WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — The Amtrak train station in Wilmington, Del. has been uprgraded.

“When I first came in, it was like, wow, awesome, they did an a heck of a job,” said Wilmington Amtrak passenger Lee Roberts.

The renovated station opened at 4 o’clock Monday morning. Passengers we spoke to say it was worth the 18-month wait.

“It looks renovated but they still kept the charm of the station,” said passenger Lee Broderick.

“Looks more organized, and everything looks more streamlined,” remarked Erica Chou, who says she uses the Wilmington train station every day.

Officials say most of the $36 million used to spruce up the historic transportation hub came from the federal American Recovery Act program.  From a larger concourse to updated ticketing and waiting areas, the improvements are meant to provide passengers with a more comfortable and more safe ride.

And station manager Ron Edwards says there are more eyes watching from inside and outside of Amtrak’s 12th-busiest station.

“A lot more security — more security cameras and lighting,” said Edwards.

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Reported by Jericka Duncan, CBS 3

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