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PHILADELHIA (CBS) – Here’s the secret recipe to keep your Christmas tree fresh: Water…and that’s it. Cut an inch off the trunk right before you put it in the stand, add water and check it often.

Of course fake trees don’t need any water, but a recent study found you’d have to use the same fake tree for at least 20 years to make it more environmental than a real one. That’s because most fake trees are plastic – made from non-renewable petroleum resources, most are hauled here from Asia, and when they end up in a landfill, the plastic takes almost forever to decompose.

Whereas, real trees are grown on farms, reduce soil erosion, help keep the air clean, are often native to where they grow like balsam firs in Pennsylvania, and when you buy a locally-grown tree, much less pollution is made getting it to you. Plus, nearly all real trees now are recycled into garden mulch.

Besides, real trees smell great. So enjoy your real Christmas tree, recycle it in January, and until then, just keep it watered.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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