By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a new way to get smooth, younger looking skin without surgery or needles.


Whether it’s designing a beautiful room or looking her best, Barbara Blair is all about everything being pretty. To keep her skin looking pretty, Barbara is getting a new treatment called DermaSweep.

It starts with a vacuum device attached to tiny brushes. It’s supposed to exfoliate the skin, increase blood circulation, and plump up collagen.

“It’s actually the vacuum itself that’s lifting the skin and polishing it,” said Betsy Rubenstone, a Clinical Aesthetician with Deme.

She says the second part of the treatment reverses the vacuum action, to infuse nutrients into the skin.

“It’s this pull, push affect, and it’s really amazing,” said Betsy.

There are a variety of infusions that include things like vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. This new microdermabrasion therapy is supposed to make cells regenerate faster to produce tighter, clearer skin.

“The dermal affect of these infusions actually turn the skin around and really make this cell rotation work much more efficiently,” said Betsy.

Before and after pictures from the maker of DermaSweep show subtle improvements to fine lines and skin tone.

“My skin was just glowing. I could just see it was softer, smoother,” said Barbara.

She is 56-years-old, and is just starting the series of treatments, but says her skin looks younger after the first one.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s instant gratification,” said Barbara.

While Barbara liked the results of her first treatment, some people can have irritated, flaky skin initially, before it starts looking better.

DermaSweep is a series of six treatments, up to four weeks apart. Each one costs between $175 to $350.

It was tested and developed at the University of California, but it doesn’t have to be reviewed or approved by the FDA.

Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3


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