PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– In the wake of some recent incidents involving potential corruption or misconduct by Philadelphia police officers (see related story) (another related story), City Council today decided to schedule hearings on the thorny matter.

The vote was unanimous as City Council members agreed to schedule broad-based hearings on police conduct.

The sponsor, Councilwoman Donna Miller, said they will include testimony from those who claim to have been victims of misconduct by officers.  Joining in support was Councilman Curtis Jones:

“It is a delicate effort to assure citizens that the rules for me and you are the same as those who happen to wear blue.”

John McGrody, vice president of the local FOP, said the police union will take part in the council hearings so long as they’re balanced:

“Our officers need to uphold the highest ethical standards.  But we also don’t want a witch hunt, and we don’t want City Council just piling on.”

No date yet for the first hearing.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau Chief Mike Dunn.

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