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  1. roger says:

    where on this website do i find info on the frisbee golf courses?

  2. Kathleen Murphy says:

    I just saw on the news a story about a pregnant women taking the wrong medication and you told people to be careful to read labels, etc. You missed something in my opinion. I was twice given the wrong drug by a local pharmacy, first time the bottles said my name and the correct medicine.l was getting ready to attend a 50th birthday party but the pills were a different color than usual so I called pharmacy and was told they were the right pills just a different manufacturer. I took the pills and began to feel dizzy. Called again and they said you better bring them down and it turns out I was supposed to get hydrozazine, a antihistimine I take for a rare disease, instead I was given hydrolazine, a high blood pressure medication–I spent the entire night and next day on the phone every hour with poisin control. Second time it was the same company-different store and they gave me the wrong drug. I again called and told them there were only 6 pills, there were supposed to be more, on talking found out that althought the bottle said prozac and my name was correct, there was a different drug in the bottle.It could have killed me if I had taken it as I have a rare disease called systemic mastocytosis and I go into anaphalaxis regularly. Just thought you might want people to know. What if I had been a child. This was several years ago and I have noticed since then that some pharmacies are putting labels on the bottle.

  3. Deb says:

    I just watched the show & there was a lady on talking about “cyberknife”, my friend was just diagnosed with lung cancer, how can I get more information on these ?? PLEASE

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