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Head Injury Could Mean Long-Term Problems For Jackson

(PHILADELPHIA) CBS – If you saw the Eagles vs. Falcons game on Sunday, it was a classic example of how a concussion should be handled. DeSean Jackson was removed from the field and he was taken to the locker room to receive care.

What is concerning about Jackson’s case is the fact that there are reports that he lost consciousness, and in addition to that, he may have suffered memory loss. This, combined with the fact that he suffered a concussion last year that caused him to miss several games, indicates that he is more prone to suffer problems associated with concussions.

People who suffer concussions can have them again and again. It is more like a seal being broken, it opens it up so they can happen more often. In addition, there are short and long-term concerns about brain damage.

Reported by Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Janelle says:

    I hope Desean takes his time in returning. We as fans also care about players more than the game. I will be praying for him and I hope he thinks of his future and not so much of returning to the field. We all will understand.

  2. J.A. Chanin says:

    If this is “part of the game” as some many “old school” types claim, then we need to get rid of the game…I have always been a “pro football jones” but am beginning to get sick at the mayhem that is increasing week by week…DeSean Jackson is an exciting, once-in- a- decade player whose career may have been ruined by this latest “legal” destructive mugging…the purists come up with bogus arguments about turning it into a Pansy sport….it is becoming the gladiator equivalent for our time …I am sick of seeing young athletes lying on the turf motionless…discovering later that they have been taken to the locker room for observation…that is so much that needs to be carefully examined so as to eliminate this senseless, intentional and brutal development…it has to be curtailed or completely stopped….how? We are clever enough to make fan friendly modifications…I am sure we can stop this insanity if we really want to …but I guess the question is does this satisfy some base instinct that requires that it continue to be countenanced for its blood sport qualities…remember the movie “Rollerball”? a dark look into future sport…has it arrived with all its ghoulish consequences? Or as the great philosopher Pogo once observed: “We have met the enemy and he is us”

  3. An EMT says:

    Actually.. they did not handle his injury correctly. Medics know, that especially if the person lost consciousness, they should have immobilized him and took him off on a stretcher in case he had more serious injuries to his spine and/or neck. He should not have ‘walked’ off the field. Better safe than sorry.

  4. julie johnson says:

    base ball is brutal as foot ball a splintering bat stabbing a fan or player or a 90 plus mph ball whipped at you and you have the time frame of a blink of a eye to make a decision eagles can take lessons on how to take care of there own god bless ya jackson

  5. Brian says:

    Long-term effects of concussions are unknown and this was a major one. The league doesn’t care because by the time these effects surface, the players are long retired. Glad I have 2 daughters who don’t play football. Seriously.

  6. Jim says:

    Yup, take the rest of the season off if need be. Not like the Iggles have a legit shot at anything this season anyway. One way or another, reality was/is going to set in with this team and they’ll be exposed for the slightly-less-than-mediocre (and dysfunctional) team that they are. Go Phils, indeed.

  7. smcgov says:

    the league is full of mediocre teams and has no way to protect its players….its becoming a lousy product…..boring. go phils

  8. x man says:

    I hope D-jack can recover and gets back to health. Take as much time off to recover. Maybe the league needs to mandate new helmets or pads. But football is a brutal sport, so it is what it is. Stay strong and get well D-Jack. more sports news at and

  9. reallyirked says:

    I said the same thing last season in the NCF championship game. You could CLEARLY see New Oreleans objective was to take out Brett Favre. I am not a Favre or NO fan. I am a Colts fan but it was clear then they targeted Favre to take him out. Classless stuff in the NFL and Goodell is worried about sexting. What an idiot.

  10. jack markowitz says:

    this is horrible. the NFL must do something to stop these kind of gorilla tactics that take out the opposing team’s star players by injuring them so badly they have to be taken out of the game. now desean is in danger to suffer long term serious injury as a result of what happened. the other player must be suspended and fined severly. maybe he should go to jail for a spell. it would serve him right.

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