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Drivers Beware, Philly Adds More Red Light Cameras

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – To welcome in the New Year, Philadelphia has turned on two new cameras to catch drivers running the red lights.

The new cameras are located at Aramingo Avenue and York Street in Fishtown and Aramingo and Castor Avenues in Port Richmond, according to Chris Vogler, manager of Red Light Enforcement for the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

“These two intersections have had high instances of accidents caused by red light running; also both of these intersections are on the northern and southern end of the Aramingo Avenue business corridor.”

For the next 60-days violators will receive warnings, but starting March 2nd, red light runners will face $100 fines.

Vogler says there are now 85 red light cameras operating in Philadelphia and he says violations have decreased up to 60 percent at those locations.

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Reported By Lynne Adkins, KYW Newsradio; CBS 3.


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  1. Whome says:

    Not sure why the news media has not checked into this futher. If you read the law it say that camera can only be used at 6 intersection.

    § 3116. Automated red light enforcement in first class cities.

    (a) General rule.–

    1. A city of the first class, upon passage of an ordinance, is authorized to enforce section 3112(a)(3)(relating to traffic-control signals) by recording violations using an automated red light enforcement system approved by the department.
    2. This section shall only be applicable at intersections in the city of the first class agreed upon by the system administrator and the Secretary of Transportation who shall consider using the automated red light enforcement system at the following intersections:
    1. U.S. Route 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard) at Grant Avenue, at Red Lion Road and at Cottman Street.
    2. Kensington Avenue at Clearfield Street.
    3. Richmond Street at Allegheny Avenue and at Castor Avenue.
    4. Aramingo Avenue at York Street.
    5. Thompson Street at Lehigh Avenue.
    6. Broad Street at Washington Avenue.

  2. jim magoo says:

    vogler has 4 cameras stolen under his watch and found a week later in new york must have been selling clab bake tickets

  3. garysellersville says:

    Citizens are so fortunate to have these “lawmakers” looking after us. Mandatory seat belts, air bags, child seats that must be in the rear of the car, sobriety check points. However the biggest winners are the Insurance Lobbies. All these clains that don;t have to be paid out. And when was the last time our insurance rates declined? Ands don;t tell me about the costs of materials going up. Our lawmakers caused that also with “Cash For Clunkers” by taking all of the parts off the streets and compacting them..

    1. Bmore2Philly says:

      While I mostly agree with your points, some of the biggest winners in this scenario are those drivers and pedestrians who avoid injury and even death.

  4. Mike says:

    If these camera cops are so wonderful, why are they not on every corner directly surrounding city hall?? There are some situations where a person has to keep moving to avoid being rear ended by another vehicle, not to mention having to deal with rain and ice/snow conditions… I won’t miss these cameras when I get to move out of Philadelphia someday… Ironically, it would be interesting to see if these cameras actually cause some accidents by having some people jam on brakes and then get rear-ended by another vehicle…

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