Chris Stigall Discusses New Show On Talk Radio 1210, WPHT

Chris Stigall stops by Talk Philly to discuss his new show on Talk Radio 1210, WPHT. For more information on Chris’ show, click here.


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  1. Bill Rookstool says:

    Seriously, how can you interview the Family Life ball player without seeing the video first. How unprofessional? Why waste my time.

  2. Jane says:

    On hold since 5:58 AM with the dreaded Opposing View. —

    Beef with all of Talk Radio is the screening of calls,,,,,,, whil begging for someone to call. —

    Let’s see what happens – My question is simple – If you want the dialogue to stop,,, why in the world would you start at 5AM till midnight all day every day with that dialogue??? If you feel the words you say (or the claiming of phrases like lock and loan and second ammendment rights are simply First Ammendment rights instead of saying they don’t help in any discussion) — are what changed an ENTIRE country – Taking back your country from the Socialst Obama who is taking all your rights and Liberties away,,,,, would it be so hard to simply admit the Mad Man’s diatribes all go to one simple Statement.

    This Mad Man was angry at Congresswoman Gibbons,,,, and blames the Government for everything — where did he hear that??? NPR??? — It isn’t your fault,,,,, but why so touchy when someone else asks that it be toned down.

    Wes is on – Great call – praising Gov. Brewer on Immigration Rights,,, Blaming the Government for the people who don’t want to work,,,,, and how “THEY” are taking all his tax money.

    Just Saying — – Stay Tuned…. Maybe I’ll get thru – Anybody want to take bets?????

    On hour on speaker phone hold now….

  3. Jane says:

    Well, who enjoyed Chris Stigall’s “You think you are the Smartest Man in the Room” meltdown yesterday??? It was simply priceless.

    The first oposing view that was allowed to slip thru,,, and he was totally unprepared,,,, The lightbulb went off after some FACTS were noted,,, and KABOOM, he melted down big time. He didn’t compose himself for a long time,, but sure tried to silence the guy by over talking him and the “You think you are the smartest” interruptions.

    WHen that didn’t work, he did what all immature bullies with a micriphone do,,,, he cut him off and then cheap shoted him until his friends called in to defend him and add to the name calling. Isn’t that how you want your kid to mature.

    Wow,,,,, it was the first time I actually smiled listening to Chirs. We actually LEARNED something,,, and it was worth all the other pain. —

    Heaven only knows how long the Poor Sara Palin Rant went on this morning. I think that will be the asignment until at least the end of the week, These poor guys are so conflicted. – They want everyone to think they are influential and change peoples minds.,,,,, but then they have to prove that just because they have made a living out of “Blame your Government First” and “Take Back America” — No one really took them seriously.

    Such conflicts for the self-important. BY the way,,,, where is our shrinking violet Sara these days??? I miss her like the Flu.

  4. Josh says:

    So I after gving Chris Stigall a chance by listening all week, all I can say is his show is awful. He is not funny, not interesting, and downright campy. Guess I have to find Dortmund else to listen to on the morning drive now. Unfortunately, I can’t switch my loyalties on the drive home so… Sianara WPHT.

    1. Jane Yavis says:

      Josh, wasn’t Monday simply the last call. He is about as funny as a broken crutch,,, angry, self-impressed. – Another Beckerhead with a Limbaugh Loyalty,,,, We got a taste of what real discussion can be and now we have just more of the same.

      I have simply turned him off,,,, I am sure this is really Obama’s fault – or the fault of Obama care, and most importantly how it will effect him and his personal taxes. .

      Frankly, I find him a tad dangerous. — and just don’t want to hear that rhetoric any more They are simply making money on anger instead of information.

  5. Craig Edelmann says:

    Finally someone with an opinion who is true to his opinion. Michael , although a good man Iam sure portrays himself as one who is in the middle with his NO LABELS affiliation and support. His support of the swing Senator Mr Spector and friendship with Mr thrill up his leg Chris Matthews along with his support for Barach Obama , all the while saying he is square in the middle on politics was so frustrating. If he is to the left just say so, dont portray yourself as not right or left.
    Mornings will again be a joy with Chris Stigall, thanks for the change.

    1. Jane says:

      But Chris,,, Opinions are not facts,,,, that’s the problem with your guy. He simply has no facts.

      You don’t like Smerconish because he presents opinions and calls them Opinions,,, and you don’t like the opinions he has every right to make. Worse yet, then he presents facts and asks opinions.

      How sad is it that this is about Stigall and you spent a nano-second on him. It wasn’t about Smerconish, No Labels, Senator Specter (who I am sure you voted for every single time he ran) Obama or the classic Conservative Chris Matthews thrill up his Leg, .

      Do you understand, that the very base of TalkRadio is what you do,,, Instead of defending Stigall that you like with a single fact,, (Like perhaps what makes him unique to Talk Radio) — You changed the subject to the people you don’t like, because their facts threaten your opinion.

      Adults should have outgrown that by now.

      BTW about the snow – Is it safer to make fun of Global warming and Gore,,, or blame it on Obama and his horrible Obama Caer??? Too bad th elocals are still defending themselves from their own self-importance to bring up that tired baloney.

  6. Jacqueline T. Collins says:

    Welcome to Philly Cris, you are a delight to listen to. Great thing you re doing for our beloved Tasty Kake, and a good move for you . Whishing you all the luckhere in Philly who will grow to enjoy you very much.

  7. Russell says:

    I think Chris will raise the ratings in the mornings over Smerconish who by the comments seen on this site had tanked them since 2008. Any negative comments on this website are to do with WPHT dropping Beck and Hannity for the Smerconish move, which is the dumbest move since moving the Jay Leno show on TV. Good luck Chris. You’re far better than your predecessor.

  8. Bessie Stigall says:

    Happy Birthday…..You’ve done a great job with the first thirty-three. Good start. Loads of love. Grandma and Grandpa

  9. Ann says:

    Thank you for finally getting rid of Smerconish. The Smerconish show was so boring. Chris is great.

  10. Merle Bowers says:

    Chris, you sounded good when I listened a bit Monday. I know when folks in Phily give you a chance, they will love you like your KC fans do.

  11. Mike Lewellyn says:

    Awwww, Jane. Wait until he gets a better handle on the local scene. Wait until he weighs in on your local fav who lives by dropping the race card. Wait until he makes such clear logical points based on facts and research that all you can do is call him names! Wait…………for………………

    1. Jane says:

      Mike, what in the world makes you think y favorite host is Dom Giordano??? It’s two weeks,,,, Nae the lolgical point and fact. – I have called him no names,,,,,, but I have to say I was simply deligted to listen to the melt down of a grown man whose opinions were challanbed for the first time.

      What I a waiting for is someone/anyone to tell me what it is NEW you learned in the last two weeks. Waiting —— for ++++++ it+++++++++

    2. Jane says:

      Mikey,,,,, Why in the world would you think my ‘Local Fav” is Dom Giordano. Do you think I travelled at the expense of the station to the Border city of Charlotte, NC with Mr. Vento?? Thank Heavens the assignment is “All Sara All the Time” —- at least the five minute racial innuendo has stopped for a while.

      Speaking of Wait …… for……… it. ……….. Here’s a guaranteed “WAIT”. I am on hold since 5:58AM —- with an opposing view… Do you think I’ll get thru — Speaker phone — Wanna take a pool on when I will simply receive the classic Dial Tone Hang up????

      Wait ….. for ….. it……

      My “Fav’ is a national host,,,, and there’s a reason for that. One is no Melt downs

  12. Pete says:

    Philly is lucky to have Chris – what folks are missing by comparing him to Hannity, Beck and Rush is the community edge to Chris. Give him a listen and you’ll see. He’s no puppet.

    Miss ya Chris!


  13. Jim says:

    Jane, you have something wrong. A Rush/Glenn/Hannity Wannabe? HA! THEY all are Chris Stigall Wannabes!

    I’ve been listening to Chris in Kansas City for 4 1/2 years and Rush/Glenn/Hannity have nothing on Chris when it comes to true passion for this country. I don’t even listen to the Chris Stigall Wannabes anymore. They pale in comparison to this true-blue, organic Tea Party patriot.

    But, reading the rest of your comment, I’m guessing this isn’t your cup of “tea”.

    1. Jane says:

      Jim, in al honesty, can you name a single thing unique about Stigall from any of the other Republican, or should I sa “I HATE ALL DEMOCRATS” mouthpieces. It’s simply tiring —

      And while you are at it – I have asked the same question – All these Tea Party Patriots,,,,,,,, How Patriotic were they when they were asked to serve their country. – Let me give you a hint,,,,, those who served their country are few and far between. As a 63 year old ,,,,,, I watched family and friends serve their country while the “Future of the Republican party” stayed home,,,,, Now that they are over the hill — they want to serve and save their country.

      I am sure Chris will be fin in Philadelphia,,,, – it’s just that it would be nice to have someone express an original thought every now and then.

  14. Sally in OP says:

    We miss you, Chris! You’re the best – Philly is SO lucky to have you!

  15. Mary says:

    Hey Jane, we’ll take him back here in Kansas City!

    1. Jane says:

      I sure hope you get your wish –

  16. Jane says:

    It was a three hour Chris Christie Love Fest,,,, And what We saw is EXACTLY what we got. – IS anyone really surprised????

    Humor,,, where was it??? I simply heard another 1210 Rush/Glenn/Hannity Wannabe.

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