By: Steve Trevelise

So if we’re to believe the Shanahan’s, Donovan McNabb’s “cardiovascular endurance” was too weak to allow him to compute the terminology of the two minute drill and he was warned he could be benched because of this.

Any day now we’re gonna hear how the dog ate his playbook. (Michael Vick would NEVER let that happen ;)

What we can take from all of this is that the honeymoon is over for McNabb and the Redskins. While Donovan is saying he and Kyle Shanahan have a great relationship, “holding hands and skipping together,” the team is working out JaMarcus Russell.

Love him or hate him, you can’t blame McNabb for this one. The Shanahan’s removed that blame by their twisted explanations. Donovan has taken Washington to 4-4 record over 8 weeks with 2 division wins over the Cowboys and Eagles. They also beat Green Bay in overtime and the 4-3 Bears. He has thrown for over three hundred yards twice. Last year they won 4 games all year.

I’m not sure what they were expecting when they traded for McNabb but you would think they would be happy with the results so far. But these are the Redskins and this is what they do. Donovan gets to be a victim and that’s what he does. So it all works out in the end.

Random thoughts while watching the Vikings-Patriots game …

With the election so close, was Brett Favre going for the sympathy vote?

How many women wished they would have hit him in the mouth?

Giving Brett Favre Randy Moss is like giving a super model to a man who can’t get it up … (I saw the phone pictures;)

You could cook a chicken in the time it takes Brett Favre to drive down the field.

How many suggestions did you come up with while watching LeBron asking “What should he do?”

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