Study Shows Cigarette Smoking Is Tied To Many Issues

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We know that cigarette smoking is related to stress. But a new study out of the University of Seattle and the VA Hospital took a look at post traumatic stress disorder in veterans and how it relates to cigarette smoking.

They found people who smoked cigarettes and suffered from PTSD. Then they gave them counseling about cigarette smoking as well as treatment for the PTSD. In that group they got 9 percent to quit smoking. They then took another group with PTSD who were cigarette smokers but they only gave them smoking cessation counseling.  In that group only four-and-a-half percent kicked the habit.

In some cases it takes far more than cigarette cessation counseling to do the trick. This tells us there could be more than one factor linked with cigarette smoking and we need to look at what they are and do the best we can to try to attack it.

Reported by Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio

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  1. TT says:

    Without a doubt smoking is bad for your health!! I quit for five years and fell off the wagon when my mom died. However, the equal rights of a smoker have been totally stripped in “hotels”, “bars”, “casinos”, on the “beach”, especially “outdoors”. We stayed at one of the Disney resorts that had a wooded theme with a very quiet setting. I had to walk 2 blocks to a smoking area. If I’m spending $300 a night for my stay, I expect to be able to sit out front of the room to smoke. Yet the people 4 doors down are sitting outside their room DRINKING, SMOKING POT, and God know what else….. I have to walk TWO BLOCKS TO SMOKE; but it is O.K. that MY GRANDCHELDREN HAVE TO SMELL “POT”!!!! It is getting out of hand.
    The government should spend more time worrying about the world drug and alcohol. “Drugs and Alcohol” as well as smoking cause health problems; additionally, it causes people to have mental issues. It is a well known fact that people that are into drugs and alcohol live a life of destruction to themselves, their families, friends, neighbors, etc. Additionally, the world of DRUGS IS ALSO A WORLD OF CRIME!

  2. Joycie says:

    When I am upset or stressed I reach for my cigarettes. I am 72 and have smoked since I started college at the age of 18! The only time I quit was when I was pregnant. Too much morning sickness. Afterward I started up to help me lose weight and it worked!

  3. James says:

    Yeah, where’s the news in this? In the final analysis, it’s up to the individual to have the DESIRE to stop smoking. Until that happens, all the scientific research in the universe is useless. It would also be good to point out, Doctor, that smoking is an addiction, not a habit.

  4. Willphill1 says:

    Doc this is not a revalation. People often smoke to relieve stress, so it stands to reason that the people who did not get the pstd counseling would have more stress, and therfore be less likely to quit. Duh..

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