnny’s Place in Manitoba, Canada will take her and rehabilitate her into her forever home.

    Just email us at and we’ll arrange her transport to our facility.


    Johnny Darkwolf

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  • Mike

    Interesting! I’m glad that the dog is alright, but the reporter needs to get his facts straight. Throughout the video, he called it “she”, even though he called it “he” at the start of the video.

  • Ethan Case

    Northbound on the I-95 huh? Shame on the Philly animal control, all she was trying to do was get to Jersey and you Penn-yokels nabbed her just as she was about to make it.

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  • don

    you’re an idiot

  • Russ

    Most people who are kind to animals are also good to people. Those who can live with abusing or neglecting animals are lousy to humans as well. It comes from having this thing called a heart… people do not love animals just because they will not disagree or argue. What a dumb comment you made.

    • Jim Reed

      No, yours’ is the dumb comment. I started out by saying I myself love dogs. And my comment was directed at “people who put their dogs and cats above people.” If you think your animal is “more important than family or friends or even acquaintances.” Then you probably do think my comment is “dumb.”

      • Dee in Pa

        Yeh,I do!

      • john

        No, i think its idiotic.

  • Jessup McCornhole

    Poor dog. Rescued only to go to the amimal shelter. I am sure he wishes he would have avoided the taser.

    • Russ

      The shelter said they have already had several calls to adopt the dog. I am sure they will get her into a good home. Being at the shelter is a lot better for her than running in traffic.

    • Sheri

      Yes, this is a sad story. I hope somebody adopts the dog and maybe some others at the shelter will also get adopted. If we lived in the area I’d try to adopt the dog myself.

  • zhorkon

    Several years ago I stopped on a busy Interstate to try and grab a big dog that had gotten itself trapped in a section walled in by bridge railings and those high concrete sound barriers they use along urban Interstates. To my amazement, more than half-a-dozen other cars stopped right behind me, literally walling in the mutt while some of us got out to try and coax the frightened dog over to us… The “capture” was finally accomplished when the local animal control guy arrived in his truck, presumably alerted through someone’s cell phone. The whole incident changed my opinion of humans for the better… and in that sense dogs are truly angels: They can change our behavior, and they can change our perceptions as well.

    • tt

      YOur right.. good to hear. God Bless

    • sasquatch of the North

      great story Zhorkon!


    Killjoy. Good news *IS* news!
    And since dogs are responsible for SAVING thousands of soldiers for decades, and therefore assisting in the Freedom of this country, and other dogs give their lives in this endeavor, including rescuing people in disasters, and offer therapy to patients and soldiers –PERHAPS YOU SHOULD THANK *DOG* THAT NOW YOU ARE IN A FREE COUNTRY!! Someday, your life may be saved by a rescue dog, or a trained police search dog. They deserve respect.
    Dogs are mans best friend. Get it???? Sheesh… some people just don’t see the bigger picture!

  • Makesmegohmmmm

    Human’s do not have the power to give animal’s the gift of reproduction, that was God, Human’s have the power to take that gift away from animal’s. Isn’t that interferring with God’s will ???

    • dj

      God has given us knowledge. I doubt that God would want puppy mills, backyard breeders and irresponsible people to continue to cause such pain and suffering for these animals. I work with a Pug rescue group and it breaks our hears to see what some of these precious creatures of God have had to endure. Spay and Neuter your pet!!

  • Anne

    Becca, thank you for the laugh this morning. You are so right. If you’re not interested in the story, don’t read it. Very sad to hear about the couple with the lost German Shepard losing their beloved pet. Wish there was a happy ending for them.

  • Becka

    Is there a specific problem you have with hearing some GOOD news? Perhaps if the story stated that the dog was run over 22 times after biting three children and causing a 30-car pileup….would that have made you smile?

  • walter12

    Yes, this is news. We love dogs. They are the best thing to happen to the human race. Most dogs are better creatures than people. Some dogs are angels in disquise. Treat a dog right and they will show nothing but love.

    • sg

      Quite right! TGFD – Thank God for Dogs!!

    • Htos1

      Right on!My rescue chihuahua is an angel,no doubt,a sweet little guy!

  • leslie

    Don’t let Vick anywhere near this dog.

    • Ellen

      Just because someone pays their debt for their crime, doesn’t mean that
      the crime was never committed and people are just going to forget.

    • Wake Up

      Um, Vick’s rise to infamy is rooted in the same problem that brings us a society that idolizes Lady Gaga and Snookie. Face it, pro sports are a form of entertainment; none of these people should be idolized nor looked to as role models. And what about all the other felons who have “paid their dept to society”? Think your average felon would land a good job again after getting out of prison? Not a chance. I was a season ticket holder at VT during Vick’s tenure there, trust me, he is no first time offender. You like Vick because he’s doing well for the team you like, that’s it. Kinida shows the “absence of any shred of wisdom” there, huh?

    • Jerry

      Coming from a jock sniffing athlete worshipper. Who cares about your silly game.

    • KM

      Nice job of name-calling. Typical, and I appreciate the help in making my points. I happen to not idolize athletes – my wife and kids are the “rock stars” in my life. If there is a team I care about in the NFL and loosely follow it would be the Falcons who were embarrassed by his actions and may have to face Vick’s team, and for the record I believe anyone who served their sentence should be given a second chance. Flame away boys, this is the reason most people with self control and rational arguments avoid commenting in these venues and leave it to the bombthrowers such as yourselves.

      • Tom

        If you would define “be given a second chance” perhaps we could have a civil discussion. Duh.

      • KM

        To be given a second chance: To fully acknowledge the wrongdoing of an individual, as well as any lawful penalty paid by that individual for the wrongdoing. To take these into account as statements of irreversible fact, but to not use this information to publicly or privately assign additional unlawful penalties upon that person once the debts (as prescribed by law in place at the time the offense was committed) have been paid. To allow this person ONE additional chance to atone to society as a whole for the crime. This second chance should be viewed not as an avenue for more wrongdoing, as the previous wrongdoing can and will be considered upon any further conviction for the same or similar crimes and will greatly increase any subsequent punishment and terminate any chance of additional second chances as they pertain to public opinion, job opportunities, etc.

        If civil discussion is what you thirst for, maybe you should refrain from the use of exclamations such as “duh”.

    • KM

      And Ellen I wonder if you would have the same opinion if you (hypothetically of course) were to get into an accident involving a fatality and because you were texting or had had a couple of drinks were sentenced to 3 years on manslaughter charges. Upon your release should you be shouted down daily? Picketed as you applied for a job? Denied the use of a cell phone or car? Do you think you might have looked inward during your time behind bars? These are important questions that you will one day have to answer for yourself.

      • Ziv

        KM, what Vick did was not equivalent to drinking one too many before driving, or texting while driving. He chose to buy dogs to fight other dogs, and to buy other dogs to be killed by the dogs he wanted to fight well. An extra glass of wine, texting vs. setting one dog on another until the llittle dog is torn to shreds… Don’t you see the difference? Vick messed up, and should pay for his mistake. I don’t think he should die in jail, but I don’t think he should jump right back into the pinnacle of sports success either. Any team that employed him would never get a dime of my money, and I would have to admit that anyone that would support that team would be a little less than a man in my eyes. A gentleman supports those that need it, and Vick is no gentleman.


      I’ve often wondered that if Vick had been guilty of the torture and abuse of children, would he have been allowed to open a day care center if he chose to do so? Would the Eagles have given him a 2nd chance then?? The small defenseless “bait” animals (many were family pets) thrown into the pit of hell were tortured, abused, and ripped to shreds while Vick grinned and laughed. Any psychologist will tell you that a person who enjoys torturing animals will eventually move on to abuse humans as well. It is a well known fact. Vick is a sick and depraved being -and no “debt to society” will ever pay for his behavior. Any one who abuses a child OR an animal for his own enjoyment deserves NO second chances! Period. I’m a nurse and I have personally seen what horrible effects abusers can do to both child and animal. Disgusting!

    • KM

      Fair Question Animalaura. Vick is not asking to be a tech at a veterinarian’s office, or for a license to be a breeder. Furthermore, had Vick been convicted of child abuse or torture he would probably be a very old man IF he ever got out of jail so the question is not relevant really. There is different value assigned and rightfully so to human life v. animal life – if you had to choose between saving the life of a child or a dog and you could only pick one which would it be? Dog v. old lady? Well, which is it? Look, I am not defending what he did. I personally would have had to restrain the urge to unload a clip into him had I witnessed it, and am not sure I could restrain the urge had a child been involved. If you think he got off light then get to work with your state legislators to stiffen the penalties in your state for the offense going forward rather than condemning a man to a fate that does not respect the rule of law – “Vick is a sick and depraved being -and no “debt to society” will ever pay for his behavior. Any one who abuses a child OR an animal for his own enjoyment deserves NO second chances! Period. “. Your own words. He broke a law, was convicted of breaking that law, and served the sentence issued to him in a court of law. Very dangerous ground when citizens cannot recognize the plain facts and start calling for someone’s head. It’s ok to be angry at your perception of justice not served, but that isn’t Vick’s fault. Like I said, work towards a change and see if the voters of your state agree with you. No one died and made any of you king/queen/dictator.

    • Paul

      Perhaps you should advocate for a law requiring us to like Michael Vick now that he’s done his prison time. Anyone who says anything bad about him should go to jail, since he’s done his time after all. Also we should all be forced to buy tickets to his games. You’re a really good thinker!

    • KM

      Yes “Straw Man” Paul, I am a “really good thinker” as you so succinctly put it. And you are not.

      Please God do not ever lat my fate rest in the hands of a jury of my “peers”.

    • LOLA

      Blah, blah, blah. Tell those dogs that he tortured and killed that he “paid his debt to society.” Those are just words and don’t mean anything. The only reason he stopped torturing and killing dogs was because he got caught. His only remorse is that he got caught – if he hadn’t he’d still be doing it today.

    • sasquatch of the North

      I agree KM, leave the man alone- he paid his dues

    • beedogs

      “Tell those dogs that he tortured and killed that he “paid his debt to society.” ”

      Um… dogs don’t speak English, idiot.

      He paid his debt to society. Get. Over. It.

    • Dean

      Thanks for the lecture mom, can I be excused from the dinner table now? Idiot.

  • Hojo

    That dog wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in the Hampton Roads area. The people here sometimes even drive the wrong way on the interstate! The number of car wrecks on a daily basis in good weather also show how little of a chance the dog would have had here.

  • Alec

    Did Michael Vick turn him in?

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  • Charlene Smith Glinkowski

    WooHoo! Northbound made it

  • CC

    There used to be a homeless USMC Veteran that lived under 95 at Cottman Ave. exit. he had a couple of German Shepard dogs. he would ask for donations for pet food. it maybe his dog.

  • Dottie Schurr

    Has anyone checked to see if this dog might be the shepard that escaped from his crate at the Atlanta airport. Wife and dog were on way to Germany where husband was just deployed too and dog has been gone app 10 days and as far as i have heard has not been found. the women came back to USA trying to find their pet – THEY ARE HEARTBROKEN…….slim chance but wouldn’t it be wonderful…….

    • Melissa

      I just saw an update to that story and unfortunately they found that dog dead. It had been hit by a car on Interstate 75 near the airport.

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