Philly Man Gets Long Sentence For DUI Crash That Injured Officers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A 21-year-old Philadelphia man was immediately carted off to jail on Tuesday after being sentenced to 6-12 years in prison for a DUI crash in June of last year that nearly killed two police officers in Port Richmond.

Philadelphia police officers Richard Hayes and George Higginson were in the midst of a car stop on Aramingo Avenue near I-95 when defendant John Cusik (above), speeding and under the influence of drugs and alcohol, plowed into their cruiser and the car they had stopped, sending both officers flying.

Both officers went flying, were knocked unconscious, and listed in critical condition with head injuries. Doctors didn’t know if Officer Hayes would live or die — he was in a coma and later needed months of rehab to learn to talk, count, walk, remember even his children’s birthdays and his own anniversary.

Officer Higginson, who only remembers being asked by nurses if he was an organ donor, reacted Tuesday to the sentence.

“Well, he got his yearly sentence and I have to live with this for the rest of my life,” he said.  “I will not ever be able to forget it, so this is a life sentence for me.  Though he got his 6 to 12, it’s a far cry from what I have to endure.”

Through courage and sheer determination, both officers have returned to duty.

Reported By Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio


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  1. kelp says:

    This “person” for lack of a better word absolutely deserves this sentence and then some.Rich and George are Sharon and my friends as well as well coworkers,they are excellant and dedicated officers. There is nothing that can be compared to arrivng on the scene of an accident like this to have to help to of ur coworkers who are so badly injured you can’t even recognize them! He made the choice to get drunk and one forced him. And then he wants to cry cause he wants to spend thanksgiving with his about thetime Richie lost being away from his wife,kids and family when he was in a coma! Maybe now he will learn to be a little more responsible for his actions

  2. Sharon Brambrinck says:

    oh really ????? Just because they were cops???? I Hardly think so! That guy had along list of criminal offenses dating back to early teens, 2 Dui ‘s prior to this one which almost killed tow people! the sentence called for this no matter who it WAS! And WYI , do you get shot at?????? Do you knew if you will come home each night?????? IT should have been more because THEY ARE COPS!

  3. ryordie says:

    Of course the sentence is longer because the two injured were cops. But still, 6-12 years for hitting two cops that made a full recovery, and 17 months later are back on duty? That’s ridiculous. You have to feel for the one who had to go through months of mental and physical rehab though. That sentence makes me think the kid had a past criminal record. Would have been nice if the report included that information…

  4. B says:

    Mandatory per count is 3-6. 2 counts. Do the math!

  5. dide says:

    Why is it he gets 6-12 when the mandatory for a DUI homicide is only 3? Oh yea, that’s right….he hurt 2 cops. I guess those of us who have actually lost loved ones to a drunk driver don’t matter as much, huh?

    1. gordon says:

      if it’s true sorry for your loss. but have you ever worked the streets as a police officer and seen what it’s like or been hurt trying to stop a carreer criminal. please he deserves his sentence.

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