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Officers Injured In Brawl Outside Lincoln High

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two police officers were injured while they trying to break up a brawl outside a high school in Northeast Philadelphia and police are now using a video in an attempt to make more arrests.

The violent fight was captured on camera and the video was then put up on Facebook. Now police are using the video to possibly make more arrests.

More than a dozen teens, mostly all females, were captured on the video throwing punches just outside Lincoln High School in Mayfair on November 12.

As a female Philadelphia police officer was attempting to break up the fight, she was hit in her face by someone in the crowd.

Additional officers were called in for backup to get the situation under control. When the melee was in hand, at least six girls were arrested.

The Philadelphia School District released a statement to Eyewitness News that read in part: “The school is working closely with Philadelphia Police to identify the students involved … the safety of our students is the highest priority.”

No students were seriously injured in the brawl.

The officers were treated for minor injuries.

The video has since been taken off of Facebook.

Reported By: Todd Quinones, CBS 3

  • Nena Effin Amazing

    thats crazy because how a cop hitting a student and all yall damn news dont see it all yall see is is a cop thats b.s you tell me why is there always a problem with a lioncoln cop why is cops in that school always into or going to court for hitting a student please tell me why cuz they got the sign they a cop and think they can do whatever they want you got cops being perverts and raises in that school and nobody do anything about it so please dont come and make it look like them cop dont no anything what ever happens to them they got it for a reason but in this case you see that cop hittin the girl but nah yall dont see that so get yall story and facts right because yall wrong as hell because if they jumping me ima fight whoever to and i know anybody would the same!

    • j hobbo

      hitting a cop no respect there you be the first one to say where are they if you where getting your but kicked or smeone was rubbing your house get back to school and stop wasteing my tax dollars

    • eugh

      FIrst of all, if you’re going to post on a public forum please use English and grammar; it makes your argument look even more ridiculous than it already is when your wntire comment is one run-on sentence. Secondly, that wasn’t a school cop, it was a Philadelphia police officer who was just trying to do her job by protecting the students and breaking up a fight. How ignorant do you have to be to sit there and say that it’s the cops fault for these students having no respect for themselves, others, or the law. It’s people like you who so ignorantly say, “you see that cop hittin the girl but nah yall dont see that so get yall story and facts right because yall wrong as hell because if they jumping me ima fight whoever to and i know anybody would the same!” The cop was obviously trying to break up the fight, and those girls are obviously immature punks if they’re going to start a huge fight in the first place.

      • Tyreek Wanamaker

        you have some points but she does state some facts. security in lincoln is corrupt.


      Because you are thugs and the only way to control you is with extreme methods. The Police are not paid enough to treat you like some fragile object
      when you are behaving like animals. They must worry about their own safety.
      Also please pay closer attention in school, your statement is barely coherent.

  • shoreboater

    When I was growing up in Mayfair, Lincoln was a good school. Ever since they started busing, the school has become a violent environment. Why should people who actually live near the school have to tolerate this. Let the kids go to school in there own neighborhoods.

    • Kathy

      another reason why children should go to school in their own neighborhood. You live in West Phila go to school in West Phila. I am not saying that all kids that live in the area of Lincoln and go there are “perfect” but take a look at the records: Most trouble caused at public high schools today are from kids that are bused in from other neighborhoods. Go to high school to get a good education then behave – want to beat one another up – make it unsafe for other kids to go to schoold to learn then drop out – kick them out – no suspension – just expel them!

  • ThaNames Lloyd

    Yo this Lloyd Yall lieing that cop was fighting back watch the video again watch you see the cop keep hitting the girl thats why she got beat up

  • Nena

    yall need to look at the video RIGHT because you see the cop hit the student !!!!!!!!!!
    yall say that the cop was on the floor can yall show me that because i dont see that !!!!!!!! everything yall saying is WRONG soo yall need too check yall story because yall dont even no what happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a little ass fight soo yall maken it something that is NOT !!!!

    • Nena

      ooooh yeah && the cop was at school just smiling she was not hurt or nuffing so i dont no whyy yall sayy the cop was on the floor

  • chinalily

    whatever i was there the cop hit my friend first they dont even got the whole video up there they cut out parts. if you wanna leave all these nut behind comments yu better jut had been there and yu better know the whole story. racist behind cops and that cop just better had went to the hospital she at my school evey day. she not injured. get the hell out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • j hobbo

      see my tax dollars going to waste here

  • rob

    All i got to say is that yes were we all out of control (yes) but i was there and i saw that police officer hit the student who happens to be a close friend also may i say that that.I still see that officer at my school running her mouth about the student saying inapropret things about her its ok to be mad but to brag about hitting the student wen u hit her first.I saw the girl wen u hit her FIRST she told me to get u off of her and she was cryin so be fore anyone blames the students make sure u noe the whole story.

    • PeggyF

      AMEN!!!ROB!! The security and staff lie!!


    This video makes me sick! The real blame goes to the so called PARENTS of these kids…or should I say animals..that have no respect for authority or anything at all for that matter. The sad part is instead of punishing these wild banshees and teaching them there is consequences to suffer for their actions they will encourage it by trying to play the victim role and point the finger at the police! Watching the video you can clearly see the officer is struck FIRST before she turns around and DEFENDS herself which she has every right to do.

    • tyreek wanamaker

      wow u dont understand the situation if you remember being a teenager youd realize that sometimes in heated situations emotions flare ive seen adults act 30 times worse than this

    • jhobbo

      good answer lucky they didn’t get shot it looked like a riot to me


      These cops are out there day in and day out PROTECTING the school, faculty, students, and neighborhoods but this is the thanks they get in return. If an animal in a zoo acted out of control like that what would happen? They would get put down but these animals will probably try to file a complaint against the officer and look for sympathy. Hey bearers and donors do us all a favor…when Uncle Leroy wants to kill someone over the turkey leg…don’t call the police!! If anything that officer deserves a reward for putting herself in harms way with a situation that could of gotten alot worse then what already was happening.

  • Teach

    The teachers here really do care. The school is overcrowded and the kids are running the building. Don’t believe what goes on outside try teaching inside. Being told you must suck if you are teaching in the city and yet still risking your life for the few kids who want to learn. It really is mostly 9th and sometimes 10 th who repeatedly fail and really don’t care. Using false addresses and phone numbers there isn’t evens parent to contact.

    • Peggyf

      Mayb teachers care but I sure do know the staff dont care. Because I am a parent who does care!And been to sch 3x’s and called more than several x’s past week and not ONE call back Not one! I have spoken to several staff ,Princ,V.P. security,office staff. not one call in return!! The V.P is absoulty a crazy man! They just dont care!……….Not even for parents who do care and their children!

  • mary lol

    whatever mary

  • xoolboy

    Oh BOO HOO Ninoshka, now as I predicted this unruly Savages will play the victims. Next we’ll have Al SHARKton and the NAACP calling for the firing of the police officers. Tell me Ninoshka, what should the police have done? Should they have given these savages a “time out”? Another problem, that I forgot to address is this new trend in America, that has made “single” parenting (especialy single Mothers) a badge of honor. These are the “new” widow women, of the 1940 WW2 era. In WW2 era America, widows and wifes of war vets were given as much honor as the Vets because they also sacrificed for the country. These days some, but not all women choose to raise children alone. Instead of doing it in silence like the widows of old, they feel the need to announce to the world that they are single mothers. Now, being a single Mother can be a scapgoat and a asset. If your child is bad, “I’m a single MOTHER” child good, “I’m a single Mother”. Asked why your child is bad or why your house is dirty? Well. you know being a single Mother. please.

  • xoolboy

    The problem here is, as with all things in this country. There is less and less acountability for actions. We cannot blame the younger generation, without pointing a finger at the generation before it. For those who say that, parents teach “no respect” is a contradiction. Most of us are born with respect and good will to our fellow peers, disrespect is a product of having no values. No values are a product of no work, no production. Values can only be obtained through work in other words “labor”. Most of these “black” kids come from families or neighborhoods where very little is produced through labor. Most owe their very life to “other” peoples labor. They do things like this, because they know that the school will be ther the next day, free lunch and free busfare will be there. They know that if any politician, tried to close the school or cut of the free lunch program or stop busing them in. They would rely on the ole’ racisim victim card. Hey, just ask the owner of that Huntington valley swim club.

    • jhobbo

      good answer couldn’t explain it any better

    • upset

      so true

  • Deserving

    As a 36 year taxpaying resident and neighbor of Lincoln High School, this story proves the necessity to convert this pubic high school into a charter school. One that has VERY STRICT ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS and “CODE OF CONDUCT” that are truly ENFORCED!! (In other words, ONLY THOSE SERIOUS about their education need apply!!) Furthermore, a smaller–academically based school was what was promised to myself and our civic association before the millions of dollars were spent demolishing and erecting the beautiful new school that stands now!! My next step is… into my local and state politicians offices to ask the question of ‘WHY??” We all work too hard in order to afford our annual real estate taxes….we deserve MUCH BETTER than this!!

    In addition, I will ask the question as to why some of these unruly students were attending school just days after this incident, and just what is the role of the “climate control” school officical….earning such a large salary????? From what I understand, most kids requiring discipline(in the entire surrounding areas), are inevideably diverted to Lincoln!! (WHY IS THIS SO????…..IS IT SOME SORT OF UNWRIITTEN SCHOOL BOARD POLICY???) I will ask, do these same children EVER end up in other schools such as Frankford, Northeast, or Washington High???? (PLEASE PROVE TO ME THAT OUR COMMUNITY IS NOT THE ONLY ONE AFFLICTED WITH THE ISSUES AND PROBLEMS OF THESE CHILDREN!!) If the above is untrue…..JUST WHAT MAKES OUR STATE OFFICIAL’S CATEGORIZE LINCOLN AS A “DANGEROUS SCHOOL.??”

    When a school security force and dedicated Philadelphia Police officers are required to TRY to keep the peace within our public school on a daily basis…………CHANGING JUST THE MORTAR AND BRICKS IS JUST NOT ADEQUATE!! WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE ACADEMIC STANDARDS!!

    • pat gailey

      So you want to turn a neighborhood school into a charter with strict admission requirements? Where will the students who dont get in go? Your absolutely rediculous. All i see in this video is a police officer grabbing a student by the hair and repeatedly punching her in the face. There are clearly some edits made to the video when it slows down to highlight one part and then speeds up and skips others. CBS philly- you should be ashamed and the introduction: is that what we call unbiased news? “out of control students.” As a journalist I am appaled at the quality of this reporting.

      • Deserving

        RIDICULOUS…….is the fact that our community has a beautiful new high school….that remains one of the state’s “MOST DANGEROUS”. Our real estate tax bills (that were recently increased) are certainly not JUSTIFIED either. Especially when sending a child into ‘DANGER” in exchange for an attempt at an education… is the ONLY choice for MANY hardworking people here!!

        So while the idea of some children not being accepted into a charter situation, because of grades…seems RIDICULOUS to you…..those children…I feel….are better off attending ANY OTHER public high school that hasn’t made the “Most Dangerous” list!!! (Pat…just read some of the other posts on this forum….it is OBVIOUS that some have trouble writing a simple sentence.)

  • Sick of people down talking lincoln

    Ohh and let me just add it is also white kids just as much as any other nationality it is 2010 knock it off with all the racism oh its the blacks. no it is not just the blacks make sure you know your facts before you go judging for all you who wanna be racist i damn sure feel bad for your kids.


    Abraham Lincoln high school is not BAD it the people in them they have people who don’t even live in the area and still let them go there!Parents have most of the part but its the STAFF THE STAFF COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE STUDENTS! THEY JUST CARE ABOUT THERE MONEY!!!!!!!……………….. YOU CAN NOT BRING THE OLD LINCOLN BACK!!! KIDS WHO GO TO LINCOLN LIKE 9 AND 10!GRADERS! THERE THE ONES OUT OF hand!!!! I’ve been going to Lincoln for 4 years I”am about to graduate….I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN A FIGHT ITS JUST THE STUDENTS WHO GO THERE& WHO THEY GET INVOLVED WITH!…………

  • Sick of people down talking lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln High School has come a long way from what it used to be. The problem is the philadelphia school board. They allow kids to be bused in from other parts of the city therefore Lincoln itself is not the issue nor is it the students issue so stop blaming them what the hell do you expect when you have students from south philly west philly north philly all over crowed into one school. The school district allows people to use business addresses as there home address and are not allowed to pull the kids out. Also majority of the problems would be the freashman and sophmores who want to be so big and tough but yet they do not realize their making a joke out of the school. It is all a bunch of he said she said bull. I am currently a student about to graduate it is not about parents it is about who the kids get involved with. More so when they are involved with the wrong kids. I have not one problem with anyone and nobody has a problem with me. Kids in this generation just do not understand. Look at what goes on at Neshaminy High School or even other schools kids are not animals they just choose to rebel against everything.

  • Ty

    I am going to have to agree with a couple of points here….
    If you are going to post a comment on a story about this, please at least try to spell things correctly so that we can read it without having to use a decryption machine.
    I also agree that 90 percent of the problem is the parents, or lack thereof, at home. Everyone needs to remember that these are teachers, and basically babysitters, but they are not the parents. If the parents do their job at home then the children can get an education and make our city a better place.
    Monitor your children’s cell phones and computers. I don’t care if they think its an invasion of privacy, YOU are raising them, it is your job to make sure they are safe and become a good person in this country.
    I know kids fight and argue, that is part of growing up for the most part, but disrespecting police, flash mobs, attacking innocent people on the street because it is “fun”? That goes back to the home.
    You are the parent, until your children move out of your home monitor their activities and talk to them to teach them morals and good character.

  • Pedro Queeman-Dixon

    Folks a suggestion comment board to me is to help find Solutto our childrens problems. But, from what I’m reading is a bunch of downright ugly comments to each other. Her us adults are acting like the problems we all are talking about abd trying to stop. I’m sure most our City Officials read some of these comments for the better course of action. So if y’all feel by talking ugly to each is “really” helping our children please, by all means. Keep up the good work. Oh! by the way Bullying comes in all forms. I’m legally blind, and have many mis-spelled words. But, I try to get my message out the best I can, too:)

  • Pedro Queeman-Dixon

    Again, if you treat these schools like we are grooming our children for residentcy for prison. This will continue to happen. These schools depends on bodies not people attending these schools. Your child basically everyday put their lives in their own hands going to school, as well the educators. They need to re-established Special Schools for students with Special Needs. (NOT PRISON SCHOOLS). Weed out those who wants to be seriously educated and those who are just in school to prove they are the big idiot on campus. All trouble makers before the problem escalates into a larger problem, get them Bullies out of class or school, send them to counciling then filter them back into the system. Alao any Security Officer found whistling or whooing a student should be fired with out question. I see a lot of that happening. Our schools can be like those of Academys, only if our City Officials want that to happen, amd only if they even care about your children or the money.

  • Bob Magee

    Considering your ability to spell…the school may well not have been your children’s problem

  • Philly school district is a joke

    Typical Philly Public School – I hope the whole district goes down the toilet- I could care less about animals who have no respect for anyone…..That includes Arlene and the rest of the racist administrators….Hey Arlene – why don’t you recruit some of these wonderful black students to become teachers- they fit the bill – they’re the right color!

  • Richard Herbert

    When parents dont care for there children…this is the outcome.. Respect,honor,kindness..come from home first period..






  • Matt

    Mary, you obviously didn’t go to school.



    • Falcon

      I agree 100%

  • Mary

    That School is a Joke I had two children that went there it was so bad that they droped out and got ther GED I choldren never got the chance to walk with there caps & growns cause they were to scared to go th school. And The Princsable was no help and could care less

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