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Dispute At A South Philadelphia Polling Place

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Michelle Durham Michelle Durham
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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A discrepancy over the Minority Poll Watcher position for the Republican party in the Second Ward in South Philadelphia resulted in confusion Tuesday afternoon causing the polling place to shut down briefly.

Elected Minority Poll Inspector Christopher Randolph says he arrived at 2nd Street and Washington Avenue prepared to watch the polls, but was denied.

“This is the second consecutive election where election officials are not allowing me to take my elected seat,” said Randolph.

Each party is permitted to have one person be the official inspector at a polling place to ensure fairness and accuracy, but two people were credentialed.

District Attorney spokesperson Tasha Jamerson said it took a few minutes to unravel.

“Neither one wanted to let the other one be the minority inspector, so we told them to go to election court in front of Judge Tucker,” said Jamerson.

Judge Tucker ruled Christopher Randolph was to be the Minority Inspector.

Jamerson says officials will take a look at this situation after the election to uncover how this happened. The polling place was shut down for about 10 minutes.

Reported by: Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio

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