Nutter Wants Safer Schools

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A blue-ribbon panel of city and school leaders is trying to find ways to make Philadelphia schools safer.

Mayor Nutter convened the first meeting of the Commission on Safe Schools, saying kids can’t learn if they don’t feel safe:

“If you’re worried on a regular basis about what’s going to happen on the way to school, in school, after school, and back at home, why would you go to school?”

The panel has ambitious goals, including reducing the number of persistently dangerous schools from 20 to zero in two years. The group is working to put into action the recommendations of a security firm hired to audit the most dangerous schools. Those recommendations include collecting and analyzing data from security cameras and metal detectors, and getting more school staff to use their ID badges.

The 52-member group is expected to meet quarterly and issue annual reports to the mayor and superintendent.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Tracy says:

    That’s horrible. I really think that they need to do something about these incorigible children running amok in these schools. Start putting some repercussions on the parents for the actions of their children. You can best believe if they are acting like that in school, they are acting like that everywhere. It’s disgraceful and sad for those kids who are actually there to learn. Build more reform schools and military schools for these kids who go to school just because they have to. Then they’ll want to blame a failed system for thier failures in life. They have a chance to get an education and make something of their lives but they choose not to.

  2. Mimi Shapiro says:

    I was assaulted & worse in a Phila. Public School on more than 1 occassion because of the antics of Michael Nuteer & Lynne Abraham (name ring a bell) and NEITHER will talk to me about it. Gov. Rendell said to my face “The school district & it’s problems are not mine.” Then had the nerve to laugh! Wake up Phila. “This is a city school district w/o consequences for the people that need them most the administrators! ” I have a disc from ’06 where I spoke directly to cityhall aboutthese issues and you are more than welcomed tohear it.

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