New, ‘Customer Friendly’ Pa. Liquor Store Opens In South Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has opened a newly renovated, customer-friendly liquor store in South Philadelphia.

With a ceremonial popping of a cork and a toast, LCB officials christened the Fine Wine & Good Spirits store on South Columbus Boulevard, near Ikea.

wine shelf lcb store phila denardo New, ‘Customer Friendly’ Pa. Liquor Store Opens In South Philly

(Photos by Mike DeNardo)

Reopened after a seven-month transformation, the store now features a center table where customers can ask questions about wine pairings, and there’s even a tasting table in the back.

Customer George Munce of South Philadelphia recalls the store before the renovation.

“It was like a dungeon compared to this,” he said.

LCB chairman PJ Stapleton remembers it, too.

“There were boxes everywhere, the product was disorganized.  It was very difficult to navigate,” he says.  “Now, it’s very easy to navigate.”

Dorothy McShane of South Philly agrees that the transformation is like night and day:

“A lot of times it was a little cluttered with stackouts out on the floor and stuff like that. But this is very upscale.”

And Stapleton says two other prototype stores, in New Hope and Harrisburg, have seen 30 percent sales increases.

Stapleton says the plan is to expand the customer-friendly concept statewide.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060.


One Comment

  1. J Nathan says:

    You need to look no further than the sign on the outside of the store to see what the LCB is, plain, generic, with nothing special. The PLCB is the largest purchaser of alcohol IN THE WORLD!! Think about that for a moment. The PLCB, started to restrict and control the availability of alcohol after the repeal of Prohibition, is now the largest purchaser of alcohol in the world. Other states can mail order liquor, PA residents can’t. The only reason we can’t is because the state holds an absolute monopoly as the LARGEST PURCHASER OF ALCOHOL IN THE WORLD. Have we gotten the point yet? Oh S. Everlof, that bottle of wine or scotch that you may have brought home from the once in a lifetime trip to Europe; or that bottle of wine your friend out of state gave you as a Birthday present, that was illegal too. Make sense? No.

  2. S. Everlof says:

    Mr. Gold, your qualifications for making that judgment are exactly what?? Oh that’s right you’re a misdemeanor criminal bringing liquor across state lines.

  3. Mike Gold says:

    Fully agree with DT. Maybe now that the party of “smaller government” and “get the government out of our lives” will be taking over the statehouse, they will take action to privatize the system. Of couse they won’t!! I buy all my booze in Jersey- knowledgable clerks, far better selection, better pricing. Most importantly, by doing so I also support small business.. The clerks in a state store would not be qualified to clean the toilets in a New Jersey shop.

  4. DT says:

    “Customer Friendly Liquor Store?” Not in PAm not as long as the PLCB remains an entity. The LAST place the govt should be is in the retail sector. The PLCB, along with the liquor tax which was designed to help cover the cost of the Johnstown Flood, has lost its relevance and usefullness.

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