Stolen Puppy Turned-In To Police

(CBS) – A puppy needing a special diet that was stolen from a South Jersey pet store last week has been found. A woman turned him in to Delran police saying she didn’t steal him she was just taking care of him.  Police are still looking for the two women who did steal the puppy.

If you’re planning on getting a pet for the holidays, beware, the animal could be sick or stressed.

It’s often the proverbial pig in a poke, bringing home a pet. Our epileptic cocker spaniel with a clotting disorder comes to mind. Dr. Michael Moyer of Penn’s Veterinary School says, “One can expect to see a number of those develop illnesses, whether those illnesses were noted before, whether they should have been noted before they were sold or adopted or whether they’re just stressed from the whole process that goes around, particularly juvenile or pediatric animals.”

Dr. Moyer urges people shopping for a purebred to check out the breeder and meet both pet-parents, if possible.  Failing that, try to be patient with your new friend.  Maybe it’s sick, but also maybe the only help it needs is a chill pill.

Reported by John Ostapkovich and Al Novack, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Kelly says:

    Or maybe, people should adopt from a shelter or rescue group instead of buying from stores like Pets Plus who buy their sick dogs from Puppy Mills. Save a life … adopt, don’t buy, this holiday season. Shame on Pets Plus.

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