Coalition Says Food Drives Aren’t Solving Hunger Problems

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new federal report says more Americans than ever are struggling to eat, and a local food advocate says it’s time to try another way to feed the hungry.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Household Food Security Report shows that nearly 15-percent of American households had trouble getting food in 2009 – the highest rate since the USDA started measuring food security more than a decade ago:

“The hunger problem in America can’t be solved with a food drive.”

Carey Morgan, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger:

“These numbers come out every year and yet these numbers remain the same.   And until there’s a collective outrage over these numbers, nothing is going to get done.”

Morgan says voters must push the House to pass a strong Child Nutrition Bill this session to fund programs that help children at risk for hunger.

Reported by Karin Phillips, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Kate says:

    How can parents, real parents, feed their children if they don’t have the resources that these laws and nonprofits are providing?

  2. bottomline says:

    Maybe the problem isn’t the lack of food, maybe it’s a lack of parenting. We don’t need another law or another “non-profit” entity, we need homes with parents, real parents, not just bodies.

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