SEPTA, United Way Launch Book Drive

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – SEPTA and the United Way are teaming up and starting Monday they’re looking for used books in decent condition and they are hoping the public will help.

SEPTA’s Jerri Williams says the goal is to collect new and gently used books:

“They are going to be distributed to community centers, homeless shelters and schools throughout the region.”

Where can people drop off the books?

“We have 11 locations; two include Suburban Station and Market East – SEPTA Headquarters. We have all the major hubs Fern Rock, 69th Street, and the Frankford Transportation Center. We’ll have flyers and handouts to let people know where they can drop the books off.”

Williams says encouraging young people to read is important:

“It really is the key to learning. If a kid knows how to read and enjoys reading, they do well in school. That’s a known fact.”

Books will be collected until Friday October 29th.

For more information about drop off locations and contact information, go to

Reported By Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Morpheus says:

    (From what I have seen on the Yelp profile, this was a book drive that took place on October 4th of this year?! So, even if the book drive took place & is now long over why continue to in any way advertise it on KYW and on, not one but, two profiles one two separate & rather popular websites???)

    I am seriously considering filling out a mean little complaint with the BBB! They discuss and review charities as well and this is supposed to be a charity.

    This has endlessly ticked me off today….

    If those ppl pushing this apparently fraudulent book drive wanted to NOT collect books, AT ALL, and aggravate ppl … they have done a fine, fine job!

  2. Morpheus says:

    There is a link to the Facebook profile, for EBI, on the (apparent) Yelp profile, for EBI, which is what brought me to the Facebook profile, for what I thought was the 12th Street Gym sponsoring this event, book drive, etc, given that that’s exactly what that profile on there says that it is. I called, what I thought was, the 12 Street Gym – a location for this book drive, and was told in some no uncertain terms by the person on the other end that they didn’t know what I was talking about! It is the 12th Street Gym but, it apparently has NOTHING to do with this book drive, and that this profile on Yelp is apparently fraudulent and I suspect that the Facebook profile is as well!

  3. Morpheus says:

    I heard about this earlier this morning on KYW. (See my earlier posts!)

    I went back to the terminal (FTC/FTT = Frankford Transportation Center/Terminal) this afternoon to try and track down someone who could give me a straight answer as to the nature of this book drive, when, where, etc., and the station where I encountered the two pigs was abandoned. There was a guy wearing a “TSA” uniform, who I thought was essentially positioned at this station, just standing there. I asked & he told me that the desk/station was closed. I asked him about the book drive and he said that he had “heard something about it”, that they were collecting books downtown at other terminals/train stations but that he had seen nothing at FTC.

    Basically, he knew nothing & couldn’t help me! I’m thinking that the TSA uniform is just an attempt to get an early start on Halloween…

    I asked one other person, at FTC, in an information booth on the outside of the building and they acted like I had two heads & was speaking a strange foreign language; basically, they told me that they heard, saw, & knew nothing!

  4. David says:

    We have 4 bags of books that we would like to donate. Could they be taken to the Malvern Train Station and given to a conductor?

    1. Morpheus says:

      I do not know if you have been notified of my other comments, which are a followup to my original comment regarding this book drive but, I thought that you might like to know that this situation has only gotten even more ridiculously stupid…

  5. Morpheus says:

    I heard about this, or something quite similar, this morning on KYW. They said that there were going to be ppl collecting books at the various Septa hubs today, including Frankford Terminal.

    So, when I went to my local Dunkin’ Donuts this morning to get my coffee, I kept an eye out for ppl handing out flyers, or whatever.

    I saw nothing.

    I went down to the information desk where a couple of (Septa?) cops were stationed and I asked them. One of them looked at me like I was speaking a language that he couldn’t understand and the other said that he had “heard about it” but, that he had seen no one at the terminal all day and he had no idea if anyone would actually show up or not, and if so, he didn’t know when or exactly where.

    Well, I have, at least, dozens of books that I will never read for one reason or another, and others that I will never read again and throwing them out is certainly an option but, it would be better to give them to someone that would actually get some actual use out of them. Will there be anyone showing up at Frankford Terminal today to collect books? Is there anywhere else that I could go to drop them off; even if it isn’t today, is there another day and at what location?

    I feel like the ship is sailing but, there isn’t anyone at the helm…

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