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NJ Man Dies While Putting Holiday Lights On Home

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — A southern New Jersey man has died after he fell while stringing Christmas lights on his roof.

Authorities did not immediately release the name of the 59-year-old man in Washington Township.

The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill reported the man was found lying unconscious in his driveway around 5 p.m. Sunday. A ladder was propped against the garage roof and his hat was left on the roof. Lights were half strung along the home’s second story.

The man was pronounced dead at Kennedy Memorial Hospital.

Police say an average of one person a year in the town dies while setting up holiday decorations.

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  • John

    Seriously, why is this on DrudgeReport?

    • RaulJones

      Seriously, why do you ask stupid questions?

  • Pat

    There is only one solution: BAN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!!!!

  • Bob Chessman

    R.I.P. Alan. You always had a great light show and your house was the best on the block.

  • Pogue Mahone

    I think we need an investigation to determine why all the deaths from hanging lights or decorations are happening only in this town. Something is very strange here. It has to be more than coincidence that so many deaths like this are happening here, unless this town has a much MUCH larger population that the government is not telling us about, or perhaps there is something evil or confusing about the decorations or lights themselves. This should not be dismissed so quickly.


    My condolences to the family … and my thanks to the rest of you for so great laughs

    • jim

      why say that, they don’t know you so it’s only feel good stuff for YOU. Doubtful they read the news looking for condolences.

  • I.Wonder

    How do we know he was putting them up maybe he was taking down the bad lights from last year?

    • Liz

      Some of these comments are heartless. This is a very sad story…sooo sorry for the man who lost his life and for his family who will be grieving for him during this Christmas season.

  • Sage

    A man is dead in a fall from a ladder and most of the posts are tasteless and heartless. While a family suffers, you cretin cowards post anonymous rude remarks. Grow up or get off your Mommies’ computers.

    • Lukuj

      Having lost a family member myself, I can’t help but feel that, though I know there is some humor to the situation, sometimes out of respect it is better to keep any humor to yourself. I only hope the family doesn’t read any of the jesting comments, though I understand that those who made them probably were not trying to be deliberately cruel or hateful, or at least I hope not.
      I worry about a fall every year when my husband puts the lights on the roof line.. This has served to icrease my nervousness. Guess I’ll hold the ladder even tighter than usual and say a prayer for this man who lost his life.

      • Sage

        There is no humor in this situation. What kind of world were you people raised in?

  • MW

    Glad that’s behind us… the rest of the town can hang their holiday lights without fear.

  • Bingethirty

    you can no longer speak in religious terms , merry xmas or happy holidays

  • Can't u read?

    “Christmas lights” – first sentence! Geez….
    Do any of you READ???
    “Holiday decorations” – last sentence. People are allowed to put up DECORATIONS for various HOLIDAYS, aren’t they? Point was, during this endeavor, an average of 1 person per year dies – in this town, never mind larger towns and cities.

    And most of you are splitting hairs about WHY they are dong this??? As my dad used to say, “Go scratch.” You ought to be ashamed…..

  • Mary

    How very sad. Condolences and prayers to his family.

  • Can't u read?

    “Christmas lights” – first sentence! Geez….

    • Rooferswife

      Bone Head….You’re a Day late and a dollar short….The STORY READ Holiday Lights….They finally corrected it…..Do you think I pulled that out of my ASS like you did your head….????

  • Can't u read?

    Isn’t that what the article said??? “Christmas lights” – first sentence! Geez….

    • Politically Correct Fail

      Title of the article – HOLIDAY lights – CAN’T YOU READ??

  • RIP Leslie Nielsen

    The jokes are funny for about a half-a-second, but if this tragedy happened to one of the Jay Lenos in this forum it wouldnt be a laughing matter his/her family or friends. Condolences to the family.

    • dork

      “?Jimmy, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

  • Karen


  • Rooferswife


  • Rooferswife

    Maybe they we Hanukah Lights ??…They now have them because I just seen them at the store but they are on the oppisite side of the isle…They don’t like gentile “lights” either like their owners

  • Mr Grinch

    You know Clark……If one of of them lights is out… the rest won’t light….

  • Kat

    Thats a lot of people to die in such an odd way.. Maybe they should put up a plaque like memorial…

  • rattlingbones

    Washington Township, isn’t that the home of Joe’s Wholesale Rickety Ladder shop?

  • WestMed223


    • Can't u read?

      Isn’t that what the article said??? “Christmas lights” – first sentence! Geez….

  • joy

    Praying for the family and friends of the man, What a horrible time of year to suffer a loss.

    • MajorPhartz

      Would there have been a better time?

  • Rooferswife

    1 Person per year dies while hanging holiday lights in that town….????…That sounds kind of strange to me…do they mean in the state possibly ???….RIP to the man and Condolences to his family

    • Can't u read?

      ‘Christmas’ lights, rooferswife. And not in THE STATE… in THE TOWN.
      Yes – a tragedy in a town where most people know each other.

    • el conquistador

      Jesus is the reason for the season. That has never changed. Only coward’s call it something else.

      • Gerald

        Axial tilt is the reason for the season……

  • DaveInDoylestown

    Seriously? 1 per year in that town alone?

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