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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One of the major problems with healthcare in the United States is that we become increasingly dependent on high tech machinery and equipment. One of the reasons is people have grown to believe that laboratory tests and radiology tests are the best ways to find out what’s wrong with them.

If the truth be known, the doctor’s stethoscope and the physical exam are still the best way to find out what’s wrong with you. Certainly there is a role for expensive tests but there is a disturbing report from the journal Radiology. The use of CT scans is being used more and more often in emergency rooms.

To give you an idea, back in 1995 there were 2.7 million CT scans performed in emergency departments. In 2007 the number jumps to 16.2 million. There is increasing concern over exposure to ionizing radiation from these procedures.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio

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