SEPTA Riders Warned After Wireless Crime Wave

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — SEPTA riders are being warned after thieves have been targeting passengers’ cell phones and other devices in record numbers.

Thieves aboard SEPTA El and subway trains have been busy stealing cell phones and other portable electronic devices. So far this year, approximately 138 cell phones and other devices have been stolen.

SEPTA police officers arrested two suspects in separate incidents in the past 24 hours. In response to the crime wave, SEPTA has beefed up security where riders have been targeted.

SEPTA Deputy Police Chief David Scott said the thieves are often working in three or four person teams. One suspect spots the victim, a second steals the phone and a third blocks the victim from chasing the thief.

SEPTA officials advise riders to avoid leaving cell phone unattended and to put identification information on your cell phone.

Reported By: Walt Hunter


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  1. N.B. says:

    Even better idea, don’t pull your $400 iphone out of your pocket in the subway. Just a thought, lol.

  2. Pat says:

    Good Idea Is To Write Your SIM’s Number Down!

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