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Political Wars In Montgomery County

(CBS) – The political wars are about to erupt in Montgomery County, but the Democrats may be leading the way this time.

Usually, you expect Republican wars in Montgomery County, but this is a different time. The county’s Democratic Chief Marcel Groen has urged Democratic Commissioner Joe Hoeffel (pictured) not to run next year.

Hoeffel told us late yesterday that he has every intention to run and to unite the party, indicating that Groen just wants more control on the commission.

Reports have also surfaced that fast-rising State Representative Josh Shapiro would run in Hoeffel’s place, but Shapiro says there is no way he would run if Hoeffel is on the ballot. If Hoeffel backs away from running, Shapiro would get in.

On the GOP side, Bruce Castor, hoping to oust Jim Mathews, is deciding on a running mate. Three candidates are in the running including longtime Jury Commissioner Marie Cavanaugh.

And you thought all the political drama was over.

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio


One Comment

  1. Kathleen says:

    Joe Hoeffel and Josh Shapiro – one is bad and the other is worse. Are these two the best the Democrats have to offer? Both are snakeoil, career politicians.

  2. AW says:

    Question: is there a more disliked man in MontCo than that brown midget Marcel Groen? Even Napolean makes fun of Marcel’s complex.
    And then there’s Shapiro. Hoeffel gives him his political break, making him chief of staff. And how does Josh thank him? By spending the last year running around MontCo backstabbing. Real stand up guy, Josh!

  3. Bob Guzzardi says:

    The clueless Larry Kane fails to note that in addition to Marie “I will do and say as Bruce Castor instructs” Cavanaugh, there is the highly qualified Jenny Brown, Lower Merion Township Commissioner and The Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend, as well as the glamorous but shallow Jill “it’s all about me” Govberg and Plymouth Meeting Nick Salamone of whom I know next to nothing. but isn’t that a reporter’s job to find out?

  4. Bob Guzzardi says:

    I think Joe Hoeffel will be damaged by “Breakfastgate” which shows his, and Commissioner Matthews’ disdain for Sunshine Act . I expect the Times Herald will reference Breakfastgate repeatedly reminding voters of this transgression. Breakfastgate is a reliabler reporter, Jenny DeHuff, versus a politician. Whom do you believe.

  5. Marcel says:

    You go Joe! Even your own chairman knows that with you on the ticket a GOP majority will return to Montco. Your disasterous deal with the crook Jim Matthews has run the county into the ground and you will get to make that the entire campaign! Just like that stupid run for governor, Joe what are you thinking?

    1. Alex says:

      I agree with this. The Hoeffel governor run was, I thought, an effort to leverage something else. When Joe ran and wasted million bucks to come in dead last without even getting 50% in Montco I was stunned he didn’t see that coming. Plus he failed to appreciate the fallout within our party. Joe has become blinded by his own arrogance. Hitching his wagon to Matthews, a man universally distrusted, was beyond stupid. Joe backs the ethically-challenged Matthews at every turn. The county is is terrible financial shape and the blame lies with Hoeffel and Matthews. Castor’s political capital has soared as his predictions have come true concerning mismanagement, ethics lapses and outright corruptionby Matthews. That should have been Joe playing the minority role blaming Castor and Matthews when Castor would have had to defend Matthews. Now the Sunshine Act stuff and pay to play investigations. Hoeffel has become poison in a General Election. The only people happier with Hoeffel running than Hoeffel? The GOP leadership. They are salivating at running against Hoeffel and hanging the albatross of Jim Matthews around the Democrats’ necks.

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