Christie Has Questions To Answer When He Returns From Vacation

TRENTON (CBS) – New Jersey’s Governor and Lieutenant Governor have been on holiday vacations this week. Given the weekend blizzard, they’re likely to face some serious questions when they get back.

New Jersey didn’t have a Lieutenant Governor until this year. The state constitution was changed to make sure there was a backup when a governor left office or was unavailable for a long period of time. Instead, it was left to Senate President Steve Sweeney, who was told by Christie during a meeting last week he’d be in charge.

“At the end of the conversation, he said to me, ‘I’m going to be out of town. And I said, ‘What’s that mean to me?’ And he said, ‘Well, the Lieutenant Governor’s out. So you’re gonna be the Acting Governor.’ And I was like, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me.'”

It was Sweeney who declared a state of emergency, coordinated response efforts and closed state offices on Monday all due to the blizzard.

Christie is expected back on the job Friday and is likely to face some serious questions about why neither he nor Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno could cut their vacations short for a state emergency.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. dege says:

    she need to be caned we can not put up with this
    if she or he can not dfo the job then need to go

  2. Eric says:

    It seems that the Lt. Governor was not on vacation, but caring for her ailing father. If that’s the case, then Christie needed to step up and stay home to handle his JOB

  3. Frank says:

    Obama was on vacation, too. Let’s blame him as well.

    Doesn’t fit the lib talking points, eh?

    1. Bret Walker says:

      And Obama’s vacation has what to do with the snow in New Jersey? Nice try at deflection. Or hey let’s bring up Bush’s annual MONTH-LONG vacations and the fact that he was on one when Katrina hit. Lib talking points indeed.

  4. FairIsFair says:

    @Sea – it’s not whether or not the Senate President can handle the job, it’s the fact that the MAIN REASON we voted to have a Lt. Governor is so when the Governor is unavailable then the Lt takes over. We’re paying her a six-figure salary plus benefits and she has already failed at her primary function.

    Sweeney did what he had to do, so don’t blame him. I would like to know who in private or public sector can take off the same week as their supervisor??? It’s principle here, what’s fair is fair and paying someone to do their job is not asking too much. Don’t make it out to be something else. They should not be out-of-state at the same time, period.

  5. John Smith says:


  6. Sea says:

    So the Senate president isn’t competent to do a job that until this year would have automatically fallen to him anyway? Was he unable to reach either the Governor or Lt Governor by phone? Or is this just more political whining and moaning? There is a chain of command in place just for these situations and he is to be third in command. If Mr. Sweeney isn’t confident or competent to have these duties perhaps a new senate president should be elected.

  7. mags says:

    its the public workers fault. everything else that’s wrong in the state is their fault anyway, so why not this collossal mistake in planning?

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