The Start Was Incredible

WASHINGTON(CBS)—The start was incredible, and it just began picking up more steam, more propulsion, with more unbelievable plays. The Eagles made history in becoming the first road team to ever lead a game 28-0 after the first quarter in NFL history.

It simply came down to almost anything the Eagles wanted to do—they did. The historic opening quarter is what sparked an amazing 45-14 halftime lead for the Eagles. The 45 points was also an NFL record for points scored in a half by a road team.

In the first quarter alone, the Eagles amassed 284 yards of total offense, with 10 of their first 15 plays going for 11 yards or more. The Redskins, however, struggled mightily, without getting a first down and were held to 23 total yards of offense.

Michael Vick completed his first 10 passes for 236 yards and three touchdowns, the first coming on the initial play of the game, when Vick hit DeSean Jackson—in stride—with a perfect 88-yard completion down the middle of the field for a touchdown. Vick became the first player in NFL history to throw for three touchdowns and run for two scores.

 Read onIt was just the beginning.

The Eagles needed just five plays to make it 14-0, when Vick sliced into the end zone from seven yards out. Then Vick’s 11-yard shuttle pass to LeSean McCoy made it 21-0 with still 5:02 left in the quarter. The final conversion of the quarter came when Jerome Harrison slid and ducked through the very shoddy-tackling Redskins’ defense to make it 28-0 with 1:34 left in the first quarter.

What began so brilliantly became a little scary when the Redskins finally responded after Vick’s third TD pass of the half was hauled in by Jeremy Macklin for a 48-yard score.

Donovan McNabb, with his new five-year, $78-million contract extension signed before the game, directed the ‘Skins to consecutive scores. But then McNabb threw his 10th interception of the season (and second of the game, against nine touchdown passes this season), with 5:06 left in the half.

It led to Vick’s second rushing touchdown of the half, a six-yard delayed draw with 3:34 remaining in the second quarter. By then, Vick completed 12-for-16, for 238 yards and he led all rushers with 66 yards on six carries, which resulted in 304 of the Eagles’ 394 total yards.

The Eagles went into the half with 425 yards of total offense. The Birds had 18 first downs to Washington’s four, while Vick concluded the half going 14-for-18, for 264 yards. The Redskins, meanwhile, went 0-for-6 on third-down conversions.

Reported by: Joseph Santoliquito 


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  1. dmac6419 says:

    Stan the Man,but if it was Kolb or any other white QB,oh he’s one of the best,he did it all by himself

  2. Who cares?! It’s only a game.

  3. TeddyP27 says:

    I’m still confused about how a star like Roethlisberger who has 2 separate accusations of sexual misconduct gets less scrutiny than Michael Vick. Although the charges seemed to “go away,” its a snapshot that there is still a lot of disparity in perceptions of these stars. I don’t mean to minimize the harm to the dogs and the obstruction to the investigation, but clearly people in general pick and choose their soap-boxes to jump on.

    1. kevo says:

      I KNOW Right Vick made his amends and is a great player the best he is ever been. Vick exciting and he is what Vicadelphia needs maybe he can get us over the hump stuff happens but i would put down money that vic is done with that bs

  4. Ivette from Philadelphia says:

    Michael Vickis the bomb. Go Eagles. Michael Vick should be the person signing the $78 million dollar contract. He was sensational last night against the Redskins.

    1. Stan the Man says:

      Believe it or not it is a team effort. Not many receivers could have the catches that DeSean and Maclin made. The Offensive Line was good. the running backs and screens and play calling was excellent. Our receivers had separation. Yes, Vick was exciting and made so much happen with his feet. What happens if Vick doesn’t have all these coaches, receivers, etc.? What happens is what happened in Atlanta in 2004 when the Eagles won the NFC championship by clobbering Michael Vick keeping him in the pocket and blitzing by the best defensive coach in the game. And McNabb was our Quarterback and REid our Coach. So, It is not all Vick.

      1. kevo says:

        yes the eagles are great young team who just needed someone still in there prime who is exciting we found that with vic

  5. Cooper says:

    I hope you choke on it wip. You talked so much trash about how washed up he was and he should be cut and against the eagles organization for signing him. Your not the voice of Philly sports

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