South Philly Gets First Charging Station For Electric Cars

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania’s first public electric vehicle charging station opened this morning in South Philadelphia.

The Liberty gas station, on Columbus Blvd. near Tasker Street, now has the area’s first public access plug-in station for EVs and hybrid plug-ins.

This “level two” charging unit — festooned in green and white ribbons and under a temporary tent for today’s ceremony — could take up to four hours to top off a vehicle’s battery. A “level three” unit is being tested in other parts of the country; those could take just 7½ minutes to give a vehicle a full charge.

Tony Bandiero (above) is the director of the Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program.  He says drivers of electric vehicles can browse to on the Internet to see where the next charging station is located along their planned route:

“There is a thing called ‘range anxiety’ — people get nervous that they don’t have a place to plug in.  So these things are available online to find where they can plug in.”

You’ll be able to plug in for free at the Liberty station in South Philadelphia for the next six months. The price will be determined after usage of the new device is monitored in this market.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio 1060.


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  1. josh says:

    There’s something called economies of scale, that’s why we don’t have coal fired power plants in our houses, by having a single huge powerplant, you can get the most efficiency out of the burn as well as recapture emissions as heat etc. You can’t do that when you spread it out over millions of small engines. This allows us to get the gas out of the cars, then move on to getting it out of the grid as well.

  2. Ryan Brown says:

    I actually drove right by there and ended up stopping after my Green news piece with Fox News. Very cool

  3. bottomline says:

    I’ll admit I’ve been out of the engineering loop for several years now. But, the last I knew – about 40% of the electricity generated at the power companies is lost (wasted) in the form of heat.
    If this energy is produced by burning fossil fuels, which also pollute our environment, and If 40% of the electricity is loss as heat, doesn’t that mean the conventional gasoline automobile may be more energy efficient and also less polluting?
    Electric cars are quiet and really cool, but outside the glamour and hype, isn’t it just possible they are just a waste of time and energy, conveniently emitting the pollution out of some distant smoke stack?

    1. frontline says:

      The most efficient internal engines convert about 70% of the energy in gasoline into heat. The idea that electric cars simply move pollution elsewhere is just not true. First off, even if you make the assumption that all the electricity for these cars will come from coal, there is already a built-in gain in efficiency and corresponding carbon benefit from switching to electric. Also, as our power transitions toward cleaner sources, the electric car becomes cleaner every day.

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