PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dozens of police officers and several civilians were hailed for bravery Wednesday in a commendation ceremony.

This was a big class of honorees: 70 officers (two honored twice) — so many, in fact, that they ran out of awards.

More are on order, but the heartfelt applause from colleagues and family got Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey remarking:

“These are people that have done an exceptional job out there on the street, and I’m really happy to see such strong representation from the families of these officers.”

ciarlante david side ost Philly Cops Honor Heroic Officers And CiviliansAmong the civilians honored was David Ciarlante (right), who saved lives during the murders at the Kraft plant in the Northeast.

This has been quite a week for Ciarlante.

“Yesterday we started the preliminary hearing,” he said on Wednesday (see related story), “so yesterday and today have been really emotional.  Brings you right back to day one.”

Ciarlante says his actions were nothing compared to those of police.  After all, he says, they risk getting shot at every day.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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