City Councilwoman Proposes Wider Paths For Disabled Residents When It Snows

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A measure is on tap at City Council that would make getting around a world easier for disabled residents when snow arrives this winter. The issue addressed is the path width that residents shovel on their sidewalks.

City Councilwoman Donna Miller says the current city code that requires residents to shovel their sidewalks of snow falls short because they only need to leave a path 30 inches wide:

“Thirty inches are not wide enough for a wheelchair. Those people with physical disabilities that need a wheelchair or any other kind of chair need to be able to get around too when it snows.”

Miller introduced a bill that would increase the minimum width of a shoveled sidewalk path to 36 inches. Advocates for the disabled tell her that’s usually enough for a wheelchair. Miller admits the key to this working would be enforcement by L&I since some resident never shovel or simply leave a path as wide as their shovel.

Reported by: Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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  1. bottomline says:

    I know of two people whom have had heart attacks and died while shoveling snow. Speaking as a senior citizen, I have enough sense to stay home when it snows, and to hopefully find someone to shovel my sidewalk. Maybe it would be better and profitable if the city council created city certified shovelers, even better yet, maybe the wondrous city council could just ban snow outright, like they did fat and other fatal fantasies.

  2. doubleb says:

    Should wheelchair or power chair bound people really be out in the snow. Instead of being politically correct, should we consider their welfare as a whole? I’m all about people being free to come and go as they please, but sometimes erroring on the side of caution would be wise.

  3. James Wilmer says:

    Please, 30 inches are tuff enough. You can’t get the people to clear the snow now!

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