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2 Doylestown Homes Hit By ‘Brazen’ Burglar

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Police in Doylestown Township (Bucks County) are investigating two weekend burglaries in which, according to police, the perpetrator went into occupied homes while the residents were sleeping and stole cash, wallets and credit cards.

The burglaries occurred in the 100 block of Pine Mill Circle and the 100 block of Windsong Drive after midnight Friday into Saturday morning.

Police say the burglar got into both homes either through an unlocked door or a garage, then made his or her way to the kitchen area to find the cash and credit cards.

Doylestown police chief Stephen White calls the break-ins “brazen,” and says police want to get this person off the street before something violent happens.

“In my mind, anybody entering an occupied home — there are firearms in the homes, there are dogs in the homes, there are residents in the homes that would react to protect their homes — and it just makes for an extremely dangerous situation.”

He says the thief could be an addict looking for quick cash to buy drugs, and his message to other residents is simple: it may be Doylestown, but you still have to lock of all of your doors.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio 1060.


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  1. FreedomFirst says:

    Funny how there have been ZERO descriptions of the burglar. I guess that means he’s non-white eh? If it had been a white guy that would be plastered on every story.

  2. Jay says:

    It would indeed be unfortunate if it became violent because the perp(s) are confronted by an unarmed resident, but It would be far less unfortunate if it gets violent because the perp(s) are confronted by an ARMED resident.

  3. noname says:

    It has been happening for a while now. Just this past summer my dad left his truck doors unlocked and luckily there wasn’t much in there just some receipts and some change. But the next moring when my dad got into his truck all of the change was gone.

    1. Anonymous says:

      If it has a lock, lock it. If it has a latch, latch it. If you have a gun, shoot it.

  4. John says:

    they hit us last week in DTown and hit 2 houses and 3 cars. it has been a huge problem lately. our house was locked but the broke into the car and opened the garage door opener. it happens and when it happens to you, it’s bad. someone could get hurt of worse. beware

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sorry to hear that, John. The upside is that no one was hurt or worse. Possessions can be replaced, a life cannot. My Prayers are with you and your Family and neighbors. I do hope they catch these people really soon.

  5. Me says:

    I heard this on KYW on the way home. Great minds think alike….

    Wow Stephanie. Angry at Doylestown or what? It must be lonely up in your tower. If only my bubble floated that high. It’s not that we don’t think that bad things can happen in this town; it’s that most of what happens here is petty theft of unlocked vehicles or kids slashing tires. It’s not some conspiracy of the “local media”. I have a lot of friends on the local police force and this is not norm for this area.

    Don’t trash us and think that we live in a “bubble” just because you feel like ranting. Get off your high horse for a minute and make sure your doors are locked before preaching to the quire. Just a few weeks ago there was an armed home invasion in Horsham. Bad people don’t look at maps and think, “Gee, nothing bad happens there. I think I’ll go rob someone”.

    That being said, my car and my home are always locked regardless of where I live. It’s the reason locks were invented.

    Simple advice, keep your cell phone by the bed and lock yourself in your room if someone enters your house. Call the police and wait. Don’t confront them.

    I on the other hand will shoot them in the face then call the police. :)

    1. Anonymous says:

      I love your last sentence. It’s just what I would do. I own 3 firearms and if someone has the big brass ones to come into my home uninvited, I’ll just grab one of my firearms, find a dark corner of a room, and sooner or later they’ll come my way. And when they do, “BOOM”. Of course, I’ll call the police once i’m in my dark corner, and the perp had better hope the police get them before I do.

    2. AnonAnon says:

      Mossberg 410 under the bed is a nice defense Stephanie

  6. John says:

    Thank you so much Stephanie. All of us stupid people in Doylestown are so lucky to have you to burst our bubbles and point out the obvious.

    People, lock your doors. It’s the right idea. If someone enters your home, lock yourself in your room and call the police. Don’t be a hero. They’ll catch whatever little punk this is soon enough I’m sure.

    Stephanie, take a pill and relax.

    1. Anonymous says:

      LOL Yeah, Stephanie must not have taken her meds. Hey, Stephanie, go back on your meds. I love in Doylestown also, and I know I need to lock doors, windows, garage. I always take the garage opener out of my car before getting out of the car. It helps to have the SHIELD or ADT also. Just throwing that out there. It’s worth the investment for safekeeping of your family and your valuables.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Why do people leave their doors unlocked? I can answer that..because people from Doyelstown think that nothing bad ever happens here. They all live in a bubble. I can say that because I live in Doylestown and know how the people are. Nobody thinks that bad things happen in this area because everything is left out of the papers and the media. That’s why people leave their car doors unlocked and get upset and call the cops when stuff gets stolen out of their car. Thats why people leave their houses unlocked and get shocked when people ransack their houses at night or during the day. OPEN YOUR EYES…your little bubble in Doylestown is not as safe as you all think!!

    1. Jennifer says:

      Stephanie, you are an idiot! I live in Doylestown too. Please for heaven sake don’t speak for the rest of us or preach to the rest of us either. I think you live in a bubble. You have no idea how the rest of us think or act. And as for your rant about the media, you have no idea what you’re talking about. So keep your mouth shut until you know the facts.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope they catch this person/persons soon. As it was said, it could get violent if they are confronted by an unarmed resident. Please get this person (or persons) off the street.

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